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While this stands alone, my previous stories “First” and “The Slide” are the first parts of a middle-aged man who’s discovering being a husband, father, and leader at so many levels for so many years also needs release from those responsibilities. A release that can’t come from those close to him lest it creep into his everyday life. He’s just had his second male sex encounter and the raw raunchiness and submission preys on his mind. He wants more and wonders how far he’ll fall. Sorry for the gap between stories. It’s a struggle to find writing time.

I’m not sure how it worked out. Usually my opportunities to indulge were few and far between. The release was usually enough and before this last time I had lasted three years between trysts. This was only going to be three weeks but the opportunity was there. I was torn between guilt and the desire to have Peter thoroughly sodomize me again. The surge of a hot, thick member that traveled almost to my breaking point and stopped filled my thoughts and inspired my lust. And based on the test results, this time it could be bare so his prodigious ejaculations would flood me deep inside. Another milestone leaving almost no vestige of being absolutely straight. It would be hard to ever claim that with another man’s seed leaking from your body after you invited him to mount and take you.

And I wanted it against all my upbringing and beliefs . Plundered and filled by a big cock that left me stretched and wet with cum leaking from my hole. As many times as possible over the three nights I would be in the city.

It came as a surprise that the meetings had even been called and even stranger that they were occurring in the city instead of our offices. It wasn’t a choice thing and the rooms were booked at a Hilton. The first thing I realized is how close it was to Peter and the idea of seeing him again leapt into my head. Should I meet up with him again? I knew how it would end up. In his bed with a loose and sloppy wet hole. My willpower lasted just half a day.

Peter insisted I stay with him and I let him know it would be tricky. I checked in at the hotel but brought half my luggage immediately to his place. Being accustomed to early mornings I’d hit the gym at the hotel early and get ready in the room each day. And the good news was none of my associates were even on the same floor.

That first day of meetings dragged and I couldn’t avoid going to dinner with my group but begged off of drinks and texted Peter. The text back said a car would meet me downstairs in 15 minutes. A sleek black sedan pulled up and had me there 10 minutes later.

Peter was waiting with the door open and ushered me in the foyer. When the door closed he was all over me with a crushing hug and passionate kiss.

“I missed you and your tight arse. You got my test results?”

“Uh yeah, a couple of weeks ago.”

“I’m dying to have you. I’ve been saving myself to fill up your arsehole.”

It was another step that I had thought hard about. To let a man possess my body with no barrier and fill it with his ejaculate. A mark of ownership and submission in my sexual history. The first to inject semen without the impersonal barrier of a condom and the inherent trust that signified. There was a risk there to take even with precautions but an implication too that my body was being marked for possession. And breeding said he owned me at least just a little. I had stepped up to edge to this point but this was another level. Falling further into the path of unrestrained sex with men.

“Ok.” I was actually surprised to hear myself say it so easily . One of those instances where you talk on automatic before you think.”

“Your things are in the bathroom. Go get cleaned out and then I want you to ride me like a cowboy. Put my cock in your arse so it’s all about giving yourself over. I’m not going to last long. Then I’ll take you with your arse up like a bitch in heat. I know you like that . You might even come yourself judging by how hard your cock has gotten.” He was right. I was so hard it hurt. The idea of being taken and filled with his load had me hot.

My toiletries laid out in the large bathroom along with the enema bag and lube. It didn’t take long. I was anxious. I wanted to feel that bare cock in me. The water came out clean and I lubed and stretched my ass for him.

Peter lay down. His cock slapped his stomach and I gave it a quick suck before slathering it with lube. He was clearly very excited and was rock hard. I wanted that hot cylinder going up me. An deep itching need that wanted to be filled and put out when he finished. I reached behind and rubbed the lube around and in my anus before straddling him.

The hot shaft was between my legs as I raised up and moved the positioning. The lack of a condom transmitted so much more heat than before and when the bell head touched my anus I gave a shiver at the feeling. I wasn’t a virgin anymore but this was another level. Welcoming a man’s cock inside so he could breed me. No different than a woman except İzmir Travesti for the possible result.

I bore down on the muscles knowing that I had done this before and it made a difference. The cock pressed against the muscle and I could feel it move in. Pushing the flesh around with a twinge but receptive to having the itch scratched. I moaned along with Peter as it penetrated past the first ring. I paused to pant as I waited for the burning and slight cramp to dissipate which they did. Slowly I sunk back and felt it fill me. His thighs against my ass, balls pressing into his belly and my rings protesting about being pried open so abruptly. The feel of bare flesh was very different from before and I moaned at the mental image of what was happening.

But I wanted it. The next step. Pumping and then squirting me full in a warm wet wave that gave me over and left no doubt that I was a slut for his cock. I levered back and forth taking that fat cock to the edge of almost slipping out only to plunge back down and feel my hole spread even more. He pulled me down to his chest in a rough grasp as his lips found mine. His tongue thrust in as he raised his hips to do the same to my back hole. It was lusty, dirty, and wild.

“I can’t last much longer” he gasped. “Get off and put your arse in the air.” I clamored off and put my shoulders against the mattress. Reaching back to part my cheeks for his invasion.

He was in a hurry too. He slotted right in and I moaned in need as he plunged in. His hand grabbed at my cock the wet slaps of fucking filled the room as he jerked me off. “I’m going to spend in you Steven” he rasped. “You will never be the same. It’s going to leak out of you the rest of the day and remind you. Tell me you want it.”

Panting it out I shouted “Come in me!”

He didn’t last long. Thrusting deep, I felt the jerk of his cock swelling and spitting its load which triggered my own with almost no warning. We writhed together as Peter made small thrusts into my spasming hole and he cupped the head of my cock.

Still hilted all the way up his hand came up to my lips and pressed the gooey fingers against my lips until I opened. The taste and smell of my cum overwhelmed the smell of raw man sex as I cleaned his fingers.

“You’re perfect. Cum in all of your holes. Bred like a hund” he whispered. He slid us forward still embedded with the additional slickness so we were spooned and I didn’t resist as kissed me and thrust his tongue in to duel with mine again. Both orifices filled with him although his softening cock was retreating from my sloppy, slightly aching hole.

It was weird to be cuddled like that but I liked it. Almost captured in his embrace. Still joined with the new wetness leaking out around him and the taste of cum coating my mouth with his hot tongue thrusting inside.

“I will be ready again soon. Your arse is so hot und schon. I’m going to send you home with an arse full that I fuck into your boy pussy to mark you mine.” I must have made a face at the words.

“So you don’t like the idea?”

“No, you can fuck me again and you’re the only one who’s come inside me so that gives you rights. Not comfortable with boy pussy though. I’m still a man.”

“Yes Liebling, you’re still a man but when you’re with me this is mine now.” He gave his hips a thrust in and out. “My manly pussy to fuck and breed until it overflows. So learn to love your boy pussy as I do.” He pushed his lips against mine and aggressively thrust his tongue deep. The cock still in me twitched and began to grow. Peter’s hand grasped my hip and he levered a little deeper.

“So tell me it’s my boy pussy now. To use and I’ll fuck it as you want.” He was taking long strokes by then. Filling what felt to me like a sloppy hole, squelching with liquid. Then he stopped “Say it or I leave this hungry little pussy empty.”

I went with it despite misgivings. It was hard to feel manly with eight inches of cock up your freshly creamed and sodomized backside. “Breed me in my boy pussy again. It’s yours.” He pulled most of the way out and thrust all the way back in. My “ooofff” at the invasion combined with the liquid sounds of flesh contacting and he jackhammered up. I swear he might have gone even deeper now that I had been loosened up. And the sensations were the best I’d ever felt. Being sodomized has it’s discomforts I had learned in my brief forays. A pleasure/pain of flesh stretching combined with the submission of being taken. This time I was relaxed and the flesh on flesh rubbing smoothly into my hole and across the gland had me moaning.

“Oh god, fuck my pussy. It’s yours. It’s yours. Fill me with that hard cock. Goddamn it’s good.” I was reduced to those few words blabbered as Peter speared me and the tingling rub of contact ran up my spine. My cock leaked precum and I grabbed and masturbated frenetically.

He pulled my legs back against him before rolling me on my stomach without dismounting. The firm thrusts that hilted each time pushed my hips down Konya Travesti and ground my cock into the soft sheets and felt surprisingly erotic. The weight of Peter’s body also made me feel captive. No place to go as the long thrusts pinned me flat. And I loved it. Lube and cum dripped down my balls as the pistoning made a squelch with every entry. Being taken and used. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” was my litany between gasps and groans.

The pace quickened and then he jammed deep with a bellow. His hips ground into my ass and I could feel him twitching as my rectum filled with more fluid. We both let out big sighs simultaneously and then laughed because we did. Slowly Peter pushed up and extracted himself from my cavern. I actually whimpered slightly when he came out and as the flesh tried to regain its original shape or close to it.

It was getting easier to take that big cock up my ass and I shifted as small tremors still went through my lower half as the flesh recovered. “Don’t move Steven. You look wunderbar like that. So sexy and I took your advice.” He left and returned with a top of the line Canon camera and big lens. He had asked me earlier on what kind of camera to buy after seeing the pictures taken of our last encounter. I had given him a range but he’d gone to the top of the line.

He moved behind me. “Pull your right knee up to the side and look back at me.” I did curious what he saw. The shutter clicked several times.

“Look at this” Peter said excitedly and handed me the camera. My ass spread naturally and gapped to show my ravaged pink hole leaking obvious cum and lube. My salt and pepper hair with face showed semi-blurred in the background.

And he took more. Reveling in the evidence that he had taken me as thoroughly as could be. At one point a blob of cum slipped from my ass and left a sticky web between my cheeks that he loved. A variety of positions that I could have been fucked in. Kneeling, crouching, and a few others that left him excited with the results.

Not that excited in that way of course as evidenced by the two loads I partially carried in my rectum the camera was finally put away. He let me lay there and brought a steaming towel that he used to wipe away the external evidence. I felt pampered as he wiped me down. Thoroughly relaxed, freshly fucked, with a tender but satisfied backside. I could feel the liquid in me and felt possessed in the best possible way.

Fucked out for at least now we lounged in his apartment. Just talking and sipping wine. For the first time in a long time I found myself opening up. I told him of my youthful experience. George blowing me that first time and using my ass cheeks to get himself off after I hadn’t rolled over. The self doubt later of wondering what would have happened if he had pushed the issue. If he had sodomized an eighteen year old me and then made me suck him off. What would have happened? What would have changed? Would I have continued and done all of this for years? It could have killed me with the AIDs crisis a few years later. How much would it have changed my life better or worse? Or would I have put it aside and not felt this urge later in life? An urge that had me giving myself completely to almost strangers. Other men who used me sexually and I enjoyed it. I’ll admit I got almost maudlin about it but most of a bottle of wine will do that. We went to bed and I fell into the deep slumber that sex provides.

I woke after several hours of deep sleep when he rolled me on my stomach with a token blindfold and growled in my ear. “Don’t think you avoid me by rolling over this time. As hot as that ass is your hot little hole is begging for it. You’re gonna suck my cock after.” His fake American accent was actually pretty good as I flashed back to those events years ago “No I won’t” filling the role. Of course I hadn’t said anything during the real event because I was pretending to sleep.

His hand pressed in the middle of my back almost roughly and the other dove covered in slick oil into my crease. Smearing liberally up and down the seam and occasionally brushing over my anus.

“Since you won’t roll over I’ll just take this tight teenage ass this way.” He slid over straddling my legs and letting his fat cock rub into my crack. Rubbing the oil in and the hot tube pumping in between my cheeks.

“You got a perky little ass, boy. Begging for cock.”

“No, no, don’t!” So I wasn’t a very good actor. Peter rolled partially off. Still with a hand holding me down and his fingers started probing.

“Fucking hot little hole you got.” The probe went up to the knuckle and I gave a squeal. “Oww, that hurts. What are you doing?”

Peter grabbed a t-shirt and jammed it in my mouth as he rolled back to cover me. “Don’t think you’re gonna be quiet when I get my johnson in ya so this’ll do. You wouldn’t want your grandma hearing you get fucked up the ass would ya boy so you’re gonna take it. Turn your ass out” This time his cock tip nestled right between the bottom of my ass cheeks. Antalya Travesti “Fuck you right up your queer teenage ass” and a thrust jammed the tip into my admittedly not as tight and not teenage anus. Another jerk got him a couple of inches in.

“Need to grease you up to get the rest of your cherry.” He moved back, still partially embedded and I could feel the cool lube drip around our intersection. Leaning back down he humped in further spreading my channel that while recently fucked wasn’t lubricated as much as normal.

He rocked back and forth with me pinned. Each time gaining more depth until bottoming out with his hands on the tops of my shoulders. They pushed down and limited how far I moved with each thrust. “I knew I was going to buttfuck this sweet little teenage tail the minute I saw you. Made to take a hard fuckin’ regular like. And you’re going to wrap those sweet little lips around my cock too you little queer.”

Peter pounded me all while whispering in my ear. His thick meat driving up inside. “You little fag boy. First time up the ass. Gonna be a lot more cock in there. The rest of your life boy. Turn you out for my friends to ream this boy cunt. You’ve been queer your whole life but didn’t know it until now. Buck into it boy. You’ve always wanted it. Let a real man use your cunt and your mouth. Fuck back on it!”

He stopped thrusting, poised above me, his cock just inside my hole and I humped my hips back at him. I was hard as a rock reliving what might have been. “There you go. Take my cock up ya.”

Peter began power fucking the ass pinned beneath him and rode me until his burst of cum dumped into my ass with a long moan. “Take it boy. Up your pussy like a fuckin girl.” I expected him to pause but he unceremoniously pulled from my creamed rectum. “Get on your knees boy.” He guided me down to the floor and I could see the bed edge and his spread knees under the blindfold.

“Suck your ass off me and stroke that little dick of yours while you do it. Don’t stop until you come or I decide to fuck that pussy again.” His cock hadn’t softened fully as I slide between his knees and he tugged the t-shirt out of my mouth. Thankfully I had cleaned out and there didn’t appear to be anything on his cock except cum and lube. He gripped my head in his hands and pulled me towards his crotch.

“Suck your first cock boy. First time. Born to be cocksucker I guess. Show me.” His hands pushed my head down and I opened expecting the worst. The idea of putting something that had been up my ass in my mouth wasn’t appealing but except for a slight musk the cum was the overwhelming smell and taste.

“Yeah, you’re a sweet little cocksucker. Especially first time. Gonna pimp that mouth and ass out and make a fortune.” Again Peter’s quick recovery time amazed me. He was getting hard again. “Keep sucking boy, I got something for your belly in my balls. Gonna fatten your little bubble butt up on jizz.”

He had both hands on my head. Using them to pull my mouth down on him. “Play with yourself boy. I want you to shoot when your holes are getting used.” I reached down and was surprised to find I was hard. All the physical sensations I had been having left me desensitized and my own touch had me close in no time.

“Ahhggg” I moaned despite the filled mouth as I could feel the jizz rising. This was so fucking depraved to masturbate while sucking cock so recently up my ass. Peter pushed my head down further and I felt his cock pulse in response as I sucked and beat off rapidly.

Just the thought of it pushed me over the edge and my balls constricted and then fired my cum into the air. Peter gripped harder as this time I set him off.

“Swallow it pussy boy. Lots more were that came from. You’re gonna be the town cum bucket.” I gulped as it slid down almost choking me until it was gone. “Now go back to sleep and rest up for more tomorrow” he said gruffly.

Peter pulled me up on the bed and let me lie. Massaging my back and stroking the rest of me. He untied the blindfold and kissed my cheek. Something about that made me let loose. The tears came to my eyes without warning as I began to bawl at the relief.

“It’s ok. This is right. You’re all right and no regrets” he whispered. The fake American accent gone and he held me until I fell asleep.

The early alarm woke from a deep sleep and I felt remarkably relaxed. Sex usually did that for me but there was an additional weight gone too. That youthful foray didn’t matter. I had tasted both sides of sexuality and this one gave another form of relief. There wasn’t time for another round but Peter gave a deep kiss before dropping me off at the hotel. My insides still tender and wet from our activities.

It was an odd sort of day. Trying to follow along with the business at hand with the occasional moment when the deep yet satisfying ache or lubricated feeling still deep in my nether regions came through. I hadn’t cleaned out the deposits left there and could feel it ooze to the point I had to put a pad of toilet paper to prevent a visible mess. I must have been smiling a lot because several of my colleagues commented and I just had to nod. They wouldn’t have believed why. Owned, accepted, desired. Any number of words came to mind with a satisfaction that went with it.

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