Falling Hard and Falling Wrong Ch. 02

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This is my first story here, I hope you guys like it and please comment. Thanks for your time.

Btw please be patient I don’t like rushing into having sex in fantasy.


Since none of the two had a car they started the long brisk walk to the station, they couldn’t afford to miss the last train.

Besides the very short conversation, Keith didn’t say a word, mostly stayed busy listening to his loud music, singing along some parts and banging his head rhythmically. Mike tried to examine his companion vigilantly, looking for any sign of trouble he might make but he walked too fast for him that Mike ended up half running and half walking after him. Of course Mike didn’t like how it looked, as if he was tagging along with the boy and having to keep the same pace.

At last they reached the station but it was way earlier than Mike had thought so they had to spend a while waiting for the last train to arrive and what a boring wait it was.

Inside, the train was almost empty, so there were plenty of seats they could choose. Keith sat on the nearest seat and leaned back with closed eyes as soon as his hips touched the hard surface of the seat. Mike decided to choose the opposite one, but took a quick look around and noticing the not very welcoming and even hostile looks from other passengers he thought it was wiser to stay close to the boy he hardly knew. At least he looked harmless on the outside and he hadn’t made any offensive move yet.

At last they arrived at what Mike called his colossal living arena and it indeed looked like an arena. There was a football field not very far for the kids to practice after school and all they did most days were to chase and bruise one another. They hardly knew what color was the ball or what it looked like, but they were little kids and all they wanted was to get rid of their pent up energy and have a little fun.

Mike pushed the door open, it was a small one-bedroom apartment with a tiny kitchen that could hardly contain the mini-fridge and the long-lived rusting cooker, the bathroom was even smaller, having almost no space between the shower and the toilet and the only bedroom…, well the only bedroom was already occupied by Mike, filled with books, a small bed and probably plenty of clothes in the closet and drawers. The last part was the infinitesimal non-existing living-room. The most someone could put was a bunker bed and some small furniture.

“Leave your shoes there.” Mike pointed to an empty space behind the cupboard, turned on a dim light and headed poker oyna to his room. Keith stumbled over a box before hitting his head against the bedroom door.

Mike slightly opened the door with his foot resting on the edge making sure the boy couldn’t come in. “This is my room and I like my privacy, try to get comfortable wherever you want, all that space will be yours when you pay your share.”

“All that space!” Keith grimaced at his tone, he wasn’t his tenant and if he was going to pay for the place, he could at least get a tour around the place and suggest having bunk beds and then renovate the rooms. The paint was peeling off in many places; there were holes as big as baseballs on the walls probably created with the utmost care by the previous tenants.

“Mind if I take a quick look at your room? This place can use a fresh coat of paint, you know.” Keith tried to sound as friendly as possible.

“There’s nothing to see for you, besides if you have so much money to waste on the paint, why don’t you give me your share beforehand. It’s not that much really, only $500.”Mike held his hand a few inches away from the doorknob.

“Truly friendly and bossy you are, mistress.” Keith made a funny face and sat on the floor, dug around in his bag, after spending a good five minutes he plastered his face with a big smile and handed Mike a stash of money carefully rolled up. “Here, have all I have and I don’t even know your name but I trust you. Is there any other rules I need to follow?”

Mike wanted to count the money but it seemed rather rude, the boy had a point. He never introduced himself and he was acting like a bitch in spite of the boy’s good and affable attitude.

“Please forgive me, your highness. I’ve been quite rude and I definitely didn’t mean to appear discourteous. I’m Michael but you can call me Mike.”

Mike held Keith’s raised hand and shook it slowly. His hands were cold and a little bony, but the hand-shake was warm and friendly.

“Friends?” Mike asked and Keith nodded his head, this time a true smile was on his face.

They decided to make dinner with whatever they could find in the fridge and there were plenty of nothing, besides their cooking skill was similarly non-existent. So their dinner consisted of a mixture of a can of soup with a can of beans, and a can of coke that had to be shared.

Mike and Keith spent the next day finding a second-hand couch big enough for Keith to sleep on and another day was spent to carry the big ugly green couch that very much resembled canlı poker oyna rotten broccoli. By the weekend the little apartment couldn’t look any better. There was a couch pushed carefully to the farthest corner of the living-room and an ancient TV set rested on a nice table that covered the mountain of books Keith brought from his dorm. Mike added another simple rule of no partying to the not very long list of where to put the shoes, how to clean the bathroom, how not to burn things, and never having a friend (or more than friends) stay for the night.

Mike and Keith spent most of their time in the university or at work so the place was mostly used for sleeping. They hardly argued about something so the long cold winter ended without any quarrels.


Spring made the picturesque city of Boston look even prettier with beautiful pink blossoms covering the trees, swallows singing happily and sparrows celebrating the beauty of the earth. Mike glimpsed at his watch for the umpteenth time, she was late,she was definitely late but then that was typical of her.

Betty was a sophomore in Mike’s college and she was the first one who gave the confused and lost Mike his freshman’s tour all around the campus and since then they were friends and developed to being more. Betty loved Mike and she was a nice catch too. Standing at 5′ 6″ with the right amount of muscles on his trimmed and taut body, almost everyone liked the small swimmer and he had a nice face too. Green eyes, a crooked nose probably broken during one of the games and thin pink lips made him more appealing. To Mike’s surprise Betty liked everything about him, even his arrogant manners but his dark green eyes were the most favorite part of his feature though they sometimes seemed rather cold.

Betty used to be one of the cheerleaders when she was in high school. Her slim body and nice curves made most people drool over her body besides, her parents were well-off and she used all the luxury she could have. Mike was glad she wasn’t a cheerleader anymore and he wasn’t a jock since he didn’t like the stereotypes.

Mike waved at the coming corvette and nearly ran to the moving car before it stopped completely.

“Hey baby.” Betty rolled down her car window so Mike could run his finger along Betty’s cheek and made her blush; she never enjoyed public displays of affection. “Get in sweetie. We’re late and I bet KFC is already packed. What do you like for dinner, sandwich or chicken?” Betty said as Mike opened the passenger door internet casino and got in.

The meal was the last thing on Mike’s mind, all he wanted was to go somewhere private and have some alone time with his girlfriend who made him so horny.

KFC wasn’t as crowded as they thought so it took them a short time to wait and they enjoyed their meal in quiet. After finishing their dessert of chocolate chip cake, it was time to leave, going their separate ways like always.

“Thanks Mike, good food and a nice date.” Mike kissed her cheek before fastening his seat-belt. Betty started the car with a big grin on her face.

“So shall we go further?” he asked trying not to look at Betty in the eyes, but he could see her shy approval so he proceeded to ask more.

“Your place or mine?” Betty stopped before a red light turning her head completely to face Mike to give him the answer he was waiting to hear, she knew he lived in a place she wasn’t interested to go.

“My place seems more proper, you have a room-mate, you know.” Betty fidgeted playing with the edge of her dress.

“It’s yours then.” Mike smiled wickedly and Betty winked before she stepped on it.


“Do you want to renew the lease or should I give a notice?” Mike shouted over the kitchen counter trying to attract Keith’s attention but it was such futile attempt to attract the oblivious boy on the couch, deep in thought, surrounded by invisible forces of ignorance and negligent .

Mike left the kitchen, a frying pan in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other, his apron hung loosely from his neck and the sleeves of his thick dark blue sweater were rolled up to his elbows that to Keith seemed like a flawless picture of an angry house-wife.

“Earth to Keith, may I have your attention for a few seconds?” Mike put the knife on the table and grabbed the remote control to turn off the TV. Undoubtedly the boy was not watching anything but Mike thought the lack of noise might help.

“hhhhmmm” Keith mumbled and blinked his eyes a few times to focus on the demanding face. “I was talking about the lease. Are you going to stay with me for another year?” They had spent the last two years together, grown up together, learned how to stand on their own feet and take care of themselves, and some invisible bond formed between the two. Mike was used to being around Keith and laughing at his lame jokes, even his dark sarcasm didn’t hurt as much as before. Mike’s friends told him he was infatuated with Keith’s madness and sometimes he felt the same. The boy was a mystery to him, mostly quiet and hardly speaking about his personal life. He was too secretive about his family to be normal. Mike could clearly remember how he spent days to find out the secret of green and yellow pills he took.

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