Family and Friends Ch. 03

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Monique rushed into my office as excited as I have ever seen her other than our sexual encounters. “I just received an email from Fran. She and Sam married each other in Barbados,”

“That is great news,” I replied. “Everyone will be thrilled.”

“There’s more daddy. Sam paid off the mortgage on her house. They invited Scott and me to live there rent-free. Sam will pay the property taxes. We will be responsible for all other expenses.”

In her excited state, she rambled on in scattered thoughts.

“By the way, have you noticed the change in Scott? He was not exactly enthusiastic about my lifestyle. Now he cannot get enough. Promise not to tell Mom. He hid in the closed the last time we made love. Now, I think he has fallen head over heals for Crystal and her 10-inch cock.”

“What about when you go back to school,” I asked, changing the subject.

“No problem. Ingrid and Lenore need a place. Their lease expires soon. I invited them to share the house. Scott is thrilled to share our house with two lesbians.”

Ingrid is Monique’s best girl friend. She is 18, and a confirmed lesbian. She is a beautiful brunette. I wish she were bi. Her 5′-8″, 110 lb, 35-22-36, body turns me on. Her lover Lenore is the most beautiful African American woman I have ever seen. She is 25, with a robust 40-24-37 figure packed into 125 lbs. A short afro frames her dark eyes and sweet lips.

Both have modeled for several of my pairings. They are warm, friendly and love each other. They have regular sex with my wife and daughter.

I will never forget the first time I saw Gabi with Lenore.

Ancestrally, Gabi and Lenore have much in common. Gabi’s great, great grandmother is an escaped slave finding her way to sanctuary in Haiti in 1870 as a 6-year-old orphan. She fell in love with a white boy, the son of a merchant mariner. Gabi’s grandparents are both white as is her mother and father. The diluting of skin color DNA thru the years gives Gabi an olive complexion

Lenore is the child of biracial parents and has a lovely dark brown complexion.

The two met as volunteers helping to organize relief efforts for Haiti following the deviating earthquake. When Lenore found that Gabi has Haitian ancestors, the two bonded in their equal concern for racial harmony.

It was not long afterwards that they found themselves in bed making passionate love. Until Lenore met Ingrid, they made love every chance they could. Now they see each other infrequently which serves to increase their pleasure of each other.

I had just completed a racially sensitive painting using Lenore and Ingrid. I titled it: “What if we are sisters?” It has the two in bursa evi olan escort ragged clotting setting back to back. The background is a collage of turbulent times of African American history, including a slave ship, President Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, the back of a bus, drinking fountains marked WHITE and COLORED and of a more positive note of changing times, a black and white shaking hands. Gabi asked me to paint it as a gift for Lenore and Ingrid.

Gabi asked both to come over to see the painting. Monique wanted to share in the surprise. They loved it and broke down crying when they leaned it was an idea and gift from Gabi.

Their love of the painting and for Gabi and Monique seemed as good an excuse as any for a salacious romp in the bed.

Ingrid hugged and kissed Monique and the two headed to her room. Lenore, as adventurous and sexy as always invited me, as the painting’s artist, to watch her and Gabi.

Gabi and Lenore undressed each other. I set nearby and marveled at Lenore’s incredible bust. They are magnificent standing tall and proud without the slightest droop. Her dark brown skin contrasted perfectly with Gabi’s lighter complexion.

They kissed tenderly and softly as only two women can. Muffled moaning escaped their perfectly molded lips. They held the kiss as their mouths opened. Lenore closed her mouth around Gabi’s tongue and sucked it deep into her mouth.

Gabi held Lenore’s head caressing her soft afro, palmed her ears and hugged her around the neck. Her tongue moved in and out of Lenore’s mouth. She was fucking Lenore’s mouth with her tongue.

The familiar aroma of two dripping pussies filled the room. The scene turned me on and I removed my shorts and briefs and pounded my cock. If the two lovers saw me, they paid no attention.

Gabi was now sucking Lenore’s tongue and fondling her massive tits. Gabi moved down to Lenore’s breasts. Her nipples were hard and no less than an inch long. Gabi held her right breast in both hands, squashed and rolled it as she sucked her long hard nipple.

Lenore raked her hands thru Gabi’s long auburn hair and pulled her face harder against her bosom. Just the back of Gabi’s head showed as Lenore pushed her head between her breasts. Gabi twisted and tweaked her nipples than palmed her tits pressing away from her valley.

She spread Lenore’s legs giving me my first look at her shaved pussy. Just a hint of pink showed between her outer lips. Her cunt juice gave it a lovely sheen.

Gabi opened Ingrid’s outer lips, licked, and kissed the pink flesh. She pursed her lips sucking and gulping as much juice as she altıparmak escort could. Lenore’s clit grew out if it’s sheath. It looked like a tiny cock and grew incredibly long. I had never seen such a clit. I got to me and I blew a massive load. It spread over my hand and wrist.

My orgasm grew the women’s attention and they watched as I lapped it up and swallowed every drop.

Lenore shortly forgot herself and told Gabi she wanted a taste the next time I came. Gabi asked her if that would break her lesbian code. “Just a taste will not turn me into a cum slut.” Lenore replied, “Besides I have heard it tastes a lot like female ejaculate.”

“That I do want to taste.” Gabi told her and moved again between Lenore’s legs. She inserted two fingers into Lenore’s pussy, twisted them moving in and out occasionally tasting her nectar.

“More! She pleaded.

Gabi added her other fingers and pounded Lenore’s vaginal opening while flicking her thumb on her clit. She found Lenore’s G-spot and moved back and forth over the tiny nub quickly filling her ejaculate gland. Lenore swooned in ecstasy, pinched her hard nipples, arched her back, sobbed and groaned as her entire body shook madly.

Long streams of clear liquid squirted from her urethra bathing Gabi her luscious auburn hair, her face, breasts and belly. She moved over Lenore and fell on her body, smashing her tits and kissing her fervently.

Locked in an open mouth kiss, the two sticky bodies rolled until Lenore landed on top. Gabi hugged the much younger women and gently rubbed her face much like a mother soothing a child.

“I love your dark body,” she told Lenore. “I love every inch of your perfect brown skin. I love your hair, your eyes and your succulent lips. Please pleasure this old body.”

“You have the look of a 20-year old, darling. You still have your model’s body. Your blue eyes touch my soul. I love your long silky auburn hair. It sets off so well your light brown complexion. You and Monique are my soul mates and I love and look forward to our much too infrequent moments together.

“Ingrid and I look forward to living with Monique and Scott, if we can pry the young stud away from Crystal.”

“So that’s where he has been lately,” I thought.

“I think I am jealous of my daughter being so close to you,” Gabi said.

“I have ways of making you remember me for a long time, my love,” Lenore promised.

She fondled my wife’s perfect 36-in breasts and lightly bit her hardening nipples. Her thigh found its way between her legs. She pushed hard into Gabi’s pussy and rubbed her pussy against Gabi. Great gobs of hot pussy gemlik escort juice ran down their thighs soaking the bed.

It was too hot and I came again. Lenore stuck out her tongue and I placed a dollop of cum as Gabi looked on waiting for her reaction.

“Well and least I can say I tried It.” she said. “No offence Robert. I can do without it.”

“That’s more like the woman I love.” Gabi told her. “Now eat my pussy and I will give you the female cum you do love.”

Gabi’s words ignited a passion in Lenore; Gabi told me later she had never seen in her so emotional.

She treated Gabi as a love instead of an occasional sex toy. She roamed all over her body, squashing her tight 35-inch ass, holding her tiny 22-inch waist in her hands, massaging her back and her legs. She tickled her feet driving Gabi crazy and sucked her ten toes one at a time.

I was accustomed to seeing Gabi excited. Nonetheless, her reaction to Lenore was different in tone and manner. My first time seeing lesbian love was a revelation. They always place their lover’s pleasure above their own.

In the nest few hours, I lost count of their orgasms. One of Lenore’s stands out

Lenore and Gabi were in a classic 69 with Lenore on top. Inches from Gabi’s face Lenore’s pussy secreted sweet juice continually in Gabi’s mouth. She reached up with both hands and pulled Lenore’s pussy to her lips. She fervently and lovingly ate Lenore’s pussy with the touch of a feather. Her tongue probed angelically gentle. She slid one finger slowly into Lenore’s vaginal opening.

Lenore, overwhelmed by Gabi’s tenderness, softly cried. “I swear to the spirits, only Ingrid has ever made me feel so loved,” she sobbed, growing more emotional.

Gabi took her words to heart and added another finger to Lenore’s vagina. Lenore moaned in contentment.

Gabi found Lenore’s G-spot and barley tucked it. It was mire than enough to fill her ejaculate gland with an immense volume of her clear salty sweet liquid.

Gabi lightly licked Lenore’s throbbing clit. .

Lenore’s body shook and almost thrashed off the bed. Gabi grabbed Lenore from behind steadying her body. She threw her legs a high in the air, and screamed as an immense orgasm tore thru her body.

She spurted time after time as orgasm followed orgasm. Her eyes glazed over as spasms ignited sparks throughout her body. Tears streamed from her eyes. Spittle leaked from her open mouth as she grunted and moaned.

Gabi held her tight and kissed her passionately as she slowly calmed down.

Monique and Ingrid, long finished ravishing each other, stood in the doorway. Ingrid rushed to her lover and Monique rushed to her mother. They helped the exhausted couple to the shower.

The four lovebirds came out of the shower clean and refreshed.

Lenore kissed and thanked Gabi. Ingrid kissed and thanked Monique. They each planted a kiss on my cheek and thanked me for the pointing.

To be continued.

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