Family Essence – Deviant – Pt. 02

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Author’s note: And here’s batch two. Woulda been up faster if I’d done a proper reread after reading Literotica’s rules. Probably going to be longer on the third part, cause reasons and stuff. All characters are over 18.

…Chapter 6, The Morning After…

I wake with Kaylie still wrapped in my arms. Unlike sleeping with Jen, the arm I left underneath my sister hasn’t fallen asleep.

“Morning,” Kaylie says before I’ve had a chance to do more than take in her beauty again.

“Good morning,” I reply, nibbling at her ear, ready to go for another round. She starts pushing back against me when the door swings open. I barely have time to look up and see Sawyer walk across the room to plop down on the bed directly in front of us.

Her eyes travel up and down our fully naked bodies, nodding. She pauses when her eyes reach where we’re joined at the hips, frowning. “All right. Mom says you two need to get up. We bought you as much time as we could, but she’s insisting we need to go out and explore.”

“Does mom…” Kaylie can’t even finish the question, but I share her worry. I want to tell mom about Kaylie and me myself. I don’t want her finding out… oh, god. We were so loud last night.

“I don’t think so. She hasn’t said anything, at least. But you two should shower. I’m honestly surprised the room doesn’t smell worse. Didn’t you two fuck like animals last night?” Sawyer asks with a completely straight face.

A pulse of pink energy exits me, wrapping over Kaylie and I, causing Sawyer’s eyes to widen as we’re freshened up. “Oh shit… that is so awesome. I didn’t even think about how great that is going to be for cleaning up after banging.”

“Sawyer,” Kaylie hisses, grinding herself against my cock some more.

“You know, you guys could probably bang another one out in the shower. If you hurry,” Sawyer says, reaching down to fondle my balls for a second, causing an electric shock to run through me. “Course, mom might come up and hurry you out, so you could get caught. Either way, I’ve done my part.”

With that, Sawyer leans over, giving Kaylie and me a peck on the forehead. I can’t help but watch how Sawyer’s leggings hug her ass as she walks out of the room.

“Fuck….” Kaylie groans even as she pulls off me. “Not being an ass to mom sucks.”

“Yeah,” I agree, reaching forward and squeezing her ass even as I sit up beside her. “But at least yours is great.”

“Yours isn’t half bad either,” Kaylie says with a squeeze of her own. “I just wish I got to play with it more before everyone else has their turn.”

“Still not sure how to feel about that,” I mumble as I search out my boxers. As I’m gathering my other clothes, I realize that Kaylie’s heating vent is completely uncovered. Shit.

Mentioning it to Kaylie, we both hurry as we grab towels. As much as I want to join her, I let her take the shower first while I wait outside. I don’t feel comfortable going into mom’s room to use her shower right now. Especially after everything… yeah, not happening.

When I finally get my turn, Kaylie gives me one last lingering kiss before letting me in. Then I complete a quick and cold shower, hoping to bring my erection down. Thankfully, it works. The cold temperature also helps me finish quickly. Getting dressed in a pair of jeans and plaid sweater I’d normally wear when helping Kaylie with gardening or Madison with working on the mustang, I head downstairs.

Everyone is gathered around the kitchen table, the smell of waffles, syrup and bacon permeating the air as Bethany supervises the waffle maker.

Mom doesn’t even wait until I’m in the room before she waves me over. “Good, Darren. Eat, then we head out. We need to get our bearings.”

“Aren’t you tired?” I ask, taking my place at the weathered oak table. “You’ve been up all night.”

“Mom got a skill that eliminates her need for sleep. And food. And water,” Bethany supplies with a frown. She’s dressed more rugged than usual. Like she’s prepared for a hike. As I look around, I realize we’ve all dressed in our outdoors clothes. Even Sawyer, who isn’t even wearing her leggings, but actual jeans. She hates jeans. Bethany still has her pink hoodie though. Pretty sure she has a dozen of those.

“Not eliminate. Replace,” mom says, finishing off the last of her waffles as I dish up a plate of my own, smiling at Madison as she hands me a set of utensils plucked from the drying rack next to the pair of heavy-duty kitchen syncs mom had installed over a decade ago.

“I’d say that being able to pick up a rock the size of a dime and turn it into nothing, so you don’t have to sleep is eliminating it,” Bethany complains, stabbing her waffle with an unusual amount of gusto.

My eyes can’t help but drift to where Kaylie is sitting next to Sawyer. Both twins smile at me when I look over, Kaylie’s is a little bashful, but Sawyer’s is a full-on smirk as she waves for me to sit between them. I shrug, taking my place on the wooden bench. A bench mom insisted works better than gerçek resimli gaziantep escort a bunch of chairs with as many kids as she has. After some of the poor seating I’ve encountered at college, I’m not sure she’s wrong. Though having the twins press up on either side of me as soon as I sit down is a little flummoxing. It’d be pleasant if not for the fact that they’re making it hard to pick up my bacon.

Much as I love them, this is bacon we’re talking about! Interference is sacrilege. Which is why it’s totally justified when I turn my attention from my food to tickle Sawyer in retaliation. After my night with Kaylie, I’m certain this was Soi’s idea.

“Girls, stop bothering your brother and let him eat,” mom says, even as Sawyer squeals under my tickle assault, her giggling filling the room.

Relenting on my assault, I can’t help but notice how even though they both give me room, it’s only barely enough to maneuver. Still, once I have my first piece of bacon in my mouth, I decide all is forgiven. For now.

As I’m munching on breakfast, mom clears off the far side of the table, laying down one of her old maps. Her hobby of looking for interesting geology means she has far more maps of the surrounding area than… honestly, I don’t know if there’s a map place nearby that would have as many maps as mom does. I think the cartography is part of the fun for her.

“Okay. So, since I was already spending the night in the turret, I plotted out what I could,” as she says that she draws a thick line across one end of the map with a permanent marker. “From what I can tell, everything over here is water now.”

None of us speak, staring at the line mom’s drawn. I think we’re all more shocked about the use of a permanent marker than what she’s saying about the rearranged geography. When I shake off my shock, I try to understand what the line means. It’s over a mile away, based on the scale. And it’s the side that most of Token’s point was on. So, most of the city isn’t here with us. Half that distance is just open fields between our subdivision and where the city was. But mom’s not done. Switching to a green pencil, which is still surprising but not as intense as permanent ink, mom traces away from that line in a soft curve leading to the other side of the map, where she draws a straight line until she hits the highway. “There’s a thick canopy of trees on these two sides. And either there’s a small civilization on a mountain, or an active volcano to what used to be south. But I think it’s east now. So, water to the west. Jungle to the south and east.”

Bethany lets out a snort. When we all look at her, she steps away from the waffle maker and says, “If this line is accurate, then Jackson probably got dumped in the jungle. Right where he belongs.”

We all chuckle at that. Except mom. She just frowns at the mention of Madison’s ex-boyfriend. Douche couldn’t even give her as much attention as I did. And I was in another state at college. It’s seriously not that hard to text a few times a day. Or to chat on discord for fifteen minutes every night. I’m able to do that with all four sisters, and he couldn’t handle just one? He didn’t even appreciate Maddie’s poem’s and those are funny as a turbo-charged kitten chasing a laser pointer. And yes, that is a line from one of my favourites.

Am I biased in thinking she’s better off without him?

Of course, I am. But my sisters all agree with me, so I’m not alone.

“Well, we’re going to find out. People are mostly hunkering down for the moment, but water’s already gone out. And I don’t expect the solar farm to keep running for much longer, so we’ll be moving to off-grid mode soon.”

This evokes a round of groans from all of us. Mom’s had us do off-grid weekends every year since the solar panels were installed when I was fifteen. They tend to be fun, and we don’t usually complain. Except we’re all smart enough to know we won’t be able to go back on-grid afterwards.

“But that means the solar farm is here, doesn’t it?” Bethany asks, tapping at part of the map mom hasn’t marked up. The area across the highway where the Solar Farm is located.

Mom shrugs. “Hard to say. I can’t imagine where else our neighbor’s power is coming from. But the tree barrier along the highway prevents me from seeing anything that way. We’ll be checking that out too.”

“Damn,” I mutter as I think about the fact that my old clunker runs on gas. Not that I could’ve afforded an upgrade to a hybrid or electric. “I’ve got enough in the tank to get us around for today. But that’s about it.”

“We’ll see about getting more fuel. But we’ll take my jeep today. We don’t know what shape the roads are going to be in,” mom says. “Bethany will drive.”

I blinked at that. For all the things mom’s said during breakfast, that she wants Bethany to drive her jeep is the most surprising. She doesn’t let any of us drive the jeep.

And I’m not the only gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan one in shock, going by the expressions on my sisters faces. The only one who doesn’t look surprised is Bethany, who just nods. Then she notices all of us staring at her and her brow furrows. “What? Mom gets me to drive it at work all the time.”

Knowing that Bethany’s been working for mom is one thing. Finding out that mom has her running errands in the jeep though?

Madison chuckles, affecting a lilt to her voice as she sings out, “Well, that confirms. The world has officially ended. Bethany survived driving the jeep ungrounded.”

It’s not her best by a long shot, but as I’m about to take a bite of waffle, I can’t help but laugh. Except for Bethany, none of us can resist laughing, not even mom.

“Okay. This is the route we’re going to take,” mom says, showing Bethany a roundabout route that should only take a couple hours. But mom expects us to take all day before we’re done. Soon enough, we’re all piling into mom’s jeep. Mom is sitting up front with Bethany, which leaves the rest of us to cram into the back. Sawyer ends up claiming a spot on my lap, and I end up in my usual spot in the middle, sandwiched between Madison and Kaylie. I wrap one arm around Sawyer to hold her in place while offering my right to Kaylie. She takes it and gives it a squeeze as Bethany backs us out of the driveway. Aggressively.

“Whoa,” I mumble as Sawyer almost goes flying. I catch her, and as a bonus get a handful of boob as I pull her back into place. Which I shift to a more regular hug so mom doesn’t notice.

“What the fuck, Bee?” Sawyer asks, using Bethany’s childhood nickname. Which means she’s seriously pissed. Bethany made a big deal about us not using Bee anymore, and we’ve mostly respected her wishes.

“Sorry, nervous,” Bethany apologizes, glancing over her shoulder with a faltering smile. Then she eases us forward. The roads are mostly empty as we drive. Except for the dead raptors. There are a lot of dead raptors on lawns. You’d almost think that most of our neighbors were armed and dangerous. We’ve only gone a block when mom calls us to a stop in front of a house that doesn’t have a dead raptor on the lawn. Instead, it has a broken-down door.

Mom yells into the house, not getting out of the jeep as we wait for a monster to emerge and attack us. I can see the grass swaying against the wind, and Sawyer is poking her head out the sunroof, scanning the area around us with a water ball floating over her hand. But nothing answers her.

“Okay, we’ll check back later. This was the Clarkson’s place, right?” mom asks, looking over her shoulder at us.

“Nah, the Clarkson’s are there,” I say, pointing at the next house down. “This is the… the new people. The ones from New York.”

Sawyer plops down in my lap as Madison shakes her head. “Shit time to move to the neighborhood.”

“Language,” mom says, but there’s no force behind it as her eyes scan the area around us, signaling Bethany to start driving again.

We make it all the way to the edge of the jungle before we stop again. And it’s definitely a jungle. The undergrowth is so thick I can’t see more than a dozen feet into the thick foliage. The edge is just past Maple Boulevard. Which means that Jackson’s place did come through with us. And is almost exactly against the jungle. Unlike most of our drive, there are signs of people here. A pair of men are sitting on a nearby porch, rifles next to them and empty bottles of beer scattered on the lawn in front of them. There’s a clear ring of dead raptors half a block away from them. And if I’m not mistaken, a body that looks human.

“Mom,” I say, pointing at the body. Mom’s eyes follow my outstretched arm, and motions Bethany backwards. The men on the porch watch us as we back away, but they make no move to go for their rifles. Once we’ve backed out of sight, mom directs us around to another spot near the jungle but free of men sniping everything that moves.

She doesn’t explain why we’re scouting the edge of the jungle as she gets out of the jeep, stepping close to where the jungle starts, the rest of us close behind her. Except Bethany who stays in the jeep in case we need to make a hasty escape. When mom reaches the boundary of the jungle, she leans forward, and I realize there’s an edge. Stepping up beside her, I realize we’re at least fifty feet up from the jungle floor. It’s hard to be exact with the thick undergrowth.

“Huh,” I say as my sisters join me at the edge. “Kaylie? Are you able to do anything with… any of this?”

“It’s kind of overwhelming,” Kaylie says, reaching towards a nearby vine, but not touching it. “I think I can control a few plants at a time. But… some are harder. And they’re so different from each other. I think- Stop!”

For a second, I’m confused, because I was just listening to her. There’s nothing to stop. But then gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort I notice that Sawyer was about to touch a turquoise flower. When she stops the flower snaps open, rows of jagged tooth-like thorns on the inside. It starts to lunge for Sawyer but then freezes in place. A quarter of a second later a hand of lava crushes it, only for the hand to be erased from existence at almost the same moment.

“Uhm,” Sawyer says, stepping back then taking my hand and squeezing it hard enough I pull her into a hug instead. I can feel her trembling as I hold her, and mom orders us all back to the jeep. We shuffle in quietly, Sawyer still on my lap, but turned so she can rest her head on my shoulder as I hug her. Then we’re driving again. Fifteen minutes later, we pass another car. When we stop to talk, they reveal they’re looking for a way out. Guess not everyone’s accepted that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Not that we ever were, but that’s how the saying goes.

Mom suggests they try the far side, noting that there’s water over there, but it might be better. And then our trek continues. We end up returning home a couple hours after lunch, having scouted out most of the borders to the jungle. Mom blew a few gaps through the jungle with her Call of the Void, allowing us to confirm that there’s only a few hundred feet of jungle or so before ocean along the border that doesn’t have the giant plume of smoke. Which is our new South. And we got close enough to our new eastern border to confirm that we’re in a body of water large enough that we’re assuming it’s an ocean. Over a hundred feet of sheer cliff, but there’s an ocean.

As we’re all munching on salad made from some of our more perishable vegetables, plus some green and orange fruit that Kaylie identified as safe from the jungle, mom updates her map. I’m still holding Sawyer’s hand. She’s not trembling anymore, but once she got over her fright, she reminded me that it was ‘her day’ with a pout.

Which has me a whole other kind of nervous.

…Chapter 7, Solar Power…

After we’ve finished lunch, we pile back into the jeep, a cooler full of easy to eat meals packed in case we don’t make it back in time for dinner. We head for the cliffside waterfront, mom wanting to see if there’s any reasonable place to get down. There are a lot more people on the streets at this point, but still not much traffic. As we’re driving past a group of people at the edge of the open fields, mom gets Bethany to slow down. She leans out the window to greet them while we remain on watch.

“Betcha they don’t have powers,” Sawyer says, staring out the window at the group.

“No bet,” Kaylie replies, her hand shoving Sawyer’s leg. “We’ve only seen two people with powers today. And neither of them seemed to be half as good as ours.”

“Cause they don’t have mom,” Bethany states, her hands tight on the wheel. “I swear she’s more excited than worried.”

Shifting next to me, Madison chuckles, “That’s cause it’s her dream come true. Transported to another world. Except with her family? How many times has mom said she’d love to have a new world to explore but she wouldn’t want to leave us behind.”

“Too many,” I say, but there’s a smile on my face as I say it. “But I doubt that’s why we’re not seeing powers. Maybe people just don’t want to believe they’re real so they’re not using them?”

“Or they’re more subtle. Maybe we just got flashy powers,” Kaylie suggests, looking out the window at the man who’s talking with mom. An older gentleman. And I say gentleman more from his bearing and polite speech than because of how he’s dressed.

A hiss from Madison draws my attention to the ball of water over Sawyer’s hand. But Sawyer keeps it small and it’d be hard to see from outside the jeep anyway. She floats it back and forth, looking at Kaylie with a smile that doesn’t reach her beautiful hazel eyes as she says, “Yep. Real flashy.”

Kaylie just rolls her eyes at this. “Soi, I bet you’re going to be able to conjure entire walls of water once you get stronger.”

There’s a noticeable shift in Sawyer’s weight as she shifts on my lap to look at her twin. “You think so?” Sawyer asks, her excitement obvious as she continues without giving Kaylie a chance to respond, “You’re right. I’ve been so focused on what I can’t do now, that I didn’t think about how much I can grow. And all we need to do to grow is love our brother. Speaking of which, how much did you guys grow last night?”

My eyes drift towards mom, but she seems to still be locked in conversation with the guy outside. Mom’s giving estimates on likely emergency response times, as if this is some kind of earthquake. And Sawyer’s question is discrete. Complete opposite of this morning. So I check my Status, but I don’t see any way to determine if anything’s changed.

“My Body and Spirit have both progressed towards their next tier by about ten percent, and my Mind is up by eight,” Kaylie responds.

“How can you tell?” I ask, turning toward my sister, who beams at me.

“Focus on the attributes,” Kaylie says, giving me a peck on the cheek alongside a very smug smile.

Opening my status back up, I do as she says. “Three percent in Body and Spirit. Two in mind.”

“Hmm. I’ve only gone up one in body,” Madison says.

“That’s one more than I’ve got,” Bethany grumbles, glancing over her shoulder at us. “But I’m sure I’ll get a few percent tomorrow. What’re you at Sawyer?”

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