Family Holiday Perversions (5)

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It was holiday time! The parentals were all packed and shouting at me to hurry up as I rounded up the last of my stuff. While I was doing this the house phone rang, it was my best friend’s mum informing us that she was ill and couldn’t come on holiday with us. I was gutted and immediately went into a teenage strop. It also threw a spanner into mother and step fathers plans as they had intended on doing their own thing for most of the week, now they were stuck with me. Great.

It was too short notice to ask anyone else so I just had to suck it up and go on the stupid holiday. We were staying in a converted barn, up a mountain, in the middle of some woods in Scotland. It was a beautiful big building with an outdoor hot tub, lots of wildlife, games, a telescope, cool lighting, mountain bikes, a swing set and miles away from anyone. I had planned to spend the week exploring it all with my friend but looks like I’ll be exploring it all myself. An interesting feature of the building was that the kitchen and living area was upstairs so it was huge then the 3 bedrooms and bathroom were downstairs. My parents picked the bedroom under the kitchen but furthest away from my room. No perving through the walls for me. Could this get any worse?

They told me to stop being so moody and go explore while they unpacked the car. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I grabbed my sunglasses and took Benji for a walk to check out the surroundings. At least it got me out of some chores.

I had on a nice light blue summer dress which I think showed off my tits quite nicely. I had noticed my dad checking them out a couple of times on our way to this place. Pervert. Benji and I had a fun time roaming around and I could feel my mood lifting a little as a enjoyed the sun on my skin. We had wandered so far I couldn’t even see the barn anymore and I had found a gap in the trees with some long grass to lay on and enjoy listening to the birds. Benji was having a great time exploring but once he realised I was laying down he got rather excited.

I had only ever let him lick me in the privacy and safety of my bedroom, was I seriously considering letting him lick my pussy outdoors where anyone could stumble upon us? Even the thought had me excited and Benji could smell it. I gingerly hitched up my dress to my waist, he was already between my legs with his tail wagging and escort kahramanmaraş bayan looking up at me with those big brown eyes. Oh god, I’m not sure I could do it…until he bumped me with his snout. My little clit was screaming for some attention so I pulled my pink knickers to the side allowing him access and he got to work straight away.

Any fears I had about being caught quickly melted away as I lay there on the grass, in the sunshine and Benji licked and lapped away at me. I could moan freely without worrying about being heard, he licked me with that big rough tongue as my hips bucked and swayed. It wasn’t long before I was cumming hard and flooding his snout with more juices which would drive him into a licking frenzy!

I had always noticed his doggy cock peaking out of its sheath during our naughty encounters but I was never brave enough to do anything about it. Today was a day of firsts. If it was just going to be the two of us on the holiday then I plan on making the most of it. I called him up to me and took his cock in my hand, it was red and throbbing. I had only ever seen my step dad’s cock when I’d “accidentally” walked in on him wanking and the dicks on the porn I had stolen from him.

Benjis cock was hot in my hand and he started thrusting his hips. I had let him hump my leg before because it was funny and I had seen him fucking his teddies, poor dog must be so frustrated getting all this pussy action but no relief. He was fucking my hand furiously as I was trying to stroke him but not really knowing what I was doing and before I knew it he was shooting load after load of cum everywhere. He stood there for a few moments with his tongue hanging out before going and licking himself clean. I rinsed the cum off me using my water bottle.

I thought I had better head back to the barn before they sent out a search party and found my new secret spot. As I arrived back I expected to see mum and dad out enjoying the sun but there was no sign of them. The car was still there so I assumed they had gone for a walk. However, as I passed their bedroom window, I saw some movement. They hadn’t closed the blinds as it was just bushes and trees outside their window. Pure luck meant the angle I was at I could see some of the room.

Dad was butt naked and walking around, escort kapalı gaziantep bayan from what I could make out mum was blindfolded and somehow restrained with her legs held open wearing tights and high heels. She looked like a fucking whore and he looked very much in charge. I could see his big dick bouncing around as he walked. He attached what I thought at the time was clothes pegs but I now know to be nipple clamps and I heard her moan. At this point I realised the windows were open as it was the middle of summer. Oh god I wish he was attaching pegs to my puffy, pink, young nipples! He then turned her head and shoved his cock in her mouth which she greedily sucked on as he fucked her mouth.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! My pussy was still wet from my outdoor orgasm but my clit was tingling again and ready for more attention. I slipped my hand down my panties and rubbed it as I continued watching the show.

Dad stopped fucking her mouth and disappeared out of site for a moment before returning with a big dildo. He ripped a hole in mums tights at the crotch with his big, strong hands as if they were just a piece of paper. He rubbed the dildo up and down her slit a few times making her moan some more. He said “you want this don’t you?” Her reply was “YES!”. He resumed his position at her mouth with his cock at her lips but still holding the dildo at her hairy cunt then he said “yes what?” And her response was “yes daddy!” At this point he shoved his cock back in her mouth whilst simultaneously sliding the dildo into her eager pussy. She tried to moan through him thrusting and I could hear him grunting.

I came at this point from rubbing my clit but I continued watching. I wondered if he was thinking of me while he was playing this game. During all the hours I had listened to them fucking this was only the second time I’d heard this daddy talk and it was only since he caught me masturbating. Previously it was Sir, but daddy was new. My knickers were soaking from all my juices but I couldn’t stop watching.

Dad pulled his cock out of her mouth again and I could hear her gasping as though she was out of breath but he left the dildo buried in her hole. He moved down and licked her clit while fucking her with the toy and I heard the familiar sounds of her kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan cumming. This was the first time I had seen it though, her legs were still in the air and shaking, her moans loud in the quiet country air. Dad obviously wasn’t finished with her yet, his fat cock looked hard as a rock.

I panicked when my blindfolded mother asked what time it was but my dad did not care. He asked in a patronising tone “oh why, do you not want your daughter finding you tied up like my little cum slut?” She whimpered before he continued “You don’t want your sweet little girl knowing her mother is a fucking whore?” I realised as he was asking he had removed the dildo and was rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her glistening slit and her hips were rocking too. “Look at you” he laughed, “cock hungry aren’t you?” She whispered “yes…” he raised his voice “I can’t hear you begging!” Then she began begging for his cock “pleeeeeease please give it to me, I need your cum, give me that fat daddy cock, fill me up, PLEASE!” On the last please he slammed his cock into her, all the way to his balls and held it there.

I had guessed from listening through the walls that my mother was an absolute slut but this had confirmed it. She lay there gasping as her pussy stretched to adjust to dad’s big cock. I think if he did that to me I would split in two! I was lucky if I could manage 3 fingers inside me. I still had my hand down my knickers and was now leaning against a tree as I finger fucked myself whilst watching the show my parents were unknowingly putting on for me.

After a few moments my dad pulled almost all the way out before thrusting all the way back in again, I loved hearing the skin slapping sound. Mum had resumed the begging which he clearly enjoyed as his thrusting actions increased. I was now finger fucking myself in time with their fucking and could feel another orgasm building. They were both moaning and grunting like animals. It was very sexy seeing my dad’s arse muscles tensing with each thrust and my mums big tits bouncing about as he hammered her. He told her “I am going to spend this whole holiday fucking all of your holes, your mouth, cunt and ass belong to me.” The thought of all of my young holes dripping with cum was enough to tip me over the edge again and another huge orgasm ripped through my body. It obviously done the trick for daddy too because I seen his body tense and heard his roar like a bear, a few more rough hard thrusts which I assumed was him filling my mother’s cunt with cum and he was done.

Turns out this holiday wasn’t going to be too bad after all. I found lots of spy places for their shag fest and Benji got to do some more exploring too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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