Family Night Ch. 02

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Melinda hurried to finish the details on the dinner she was putting together for them. She knew that Em had had a hell of a day but it was Thursday and it was her turn to make dinner so she wanted to make it special for them both. Actually it had been a hell of a week for Em and she needed to relax, Melinda knew she was looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend, refusing all plans to go out and do anything. Their friends and family said they understood. Melinda thought it would be a nice change from going out or having others around, it would be just the two of them. But, the weekend was still a whole day away and this was family night, she would give Em something to look forward to for the weekend.

The kitchen table was set and Melinda pushed an inquisitive nose away from the table as it stretched towards the baked chicken and the other delicious smells she had made for them. The dog wagged his tail good naturedly, he was only trying to see how far he could push her and she knew that. Not that he wouldn’t have helped himself if she left the chicken for any length of time, but his manners were such that he knew he couldn’t just touch without her permission. Besides, it was on the table and that was a no, no.

Melinda brought out the condiments from the fridge and just then she heard the garage door roll up. She hurried to find matches and light the candles on the set table to create a romantic setting. She had just blown out the match when the garage door made its rumbling sound as it closed. She fussed unnecessarily as she waited for Em to make her first appearance.

Em opened the garage door between the garage and the kitchen hallway and made her way up the two steps and closed the door behind her. She took two steps before stopping in surprise as she saw the romantically set kitchen table. A big delighted smile captured her face as she looked into her girlfriend’s pretty face.

“Wow, how beautiful” she breathed as she moved to the counter to lay her purse and briefcase on it. It wasn’t apparent if she meant her girlfriend or the table.

Melinda shrugged self-depreciatingly and said “I thought we would have a romantic dinner for us tonight, you need to relax.”

Em nodded “I sure do, it’s been a hell of a week.” She sighed as she thought about how hard she had worked that week and decided not to bring it up now. There was plenty of time to share that later. “I better shower…” she began.

Melinda though stopped her “you better eat first, this is going to get cold. I just took it out of the oven.”

Em looked at the romantically lit table to see roasted chicken with cranberry sauce, a delicious combination she had discovered once on a trip, that she had made for them, and they both fell in love with. Stuffing and French beans accompanied the meal and made her mouth water as she made her way to her customary seat, but stopped to give her girl a hug, a kiss, and a mutual squeeze. Sitting she turned to greet the welcoming dogs who had enthusiastically greeted her but she had ignored until she greeted her girl. Finally, she pushed them away to accept the glass of wine that Melinda handed to her. “Thank you, babe” she said before she took a healthy sip of the alcoholic beverage.

Melinda served up their plates and they sat together peacefully as they shared everything together, comfortably and peacefully. The romantic atmosphere, the good food, and the great wine made them both relax. They had been together long enough that it wasn’t necessary to talk too much, the silence was companionable and not in the least awkward.

Em helped fill the dishwasher after dinner and then quickly went to the bedroom as Melinda filled the pet’s dishes with their various meals. One by one the cats made an appearance at the sound of the kibble hitting their bowls and eyed the dogs who were hoping to finish their own meals in time to possibly eat the more desirable cat food.

Em took a quick shower after she peeled herself out of her suit. Their super-efficient air conditioning was cooling the house. She was grateful as it helped her relax even further. The warm water washed away any sweat she might have had on her body, the air cooled her over-heated skin, the water, the air, the good food all served to get her into an agreeable frame of mind. Not that her normal mood wasn’t good natured but everyone has their limits and she certainly hadn’t want to bring it home with her and take it out on Melinda.

Melinda had the kitchen clean and was sitting in one of the easy chairs watching the birds outside quietly. No TV, no radio, kağıthane escort nothing to disturb her peace. Em walked up behind her in her satin robe and her hands gently kneaded Melinda’s shoulders. “Mmmm,” she murmured letting Em know she appreciated her ministrations.

Em leaned down and kissed along her girlfriend’s neck and murmured in return “thank you for dinner, it was beautiful, and tasted delicious.”

Melinda caught her hand and brought it to her lips to kiss the back of it before turning it over to kiss the palm and begin to kiss along the pulse at her wrist. Em felt her pulse quicken at the gesture. “Come here” Melinda said tugging on the hand as she spilled Em into her lap.

Em smiled in delight at the playful gesture as she sat on Melinda’s lap with her legs over the arm of the easy chair. Melinda supported her back with her arm around the woman as she held her close, companionably they snuggled. Em tucked her head onto Melinda’s shoulder and into her neck and sighed happily. The quiet was peaceful, romantic, and loving. It was all of their own making.

Their quiet wasn’t absolute, they could still hear the animals around the house. One of their cats, a large male, padded across the kitchen floor, he was the only one that did this, not light on his feet at all. Instead, if he was in a hurry it always sounded a bit like a thundering herd, all in one cat, the ox. The two women watched as the animals joined them in the family room to see what their humans were doing. The dogs pushed hopefully to get the cats to play, the two women watched as poking and prodding produced no results and a disdainful look that said ‘who are you kidding’ came on the cats faces. They all soon settled down, the cats cleaning themselves after a satisfying meal, the dogs to snooze with their full bellies.

It was their family though and the dogs and cats were a big part of their home life. Equally if not more interesting was just being together, enjoying each other. A nice meal, and a nice quiet time together. Whatever their week threw at them, they had this night, every week, together.

“Want to play a game?” Em asked eventually as she began to get restless sitting there.

Melinda smiled at the double entendre and then asked “what did you have in mind?” She wouldn’t spoil the moment by making an assumption of what exactly Em wanted or implied. She didn’t always mean sex and they were comfortable enough with each other that sexual innuendo didn’t rule the day.

“I don’t know, Scrabble? Cards?” she didn’t really sound that enthused and Melinda shrugged nonchalantly. Sitting there quietly, companionably together, was actually a lot nicer than one would think. They didn’t need a TV or DVD to entertain them. They had their pets for visual effect, they had each other in their arms, and it was nice to just sit back and enjoy.

They were both sexual beings though and a casual touch, a slight caress, had the power to arouse them both. They knew each other so well that it didn’t really take telepathic powers to realize when the other’s mood changed to a sexually charged one.

Melinda absentmindedly began caressing along Em’s lower back and was gratified to hear a sigh in appreciation as the woman snuggled deeper into her arms. It was soothing and Em wasn’t unaffected. She began to absentmindedly caress along Melinda’s inner arm with her fingertip, so light that at first Melinda wasn’t so sure she was feeling it as imagining it. As time progressed though, Em began to feel the pulse in her girlfriends arm, and the one at her neck with her nose, and then her lips. She couldn’t seem to help herself as she snuggled comfortably in her lap and began to kiss along the exposed neck. Back and forth, using her tongue sparingly she could hear the change in Melinda’s breathing, feel the change in her pulse under her lips.

Melinda lifted her other hand to slowly release the ties of Em’s robe and expose her naked body to the elements. As she began to lightly caress the exposed flesh she watched as a shiver from the air conditioning and her caresses caused goose bumps over Em’s arms. As she felt Em’s lips and tongue climb along her neck to her ear she felt some goose bumps herself.

She turned her head to capture Em’s lips sweetly and cupped her head to hold it prisoner to her lips as they began to make out. Breathing in each other’s essence, enjoying the sensation of lips against lips and as they parted, tongues beginning to dance into each other’s mouths, fencing, caressing, and reaching out. Breathing deeply they both could smell the shampoo Em had used on her long red/brown hair, the body wash that had washed away the sweat of the day, the perfume that always seemed to linger on her person. They both could smell the baked chicken in the air and perhaps still on Melinda’s person from when she made dinner. The combination though made them both hungry for each other’s body. As their kisses levent escort became deeper, their caresses more fervent, their passions fueled by their knowledge of each other’s body and what they wanted from each other, they pulled back mutually and Em said in a passion filled voice “let’s go to the bedroom.”

Melinda grinned in anticipation. She could never get enough of this woman. She had planned more than a romantic dinner. It was still early and she eagerly looked forward to the rest of the evening with this woman she loved.

Em got up carefully so she didn’t crush Melinda and then held out her hand to help Melinda rise out of the deep chair. As Melinda rose they realized as they stood there that they could wrap their arms around each other and just hold on, gently rocking to an inner song that no one else could hear or understand. Their pets watched knowingly as their humans hugged each other close, lost in the moment of being together, just loving each other.

Melinda was becoming impatient now that she remembered what she had planned for their evening. She released Em to pull her along to their bedroom and Em went along willingly, looking forward to relaxing in bed with her beautiful girlfriend. She didn’t bother to tie her robe shut.

In the bedroom they pulled each other into their arms by mutual consent and just held on as they rocked slightly before starting to kiss passionately, lovingly.

Melinda stripped the robe effortlessly from her girlfriend’s body, letting it fall to the floor in a heap.

Em helped Melinda strip off her tank top, her breasts were barely held in by the bra she wore that held up the twins beautifully, making them appear higher and larger than they were. As she went to peel Melinda’s shorts from her beautifully tanned and toned body she realized she was at just the right height to kiss Melinda’s other set of lips and she didn’t hesitate as she nuzzled between her girlfriends legs slightly, her tongue darting out to tease, just a taste out of her.

“Groannn” Melinda moaned as she looked down at the momentary sight and her lust was aroused. She tugged at Em’s shoulder, she wanted more as she pulled her back into her naked arms and wrapped them around her to kiss her passionately, deeply.

Em wasn’t done teasing and taunting her girlfriend into recklessness, she kissed her deeply and passionately in return before kissing along her jaw and down her shoulder. Her fingers lightly caressed her back with their tips, her nails brushing now and then.

Melinda reached to pull her closer if that was possible but Em was too quick and turned Melinda in her arms to plaster herself against Melinda’s back and buttocks. It left Melinda facing the mirror over their dresser and Em began to unhook Melinda’s bra to release her straining breasts. They both were mesmerized as they looked at the two fine specimen’s bobbing in the mirror, aching to be touched, to be loved. Em thought there should be a disclaimer in the mirror that said ‘objects in mirror are bigger than they appear’. Em wasn’t immune as she dropped the bra to the floor and reached for them. They both watched as her hands captured these proud orbs, squeezing and kneading them as she pressed her pussy against Melinda, rubbing it back and forth suggestively.

Melinda leaned back in ecstasy at the sensations that Em was generating, relishing the feelings she was provoking. Her one arm crept up to capture Em’s head to her, encouraging her to kiss and suck along her neck. They both watched as she did, watching Melinda’s eyes dilate in the mirror. Her arm like that forced her torso up farther into Em’s agile hands. The view in the mirror was like watching live porn, only better.

One of Em’s hands left her breast to begin caressing down her tummy but before she could reach the shaved V between Melinda’s legs, Melinda spun in her arms and said breathily “no, I have something else planned.”

Em was game as she smiled down at her lover and kissed her again, willing to do whatever she wanted.

Melinda took a step back and said “come to the bed” as she grabbed Em’s hand and pulled her suggestively towards the large bed.

Em wondered what she had in mind and was surprised when Melinda grabbed a night mask off the night stand and handed to her “will you wear this?”

Em smiled in anticipation “sure baby, anything you want.”

Melinda smiled in return, she wondered if Em realized how far ‘anything’ could go. Once the mask was in place Em waited patiently for whatever Melinda wanted reaching out when she sensed where her girlfriend’s lush body was but Melinda was adept at evading her questing hands. “Can you get on the bed, in the middle?” she asked and then helped her lover to get in the position that she envisioned.

Em was surprised to feel one of her hands imprisoned and a tie secured around her wrist. She felt Melinda reach over her and do the same with her other şişli escort hand. She guessed that Melinda was right above her and her face raised to bury herself accurately into Melinda’s overabundance of a bosom. She knew that Melinda indulged herself and enjoyed the sensation as she nuzzled and heard her lovers in drawn breath of appreciation. Melinda didn’t stay long though much to their mutual disappointment.

Melinda quickly pulled Em’s leg to the far corner and slipped the slip tie over her foot and pulled it tight to her ankle.

“What are you doing baby?” Em asked as she felt the satin ties. She wasn’t worried, she trusted Melinda implicitly but she was wondering what she had planned.

“Shhh” Melinda smiled as she reached and pulled the final tie around her girlfriend’s last ankle. Adjusting the ties and making sure her victim was comfortable she stood back for a moment to take in the view. Em was stretched out on the large bed with a limb pulled towards each corner of the bed. The mask meant she couldn’t see what Melinda intended to do to her, it also meant that she had to rely on her other senses to feel exactly what her partner was doing to her. Her naked body was stretched taunt but had she seriously struggled, Melinda would have immediately removed the ties. She didn’t want her panicking, she wanted her aroused by what she didn’t know was coming next. Already Melinda found herself aroused in anticipation of what she could do to her, the power was heady, she had absolute control over her lover’s beautiful body, for as long as she wanted it.

She was almost lost in her fantasies of what she could do when she realized that thinking about it and getting aroused by the thoughts weren’t nearly as good as doing and she climbed up next to Em on the bed and gently began caressing her exposed body. She could see the goose bumps that formed and smiled in satisfaction. She laid her own body next to Em’s to ‘warm’ it. She already felt overheated at her own arousal as she touched anywhere and everywhere. The air conditioning or maybe her touch was causing Em’s nipples to pucker up. She couldn’t resist their invitation and she leaned down to kiss each of them and then to slowly lick them and suck them into her warm mouth.

Em didn’t know what Melinda had in mind but she trusted her and the darkness of the mask made her anticipate she knew not what, as Melinda made no indication of what she would do to her. Melinda was in total control of their lovemaking and Em was certain she would make sure they were both satisfied in this love play that she had initiated. She could feel herself becoming aroused as she waited impatiently for whatever Melinda wanted to do to her, she was a willing victim to her girlfriends lusts.

Melinda began kissing up Em’s chest as she reached up with her body. She threw a leg over the prone body and slowly climbed on top of her lover’s body, her own crotch was already getting wet at the thoughts that had been running through her agile little mind. She kissed along Em’s neck as she made her way up to her mouth. The passion filled kiss was mind boggling. She enjoyed kissing her lover’s lush lips, her agile little tongue was heavenly and Em certainly knew how to use it adeptly. As Melinda remembered the countless times Em had used it on her to their mutual satisfaction she became even more excited. Her body was now completely on top of Em’s stretched out one and she began caressing down the body that was totally at her mercy giving it pleasure. She could tell that Em enjoyed the sensations as she moved slightly within the bonds that held her. She kissed along her jawline and her neck, sucking along the stretched and taunt neck as Em exposed more of it to her lips, tongue, and teeth. Melinda knew she was arousing her as she began to whimper deep in her throat, whining to the feel of what Melinda was causing in her, her breath catching, her chest rising and falling as her breath came deeper and faster in her arousal. It pleased her to know that she was causing all this without Em being able to do a thing.

The feel of Melinda’s body on Em’s was deeply satisfying. The warmth was welcome, her lush body she could only mentally picture with the mask across her eyes, but she had an active imagination and the reality FELT better, but the mental picture was oh so good! She could feel Melinda’s large breasts pressing against her own as she reached up to kiss her. They shared a passionate kiss or two before Melinda moved on to kiss along her neck, Em loved that and whimpered appreciatively. It felt so incredibly erotic as the lush body she enjoyed moved against her passionately. She desperately wanted to touch but the satin ties held her limbs immobile. She had never been a passive partner and this frustrated her and yet excited her.

Melinda began moving down her torso again kissing her way south. She stopped to pay homage to the puckered breasts that screamed out to be touched, to be fondled, to be sucked. Laving attention on these tight little orbs she sucked them into her mouth and licked deliciously across them one at a time. The cool air kept them puckered and wet as she moved on across Em’s stomach. The muscles there contracted at the touch of her lips and fingers as she caressed across it on her way south.

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