Fanny Shares Her Happiness

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This is a continuation of “Please Drive Me to San Diego” You may want to read Part 3 of that story before you read this.


Ed was much more then the answer to my prayers. I prayed to Jesus for a man who would treat me right, who would not just pump a few minutes and leave me. Jesus delivered Ed to me and I have never been this happy. Ed pays half my rent on my trailer. He drives down to see me on Friday night and stays until Sunday afternoon. While he is here we eat pizza, go out for take out breakfast and lunch and he loves me up with the most satisfying sex any woman could want. His kisses are fire, his touch lights up all my pleasure points, and his cock, his beautiful, hard, steady cock, reaches all the spots I need. He makes me feel like the most loved woman in San Diego even though I am best described as a super sized, big beautiful woman.

My friend at work, Maria, noticed how happy I am. We often each lunch together since we are both large ladies. Maria is not a big as I am, but she must weigh over 250 with a short frame of only 5’3″. Her boobies are not as large as mine, but not many woman are that big. I’d say she had a nice D-cup. She carries a lot of here weight in her hips with a nice round ass that Latin women seem to favor.

“Fanny, what is going on with you? You come in every Monday smiling and with glow that suggests that you had a satisfying weekend. Do you have a new boyfriend?”

“Yes Maria, I do have a new boyfriend. His name is Ed and he really likes me because of my size. He is very generous, paying half my rent just so we have a place to make love all weekend. And yes, we do make love all weekend.”

“Damn, I’m jealous. Its been so long since any man touched me that I forgot what it feels like. My last boyfriend, if you could call him that, was lousy in bed. Three or four pumps, a squirt and then he’s roll off and get beer from the kitchen. I showed him the door and he didn’t even get mad, he just left.”

“Maria, you are my best friend and I don’t like seeing you like this when I have more then enough loving to satisfy me. Would you like me to ask Ed if would like to go on a date with you? It does not seem fair that I get all his loving when you might like some too. Ed and I never talked about monogamy, I guess because he thought that no other man would want me and he’d be right about that. If you’d like I’ll ask him Friday night after our pizza and, well, you know. He’ll be in a good mood then and he might say yes. I’ll let you know next week, if you want me to ask him about it?”

“Fanny you are the best friend a large girl could have. What a generous offer, how could I turn it down. Do you have a picture you can show me?”

“No, but I can tell you that he’s about 5’9″ and 175. He has dreamy brown eyes and a beautiful smile. He is white and yes he has a big 8 inch cock, if you care about such things. He knows how to use it and his mouth and his hands satisfy me and no doubt would satisfy you too.”

I could hardly wait until Monday to let Maria know that my scheme worked and Ed agreed to a date. I told her at lunch and she was as excited as a high school girl looking forward Kartal escort to her first date.

“OK Maria calm down. Here is how it will work. You will meet Ed on Sunday early evening for pizza at a joint next to the Holiday Inn where Ed will have already checked in. If things are going well you will walk over to the hotel and enjoy each other’s company. If not, then you can just go home. In either event you have to tell me all the details after work Monday.”

“Fanny you are the best, most generous friend anyone could ask for, sharing your boyfriend with me and all I have to do is tell you all the juicy details. What should I wear?”

“Wear a tight top that shows your cleavage, tight slacks that show off your figure and your best underwear and everything will be fine. Ed will be at a back table so you can chat about your desires. I agree that Sunday cannot come soon enough.”

I had another wonderful weekend with Ed. We made love Friday night, Saturday morning and evening and yes on Sunday for brunch. Ed’s passion and tenderness took me to pleasure’s heights more times then I cared to count. My breasts were sore from being sucked and swinging from side to side as Ed fucked me from behind. I have learned to enjoy sucking Ed dry as I watch his face redden with delight. Who knew that swallowing his seed would taste so great. The only reason my puss wasn’t sore from his sucking and thrusting was that Ed got me so wet I was always well lubricated.

When Ed left for his date with Maria, I wondered if he had any desire for more sex. I made sure that he knew that I wanted him to please Maria and that I was not jealous if he pleased her as much as he pleased me. In fact I was thinking that Ed’s ability to please women who have not had any sexual loving for a long time might be a source of a little extra pin money for me. If setting up Maria worked out maybe I could set up other lonely women on dates and they might give me a little cash gift as a thank you note. There are older ladies I know at church who pray for a little companionship and I know that Jesus has made Ed the answer to my prayers. Perhaps He will set Ed up to answer other prayers too.

I met Maria after work at a bar near our office and we took a back table so we could talk freely; and Maria talked freely as a romance novel.

“Fanny you are the best friend a big girl could have. Sharing Ed is so generous I hardly know where to begin. So I guess I’ll just start at the beginning of the evening. I dressed as you suggested and even bought a new lacy bra and panties. I felt good-looking when I went in to the pizza place. When I closed the door Ed stood up and I got nervous, he is so adorable with a great smile and warm eyes. He walked up to me at the doorway and I took a peak at his bulge. I felt so naughty doing this but did it anyway. Ed reached out both hands and took my hands in his. He told me how much you had told him about me and that he was glad to see that I was better looking then he imagined.

“We went back to the table where the pizza and a pitcher of wine was waiting. We talked about him for a while and I asked him to tell me how Kurtköy Escort he met you. You never told me about the lezzie night you had before you met Ed. I’d eaten most of the pizza and had most of the wine while Ed told me the story. He reached across the table and took both my hands. He looked me in the eye and held my gaze when he said, “So Maria, tell me how you would like for me to touch you, how would you like for me to kiss you and how you imagined our lovemaking will satisfy you.”

“It felt like he was holding my heart in his hands. ‘Well Ed. I’d like you to touch me like my skin was velvet. I’d like you to kiss me like you mean it. As far as our lovemaking is concerned, I’d like to take the lead and have orgasms from your hands, your mouth on my puss and your dick inside me all before you ejaculate. We’ll figure out how that happens later. Does this answer your question?'”

“Ed stood up, tossed two 20’s on the table, took my hand and we walked to the neighboring Holiday Inn. In the elevator to the room Ed took my head in his hands and kissed me hard. I took him in my arms, holding him tight to me. ‘Was that what you meant by a meaningful kiss?’ ‘God yes.'”

“We got into the room and I went to powder my nose. Ed had already turned down the bed and was just in his shorts when I came out. He walked over to me and I was in his arms. His kiss was sweet, just touching my lips and his tongue darted out like a snake. Then his hand went to my head as he held me close for some very deep tonguing. It took my breath away. He sure understood what I meant by kissing like he meant it. I kissed him back like I meant it too. My panties were wet already and we just started.”

“I want to see more of you.” Ed said. “Please take off your top and pants. Look at you Maria. Your light brown skin and lovely smile. That bra really shows your breasts so that I want to hold them and so much more. What lovely panties you have. I did not know that panties came in two colors. Oh I see, you are wet already. Turn around please and look over your shoulder. God, that is so hot your ass and your gaze at me. Now it is time for me to touch you as you requested, like your skin is velvet.”

“My heart was pounding as I turned around. Ed’s hands were touching me lightly, teasing my breasts, my nipples were hard and he squeezed them. I got into bed and he got between my legs so he could stroke my thighs. He came closer and closer to my puss each time he stroked. Then he started to rub my belly and again came close to my puss. I raised my hips up and pulled off my panties. Ed took the hint and touched me. It was like electricity running on my clitty and much to my surprise I gasped and came from just his touch. ‘Damn, no one has every gotten that reaction from me so quickly. But we are just getting started. Lie down on your back. Its time for me take charge.”

“I told you he was wonderful. I guess he was hard as he lay on his back.” said Fanny.

“Yes he was and his cock is really attractive but I had other plans. I have always wanted to sit on a man’s face and have him suck on me until I came. I was never really comfortable asking Pendik Escort for this the few chances I had but I was not going to miss this chance. I straddled Ed’s waist and let my breasts hang down toward his head. I reached back and took off my bra so he could reach up and stroke me as he sucked on my nips.

“I moved up the bed and my wet puss left a trail on his chest. Ed reached up to my ass as I put my puss above his face. It was everything that I dreamed it would be. His tongue licked up and down my slit. He sucked my juices as I urged him on. I rocked back and forth on his mouth and tongue and felt my juices pouring out of me. As I got close to cumming I reached down and held his head in place. I hope that my scream of pleasure as I climaxed didn’t bother our neighbors cause I was loud. I let go of Ed’s head and heard him take a big breath like he was coming up for air. As I moved back down I saw that his face was wet from my juices so I went to the bathroom for a wet cloth. But God it was beautiful to see Ed’s smile.”

“I’ve seen that smile when he’s made me come so hard I shook all over. Was it like that?”

“Yeah it was just like that. After I washed his face Ed started to get up but I stopped him by kissing him. There is still one more thing I want to do. I am going to ride that beautiful dick of yours to one more climax. All you need to do is stay hard and I’ll do the rest. Remember that even though you have given me more pleasure I get to reach my satisfaction before you.”

“I reached back and Ed’s cock was hot and throbbing in my hand. Fanny, I wondered if he could not come when I took him inside me. Every other guy got there and that was that, but not Ed. I rode him until I could not ride any longer. I was really bouncing on him and the bed was shaking as I let out a final groan of pleasure. My thighs were shaking, my breasts were shaking and my brain seem to melt with pleasure. Fanny is Ed like that with you?”

“Yeah, he’s like that with me even more really. So how did you finish him, after all he deserved it.”

“After telling him that he was the best ever, I asked him what was his favorite way to come. He told me that it was a titty fuck. So Ed moved to the chair and I got down between his legs and wrapped his cock in my tits. I pushed them together and he humped between them. As he got close he asked me to open my mouth and I did. That was all it took for him to explode. Some of his stuff got into my mouth buy most ended up on my neck and tits. I went back to the bathroom for another wet cloth and by the time I came back Ed was dressed.”

“Maria, I had a wonderful time. You are a passionate woman and the right size for me. I’ll treasure our time together but we can only repeat it if Fanny says its OK. She means the world to me and I did this as a favor to her. I have to get back to my own place in Orange County so I can get to work tomorrow so let me walk you to your car and say goodnight.”

“I thought that Ed was a perfect gentleman and wasn’t slighted by his departure. That’s what happened Fanny and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well Maria, if you want another date with Ed I can arrange it and if you want to thank me a little note with some money for me to buy something nice to wear for Ed would sure be swell.”

“I would like another date and maybe I can send you that note. Thanks again Fanny you are a real friend.”

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