Fantasies of Katrina Ch. 02 Pt. 01

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I know I haven’t finished Chapter 1 part 2 yet, but bear with me. Writer’s Block I guess. If you have not read Fantasies of Katrina – Introduction, you might enjoy reading that prior to this story. This is another in a series of fantasies involving a co-worker.

Chapter 2 Part 1

Well I finally did it. I let Katrina know that I had been writing erotic fantasies based on her. It was as hard to get up the courage to show her the stories, as it was to judge her reaction to them.

One day when the Coffee House was slow, I brought them up on the website and let her read them. I don’t really think that she paid that much attention though. Either that or she was a graduate of a Speed Reading Course.

I was concerned for weeks, that I had really offended her, but she finally asked for the web address so she could look them up again. I don’t know if this was for her benefit, or to show someone else. I’m hoping that it was for her, personally. The following story is another fantasy, based on a simple moment in time where I wanted to act, but alas couldn’t.

Kat and I had worked very hard that day, and had finally got the place cleaned up. We were sitting at the coffee bar relaxing, having a cigarette, and fooling around on one of the many laptops that line the bar. The place offers Internet Access, on a time/fee based menu that is very popular with the Granola Heads that frequent there.

I was showing Kat some of the erotic literature website’s, as well as some of the alternative dating sites, letting her peruse some of the ads. I got emails from guy’s wanting to date me for weeks after that.

Kat was leaning on the bar, her arm stretched across it, and her head resting on her arm. She is dressed in her normal everyday casual kind of way. Kind of like my style of dress (Goodwill Meets Walmart). Bulky knit sweater, stretch pants, and tennies.

She was half looking at the screen, but occasionally looking up at my face when I was explaining something. When I would glance down into her face, I would swear that her eyes sparkled. Maybe I was tired, but it sure seemed like it.

She had stuck around much longer that night than normal. I didn’t want to see her in trouble, and I was beginning to get concerned that she would suffer the wrath when she got home. Then I remembered, she had told me her husband was out of town for several weeks. I decided to just relax and go with the flow.

Every time I would look down at her face, I would see the sparkle in her eyes, and the smile on her lips. I wanted nothing more than to taste them. To just bend my head down a few inches and meld my lips, and her lips.

I knew the instant our lips met, I would be in heaven. It would be one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced. Years, of pent up longing, being brought to reality is one simple movement.

I knew if it happened, it would send my senses into overload due to the erotic feeling of the moment, and trying to build up the courage in my own mind to go past that kiss.

Then it happened. I couldn’t stop it anymore than I could stop and oncoming locomotive, or an avalanche down the side of Everest.

I slowly inched toward her mouth, keeping my eyes transfixed on the stars dancing around in her eyes. Looking, searching, for the approval to go further, to allow our lips to finally touch.

Then just as I had written in my fantasy, she simply said “do it.”

I did.

A soft tentative kiss at first, the kind that friends give each other. Then a more insistent one. She then reached up and held my head, pressing our lips together in a deep soulful kiss, tongues dancing together.

Was this really happening, or was it a dream. At this point in my totally confused mind, I really didn’t know, but if it was a dream, I hoped I wouldn’t wake up soon.

A soft sigh from her breaks me out of my trance, and makes me realize this is no dream.

Here she is, the woman of my fantasies. Yes woman, no little girl, no Barbie, no fake boobs, no bullshit, just 100% pure, soft, real woman. Not a beauty queen or model, yet exuding an innocent, intense sexuality that none of those other plastic females could ever attain.

But what do I do now, what does she want, how do I ensure that I give her back as much as she’s given me, just by opening up? How do I let her know that my only purpose is to give her pleasure? That I’m not interested in just using her for my enjoyment. I want to use her for her enjoyment.

I break the kiss, and stare into her eyes. I slowly lower my mouth to her’s once more, and begin another deep kiss. Gently and Tenderly I move my hand down to the end of her sweater.

With all the courage I have, I begin to move it up underneath her bulky sweater, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin on her soft stomach. Until my hand meets with her bra covered breast.

God what a sensation, there is the large soft pillowy breasts that I long to fondle kiss and suck, separated only by the material of her şahinbey escort bra, no Victoria’s Secret here folks, this is the real thing. I would have it no other way, screw the pretty little flimsy, frilly, stuff, the same prize is still inside.

I move my hand over her breast, fondling it gently, searching out the nipple to tweak through the thick material. Ever vigilant waiting for the inevitable resistance or refusal. It doesn’t come. In it’s place a soft moan escapes into my mouth, as I continue the gentle exploration.

I start kissing and nibbling all over her face and neck and slowly move my hand down to the underside of her bra and gently dig my finger in underneath the under wire, to lift it and allow her breast to come free. Then it happens. She tenses, and I freeze. I have gone too far, I know it. It’s over.

She looks up at me. She is flushed, her breathing has become more ragged.

She says “Will we can’t do this here. Someone might see.”

She’s right, there’s a lot of traffic outside, and a lot of people still walking down the street. Even with the lights off, we could both be in a lot of trouble if anyone happened to pass by. Living in a relatively small town does have it’s drawbacks. Everyone know’s what everyone else is doing. What do I do, where can we go?

Then I remember. A relative of mine is out of town for several weeks. They live only a few houses down from the Coffee House, and left me the keys to check on things and feed their animals.

I say “Come on, I know where we can go, if you want to.”

Kat get’s up from her stool at the bar, puts her breasts back in her bra and says “Let’s hurry, before I have time to change my mind about this.”

I take her small hand in mine, walk out, and lock the place up. As soon as we are outside we assume the guise of friends again. Just walking down the street chatting, no touching. But you can feel the sexual heat and tension building. You can feel our aura’s touching.

When I reach the front door and dig out the key I say “Kat, are you sure you want this? I don’t want to do anything to hurt you., or you marriage..”

She replies insistently “Yes Will, I’m sure, I need it as much as you do.”

“OK, but you must understand. You do not have to do anything for me. I just want to give you pleasure. My satisfaction comes from satisfying you.”

As I open the door, thoughts are swirling through my head at a very rapid pace. My imagination is in hyper drive.

Imagining what her breasts will look like. Imagining what kind of panties she’s wearing, and what lies beneath those panties. Wondering if she is wet, how wet, and how wonderful she will taste.

But the imagination is intermingled with anxiety. What will happen when she finds out I want to lick her ass? Will she let me, or be disgusted. I’ve learned over time that many women think of this as disgusting and nasty, until they have it done. Then 99.9% think of it as delicious and naughty, and want more.

What will happen when she finds out I have a fetish for women’s pee. Not only watching them pee, but tasting their pee. This one is a little harder. If you can get a women to try it once, it’s a make or break situation. They are totally turned off, indifferent, or love it. The love it’s are few and far between.

So here I am, stuck between imagination and anxiety. Finally I just kick myself in the ass, and tell my self to go for it. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I unlock tthe door, open it politely for Kat to enter first. Glancing quickly to see if anyone is looking, I close the door and lock it behind us. There is a light on in the living room to give the appearance of someone being home.

Kat still shows no signs of stopping, just anxious anticipation. I take her hand in mine and we walk toward one of the several small bedrooms used for guests.

The moment of truth is at hand, the last opportunity to stop is now. We stand inches apart, both breathing with irregular breaths, both longing, both fearing what is to come, but needing it in the worst way.

I look at Kat’s face, her eyes still glisten. One last time I ask “Are you sure about this?”

In an obviously excited voice she simply answers “yes.”

All pretense is gone now, all resistance, all boundaries are a fading memory. I take her in my arms and hold her close, feeling the softness and warmth of her body, under the bulky clothing. I kiss her deeply and plant gentle kisses across her cheek moving to nibble at her neck where the collar of her sweater is.

For a moment I caress her breast through her sweater. Unable to stand the anticipation any longer, I move my hand down her sides, and grasping the bottom of her sweater, pull it up and over her head, depositing it on a nearby chair.

She in turn does the same to me, lifting my shirt and tossing it to the side.

I begin to fondle her breasts through her bra, as she starts trailing gentle kisses and nibble down my chest towards my nipples. When they find there mark, she begins to suck and nibble at my nipples causing my already hard erection to add to the puddle of pre seminal fluid already pooling in my underwear.

The sensation of what she is doing is far too intense, and I have an uncontrollable need to give her the same sensation.

With all the concentration I can muster, I quickly and as efficiently as possible locate and open the clasps for her bra. When she feels the sudden release, she tense.

“Oh crap, I’ve screwed up now.” I think to myself.

But Kat relaxes, steps back a step, and looks deep into my eyes. In her eyes I see a combination of the sparkle that was there, and a fire beginning to build.

Slowly, almost painfully, she lets the bra slither down her arms until it falls from her hands to the floor.

She is standing there looking at me, as if for approval, or fear that I would not like what I see. On the contrary. In front of me are two real woman’s breasts. Not the kind you see in porn mags, or on most of the internet sites. These are real. Soft, large, soft, slightly sagging and oh so succulent.

She steps back closer to me. I reach out and touch them, weigh them in my hands, relishing in them for the first time. I start kissing at the nape of Kat’s neck and work my way down. I kiss nibble and lick all over her breasts. From the tops to the sensitive, often ignored underside where they again meet with her body.

After coating them profusely in kisses and nibbles, I start working toward the nipples. I lick around and nibble the areola, just grazing the nipple. First one, then the other. I notice that Kat is squirming when I contact her nipples, and I’m hoping this is because she is getting very wet and very sensitive.

I start to concentrate on her nipples, first one and then the other, using alternating nibbling along with feather licking with my tongue . I continue to nibble her nipples a little harder each time, trying to gauge the level of pain versus pleasure. Through experience, I’ve learned in sensitive areas the difference between pain and pleasure is a very thin line.

As I do this I reach around with my hands and start to knead her wonderful full ass. God what a sensation. So firm, round and exciting.

Even though Kat has large breasts, she still has a relatively pear shaped figure. If you look at her from the rear, which luckily I get to do quite often, her body is narrow at the top. As you move down past her waist her body expands out into wide hips, and an ass that makes an ass man like me drool.

Kat is quietly moaning, and before I know what happens she has slide her hand down and has a firm grip on my cock, through my pants. She moans slightly when she realizes that she has grabbed hold of a large wet spot on the front of my jeans.

Kat says “I guess you weren’t lying in your stories about leaking a lot.”

“No, and it only gets worse, the more excited I get.” I reply.

That does it, I can wait no longer. I need to feel her warmth, and the wetness that her body has prepared just for me. Keeping one hand on that incredible ass, I slowly move the other one around one hip and in between Kat’s legs.

She parts them to allow me to massage her through her pants. I can feel the heat, and her wetness has already pervaded through her pants. The outside of the crotch of her stretch pants are soaked and know I have a treat in store.

As I begin to fondle her pussy through her pants, I can feel the softness that comes from the dense hair between her panties and her labia.

I move my mouth back to her’s in a deep passionate kiss. As I intensify my efforts a soft moan escapes into my mouth.

I remove my hand from her crotch, still using the other to knead and fondle her ass. With great urgency I search out the waist band of her stretch pants and slide my hand inside. With my anticipation building, I search out the tops of her panties, locate them, and begin the search for the exhilarating prize that awaits.

I find the elastic at the top of her panties and pull out on it, to allow me to inch my hand in. Kat is breathing heavy now in anticipation of the first touch of my hand to her moist private area.

As my hand begins to clear the elastic of the waistband of her panties, I am met with the feeling of dense hair covering her pubic region. Just as I had hoped for, fantasized about, and dreamed of. That hairy growth is now within my reach. I’m actually feeling it. My heart is racing.

As I slowly slide my hand further down, I am met with the first hint of Kat’s wonderful female scent. It rises up from where my hand has entered her pants and fills my nostrils, sending me into a dream world of imagination. To smell is to taste, and by the smell, I’m going to need hours of the taste.

As I push my hand further down, I stop kissing and stare into Kat’s eyes. The sparkle has turned to a glow, like embers burning in a campfire. The fire is lite, and it needs some immediate tending.

As I reach the juncture of Kat’s Vulva, she automatically spreads her legs a bit to allow me better access between them. My fingers contact a wetness that grows the further between her legs that I explore. She is saturated. Like me, she literally has a puddle in the crotch of her panties.

When I finally slide my fingers between the lips of her soft pussy, I am met with even more wetness that builds an intense need in me, that I have to fulfill.

I remove my hand from Kat’s pants. With both hands I hook my thumbs on either side her pants, and bending down on my knees, slide them down her thighs and calves, and allow her to step out of them. Needing to prolong my agony, I purposely leave her panties on.

As her pants separate from her panties they, they pull her panty crotch down slightly due to the wetness there. As this happens some of the pool of juice laying in her panties escapes down her inner thighs. Not one to miss an opportunity. I lick up her inner thighs, first one and then the other slowly climbing toward the wet, succulent goal waiting at the juncture where her legs meet. At the first contact of my tongue, and the first taste of her juice, I’m hooked. I have to have more, much more.

As I reach mid thigh I can smell the musky scent of Kat’s wet pussy beckoning me to taste it. It is heady and sweet and I long to savor it on my tongue. I keep working my way up her legs, trying my best to build her excitement to the level of my own. My tongue finally touches the wet material of Kat’s panties and I almost explode.

I spend a moment exploring my tongue in and out between her legs, taking advantage of any moisture that has seeped through the material. Enjoying the feeling on my tongue of the coarse hairs sticking out the crotch of her panties. Finally I can wait no longer.

“Kat please climb up on the bed.”

“How do you want me?” she asks.

“On all fours, I want to slowly pull your panties down and watch you beautiful ass slowly come into view, It would be so naughty and so exciting.”

With that Kat climbs up on the bed with all her charms pointed straight in front of my face. I am so excited I am shivering. I drop my pants beside the bed, and crawl up on the bed with her.

My underwear are literally soaked with a pool of precum from the torturously slow way that I have made things go. So I quickly discard them. My cock is drooling precum with every new sensation,and it runs out the end and down on my legs.

I gently start to kiss along the elastic at the back side of Kat’s panties. From one side to the other. When I reach the other side, I gently inch them down just enough to allow me to kiss another area that has not been covered yet.

I continue this same game until the crack of Kat’s bountiful round ass starts to peak out from underneath her panties. At the top of the crack are little wisps of hair that excite me even more, as if I needed any further excitement at this point.

When this occurs I modify my kisses to allow my tongue to teasingly slide down inside the crack as I work my way across. Further and further I slide her panties, and more and more of her incredible globes are displayed. I start to spend longer and longer periods in the center, as the crevice becomes deeper and deeper. I begin to pay more and more attention to covering it with my tongue. Enjoying the spicy sweet aroma and taste, and the feel of the coarse hairs against my tongue.

Finally all of her bottom and part of her luscious pussy come into view. It is wet, very wet, and I long to clean every drop of moisture from it.

As I slide her panties down her thighs and off her legs, the intense wetness causes strings of juice from her pussy to her panties. I’m in Heaven. My cock is rock hard.

I pause a moment, hold her panties to my face, and the intense aroma rising from them. . I notice Kat looking back at me as I breath in the scent left in her panties. Making sure than she can see me clearly, I dip my tongue into the pool of juice in her panties. I scoop up as much as I can, swirl it around on my tongue and swallow it. Kat smiles a lusty knowing smile.

I go back to work on her beautiful round bottom, covering it in kisses, licking nibbling and sucking working toward the rosebud that lurks within the hair in the canyon between her globes.

I am in dangerous territory here, I don’t know if she will accept this, but I need to feel and taste the texture and flavor emanating from that area.

I work slowly, methodically, insistently. Circling, nibbling, licking, until my tongue makes contact with her rosebud. It is spicy sweet, and the smells coming from my nose buried in her crevice is making my cock leak profusely. It drools down on my leg in clear strands. This mixed with the smell rising from the soaking wet pussy below is causing my heart to almost skip beats.

I start to gently probe her rosebud with my tongue. I say “Kat is this ok?”

She says “I don’t know, I’ve never had anybody do that. I’m not into to anal sex, but I guess I can give your tongue a try if you really want to.”

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