Fantasy Cum True Ch. 3

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I couldn’t believe it! You enter the room with my wife, Michelle, she looks at me laying on the bed, my hard cock standing in the air and smiles! I stammer to say something, but nothing comes out.

You smile and wink at me, and turn toward her. At 5-1″ she only comes up to your chest. You slide her coat down off her shoulders and I’m surprised to see she’s naked. Her perky little 34a breasts are heaving as she breathes heavily as you move your mouth to her nipples. She pulls your head to her and you begin to lick her nipples. I haven’t seen them so hard in years! She moans and her hips start to rock. All I can do is stare – not sure how to respond or what to say.

After a few minutes she pushes your head away and motions to me. Silently you both walk over to me and you produce some long, silk handkerchiefs. Smiling at me, the two of you start to tie my hands and feet to the bed, so I’m spread-eagled and at your mercy. Then to my surprise you have one Fatih Escort silk scarf left, which is silently slipped around my eyes.

I listen to see what happens next. My cock is ready to burst, when I feel your tongue on my ear. Then I feel another tongue on my other ear, and the two of you kiss your way to my open and gasping mouth. Our tongues meet, and I strain at the binds that hold me to the bed. Then, as quickly as it started, I feel nothing. The bed moves, and I feel hands sliding over my chest, nipples stomach and around to my balls. It feels like there are hands and fingers all over me! Then, what I’ve been waiting for! I feel two tongues meet on the tip of my cock. You start to play with my wife’s tongue, with my hard cock between you. I’m amazed, because she never liked to give head, and her she is licking my cock like a Popsicle that the two of you share. The feeling is incredible! I arch my back, trying to get one of you to take Fatih Escort Bayan my cock in your mouth. My wish is granted as I feel one mouth slide down over my cock. Precut is practically flowing from me as I moan loudly.

Then, I feel my hands untied and my face is straddled as my blowjob continues. A dripping wet pussy is lowered to my mouth, and I start to lick her with abandon. My hands slide up her back and around to her breasts. I can’t take much more, and cry out as cum explodes into your mouth! You keep sucking and licking my cock and balls as I cum more than I have ever cum before. I’m still licking my wife’s pussy, when you move up and press your lips to hers. She cry’s out and cums out in waves over my face. You untie my legs, and we collapse on the bed, all breathing heavily.

Finally, I look into Michelle’s eyes and ask “how?”

Don’t be so surprised, she says. We planned this for sometime. I discovered your Escort Fatih little e-mail account long ago, and have been talking to Hung, here about how we could finally get together. I’ve wanted to see you with another man, and have finally gotten my wish. However, there’s one more thing I need to see?

What’s that? I reply? She smiles at you, and pulls me on top of her. Our tongues meet, and I can still taste my cum in her mouth. As we’re kissing, I lose track of you – until I feel your hard cock pressing against my ass. Not sure I wanted to go this far, I start to protest. “Shhhh,” Michele says, “let me see you get fucked by his beautiful cock.” She moves off of me and positions my ass in the air. You lube up, and press your cock to my ass. I resist at first, but slowly, you push more and more of your hard cock into me. We start to build a rhythm and I’m surprised to find my cock getting very hard again. Michelle is smiling as she sits back and watches me get fucked. You moan loudly as you keep fucking me, faster and faster. Then I feel hot cum fill my ass, and you pull off and erupt over my back and ass.

I guess it’s time for that shower, I say. I can’t help but smile, as I anticipate rest of the night will bring!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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