Fantasy date (part 2)

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I called Kim later that morning, and we agreed to meet at her house that night. When I got there later that evening, she greeted me at the door wearing a long robe. I couldn’t tell what was underneath. She invited me in and poured us a drick. We sat on the couch and kissed and made small talk, and she suggested we retreat to the bedroom, that she had something special planned for me.

I lay down on the bed and she went into the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, she was wearing a silky red teddy. Her long dark blond hair was pulled up sexily, her eyes sparkled. She came over to the bed and kissed me gently on the lips, and started unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my flesh as it was slowly exposed. She worked her way down my body, kissing and nibbling, and when I was completely nude, she worked her way back up again. Kim was also getting very aroused, because I felt her nipple as she glided across my body. And more than once I felt her hard cock press against me. When she finally reached my lips, we kissed hard and passionate. She let her body melt onto mine, our cocks rubbing, throbbing agaonst each other. Kim them raised up and started kissing her way down my neck, across my chest briefly catching each nipple in her mouth, giving them a quick lick, before continuing towards my raging cock. She gently kissed the tip, extending gaziantep escort kızlar her toungle out to flick it, teasing it, before gently letting it glide between her lips. She took me deeply into her mouth, and when she had me completely in her mouth, she sped up her pace, deep-throating me for all she was worth. I was in heaven, her skilled my was causing my semen to build quickly to the point of explossion. And when I could hold back no more, I shot squirt after glorious squirt of my juices into her mouth, deep into her throat, where she happily swallowed all I had to offer.

After allowing me to rest a few minutes, Kim had me roll over, and grabbed some massage oil. She began massaging my neck, shoulders, and back, working her way down, commenting that my muscles had not yet relaxed after my strong climax. She continued her massage, paying particular attention to my buttchecks and ass-hole. She worked her way down my legs and back up again. When she reached my neck again, she adjusted herself so she was laying on top of me. Her 36C breasts were firmly pressed against my back, and her throbbing 6″ cock was resting in the crack of was ass, doing its part to massage me each time it throbbed. We lay like that for a while, savouring the moment, Kim kissing the back of my neck. She asked How ererything felt, but all I could do was moan my approval.

Kim slowly began a slight rocking motion, her cock riding a little lower each time, searching for my anal opening. The tip of her cock found what it was looking for, and she gently started applying pressure, not wanting any pain to ruin the moment. When my muscles relaxed enough, her cockhead slipped inside easily. She began to work more of the shaft into me, letting me adjust to its size. When she was satisfied that I was adjusted, she pulled me up to my hands and knees, and started fucking me with a steady rythym. She would pull back until just the head of her cock was inside me, and thrust back in. Each stroke was at just the right angle to massage my prostate, sending waves of ecstasy through me. Kim reach around and started fondling my cock, stroking it in time with her thrusts. All of this was rapidly producing another climax within me , and soon I exploded. Cum went everywhere, Kim hand, my belly, the sheets, were all drenched with cum. And my anal contractions caused Kim climax, her cock throbbing within me, sending jet after jet of her cum exploding into my bowels. Neither of us could hold ourselves up anylonger, and we collapsed onto the bed, her cock still embedded within me, ooziing the last of its load inside me.

We lay like that for what seamed like forever, until Kim’s cock began to soften, and slip from its new home. Her juices followed, running down my ass crack and puddling on the sheets beneath us. We soon got up an changed the sheets, and retreated to the bathroom for a shower. I kissed Kim passoinately on the lips, our wet bodies rubbing together. I began to fondle Kim’s breast’s, bending to take one between my lips, sucking, biting gently on in. My right hand made it’s way down to her cock, which was already on the rise. I stroked it gently until it was throbbing hard. I grabbed some soap and washed it good, then rinsing it and massaging it between my hands. I pushed Kim agaist the wall of the shower, and bent down to take her into my mouth. I licked and sucked her cock deep into my throat. I reached both hands up and took a breast into each one, paying special attention to the nipples, pinching and pulling, all the while continuing my assault on her cock. Kim started to moan, signaling she was getting close. I continued to suck and fondle her, until at last she erupted into my mouth. I swallowed greedily, not wanting to miss a drop. When to flow slowed, I swirled her cock in my mouth, savouring the taste of her cum, until she was finished.

We completed our shower, and toweled each other off. Kim fixed us another drink, and we went to bed, snuggled tight in each others arms, each of us knowing we were in for a long, beautiful relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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