Fantasy Fulfilled

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For three days I had been so stressed out, I was afraid I’d blow a gasket. Well, I hoped to blow something soon, anyway. Less than seventy-two hours before I had taken the plunge and went to a gay bar with all intentions of fulfilling my biggest fantasy. Being straight all my life, yet recently questioning my own sexual preferences, I somehow got up the nerve and gave blow jobs to not one, but two well hung studs.

With a little liquid courage loosening me up, I had come on to Rick, a gorgeous hunk who must be about twenty years my junior. I went down on him like a cheap slut and devoured him till he coated my tonsils with the finest protein cocktail one could imagine. A little while later, I did the same with a handsome bartender who turned out to be his flatmate.

Rick and I made plans to meet on his day off, and although the thought of it excited me beyond belief, I still couldn’t figure out why he would want to get it on with me, someone much older than himself.

I am in pretty good shape for my age and try to stay fit, yet this guy could probably have anyone that he wanted. As it is, he has a beautiful flatmate, Ken. With this in mind, I kept asking myself why he would be interested in me.

Perhaps he was fascinated by the fact that I was a virgin, never being with a man before. Maybe he was being truthful when he said I gave him one of his best blow jobs ever, and that on my first attempt so I should only get better. Or did he just like the slutty way I just gave myself to him?

Also, I wondered what was going on with him and Ken? Did Rick just want to make him jealous? Or, was I going to be a shared toy for the both of them? I worried what he was thinking, but hoped the last thought was the closest to the reality of the situation.

These thoughts worried me constantly. I should have just been happy for my own good fortune, but my insecurity was getting the better of me all week long till the time finally came to meet.

So, the day before, being excited and not being able to think of anything else, I rode to Rick’s neighborhood to find his building. I didn’t want to mess up and get lost on my big day. All day and night I fasted, not eating any solid food. I wanted to make sure my digestive track was totally empty and sparkling fresh. I trimmed the hair on my balls and rosebud, and when bedtime came, I retired with wild thoughts keeping me awake till early in the morning.

Our meeting was set for noon, but I was up and around at eight a.m. I shaved, showered, and laid out the clothes I decided to wear. Rick had told me to come with my butt plug in place, but Başakşehir Escort I didn’t want to wear it till the last minute. So, I was naked till about eleven, then meticulously started getting myself ready. I put new batteries in the butt plug, oiled myself up with some new silicone gel, inserted it, put on some spandex shorts, got dressed and grabbed a cab to Rick’s flat.

When I got there, I pressed the button for his flat-1805 on the top floor, and he buzzed me in. On the way up in the elevator I turned on the plug and the sensations were making me dance the whole way up. Rick met me at his door in a yukata, a Japanese kimono style robe, and invited me in. He had opened a bottle of chablis and we had a glass after he proposed a toast to happy endings.

After a second glass of wine and some more small talk, all my worries evaporated as Rick seemed really sincere in his interest in me. He told me how much he was looking forward to taking my virginity. God, that turned me on so much I had to touch him and devour him. I reached into his robe and he was rock hard! In a second I was on my knees, any idea of going slow were forgotten.

We were still in the living room,with me rubbing and squeezing his cock when I asked him about Ken, since I presumed he wasn’t around. Rick said for me not to worry, he’d be gone for a while. That was fine with me as I was already caressing his cock and all I was thinking about was tasting him again. I undid his robe sash and the robe slipped off his body while at the same time he was unbuckling my pants and helping me kick them off. In no time flat, Rick was totally naked and I only had my shorts on, which was keeping my butt plug firmly in place.

Just as I was about to ram his shaft down my throat , Rick pulled me up, and amazingly lifted me up off the floor. I am sure I am heavier than him by ten or fifteen pounds, but when he easily lifted me, I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to the next room where there was one very large bed. As I held him tightly, we fell as one onto the mattress. Then, with me on my back and my legs still wrapped around him, he thrust his tongue down my throat and gave me one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had!

I felt like a little girl that was about to be taken for the first time. This was beyond heaven! But I had to have his cock, one way or another, so I cupped his ass with my hands and eased him up my chest till his staff was right at my mouth, glistening with pre-cum.

I started to lick and suck Rick. I nibbled up and down the side of his shaft with soft love bites. Slowly at first, but soon I was doing it with inspired abandon. With a pillow under Başakşehir Escort my head I had a great angle to service him, and could have gone on continuously, but he had other ideas. He flipped around, preparing for a sixty-nine position just as I reached up and rammed my tongue into his ass. That was another first for me, that I did without even thinking. I started rimming him and sticking my tongue in and out of his hole as Rick groaned and met my jabbings with his lovely ass smothering me. Meanwhile he was struggling to get my shorts off till I lifted my hips off the bed to help him along. With that, Rick swallowed me just as I put his cock back in my mouth.

What a sensation! I had hardly ever thought of this, but I pretty much decided I was a bottom, and meant to do all the servicing. I thought my mouth and ass getting rammed were all I needed. But, here was Rick, sucking my dick and it was sending sensations throughout my body. This was so beautiful, especially with his nut sack resting on my nose and forehead as we got into a steady in and out rhythm. This went on for five or ten minutes, maybe more, and the steady flow of his salty pre-cum was a super turn-on.

Meanwhile, Rick had pulled the butt plug out of me and rammed a couple of fingers in my ass, massaging my prostate like someone who knew what he was doing from long experience. I knew what was coming, and not a moment too soon! If he kept sucking me, I would shoot my load, and I didn’t want that to happen just yet.

So, when Rick started to change position, I knew I was ready. Finally, it was time! He rolled me onto my stomach, then pulled me up to a kneeling position with my ass sticking out, ready for the taking. I was so excited with anticipation that I was smiling! Bracing, yet completely ready, my wait was now over. I was finally going to be fucked!

But then he really surprised me with his next move. He rammed his tongue into my ass and started eating me, passionately, like a true lover. I screamed out in animal pleasure, “Oh god, oh god! Fuck me, Rick! Fuck me.”

Rick spread my ass cheeks and proceeded to pound my ass with his tongue, as he shoved it in and out. I was moaning, screaming, bucking like a bronco, and almost crying from pleasure! Finally, I had to beg him, “Rick, I need you….please fuck me!…. Fuck me, please!”

I wanted it so bad I was begging for it. This man was a great lover! I could tell. He wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please him. Finally he slowly eased his cock in my ass and I groaned with utmost pleasure as I pushed back to meet his thrust. My first cock, and not a bit of discomfort, just ecstasy!

Rick is about Escort Başakşehir eight inches and thick, and after only a few thrusts I felt his balls slapping mine. When he saw that I was really enjoying it, he sped up the pace and started to pound me, faster and faster. I held on to the headboard and pushed back to meet his thrusts as best as I could. I yelled, “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!” And I repeated it again and again. The world was all hazy now. It was like I was floating in space, without a care in the world, tethered to reality by a giant cock that was not only in me, but a part of me.

While thrusting away from behind, the only thing missing was being able to look at my lover, so after awhile I said, “Rick, darling, fuck me like a girl. Fuck me on my back.” Then, without missing a beat, he flipped me over while I grabbed a pillow and put it under my ass for elevation. Spreading my legs as wide as possible, I pulled my man deeper into me, while I held him firmly by his ass cheeks. I then wrapped my legs around his torso and bounced up to meet thrust after fantastic thrust. I didn’t want this to ever stop, yet, I wanted Rick to have his greatest orgasm ever.

After several more wonderful minutes, he had to be close, I could tell. Should I let him finish inside me, or take it down my throat? We had never discussed this, but in the heat of passion, I knew what I had to do. I dug my nails into his ass as I squeezed my sphincter, and kept meeting his thrusts as fast as I could, as I yelled, “I’m coming, baby! Come with me! Come inside me! Fuck me,oh,fuck me!”

Rick seemed to pull out a reserve of energy, somehow going even deeper, bottoming out as he yelled, “Yes,yes, I’m coming.” He drove his tongue deep into my mouth as I felt his dick spasm again and again into my ass.

I screamed! It was pure joy.He kept pounding me and I was holding him as tight as I could, begging him not to stip. After a moment, he pulled back slightly and grabbed my cock, which was all I needed. It exploded! Spasm after glorious spasm shot out all over my belly and chest and my sphincter held him tightly as we kissed passionately and collapsed into each other’s arms.

As his seed was filling my ass, tears were streaming out of my eyes. But I was in ecstasy . Tears of joy they were. My first true fuck and it exceeded all my expectations. This was perfection that I never wanted to end. Not a bit of guilt entered my mind. I felt like a whore and loved the feeling. I wanted to be Rick’s whore and let him use me as much as he wanted. It was the happiest day of my life!

After several more blissful moments we changed positions with Rick still deep in my ass but now from behind. He wrapped his arms around me and we drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted and totally satiated. I don’t know how long we slept, maybe an hour or two, but a while later we were awaken from the sound of the front door when Ken came back. I then realized that my day was far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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