Farm Girl’s Fun

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This is the second story I have written on Literotica. It was fun to write and I hope you enjoy it. Whether you do or not, please let me know by voting and leaving either a public comment or an email to me.

Naomi was horny again, a frequently recurring condition with her. Her mother and father, when they caught her masturbating a few years earlier, had tried to “beat the devil out of her”. In this endeavor, they used his leather belt and her heaviest wooden kitchen spoon. They believed they had succeeded, because they never caught her again, and neither heard her, nor saw any indication on her bed sheets that she was committing the same mortal sin. As founders and pastor and assistant pastor of the Unreformed Fundamental Evangelical Christian Church of our Beloved Savior, her parents knew sin when they saw it, heard it, smelled it, or detected it in any other way. They knew how to punish sinners too, so Naomi was careful to never get caught again.

Being 18, she was already old enough to get married but her parents had forbidden her to even talk to any boys or men except those who attended the church they ran. Not wanting to risk another whipping, she obeyed them as much as she had to. The men she met in church were all married and old enough to be her grandfather. The boys there were barely in their teens, and probably none of them would have been interested in her anyhow, considering lust to be a major sin.

She might have sneaked around with some of the local high school boys, but she always looked and acted too straight-laced to arouse much interest in them. Besides that, she lived well outside of town on a farm and a drive to her home was not worth risking her father’s wrath, especially because they considered her to be so unattractive. Naomi was actually quite pretty, with long brown hair, blue eyes and a creamy complexion. She had a great figure too, but her parents kept her from wearing makeup or tight-fitting or revealing clothing or doing anything else that might possibly show off her body. They were fearful she might incite lust in masculine hearts.

Lacking the more conventional sexual outlets and afraid to masturbate in her bedroom, Naomi had devised a clever scheme, and that day she put it into action again. “Mother, I’m going out to the barn to pray. I feel the need to thank the good lord again for all he has seen fit to do for me,” she told her mother.

“Bless you, my dear. Praise the Lord for giving me such a good and devout daughter. I’m so glad you’re not like some of the hussies you see nowadays.”

She had convinced her parents that the barn was an ideal place for her to pray, with its peace and tranquility and where she would be surrounded by God’s humbler creatures. To convince them of her devoutness, Naomi always took her bible or prayer book with her, but she also concealed in her dress a carrot or ear of corn or similar shaped item of produce. She didn’t dare risk another beating by being caught with a dildo, or anything that even looked like one, so she had to make do with what was available. Naomi was so horny, anything long and thick enough would have gotten her off.

On this day, she had selected the largest zucchini from the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. It was held under her voluminous dress by the elastic waistband of the half-slip that her parents insisted she wear, and she held her prayer book against it to make sure it didn’t fall out. Using her other hand Naomi climbed the ladder onto the hayloft, and made her way over to where she had left a ragged old quilt after salvaging it from the trash. If anybody had seen it and asked, she would have told them she liked to lie there and commune with God. Actually, it was to protect the bare skin of her most private places from the coarse hay.

She sat down on the quilt, unbuttoned her long, shapeless dress and pulled her shoulders and arms free of its confinement. Next, Naomi reached behind her back to unhook the industrial strength bra that her parents made her wear. It was much too small for her, so it flattened her breasts and held them rigidly in place, thereby helping to prevent them from moving and inciting any sexual desire in anybody who might see her. With a sigh of relief, she removed the constricting garment, releasing the lovely treasures it had been concealing. None of the boys she knew in high school had any idea she had such large and beautiful breasts, which made Naomi sad. She fervently wished it had been a handsome and studly boyfriend removing her bra and caressing her, and giving her Bahçelievler escort the sexual pleasure she needed, rather than her having to do it with a zucchini.

Leaning back on the quilt, naked above the waist and with her the dress down around her waist, Naomi removed her makeshift toy from its place of concealment and put it to one side. She set her feet flat and raised her ass so she could push her dress down around her shapely hips and all the way off, followed by slowly caressing her belly and the sides of her body. The dress material was coarse and the soft quilt would feel much better against her bare skin. Besides that, she liked to be completely naked when masturbating, for it seemed likely that was the way normal people fucked.

She took off her shoes and peeled down her long, heavy cotton stockings, wiggling her toes when they were free. The half slip was the next thing to go. Her parents made her wear it so she would be “decent” and no panty lines would be visible under her outer clothing. As always, they were worried about lust being incited. Naomi never wore anything but dresses, and they were always so long and loose that no shape of any kind could be seen under them, especially not her figure.

Her panties were pink and voluminous, looking like something from a comic strip, and Naomi would be glad to get them off as well. Before removing them, she squeezed her hands under the waistband to caress the areas they covered, starting with her pussy and continuing around her hips to her ass cheeks, especially the ultra-soft skin on the inside. These places were the softest and most sensitive parts of her body and she loved the feel of the smooth skin and pubic hair against her hands and, even more, she loved the feeling of her body being caressed, even if by her own fingers.

Although she was having fun petting herself, and it was having the desired effect of increasing her arousal, she knew there were other things to do that would be even better. After running her hands all over her lovely ass for a last time, Naomi pulled the panties off. She kept them close at hand, though, rolled into a tight cylinder, because she knew they would be needed later. Completely naked, she lay back again, spread-eagled and luxuriating in the erotic feel of her hot, bare skin against the soft, smooth texture of the old quilt.

Still lying down, Naomi cupped one breast in either hand. Everything she knew about masturbation had been learned through experimentation, and one of those things was how her mouth and her nipples could pleasure each other. Turning her head toward one of the luscious globes, she raised it enough to take the nipple between her lips. Naomi sucked briefly, relishing the way the pink nubbin started to stiffen in her mouth, and traced the areola with her tongue. The pebbly texture felt wonderful and when she resumed licking her nipple, which had become fully erect, the many hard, tiny ridges gave her an even more delightful sensation.

Naomi moved her face back and forth between her breasts, giving both of them the same treatment until she felt her body seem to establish a connection between them and her clit. She didn’t know it was her clit, of course, because nobody had ever told her. Her “hot spot” was what she called it because, after she had rubbed it for a while, she would feel a warm burst of pleasure. Although not familiar with words like “orgasm” or “come” or “climax”, when used in a sexual way, Naomi knew what sensation she wanted to feel and what she could do to bring it about. Rubbing her fingers on her hot spot used to be enough but now she would combine that with thrusting the zucchini in and out of what she called her “fun hole”. The burst of pleasure was many times greater when she combined the two actions, and the zucchini or other toy would give her a tremendous amount of fun for the entire time she was using it.

Once the connection was made and Naomi could feel moisture collecting in her fun hole, she reached down with her hand and started massaging around where her hot spot was starting to emerge from the folds of skin that protected it. “Mmmm,” she murmured softly as she felt pleasure start to build up inside her body. Her mother didn’t expect her back for an hour, so she decided to take her time and get as much satisfaction as she could.

Naomi’s clit was very sensitive so she put her index finger and middle finger on either side of it and gently squeezed them together so it was between two of the protective folds. Resting the Bahçeşehir escort bayan heel of her hand on her mons, she started moving her fingers slowly up and down, feeling more pleasure rippling through her body. As the good feelings increased, her lower body began squirming and her pussy began slowly moving up and down.

The connection between her clit and her nipples was still active, and it became stronger after Naomi started fondling a breast with her other hand. Gently, she squeezed the nipple between her fingers the way she was doing with her clit. Its twin seemed to be calling for attention, so she moved her hand over there to apply the same kind of gentle massage. For several minutes, while her left hand stimulated her hot spot, her other hand alternated between her nipples, sometimes rolling one between her fingers, sometimes tweaking gently, and sometimes raising a breast to be licked.

More slippery juices had collected in her fun hole so she knew it was time for the best part of all. Naomi picked up the zucchini and held it in her right hand, looking at it. She believed that boys must have something like it that they would put into a girl’s fun hole, but she didn’t know just what it might be, although she hoped to find out sometime. Perhaps it would have been included in the “Sex Ed.” Class her parents told her was wicked and sinful and had not allowed her to take.

Holding to the bulbous end of the vegetable, Naomi prepared to slip the stem end through the wet entrance to her fun hole. She had tried both ends, and it worked better this way. The narrower end would slide in more easily and the clover shaped fragment of the stem would stimulate the very sensitive areas inside her. Briefly, Naomi released the folds of skin around her clit and reached down between her legs to spread her inner pussy lips. She pressed her makeshift toy against her very wet hole, moved it around to cover the end with the juices that were there, and gave a firm push.

“Oooo,” Naomi sighed happily as about an inch of the zucchini popped into her fun hole, stretching the very tight opening and sending intense pleasure radiating through her body. She murmured even more happily as another inch eased into where nothing but fruit and vegetables and her fingers had ever been.

The first time she had done this, it had been with a carrot. Just as she thrust the narrow end into her fun hole, she had felt a sudden sharp pain and noticed a bit of blood. This had worried her for a few seconds but the incredible pleasure swirling out from the path of the carrot had quickly overwhelmed the pain. The blood was inconsequential, no more than would have been produced by a small cut on her finger and she disregarded it. Nothing of the sort ever happened again, and she put the incident out of her mind.

Before she went any further, Naomi picked up her rolled panties and stuffed them into her mouth. She didn’t much like the taste, and there was nothing erotic about biting her own underwear, but she wanted to avoid giving herself away if she got too vocal. After her second masturbation session in the barn, her father had met her at the back door, hugged her, and told her how he was overjoyed to have a daughter like her, who was so devoted to The Lord.

Naomi hadn’t known what to say about that, but her father had continued: “Even here in the kitchen, I could hear you out there in the barn, calling out the name of Our Dear Lord God. I’m so glad you are following in the footsteps of your mother and me. Other girls around here could certainly benefit from your example.”

She did not, of course, correct his misassumption, but ever since then, she has used her panties or something else to stifle her sounds of pleasure. She got away with it once; she didn’t want to risk getting caught.

With her potential cries of joy safely muffled, Naomi gave the zucchini another push and a little more of its length squeezed into her pussy. The fingers of her left hand returned to massaging her hot spot the same way, while her other hand twisted the vegetable back and forth inside her tight pussy. With every movement, waves of pleasure coursed through her body, and more of her juices spurted inside her pussy. She moaned silently and thrust another inch of the zucchini into her even more slippery fun hole.

It was in deep enough for her to start fucking herself with it, although she never would have used such words. What she decided was to start moving the zucchini in and out of her fun hole, Escort Bakırköy pushing it in deeper with each stroke. While the fingers of her left hand continued massaging her hot spot, Naomi slowly drew her makeshift dildo out of herself, paused a second, and thrust it back in. She was lubricating so heavily that some of the juices splashed out, and the vegetable plunged an inch deeper into the hole it was pleasuring. A tremendous wave of delight, the best one yet, poured through her body and Naomi was glad her cries of joy were inaudible.

Over and over, Naomi stroked the zucchini into her fun hole, taking it deeper every time, until it was in as far as it would go. She left it like that for a few seconds, reveling in the waves of incredible pleasure that reverberated through her body. The ones that radiated out from the stretched opening were the best, but there were a multitude of others, almost as good, emanating from the tight channel that was stuffed so full. After the waves subsided to a steady throb, she drew the vegetable back out and drove it all the way in again. Bliss, the likes of which she once would not have thought possible, rolled through her body, and once again, she was happy about her foresight in stuffing the panties into her mouth.

Over and over, Naomi drove the zucchini into her pussy, feeling her pleasure building slowly, the way it always did when she masturbated. Her clit was undergoing changes too, also a normal process. She removed her fingers from her hot spot and looked down her body to see how it was emerging from its protective cover. The folds of flesh around her fun hole were changing too, swelling and becoming darker and even more sensitive. As her fingers brushed against them with every stroke, she could feel pleasure rippling through her body from the contact.

Naomi changed the positioning of her fingers on her hot spot, spreading them farther apart to accommodate its swelling. She kept driving the zucchini in and out of her pussy, synchronizing her thrusts with the squeezing of her clit. It had been the largest vegetable available, and she was glad she chose it. The big zucchini was going in deeper and spreading the entrance to her fun hole even more than she was used to, giving her an even better time than she usually got.

She was reacting in other ways too. The incredible pleasure flooding all through her body was causing her to writhe on the quilt and she could feel herself reflexively thrusting her fun hole upward to meet the strokes with the zucchini. The impromptu gag in her mouth was muffling what she knew would have been loud cries of joy, probably audible to every ear on the farm.

The reactions were all her normal ones, except for being stronger than usual, due to her using a bigger toy than she sometimes die. Naomi thought briefly about leaving the zucchini under the quilt for future use, but knew immediately that would not be feasible. Her mother kept a mental inventory of everything in the refrigerator and would know if something suddenly disappeared. It would be safer to return the vegetable to the kitchen and select it or something else to use the next time she came to the hayloft.

Even as those stray thoughts passed through her mind, Naomi could feel her pleasure mounting toward the strong burst of pleasure she craved. Faster and faster she drove the zucchini into her pussy while she fucked up to meet it, the fingers on her clit keeping pace. Her whole body was in motion, her head tossing back and forth while she thrashed about on the quilt. Suddenly, and as she wanted and expected, her body exploded with a tidal wave of incredible pleasure.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, my God!” Naomi cried out soundlessly as she was inundated with bliss. The feeling stayed with her and she kept it going by continuing to do the things that had brought it about. Even though she had little control over what the rest of her body was doing, she was able to keep driving the zucchini in and out of her fun hole and manipulating her hot spot for as long as she was in the incredible state of ecstasy. Abruptly, the feeling reached its zenith and Naomi jammed her fun hole against her fingers and cried out with joy, louder than ever to her ears, but with no sound escaping her mouth. After her orgasm, although she was not familiar with the word, she completely relaxed, her arms and legs sprawling out on the quilt, while she rested and her body returned to normal.

After a while, she was ready to leave. Her condition of horniness had been relieved for at least the next couple of days, which was the best she could hope for. As she once again donned the coarse, shapeless clothing she was forced to wear while she lived in her parents’ house, she was really looking forward to the time she could move out and find some real men who would, she was sure, have something better than a zucchini for her fun hole.

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