Father Uses Huge Asset Again

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Martin was forced to live with constant reminders that gorgeous girls who he had thought loved him were competing for his father’s cock. He found videos arriving at his home of Richard fucking Sally’s head. The image of his father’s strong muscular tanned body pounding up and down on her whilst she sucked him deep into her sexy face was burned into his mind, her hands gripping his strong arse as it remorselessly drilled down into her, his huge rod shining as it slid repeatedly between her painted lips. After watching the fuck fest for 20 minutes, the tape concluded just as Richard was about to explode his cum all over her face and body.

The next day a video which arrived showed Richard sliding his cock between Kim’s deep, impressive tanned cleavage. Again the cumshot was cut off the end of the tape. The next day it was Michelle’s arse being fucked by his huge wand.

He could just about cope with receiving these tapes. He knew what his father did to these women and this was just rubbing his nose in it. What he couldn’t cope with was the next video. Martin had started work with a small company in town. He had worked hard since his return from NZ and the boss, Mr Robinson, had promoted him to a senior position already. He was a small man, an unpleasant bully but Martin worked hard and stayed out of his way. Occasionally his wife would come into the office; Mrs Robinson was a prick tease. She was around 40 with a solid, shapely arse on top of strong legs and false tits that looked like they could burst through any top she wore. Long dark hair and thick dark lipstick on her tanned face completed the slutty image of a woman who knew her effect on men – and in particular their cocks. One morning, with Martin still thinking about the scene on the video showing his father pounding Sally’s head with his huge cock, he was faced with the bulging tits of Mrs Robinson leaning over the desk at him. She teased him with this view for a while before saying:

“Honey, you are promoted. I told my husband to reward you and he does what I say.” She then walked round the desk, sat on it and crossed her strong tanned legs, revealing them in all their smooth sexy glory to him. She then unzipped him and wanked him to a very quick explosion, his small dick ached as she expertly brought him over the edge and he came on his trousers.

“It is me you need to thank. I get what I want,” she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

She was certainly getting what she wanted from Richard on the video as Martin stared at it a few mornings later. As he fucked her and groped her curvy body she smiled into the camera:

“Richard said you had a small dick but I just wanted to check,” she said.


Martin met Rachel Robinson again the morning he received that video. He hated her and yet he wished he could do to her what his father had done to her.

Her only comment to him on her way to her latest conquest was:

“What a cock, shame they don’t run in the family.”


The image of that busty married woman spread on his father’s huge cock was there every time he went to work and saw her husband or even worse, saw her hot body walking across the office floor, prick teasing like the pro she was.

A friend at work suggested counselling and Martin booked sessions for himself. He felt out of control. All he thought about was his inadequate manhood and his father’s huge asset pleasing any woman he wanted.

He arrived for his first session with Jane Marshall. She had deep, kind brown eyes, with shortish brown hair. Her body was toned, a natural healthy tan made her look the picture of health and happiness. Her conservative suit couldn’t hide the pert full tits which defied her 35 years or her tight arse which appeared to defy gravity. She hugged him warmly and he held her like a drowning man clutching out for support.

She was a sex therapist and so she asked him to go into detail about his “issues”. One by one he recounted the history of his life which tayland porno seemed to revolve around his father’s enormous cock.

She interjected:

“Every time you have mentioned your father’s penis you have called it huge or massive or impressive. Just how big are we talking here sweetie? When you talk about him driving his huge monster down your pretty girlfriend’s throat whilst you sat innocently downstairs watching tv, or fucking your fiancée in a restaurant only 10 minutes after meeting her whilst you waited upstairs for her, just why are these girls succumbing to his… err charms sweetie?” she asked.

“It is about 15 inches long Jane, I have never seen anything like it. I am less than 4 inches. How can I ever have a sex life when I know what he can and will offer any girlfriend of mine?”

“Confidence is the key to a good sex life. I am very confident and my husband and I have a great sex life. He is a former weight lifter, balding, fat and not great looking – and no Martin, he doesn’t have a big cock. You are fitter than him, younger than him, better looking than him.”

His cock was hard as she smiled at him. She looked deep into his eyes and said:

“Tomorrow, bring pictures of all the people you have described so that I can visualise what you are describing to me.”

She pressed herself against his crotch which was on the verge of blowing.

She stood, turned her back to him and smoothed her hands slowly over her arse.

“Stop visualising your father’s cock up my arse,” she said calmly before walking out of the door. Martin groaned as the wet patch spread across his groin.


Next day Jane had replaced her conservative business suit with a tight mini skirt and silk top that clung to her boobs. More and more big cock stories flowed from Martin’s mouth as he ogled her legs and drooled at her firm married tits. She reviewed the pictures of these sexy women who Richard was fucking. Only a true alpha male could satisfy these babes she thought as Martin whined about his father’s humiliation of him.

“Let me see this man then” she said sharply. He showed her 3 pictures of Richard. Tanned, good looking, athletic, dark haired and arrogant but she couldn’t tell if he had a 15 inch cock from these pictures.

“Do you think you are better than my husband Martin?” she asked casually.

Martin didn’t know how to answer.

She stood and slid herself onto his lap. His cock pressed against her firm arse. “I do” she whispered in his ear whilst pressing her full tits into his face. He was on the edge, she was playing with him.

She stood and turned her back on him, smoothed her hands slowly over her mini skirt, emphasising her tight arse to him:

“Bring some pictures of his cock tomorrow sweetie” she said as she walked out of the room to the sound of Martin grunting and emptying another load in his trousers.


At the third meeting, the outfit was even more sexy. A demure face with little makeup, a tight cut off white t shirt with a black wonder bra showing an obscene amount of her firm tanned boobs and also acres of her muscular, toned flat tanned stomach. Frayed denim cut off shorts were plastered to her arse. He was hard before he saw her, he was throbbing with desire throughout their meeting. She demanded detailed descriptions of how his father came, the copious amounts, the jets that flew across the room, the gulping throats that tried to swallow it. He finished with the story of an incident a couple of weeks before his wedding with Kim, when he had walked into the kitchen with his mother to find Kim cooking behind the counter in her bikini top. Stood immediately behind her was Richard. From where Martin and Marjorie stood they could not see below Kim’s belly button. She seemed very quiet as they chatted to Richard and he told them that Martin had never told him how excellent Kim was in the kitchen. Kim stifled a giggle and Richard appeared to lean further forward to look over tecavüz porno her shoulders, past her huge tits on her slim frame and into the cooking pots. Kim replied that Richard was doing most of the work and that she couldn’t wait to taste his sauce. Only after they married did Kim tell him that Richard was pumping his huge dick into her from behind whilst he spoke calmly to his son and wife and that his huge balls started to shoot his sauce into her as he leant forward to survey her cooking talents. Shot after shot pulsed from his cock as they stood in front of their respective partners, their innocent inadequate partners. Whilst Martin told it as a sad story, Jane could hardly stop squirming with excitement.

“We are going out for lunch,” said Jane.

She grabbed her jacket and Martin followed his dick out of the door behind her.

They were seated at the restaurant and Jane peeled her jacket off and placed it next to her. Martin was sitting side on to her and could see the swell of her firm tits and also her tanned long legs which she continually crossed and uncrossed for his benefit.

For the third day in a row she had him on the verge of blowing his load. She was gorgeous; she listened to his agonies and seemed to crave his company. He wanted to fuck her. She started talking about how ordinary her husband was and asked Martin whether he thought she could have done better. She looked like such a hot babe with her boobs bulging out, her amazing arse and legs on show and her smart business appearance from the shoulders up. Suddenly she turned and put on her jacket, very quickly it was buttoned up and to anyone in the restaurant she looked demure and stylish. Martin could see her legs and her arse caked in her shorts which had clearly been moulded to her arse and he visualised her wearing them in the bath to achieve this look. What happened to him next was a blur. He vaguely remembered being introduced to her husband but his mind was on Jane’s hand which had unzipped him and was presently racing up and down his cock. He tried to answer the man’s question but out of the corner of his eye he could see his cum shooting across Jane’s legs. He had never come so hard in his life. In reality it was probably half the quantity of one of Richard’s mighty jets and Richard produced 20 or 30 of them in one ejaculation but for a man used to dribbling an irrelevant amount, it felt good.

“You have got your work cut out with that one Jane” her husband muttered as he walked away and left the restaurant. Jane scooped cum off her upper thigh and sucked it into her mouth. As if answering her husband she said:

“Yes, I am planning a lot of overtime. Now you know how your father felt when he pumped your lovely fiancée full of cum in the kitchen whilst he chatted to you and his wife. Addictive, wouldn’t you agree. My poor hubby, he thought you were a delinquent when in fact you were just spurting cum onto his wife’s thighs. You have to admire your father’s composure though as he fucked Kim with his huge, superior cock whilst you thought he was telling you about dinner. She bent forward, unbuttoned her jacket and whispered in a sultry voice:

“I am going to teach you to cum in me when you are looking at my husband in the eyes and you will laugh at his ignorance as you pump your seed into me.”

“Oh my God,” said Martin. “You are so hot!”


That evening Martin sucked on Jane’s firm tits and thrust his aching 4 inch cock into her pussy. Within seconds he spurted his cum, much less than at lunchtime. He took ages to get hard again but then Jane did something which had him solid again in seconds. She picked up the phone and called her husband. She chatted nonchalantly with him for 30 seconds whilst Martin’s dick became rock hard and he drove it into her from behind and mauled her boobs.

“Martin wants a wordy with you Tommy”, she said playfully, passing him the phone.

Martin was about to speak into the phone when Jane’s mouth closed over his cock, her fingers tombul porno manipulating his small balls.

“Ughhh” he grunted as her hot skilled mouth easily engulfed his cock and he came down her throat. He didn’t hear a word her husband said and he passed it back to her.

Licking her lips she spoke to her husband:

“He is much better with me, when he finds the confidence to speak with you I will have done my job.” She omitted to mention the bit about Martin ejaculating into her whilst speaking with him.


The next few weeks were heaven for Martin. He fucked this sexy women from all angles but what he loved was speaking with her husband whist she made him cum. His confidence grew until one day Jane invited him to dinner with her husband that evening.

“I am going to be fucked tonight whilst I look into my husband’s eyes and he will be oblivious to it.”

Martin almost came at the thought.


Martin arrived and Jane had on a tennis outfit. God she looked hot. Tanned legs contrasted with her white skirt, tanned bulging cleavage contrasted with her tight white t shirt. Her hair was in pony tails, her look screamed “fuck me boys”.

Martin groped and kissed her and they phoned her husband who was on his way home.

“Hi honey, is Martin there?”

“Yes babe, we are waiting for you,” she said wanking Martin with her free hand.

“I met a guy who has offered me huge money to go into business with him. I am bringing him for dinner. He said he should meet you as well as we will be partners.”

“Great news honey, see you soon.”

Martin was pleased for Jane but wandered if it spoiled their plans. Jane assured him that her plan was bang on course.

Tommy walked in but Martin’s heart sank. What was going on? His father followed Tommy into the room.

“Hi son, funny to see you here. You must be Jane.”

Jane looked at Martin, smiled a knowing smile as if to say: “So this is the man you have told me about – with the huge cock!!”

The evening passed in a haze for Martin, his erection was gone. The plan had gone out of his head. It had not left Jane’s head though.

The story of Kim being pumped full of Richard’s cum in front of his wife and son thrilled her and tonight she would re-enact it. Unfortunately for Martin though it needed the star performer, the stand in wouldn’t do.

Tommy was chatting to Martin in the lounge whilst Jane stood behind the counter in the kitchen preparing the meal. Richard stood up and said he would help Jane in the kitchen. Martin was immediately suspicious but it took a few minutes for him to get an opportunity to go and see how they were getting on in the kitchen because Tommy was so keen to talk about his business opportunity.

They arrived in the kitchen and Jane’s eyes gleamed at him. Richard stood behind her, right behind her. His huge dick had been driving up into her for 3 minutes. She had spasmed in orgasm more in those 3 minutes than in all her time with Martin. He continued to thrust into her, Martin was suspicious but couldn’t be certain from where he and Tommy stood quite what was going on.

Her words were like a dagger to Martin’s heart:

“Richard was saying he is a good friend of Rachel Robinson. She is my best friend. We have very similar interests, similar hobbies. Richard is very good in the kitchen Martin. He told me so much about you, Richard. I can’t wait to taste your sauce,” she said bending over her cooker and exposing her cleavage to Martin.

Even for a risk taker and habitual maneater like Jane, this was hot. Richard’s huge cock, by far the biggest she had experienced, pummelled her inner core and then exploded. He spoke calmly to Tommy about what a great day this was as he fucked and impregnated his wife right in front of him.

Jane told Martin that Rachel had arranged for a friend of hers to suggest that Martin come to see her. Jane then explained to Tommy that Martin had small dick syndrome but that despite her efforts it was incurable. Martin felt frozen to the spot. Tommy had to excuse himself and went upstairs, laughing his head off. Meanwhile Martin watched as Richard almost blew Jane’s head off when he pulled his enormous spewing cock out of her tight hole and blasted cum all over her face, hair and tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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