Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 31

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Keith was traumatised by the events in his home and for a couple of days he simply sat around in a stunned daze but he did notice how well Lisa seemed to have coped with the intense fucking she had received from the well hung intruder as she “been forced” to lie on top of her husband as she was drilled by the stud. She buzzed around the home and encouraged Keith to get back out to work, mainly so she could have Richard round again to fuck her.

“I want to sort out the business with Richard. We need a fresh start; I don’t like him so I am going to buy him out of the business.”

“Whatever babe,” Lisa said, pretending to be totally disinterested in his intentions and business talk.

“There is a clause in our deal where we can buy him out for 90 % of the money he paid in. The business has doubled in size and profits so that is a great deal and I think he was stupid to agree to it. We simply need a majority vote and as I own 45 % and you own 10 per cent he has no way of stopping us. We can then get on with rebuilding our lives. I hate the way he looks at you and we don’t need him.”

“Ok honey, you understand these things, I don’t” Lisa said nonchalantly.


Lisa’s bra emphasised her huge tanned tits and her tight white top hugged her firm voluptuous body and helped to emphasise her flawless bronzed skin. Her tiny white mini skirt and long white stilettos showed off her flawless shapely tanned legs and the tightness of the skirt ensured that no-one would be in any doubt what a fantastic arse she has. Keith was waiting for her downstairs, he had been a nervous wreck since the incident with the intruder but kept telling Lisa he would be fine once they split their business ties with Richard and Marjorie and could focus on a new life together. How would he feel when he saw his wife dressed as the sexiest slut in town?

She put her knee length fake fur coat on and ensured the coat covered her outfit before going downstairs. “The meeting is at 10.30 at your offices isn’t it honey,” she said.

“Yep, I just want it over.”

“I know Keith, are you sure you are up to it?”

“I will have you with me so I will be fine, you are my life Lisa.”

“Ahh honey, that is sweet.” He felt like a 5 year old rather than a husband. “But actually I am meeting a friend for coffee so I will meet you there.”

“Uhh what, Lisa I thought we were going together.”

“Don’t worry all the time, I will be there,” she smiled warmly as she opened the front door and headed out.


10.40 in Meeting room 12 in Keith’s offices:

Marjorie tutted and explained to Keith that Richard had told her he had some other business to take care of this morning but would be here on time. Keith responded that he better turn up and that Lisa had told him she was meeting a friend first for coffee. Keith was furious that Lisa could be late; she knew how important this was for him.

10.40 in Meeting room 11

“Uhh fuck yes, right there, deep, ohh yes, so big, sooo fucking good. My big daddy, fuck me. They are waiting for us, just keep fucking me.”

Room 12

Marjorie looked at her watch: “We keep being left waiting by them.”

Keith looked angry and worried. “Well it is the last time. We are going our separate ways today and I have invited my lawyer George to witness it all.” George was a middle aged nondescript man who sat towards the end of the long meeting room table.

There was a couple of thuds against the meeting room wall, and then 5 more in quick succession but then silence again.

Room 11

Richard groped desperately at her big firm tits and drove his huge cock deep into her. “What a fucking body Lisa, just incredible!” He ploughed into her tight smooth pussy as she milked him. “You are so tight, so strong Lisa and so toned and these fucking tits, uhhh.”

“I work out for my big bad daddy.”

“You like calling me your daddy, you young slut,” he said as he relentlessly fucked her.

“You are my man, you own me, fuck I love your huge dick!!!”

Richard chuckled and said: “They are waiting next door for us. Let them listen to this.” He drove Lisa over the table and with each thrust of his hips the table thumped against the wall. Thump, thump. “Can you hear that my dear Marj?” Thump, thump, thump, thump , thump.

Room 12

Where the hell are they?” mumbled Keith.

Room 11

“Fill me you stud.”

Room 12

What is going on next door?” asked an exasperated Marjorie. Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.

Room 11

“I love your cock”

“I know.”

“Fill me with cum, please!”

Richard suddenly stopped and stroked her hair. He eased his huge cock out of her. He was wearing his grey suit and his monstrous erection reared out of his trousers. “I am always better when my balls are full, I think men can smell my spunk and they wilt.” Lisa just giggled. “But I want it and I deserve it,” she said as she bent forward offering him a spectacular Escort Bayan Gaziantep view of her huge tits.

“You will get it all baby, be patient.”

“Well if you are not cumming for me, how are you going to get that thing back in your pants, it is fucking huge and …” she flicked it with her finger, “very hard.”

“That body of yours isn’t helping, you go into the reception and thank that pretty girl for booking this room for us and I will try to work this thing back into here.”

Lisa put her coat over one shoulder and strolled out. She saw the receptionist’s eyes widen, she liked to think in awe as well as surprise, as her boss’s wife strutted up to the reception desk. She turned side profile so the receptionist could see the full size and shape of her tits and she put one hand on her hip to emphasise her magnificent butt. “Tessa darling, thanks for arranging that room for us.”

“That is fine ma’am, they are waiting for you in there, your husband and the other lady.”

“Call me Lisa. Tell me honey, do I look freshly fucked?”

Tessa laughed. She then smiled wickedly at Lisa. “Only to the trained eye, Lisa.”

“It takes a slut to know a slut,” Lisa said smiling and thrusting her tits out.

“You look incredible Lisa.”

“You should have seen me in room 11 and you should have seen him,” she said as Richard arrived by her side. Lisa leaned against him like a confident lover and her breast pressed into his shoulder. “Talking of incredible, you need to see this Tessa,” she said cupping Richard’s groin.

“You two friends?” said Richard, puzzled at how open Lisa was being.

“Tessa showed us great loyalty this morning babe, I think she prefers us to them. Things are about to change and we will take care of you babe. Can she be my PA baby?” she cooed at Richard.

“I think she will end up on my cock.”

“Of course she will but I will teach her how to take it.”

“They have a lawyer with them,” said Tessa eagerly.

“Thanks hon,” said Lisa. “Do you think he could be turned?”


“Would he want to fuck me?”

“He is a man isn’t he. Of course he would want to fuck you.”

“Ahh thanks Tessa, I like you.”

“Your own personal arse licker,” joked Richard.

“No that is your job now Richard.”


Lisa walked into the meeting room and received an exasperated look from Keith and an uncertain one when Richard followed her into the room. Marjorie looked at her like she was a slut and Lisa met her stare with one of smug superiority. Keith was not pleased by his wife’s outfit but shook his head and started the meeting.

“At last you are both here, now we can get on with it. My lawyer George is here to make sure it is done properly.”

“Sensible, hello George,” said Richard but only received a suspicious nod in response.

“I just want out of the business and then I can go,” said Marjorie firmly.

“Well your shareholding must be split between us if you are simply giving it up,” said George quite aggressively. Keith nodded at him vigorously.

“Fine,” said Richard, “whatever”. They signed the forms and Marjorie rose to leave. “I will leave the rest of this to you Richard. I trust you will not let this little man outmanoeuvre you.”

She glared at Keith with contempt and at Lisa with undisguised loathing and walked out.

Keith started quoting from the shareholders’ agreement. He had 45 %, Lisa had 10 % whilst Richard had 40 % and Marjorie’s 5 % share had now been split between them. Keith quoted that he had the right to buy Richard out and if the vote was passed with 55 % then it would be at 10 % less than the original value but if passed by over 55 % the value drops to 50 % of what Richard paid. “You signed it mate, always read the small print.”

“Are you formally putting forward that motion?”

“Yes I am and there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

“George, do you confirm that the motion has been raised in accordance with the agreement,” asked Richard.

“Yes I do.”

“I seek to rely on the clause below it; if your motion is defeated I can buy you out for 30 % of the original value of your shares.”

“It won’t happen, we will win, they now have over 55 % you idiot,” said George.

Richard smiled at the lawyer. Keith looked at George sternly and smiled at Richard. “Apologies Richard, let us keep this civilised George. Shall we vote?”

“Let me just say one thing first,” said Richard. Lisa crossed her legs and smiled at George as he ogled her golden tanned thighs and her bulging cleavage. Suddenly the room was full of tension and Richard stood up. He didn’t say anything. He slowly leant forward and he pinned his legs against the edge of the table and allowed the table to pull his trousers tight against him. He just smiled at Keith. Seconds passed and Keith looked at him nervously, their eyes locked. Richard leant forward slightly more and his trousers were pulled tighter against his legs.

“Jesus!” gasped George from the corner of the room. With that Keith made the mistake, his eyes were at groin level across the table and they flicked down and locked on the enormous bulge stretching down Richard’s trouser leg. Richard saw Keith physically flinch and almost withdraw into his chair as the alpha male opposite him paraded his huge cock even though it was encased in his trousers. Suddenly there was one unspoken thing dominating this business meeting, it wasn’t Lisa’s huge tits or smooth tanned legs or even her perfect face and shiny hair, it was something moving in Richard’s trouser leg, it seemed incredibly to be flexing and stretching against the tight trousers and the ridged cock head was clearly identifiable. Keith was having flashbacks to the huge thing that had violated his marriage just days ago — God did every man he came across now have this sort of equipment he thought.

“Lisa told me you had a bad experience a few nights ago.”

“What, you … you told him?” he said turning to Lisa in desperation.

“Well I am worried about you.”

“Worried about how you reacted to her getting fucked properly by the sound of it. Do you feel inadequate Keith?” Richard jibed at him

“What, well I…”

“Inadequate, you know, as a man? Well what Keith? Richard allowed his huge cock to rise against his trouser leg, showing even more clearly how hard and how long it was down his trouser leg. Keith found himself staring at it as it moved.

“Well, ehh, it was a nightmare for us, we just want to put it behind us, don’t we Lisa.”

“Well honey, I know you need to get those images out of your mind, I am worried it has damaged you. “

“Do you have faith in him Lisa or do you believe in me, to handle your assets properly?” Richard said with undisguised arrogance and smugness.

Keith turned to look at her. “Please Lisa.”

“I think I have a big decision to make, is it just a business decision or does something more, something bigger come into the equation.”

“I love you so much Lisa. I can make this work if you have faith in me, I am your husband.”

“Let us put it to a vote, we each have our strengths and attributes; we each have to mark our vote on these forms George?” said Richard.

“Uh yes, you are supposed to.”

They each voted and passed their papers to a nervous looking solicitor. He looked at Richard’s vote which was obviously for himself and then at Keith’s vote for himself and as he looked at Lisa’s vote he saw her turn her back on her husband and face him directly. He saw her snake one leg high over the other and show off her glorious golden thighs to him. His eyes flicked from her thighs to the ballot paper to her deep cleavage and back to her legs before focussing on her vote.

He looked into her eyes and she smirked and winked at him.

George realised this gorgeous married babe had openly betrayed her husband and his eyes flicked to the huge cock bulging in Richard’s trousers and back to Lisa’s fantastic full tits and her tight toned legs and then she gave him a knowing smug smile as she nodded at his groin and George realised he had a straining erection.

Lisa mouthed “You’re mine” at George and with her back to her husband arched her back offering him a perfect view of her spectacularly firm full chest.

George spluttered and looked at Keith: “The winner is Richard, Lisa voted for Richard, Keith.”

“What, no… why, why on earth…” he stumbled in confusion.

“Oh Keith, we both know Richard is the better businessman and well after the other night…” she stopped and smiled at Keith.

“What, what has that got to do with it?

She smiled at Richard and he wandered what she would say.

“Well, I am just not sure you are up to it, you need some time to get over it and well with Richard we both know he is up to it.”

“Where is you loyalty, I am your husband?”

“This is a huge investment for us, everything is sunk into this, deep into it and we need a man to take it forward…”

“I am a man Lisa…”

“That is not what I meant Keith and you know it, you are traumatised…”

“But we wanted rid of him, you stupid, stupid…”

“Now Keith, stop moaning” said Richard sharply as if to a petulant child. “Look at me Keith when I am talking to you.”

Keith turned slowly to look at Richard. Richard smiled smugly but then subtly he directed Keith’s eyes down. Keith saw the smug smile broaden and resisted looking but then saw Richard lean back and seemed to punch his hips forward. This made him drag his eyes down and what he saw was unmistakeable. Richard’s huge erection was pushed to the left and was creating a vulgar huge bulge in his trouser leg as it strained for release but what was different was that Richard had pushed his legs together but had lifted his balls in front of his legs so that they had nowhere to go but to press in clear outline against his trousers. If his cock was mighty, these things were even more startling. Like 2 over inflated tennis balls rammed into his trousers and now so fully on display he may as well have been naked. Keith would have thought balls like this didn’t exist if he hadn’t seen a pair just as big a few nights earlier — close up and swinging in his face. He felt hopeless, emasculated.

“I have a proposition for you Keith, you give up your share for free…”

“What, no way…”

“Keith, hear me out. Lisa and I take a 50/50 ownership and run the company whilst you try to get better.”

“I can keep my shares whilst…”

“Don’t you trust Lisa? Don’t you trust us both?”

“Uhh well.”

Lisa turned to George and winked again at him. “George what do you advise for Keith.”

“Ummm well, I”

Lisa smiled and mouthed “I’ll show you them George” silently at him.

“I think you should take the deal Keith.”

“Look at me Keith,” said Richard. “Do you think I can handle Lisa as a partner?” Lisa turned and bent over the table towards Richard smiling, offering him a view of her deep spectacular cleavage.

“Do you think he could handle me Keith, don’t you think we would be an unbeatable team?”

“George thinks so don’t you George?”

“Yes Lisa, incomparable” he muttered.

Lisa giggled at how obvious it was that George wasn’t talking about business.

“Look at me and apologise for trying to shaft me Keith,” said Richard.

Keith looked him in the eyes and mumbled an apology.

“Look at me and admit you are not good enough to run the business with Lisa. She is too much for you.”

“I guess …”

“Don’t guess Keith, look at the evidence,” Richard said with a cocky snarl. Keith found himself staring at the huge equipment in Richard’s trousers, those huge pulsating balls were all the evidence he needed. “I admit I am not up to it and I will sell up. I am going to go now but we will sign up later. I need fresh air.”

“I drew this up earlier, we sign now,” said Richard.

“George tell him you need to check it.”

Lisa smiled at George and pushed her tongue against her cheek as if her mouth was full of cock.

“It is fine, you should sign now Keith.”

A minute later Keith embraced Lisa. “Shall we go home now?”

“Oh honey, you go, I need to discuss business plans with Richard.”

“I want a board meeting once a fortnight, either in the US or the UK,” said Richard. “We need to work closely on this project.”

“Do you think that is really necessary, it will take me away from Keith so much? George what do you think?”

George understood his role by now and was thinking with his dick. “I am afraid it is necessary for you to meet in person to really hammer things out together, sometimes I think it will take days.”

“I imagine you are right George. She looked at Richard with a slight smile: “Richard do you want to hammer something out right now?

Richard just smiled.

“I will go and let you get on with it,” said a defeated sounding Keith.

“Ok honey.”

“Just promise me you won’t be late, I need you after all that has happened.”

“Of course, I need you too,” said Lisa. Keith smiled warmly. Lisa continued: “I will be back as soon as Richard has finished with me.” Keith looked nervously between his sexy wife and this bull of a rival and tried to block out his worst fears. He trusted his wife.

The boardroom door clunked shut. Lisa turned to George: “Go and make sure he fucks off home Georgie.”

“What …”

“Where is your loyalty George?”

“With you Lisa. I betrayed Keith. God I can’t believe he can’t tell you and Richard are…”

“He is in denial. How many men with a cock that size and those oversized balls does he think there are?” said Lisa with a laugh.

“I can’t believe that thing is real?” said George staring at Richard’s groin.

“Let me show you what is real” gasped Lisa sliding herself sexily across the table so her face and huge cleavage pressed into Richard’s groin as he thrust forward to emphasise exactly what he had in there. His hands roamed over her shoulders and though her sexy hair whilst she used her skills at unzipping him and fishing him out. With a loud groan and a lot of effort he sprung free. “Oh fuck” groaned George as he took in the sheer size of Richard’s fully erect cock. The enormous bulge in his trousers didn’t do it any justice now that it was allowed to stretch free and enjoy Lisa’s visual and manual manipulation.

He was enormous!

“Check he has gone George,” she commanded.

George was only gone 2 minutes but when he returned he saw quite a sight.

She slurped and sucked at it and he punched it into her throat and Lisa groaned as she showed her skills at deep throating him. Her shiny sexy pouty lips stretched over his smooth thick rearing manhood.

The small ageing accountant sat enthralled as these two gods fucked each other in front of him. Soon Richard had her top off and he mauled her incredible tits with an entitlement that George envied. Soon he was watching Richard roll her onto her front and enter her from behind. His huge cock found its tight target and speared endlessly upwards. It was a good job she was built to be fucked because the power of each thrust as they met each other was shocking.

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