Feeding My Curiosity Pt. 05

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The noise must have woke me – a deep, firm stream of water heading into the toilet. I had never been woken before by this sound. My eyes found the light and my lips formed into a smile.

All of a sudden a large, dark shadow and presence hovered over me with, “Morning.”

I squinted and opened further to see David’s bed head hair and naked body smiling down at me.

“Hi. Who are you?” I asked jokingly.

“Your one night stand, masseur,” he countered.

“Is it too late to ask your name? Oh and guess what – I’m sore again.”

A big smile erupted with, “You sure knew my name last night, mister. And as luck would have it – I can help with that soreness. I’m ordering coffee – want anything?”

“Coffee – yes – please, mister.”

After placing an order on his phone, he briefly looked at me with a smile and slid back into bed and under the covers.

“Sore huh.”

I softly answered, “weird sore – like parts of the body that have never been sore before.”

“Gee, that’s odd – what kind of workout you’ve been doing?”

“Well, my newly found curiosity signed me up intense physical therapy from this amazing massage therapist.”

David smiled nervously while sliding closer to me and whispered, “Sounds like that therapist really worked your body deep.”

My eyes squinted close as our lips touched again for a familiar prickly touch. His lips engulfed and lightly bit my bottom lip as we began to kiss more intensely.

“You have no idea what he did to this virgin body and brain.”

“Tell me,” as he whispered into each other while kissing.

“Please don’t tell anyone, İstanbul Escort but he fucked me senseless in every available hole I could offer.”

“He did not.”

“He did – he absolutely did – and I not only I allowed it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Uh oh – you enjoyed it?”


The kissing continued to elevate with both of us rock hard poking into each other.

“I have a secret to share myself,” David slipped in.


“I just had a client fuck me senseless too – what an odd coincidence.”


“Really – the hottest, most unavailable client broke me down and fucked me so wonderfully hard and deep.”

“And? Did you enjoy it?”

“Thoroughly,” as he gripped onto my throbbing cock.

“Stop – both of us enjoyed our experiences ‘thoroughly’ huh – what a phenomenon. This is amazing – both of us fucked hard huh,” as my hands were not gripped his warm, thick cock.

Both of us were breathing and moaning while kissing and stroking each other, which was broken up by the sound of his phone notifying us that the coffees had arrived.

“Nooooo”, David exhaled annoyingly.

“Your perfect little asshole was saved by the bell,” I laughed.

“You mean your tiny little sore hole was save,” he countered.

“I’m so going to have my way with that body again.”

“You think so huh”, he laughed as he was getting out of bed to put on his jeans.

My eyes batted with a subtle, questioned smirk with, “I guess we shall see.”

He turned back with a now suspicious look, “who am I kidding, that was fire last Escort Bayan night.”

My hand stroked my cock under the sheet as he took off to the front door.

My headache pulled my attention away to get out of bed in search of caffeine.

Within minutes were back in his kitchen drinking coffee, shirtless in jeans.

There was something oddly comfortable about our quiet dynamic. There was no pressure, awkwardness or confusion on what was going on here.

We were so new to each other still quietly learning with neither of us were going to unleash any sudden movements.

“I think I should probably go – I have so much to do today,” I said with a disappointing tone as I sipped my coffee.

“Yeah I have to be at work in a couple hours – fun stuff.”

“Well talk about fun – I have to pick up my fiancé in a few.”

“Oh don’t over-think anything here and guilt yourself – we had fun, Morgan – it all just happened so serendipitously. We’ll go back to our normal programming – this was just an insanely fun moment.”

“So much fun, David – like seriously who would have predicted?”

“I mean after our first encounter – I knew something was up between us, but yeah definitely would not have predicted sitting here in my kitchen with you half naked.”

Admittedly, my brain was firing again wanting to further explore, but my body’s soreness, let alone still being crusted in semen, decided now was the right time to part ways.

“Okay, David – thank you for being the best host ever. I love your place and uh, clearly I enjoyed, uh, our time together,” I fumbled around Eskort while looking down. I bit my tongue as I about to compliment him on being the best first experience anyone could dream of, but decided less was better.

“I’ll do my best and try and not over-think this, because I tend to do that – but holy shit this will be a lot to digest.”

“Don’t over-think, Morgan – seriously – you’ll kill the organic thing going on here.”

“Fine fine,” I smiled back up into his eyes with my shoulders apologizing.

David looked at me with deep eyes with, “Come here and give me those lips one last time.”

We put our coffees down and strongly embraced with a hug, while both immediately pulling back to kiss.

Our lips embraced while David took clear control with his top lip wedged above mine. His hands firmly embraced my face, which held me tightly as if to know this might be our last time together.

My discipline maintained as I held back thoughts and desires to schedule more time with David.

After minutes kissing, we both pulled back with wet faces, messed up hair and a frustrated look of wanting more.

I saw my shirt on the floor in the main open area, grabbed my coffee and ventured to the front door.

“Do me a favor, Morgan and please put on your shirt – I don’t need my neighbors seeing a half naked man doing the walk-of-shame out of my house.”

I laughed hard while putting my shirt back on with, “or you mean – don’t make your neighbors jealous?”

“Yeah right – it’s all married couples around here.”

“Uh – you think that stopped us?”

“Oh yeah – alright shut up – you know what I mean.”

As I walked outside, I turned back and said, “thank you again – seriously.”

A few steps from opening the car door and David yelled, “Hey Morgan – you playing hoops again anytime soon?” as a wide smile emerged.

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