Fertility Pills

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He was a stud with a chiseled jaw and strong hands; she was a bombshell with cute, perky tits and amazing hips. They quickly hit it off when they met for the first time in college. It wasn’t long before they were at each other’s house every night, watching copious amounts of Netflix and chilling very, very hard.

But over a couple years, as they neared the end of their majors, coursework got difficult and stressful. They made less time for each other. They slept over less often. The “spark” they felt upon meeting each other was starting to fade.

That’s why, with their fourth anniversary approaching, he was determined to recapture that spark. He wasn’t sure how, yet, but ideas were welcome. He often went browsing at the mall for things that she might like, things she’d always wanted… even rings, here and there, but now didn’t seem like the right time for that.

With just over a week to spare, his search came to a close when he visited a new, “hippie-dippie” shop hidden in the far end of the local mall. It was filled with witchy stuff, weed paraphernalia, and too many “Live, Laugh, Love” signs — not really what he was looking for. But as he turned to leave, the lady behind the counter beckoned to him:

“Leaving so soon? But you haven’t bought anything! You must be looking for something specific, no?” She motioned him back.

“Uh, I’m just looking for an anniversary gift for my girlfriend.”

“Ah! And how long have you been together, dear?”

“It’s gonna be our fourth anniversary, this month. But school’s made it really hard for us, so I just wanted something special, I dunno. Not sure really what I’m looking for, I was just browsing.”

The purveyor grinned and held up a small bottle. “Then why don’t you take a look at this?”

Reluctantly, he walked back to the desk and grabbed the bottle carefully, reading the label. “Fertility pills…? No, no ma’am, we’re not trying to… I mean, we’re not ready for kids.”

She chuckled, “You don’t have to be. Just remember to wear protection! But those will give you both a night that you’ll never forget, y’understand?”

Seemed like risky business. But something about that risk seemed… thrilling. “How much are these?”

“Twelve dollars, dear.”

Decently affordable. He’d still have enough money to buy something else, if he needed to. After pondering a long while, alone in the middle of the store, he said, “Okay. Why not?” And it was done.

“Oh! Before you go, dear, don’t forget your protection,” the lady said as she placed a box of condoms on the table.

“XXL? I’m, uh, flattered, lady, but those are probably… not the right size.” She waved her hands dismissively and told him, “They’re the largest size I carry right now, and–” she grabbed his hands gently — “trust me on this one, okay? You will want these.” He was about to protest again, so she cut him off and said, “It’s on the house. Just take them.” So he did. And with bag in hand, he left, unsure if this was really the right decision.

He decided he’d tell his girlfriend and gauge her reaction before doing anything else with the new pills. If she hated them, he could always can them and come up with another gift. But instead, she was very excited.

“One of my friends works at that store! Says the manager is really cool, always knows what’s up. I can’t believe you’ve never been there before!”

“Really? I mean, it’s under an elevator at the end of the store. I can’t believe you knew about it,” he laughed.

“So, she really suggested these pills? But… I mean… I think you’re really sweet, but… we’re not having kids yet, are we? It’s not a good time at all, for either of us.”

“No no, I agree! I told the lady the same thing. She said to just use protection and that it’d be a ‘fun night’,” he smirked. “And I thought… it’s been a while, y’know? You and I could use a night to ourselves.”

She blushed, and nodded. “So, what’s the instructions on these?” She peeked into the bag. “Oh, it’s a two-pack. One is pink and one is blue. Yeah, I guess there’s a bottle for each of us?”

“Oh, really?” He didn’t remember seeing a second bottle. “It says here… take one pill every morning, and one every night, for seven days. Geez… that’s a long time.”

“We’ll have to start tonight, then, to be done in time for our anniversary,” she exclaimed.

“Okay. Are you sure about this?” He asked to be sure, but he could already see the sparks again in her eyes.

“I… I think so. It’s nothing fancy, but I’d like a sexy night alone with my stud.” He smiled and agreed.

“But, we don’t have to wait a week,” he reminded her. “We could… get started right now?”

The thought of having an entire night to themselves, to do nothing but fuck, was very enticing. They decided to get a head-start, from the moment that she placed her hand on his chest and looked up at him, eyes gleaming. He groped her ass and pulled her in for a kiss, both of them blushing intensely. It really had been too long.

They could barely find their way to the bedroom, grabbing and smothering altındağ escort one another. She placed him face-up on the bed, unzipping his pants and resting a moment against his bulge. The moment she drew back, it sprang out of his underwear, begging to be sucked. She did it like a lollipop — gently twisting it back and forth, licking the tip, before taking the whole thing inside. He couldn’t help but thrust gently up and down.

After a few minutes of this, she suddenly grabbed his balls. “Give it to me,” she demanded. “Every drop, come on…” She squeezed. She took more of his member in her mouth, and squeezed harder. Sooner or later, he had to give in… and without warning, he’d spurt, once — twice — three times, her face visibly recoiling each time, with lengthy gulps to follow. “Haaaah…!” he exclaimed, as the last of his cum dribbled out.

“Now it’s your turn!” she said, as he was left in afterglow. She got on the bed and straddled him, her snatch hovering inches away from his face. “Make me feel good, stud.” He reached out with his tongue to flick at her clit, making her shiver all over and collapse on top of him. He was full-on munching now, rubbing her outside while working his tongue inside. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop, don’t stop…” she yelled. She had to lean forward and grab the covers before riding him back and forth, pressing her weight down into him. And then, the floodgates opened, as a crashing orgasm radiated through her body, pussy flowing with honey. He lapped it up greedily, never stopping his assault between her legs.

They made sure to take a pill that night. If this is the kind of sex they could have normally, imagine what fertility pills will do!


The pair woke up feeling on top of the world, a faint bliss resting in their heads as they readied for school. They both had exams throughout the week to study for, so they mutually agreed to hold off on visiting each other until their anniversary. But moreover… they wanted to get worked up before the big day. They each took another pill for the morning and went their separate ways to class.

It was hard to focus. Really hard. His mind fluttered with thoughts of fucking his girlfriend as the professor’s words faded into mist. Doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, he fantasized about them fucking like rabbits, in every position imaginable. His pants were uncomfortably tight under the desk. But every time he tried to shake his head and dispel the fog, his girlfriend sprang back into mind, and the rest of the room was void once more.

She felt the same. Her first class of the day was, in fact, one of her favorites, but she couldn’t help thinking about her favorite person more. And the sweet and innocent thoughts were rapidly overtaken by dirtier ones; she imagined him ripping her clothes off, bending her over this very desk, and railing her over and over until she couldn’t walk straight. Mindlessly she shifted in her seat with each thrust, rocking back and forth to herself. She was absolutely flushed and might as well have been a ghost in the room.

The first thing he did when he got back home was masturbate. It needed to be done. He was hard in class, hard at lunch, hard on the bus, and really hard now. His dick practically needed tearing out of its confines, and there it stood, very impatiently. She had been even less patient — she masturbated in the girls’ restroom at school between classes, unable to wait a moment longer. Something she had never done before. That didn’t stop her from playing with herself a second and third time once she got home.

And of course, they both took a pill that night.


When he awoke, he found that he already had been mindlessly rubbing his prick — still hard — under the covers. Was this thing ever going to go back down? There was nothing he could do but start the morning with another jerk-off session, just so that he could focus on getting ready for the day. It was a sensational, throbbing cum — he clenched once and it reached his face, twice and it coated his chest, then more dribbled out the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh time… A shower was in order.

But the shower only made things worse. His penis was too sensitive now — the water splashing against it was almost agonizing. And of course, any stimulation at this point made it hard again. So much for focusing. He gave in one more time to try to dispel the fog in his head, and grabbed his cock and started jerking. It was painful. It was already so tender, had already been jerked so much, but it was still so hard and he couldn’t stop. With a yelp, he came for the third time in twelve hours, painting the shower glass with his cum. At least it would wash off.

He hesitated, when he looked at the pill bottle later that morning. Yesterday, he figured that he was just really excited over the amazing sex they had a couple nights ago. But this is different. He was getting insatiable. It sounded really hot on paper, but when it’s your dick that never goes soft, it becomes worrisome.

Then ankara anal yapan escort he thought of his darling girlfriend again. Of course, his cock perked up in response, but more than that, he didn’t want to let her down. If she was still taking the pills, then so would he.

She had no time to think about it. She furiously had to cum before she’d be late for school. Or, hell, she could just be late and then cum again. At that point, why even go to class today? She could call in, and…

No. That would be irresponsible. She decided, if she could control herself long enough to go to school, then she could keep taking the pills. With a sigh, she popped off the cap, took one, and started getting dressed. She couldn’t help but notice her impressive cameltoe as she slipped on her panties. Her tee-shirt and pants also really showed off her curves today, which she admired for a moment in the mirror. She was the sexiest girl on campus and she knew it. She also had the sexiest guy, all to herself. And in less than a week…

Less than a week, and he’d be fucking her brains out, he thought. It was tempting to call her and visit again right away, but he knew he had to study that night, without fail. Thus, he kept his reverie to himself. But it was hard. “It” was hard, but it was also hard to contain himself. He learned absolutely nothing from class. He skipped lunch so that he wouldn’t run into anyone with his bulge. He was a cunt-craving zombie in his next class.

Just when he felt like he was about to lose himself, his phone vibrated. God, even that little vibration in his pocket tugged at his member enough to drive him wild. He took the phone out of his jeans, and noticed that it was a message from his beau.

It’s a fifty-fifty chance, he was sure, that this is either something serious, or something sexy. He didn’t really want to chance opening something sexy in class, but he didn’t really want to chance ignoring something serious either. And… a small part of him did, in fact, want to chance opening something sexy, something scandalous, in the middle of class. He held the phone close to his body and opened the message.

It was a photo of her hidden away in the restroom, lip-biting, pussy glistening, eyes pleading, captioned: “cant wait to feel you”.

He creamed right then and there. Oh shit. This was so unbearably hot, but also, a disaster. He could feel a wet spot growing from the tip of his cock; if anyone were to drop a pencil now and glance over, they’d get quite a show.

It’s over; he had to get out of there. If he left now, he wouldn’t run into anybody he knew on the way home. He excused himself and went to the restroom to sop up some of the mess. Just before, though, he decided… to send a photo back, captioned “look what u did to me”.

He was rewarded with a video clip of her masturbating vigorously, licking her fingers and going back at it until she squirted. She’d never done that before today. Without thinking, he rewatched the clip several times before outright saving it. Her pussy looked very puffy and red, like it had been receiving nonstop attention for hours. Thick, hot grool poured out slowly when she climaxed, her labia throbbing obscenely. Her clit was not just exposed, but huge, utterly swollen, bigger than he’d ever seen it before.

What was happening to them? He wondered, as he took his pill for the night.


She woke up in a massive wet spot on the sheets underneath. Her breasts were now sensitive enough that she shuddered when the blanket rubbed across her nipples. Her clit gave off a constant, dull, tingling sensation when it wasn’t being stimulated. She considered skipping the pills today, but the more she committed to the idea, the harder her body tingled all over. She gave in and took another. It didn’t even make the tingling go away per se, it just comforted her somehow.

This comfort didn’t last long as she started putting on her clothes. Her pussy lips were practically eating her panties, today. Her bra felt really tight. And her curves were more accentuated than ever. Whenever she moved, her clothes hugged her tightly and clamped down on her most sensitive areas; this was not going to work.

Frustrated, she stripped back down. Her shirt was her usual size. Her bra, too. She tried to reassure herself, that they must have shrunk in the wash, but then she tried something — she put on her old bra, which fit her just fine yesterday.

Not today. Her boobs billowed out the top, and it was almost too tight to clasp.

Her boyfriend, in his own home, woke up suddenly to the sound of his phone vibrating on the bedside table. Still groggy, he glanced over to check the time, and noticed it was another message from his lover. Alone at home, he spared no hesitation in opening it.

“i think my tits are getting bigger??” it read. And there they were, barely resting in a bra that looked a cup size too small, if not more.

No way. He believed her, but he so badly wanted to reach out and feel them for himself. Then ankara escort again, if this is real, they might be even bigger by the end of the week… He couldn’t hold his excitement.

Excitement, which turned to concern as he realized, “… am I getting bigger, too?” He sprang out of bed and hunted down a measuring stick.

Eight and a half inches. Almost 22 centimeters. He was pretty sure it was only, like, six inches hard, maybe six and a half, last time he checked. And his balls… He didn’t have to measure them, they were clearly huge — maybe the size of a baseball. And they were firm. When he leaned forward on his bed, his dick was propped up by his fulcrum of a scrotum.

He wanted to test something. He would take another pill for the morning, and then pay really close attention to his crotch throughout the day, to see if he would notice any gradual changes. He could always go to the bathroom, he figured, and just wear really baggy pants everywhere he went.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, had no recourse. She would have to go braless today, which, as she figured out as soon as she’d put her shirt back on, meant two obscene, puffy nipples jutting out in front of her at all times, backed by two tender, fleshy breasts. The fabric tightly rubbing against her drove her crazy before she’d even left the house. She would have to be late for class; there was no choice but to go out and buy a new, bigger bra first.

She used to be a C cup, but now it was looking more like a DD, and she knew to buy a size or two bigger, in case she kept growing throughout the week. She could hardly imagine her shape with F, G cup titties… but it turned her on, just thinking about it. She decided on a sexy, revealing bra, and sent a picture of herself in the dressing room to her man.

*bzzzt* *bzzzt*

He immediately got up and headed to the restroom, the moment his phone vibrated. At this point, he was looking for any excuse. Any excuse to be alone and horny. It was too much to bear, sitting still in a room full of people. He’s already had one too many fantasies of exposing himself to his classmates, on the spot. It’s getting dangerous!

Like divine intervention, the message was from her, again. Wearing a huge bra and nearly filling it out. Her face, lustful.

… This time, he could feel it. He could feel the stirring in his scrotum. Everyone feels something like that when they get turned on, but this was totally different. He stood frozen a moment before deciding to take this to a private stall — and there he waited, impatiently as ever.

His balls were filling up. So much so, that they were *expanding* into the confines of his sweatpants. It was getting tighter and tighter — not just his cock, but right underneath, too. This couldn’t be real. He pried his pants apart and let everything hang out —

They were baseball-sized before. Now it’s more like softball size. Very red, very swollen. He could feel the cum swirling around. His cock head was pulsing, eager to release — and, if he didn’t know any better, he’d say it was yet another inch out from before. He gently squeezed himself, to see how it would feel — and precum poured out of his dick. There was so much of it, that it was dribbling down his hand, then dripping on the floor. He was making such a mess and he hadn’t even cum yet!

He took a short video of his leaking member and sent it to his better half. And she was almost too busy masturbating to notice.

Touching herself in the dressing room was naughty. She felt like she deserved to be exposed, punished… and that made her even hornier. Her labia were now as swollen as a pregnant lady’s at nine months. Her clit was soon to be cock-sized, though certainly not as long as her boyfriend’s.

When she picked up her phone and saw what her boyfriend’s cock was doing, that sent her over the edge. Her clit stiffened even more, long enough now that she started stroking it like a dick, between her thumb and forefinger. Is this what guys feel, every time? She tried to imagine doing this with a footlong cock — it would take her whole hand, if not both. Her legs wobbled uncontrollably; she was going to climax and make a huge mess in public. Thick, creamy girlcum ran down her snatch and threatened to drip onto the floor.

It was nigh impossible to pull herself away for even a second, but at the last moment, she reached for her shirt, held it between her legs, and came. A moan forced itself out of her lips, but she didn’t have another hand free to cover her mouth. It would just have to happen. She came, and she completely ruined her shirt with her fluids.

After wiping up a bit, she put her shirt back on to assess the damage. A massive, pungent stain right down the front. There was no hiding that. She would have to go back home and change, and at that point, why even go to school? It would be too late.

For a fleeting moment, she felt intense guilt. Why was she acting so unreasonable like this? It’s those pills, she was sure of it. But are fertility pills really supposed to be… this effective? Doubt reigned in her mind as she timidly purchased her new bra and began the walk of shame home. She couldn’t get over how the cashier stared abjectly at her tits — if it wasn’t the stain, it was her rock-hard nipples. She imagined if it was her boyfriend, staring at her… and that got her horny again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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