Finally, A Moment of Romance

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At 25, I had long ago learned to avoid women who were „only gay for me” or “looking to experiment” or “something similar. I had forgone trying to seduce the unattainable straight girls that had been my weakness since high school and learned to love other women who love women. This self-restraint, however, went right out of the window of my office when a blue stiletto stepped into my office, followed by a hand knocking on my open door and finally the most inviting smile I had ever seen.

“Hi, I’m Jenna,” she said. She was 5ft6 with auburn hair and tan skin. She looked like a taller, younger version of Eva Longoria. “Hope I’m not interrupting? I just wanted to introduce myself.”

“Well come in,” I said.

“I just moved into the office across the hall. I moved into the city with my fiancé and I decided to finally get my own office.”

“That’s nice. Welcome! What do you do?”

After a couple of minutes of general chit-chat, we agreed to get lunch sometime. That was the beginning of our affair. First, there were shared lunches and borrowed staplers. Then, birthday gifts and weekend drinks. Then, drunk make-outs and giggles. And then, wild hook-ups not followed by hugs or cuddles. I knew it was just animalistic. It was wild and crazy and not at all romantic. I knew, however, that will have to change. Which is why one day…

“Hey. Do you have a second? Can you come into my office?” I asked.

“Uhm… Yeah.” Jenna said, confused. Casibom “What’s going on?”

“Everything’s fine. I just need to show you something.”


When I opened my office and stepped in, Jenna stood in the doorway for a while. I knew this was it. Either I would finally get a gentle moment with her or she would never speak to me again. After a couple of seconds, I watched with pleasure as a smile crept onto her face and she stepped in, locking the door behind her. On the floor right in the middle of my office, there was a blanket surrounded by little red Christmas lights. I turned off the lights and took her hand. I led her to the blanket and sat down. Jenna followed me down, her hair falling over us both as she bent down to kiss me.

No words were exchanged as she looked deep into my eyes and lay my head down. We were both completely unbothered by the fact that we were in the middle of a busy office building surrounded by hundreds of people. It was the right moment and we both felt it. I got lost in the sensations of her soft hands running across my hot skin and undoing my blouse one button at the time that I was genuinely shocked when I felt her undo my belt. She put her hand down my navy lace panties and lovingly teased me while coming back up to kiss my neck and whisper: “I thought this would never happen. I have been dreaming about this for so long.” It almost brought tears to my eyes but this was not the time to get Casibom Giriş sentimental. This was the time to finally connect with her. I opened my lips to say something but she kissed me briefly and shushed me. She continued to tease me and work her fingers in and out of my tight, hot pussy as she moved her kissed down to my round breasts. I shuddered and involuntarily lifted my hips off the ground as my pussy tightened with the first orgasm of the afternoon. It was my time to take control of the situation.

I raised up and unzipped her amethyst blouse, revealing her snow-white bra. Kissing down her chest, I opened the front clash and freed her lovely breasts. Sucking in her left nipple, I lifted her skirt, peeled off her panties and started exploring her pussy, which I had only touched drunk and late at night. Now, it was open to my devoted ministrations. It was even more beautiful now. I buried my face in it, licking up and down and savoring the sweet taste of my love. I felt her shiver and moan when I worked my tongue inside and gently rolled my thumb over her clit. I wanted to make her cum slowly and sensually. I wanted to show her just how much I love her, not just her body. Without any idea whether it was seconds, minutes or hours that I spent affectionately pleasuring her, she started moaning louder and breathing harder. I increased the intensity and was rewarded by witnessing the strongest orgasm I had ever seen her have. With gusto, Casibom Güncel Giriş I licked off all her juices, enjoying every last drop. I moved up her body and she embraced me closely. Because I was shorter than her, I came up just up to her chest. She stroked and kissed my hair as I nursed on her breast and we just lay there, intertwined in our intermingled sweat and juices.

Jenna dragged her right hand from my back down torso, leaving a trail on my skin with her long fingernail. She explored my womanhood again, teasing and pleasing me. I was almost ready to cum again when she stopped, took her hand away, and broke the embrace. She left her hands on my breasts and moved down to properly go down on me, an attempt I had previously cut short in my impatience to please her. Now, my lover was passionately but lovely sucking on my clit and licking around the entrance to my pussy, alternating between the two until she had me moaning and squirming on the floor. She kept going and caressing my breasts until she decided to bring me over the edge. I felt a wave of pleasure crashing over me as I exploded in an intense orgasm. She stoked and stimulated me until she brought me down patiently. She climbed back up into my arms.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you,” I responded.

Before she could say the “but…” that I knew was coming, I looked up into her eyes and put my finger on her lips. “Let’s just have today,” I said. She nodded. We spent the rest of the afternoon making gentle love on my office floor. I knew it was the last time. I knew I had to stop lying to myself that she would ever leave him for me, but I also knew that at least I got one genuinely love-filled afternoon with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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