Finally Taking It All in My Ass

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Ava Sparxxx

This story is about Dylan and after weeks of trying finally taking his full length in my ass.

Dylan turned into the only guy I would let fuck and humiliate me while I was separated from R. I was currently in another relationship with a new lady and this is after I had been thoroughly fucked by a couple dozen wonderful men some of them fuck me multiple times for hours and even doing my first all black gang bang since meeting R. I never saw a man while we where together tell our 6 month break up. Dylan is the one that I wanted most and I started to see just him and no one else.

If you’ve read my other stories he has an extremely long and thick cock that I was madly in love with the way it made me feel.

Even though I could take him all the way down my throat after several times with him I was still unable to get him all the way in my ass no matter how hard we tried different positions it would not get all the way in my asshole. It was something I wanted so badly.

He had literally fucked me dozens of times for hours an could not completely get his entire cock in me..

We talked a lot about figuring out how I could completely take him inside of me. He said he wanted to bring a friend over and film him fucking me. He knew how he could completely get his beautiful cock deep in my ass.

I agreed to having his friend with us and filming it. We had already taken lots of pictures and filmed lots of amazing things. Some pictures I had shared with R. As you know if you have read my stories she is a nude picture person also. Loves them taken by anyone and shares them with any new man in her life.

The day came and I went to his house. When I got there his friend was already Beşiktaş escort there and he was a handsome man in very good shape. They had lots of video and camera equipment set up and we talked about what we would be doing

We spent about an hour filming Dylan shoving his perfect cock all the way down my throat and face fucking me. I sucked his cock and balls for quite a while. I lick and sucked his asshole and fucked his ass with my tongue. All on film. I was in heaven.

It was time to film Dylan fucking me completely. I was put on my hands and knees put my face down to the floor. The pulled my knees in close to my chest and tied a strap around the back of my knees and around the back of my neck holding me in this position with my ass pointed straight up in the air.

It was an amazing and humiliating feeling being in this position in film an just waiting to be fucked.

I did not know this was part of the plan but his friend fucked me 1st. He had a nice cock and made me feel good but nothing like Dylan’s wonderful cock.

He fucked me for maybe 20 minutes stretching out my asshole and filling me full of his cum. Lubing me up for Dylan.

When he was done Dylan stepped in and his friend took over the cameras He started fucking me slowly at 1st only going in 8 or 9″ at a time. The feeling was incredible at that time and cum would nit stop dripping out of my small cock.

He was squatting down and standing up as his dick went straight down into my ass. He slowly started going in deeper and deeper tell he was as deep as he was ever able to go.

That’s when he really started to fuck me hard. Pulling his cock completely out of my ass by a Beşiktaş escort bayan few inches and rammed it all the way back in as hard as he could. It hurt bad I even screamed and asked him to stop over an over but the fucking continued.

He fucked and fucked and fucked my ass without mercy. I stopped screaming, grit my teeth and cried as he continued to pound my ass harder and deeper then he ever had before.

Finally after about 30 minutes or so I felt his balls bouncing off of mine as he hit bottom more than 14″ deep in my ass. I was amazed he was able to get it all in me but I was in horrible pain deep down inside. The damage was done.

Though in the long run it turned out to be a really good thing because even now as he fucks me regularly he is able to easily completely penetrate me and it feels amazing. I really enjoy having my painted sexy feet up in the air and watching his cock disappear inside my ass pulled completely back out and rammed back in. He’s so long and thick it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

I love looking at the videos and I have lots of pitchers to enjoy. I wish R was still in my life because she was huge into anal through out her life and I think she would be amazed at what we do.

Back to the fucking after he came deep inside my asshole he pulled out and I was unstrapped. As I sat up I noticed I was bleeding from my asshole I was not sure what happened deep inside of my body but I hurt way up in my belly somewhere. I took a shower and got cleaned up with the guys helping me. It was hard to stand and walk.

I wound up going to the emergency room later because the bleeding did not stop. I actually called R and message Escort beşiktaş her. I told her what had happened an even sent a nice picture of Dylans cock in my ass.

At the emergency room it was quite embarrassing having to tell the nurses and 2 different doctors what had happened to me. My asshole was examined multiple times and I had an ultrasound done to see if there was damage inside of me.

My asshole looked like a bright red plum and it stuck out for my crack a couple of inches. It was swollen to an abnormal size for days. I was given pain killers and cream to rub on my asshole. I was sore for about a week and then went to see Dylan because I wanted more and more of his beautiful cock.

Now he is the man that I see or the most post and I do anything that he asks me to do. I have sucked his cock at one of his parties in front of dozens and dozens of people. I have worn many of Robin’s old sexy tops and panties to his house and walked around in front of people while there dress like that. My toes are always freshly manicured for him because he likes me to be his good sissy boy when there. I have some amazing colors designs and diamonds put on my toes because we enjoy that.

I don’t think at this point as much as I have had his cock inside of me that I would ever want to stop.

I’m in a new relationship with a wonderful young lady that enjoys fucking all the time. Actually more than I even want to. Even with her in my life and how much I love fuck a woman. Nothing is better than pleasing Dylan and taking him from both ends.

It’s been a couple weeks now since I did the Gang Bang that he set up and he is already talking about a better and bigger one. I can’t wait.

He said we’re gonna film it and that I will get to watch myself get fucked get by dozens and dozens of well hung men. I look forward to it and all the time that I will get to have cock in my ass, mouth and cum in my belly.

Keep checking back for more stories about Dylan

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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