Finding a New Daddy Ch. 02

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The rest of the day proved both interesting and entertaining. After I cast off the lines, the two boys came above deck, both in board shorts, to help me get underway. The beach boy obviously had some experience with boats, so the three of us worked in near silence. I enjoyed watching my Angel as he watched the new boy. I could almost hear his thoughts as various expressions crossed his face.

Would this boy prove to be an ally? Would he be a liability? Someone to be jealous of? Someone needing to be taken care of? He took frequent glances at the boy, but stopped after he realized I had caught him at it, blushing slightly as he averted his eyes.

We headed out to open sea. After adjusting our course and contacting the Coast Guard I was able to relax and enjoy the ride. Angel, always anticipating my desires, emerged from the cabin with a fresh drink for me as I sat back on one of the benches. He also placed our food on the table before me as he knelt down beside me and I declared, “Always such a good boy, aren’t you, Angel?”

He smiled shyly, not meeting my eyes, quietly responding, “Thank you, Daddy.”

The boy was lingering a few feet away, not sure what to do with himself. I look at him sternly, making him all the more uncomfortable. He was unable to maintain eye contact, and shifted nervously from foot to foot. I continued to stare him down, stopping only to rake my gaze over his willowy skater-boy frame yet again.

He really was quite attractive. Despite the shaggy blonde hair on his head, the rest of his body was nearly hairless, aside from a pale treasure-trail leading southward from his navel into his waistband. He was thin, with very slight muscle development in his arms and shoulders, but no pecks to speak of and a smooth, flat stomach. Last I noticed his large hands and feet, which brought to mind the memory of his long, thin dick, now hidden away from view.

He cleared his throat, clearing my mind as well. I returned my gaze to his face and questioned, “Yes, what is it, boy?”

“Umm, I’m not sure what to call you,” he paused before hastily adding, “Sir.”

“Call me Daddy. Angel you will address as Sir,” Angel perked up at this, glancing at me quickly before again bowing his head. I continued, “Welcome to the family, Willow.” I had been debating over what to call this boy, and the name came out naturally.

I motioned for him to come closer, and surprised him by pulling him down onto my lap. “Here’s how this is going to work. You take care of me, and I will take care of you. You will help Angel keep the house clean, cook for me, go where I tell you to go, do what I tell you to do. In return you will never want for anything. You will have a place to stay, food to eat, new clothes to wear, trips around the world.

“But make no mistake, if you are disrespectful, disloyal or displease me in any way, you will be punished. The severity will of course depend on the offense and my mood for the day. Angel will be your big brother, guiding you and likely enjoying his power over you,” I paused to look at Angel, whose expression only confirmed my hunch. “If you can accept these terms, Willow, then I say again, welcome to the family.”

He was still avoiding my gaze, clearly thinking things over. I turned his chin, forcing him to face me, and gave him a brief kiss. “Make no mistake, I will use you well. But if you are a good boy, you will enjoy it.”

“Umm, OK. I guess that sounds good,” he mumbled, clearly not sure what to say.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I prompted him.

He blushed and look down before repeating his line.

“Good,” I said. “Come, both of you, sit and eat.”

They did as I requested and we enjoyed a nice meal. I dominated the conversation, detailing to Willow what was expected of him. I explained that Angel was required to spend one to two hours in the gym each day to maintain his weight and muscle mass. Willow I would expect to spend an hour each day, but to maintain his slim appearance and not put on additional weight.

I enjoyed looking at the juxtaposition between the two men. Willow was tall and lanky, Angel shorter and bulky. Willow pale and blonde, Angel’s Puerto Rican blood gave him darker hair and skin. I intended to keep the two as separate entities… although the idea of them competing was also compelling… something to keep in mind for the future.

We sailed out for close to an hour before coming up on another smaller island. We anchored in the shallow bay and swam in to the beach. I had no plans in mind for this afternoon, and our trip to the little island was just a way to kill time.

Angel flopped down on the sand to soak up some of the sun’s rays. I took Willow by the hand and lead him back into the water. I walked out until we were about waist deep before pulling his body against mine. I kissed him deeply, taking possession of his mouth. My hand on the back of his head kept him locked to me, while he wrapped a leg around my waist, forcing our crotches together.

His hands grasped at my back, feeling along my spine. I could casino oyna feel the stiff points of his nipples press against my chest while he sucked my tongue deeper into his mouth. I twisted my hand into his blonde locks, pulling back and giving me access to his neck. I licked and nipped my way along his jaw and down from his ear, thrilling to his moans.

I opened my eyes to look over his shoulder. Of course Angel was watching us. Raised up on his elbows, I could see the hard muscle in his abs contracting beautifully. His gaze held my own as I bit down on Willow’s shoulder. Angel’s hand came down to massage his crotch through his board shorts, trying to tease me as much as I was him.

I was teasing myself as well, for I wasn’t going to allow anyone release while we were on this island. I captured Willow’s mouth again, possessing it one last time before releasing him so I could swim around a bit. He gave the most endearing whimper as I left him, but I didn’t let him see my smile.

When I returned to the beach, Willow was now laying next to Angel. There was an uncomfortable space between the two as they regarded each other wearily. They both had eyes only for me, though, as I climbed onto the beach. After the swim I just took I was quite tired and needing to warm up a bit.

I shucked my swim trunks before settling down in the sand between the two of them. I looked at Willow, noting he was still watching me, before turning my gaze to my Angel. He smiled at me before scooting closer for a kiss. This was not a sizzling smooch, but a slow, tender kiss, no doubt designed to make Willow realize the feelings that we shared.

My relationship with my Angel is complicated at best. I know he cared for me very much, and I love him… in my own way. Truthfully I enjoy taking care of him the way many people feel about their pets. That may sound cruel, but it’s just what we had going on. I am closer to him than any other person, and think of him as my partner, it’s just not something we have ever put into words or given a label to. Perhaps with another person in the mix I may be forced to re-assess the situation in the future.

I broke the kiss and turned to Willow, beckoning him closer with a twitch of my head. He scooted near enough to put his hand on my chest before leaning in for his kiss. Of course he tried to out-do my Angel, but I pulled him back with a fistful of his hair.

“Let’s rest for a bit, boys,” I sighed, closing my eyes. I had both men wrapped in my arms and pulled tightly to my body. I was already drifting off to sleep with the thought that they were going to give me some funky tan lines.

When I awoke a short time later I knew I had found paradise. Laying naked on a deserted beach with my two boys still tucked against me was heaven.

Willow, integrated fairly easily into our household. Angel of course remained weary and jealous… and I loved to play the one off of the other.

I required Angel to spend 1-2 hours each day in the gym to work on building and maintaining his muscles. Willow now joined him, but for cardio only as I wanted to keep him lean and trim. I spent an hour a day myself, split between cardio and weights. After all, I had to be able to keep up with my boys!

Both men were expected to shave their body hair, which I easily monitored as neither could wear clothing when in doors. I had already had Angel’s nipples pierced as well as having several piercings through his scrotum as ornamentation. Soon after joining us Willow submitted to having his nipples pierced and receiving a Prince Albert, a hoop piercing that passed down his piss-slit and out just below the ridge of the crown.

Angel had several tattoos, including a tribal arm-band as well as bearing my own mark on the back of his neck, but Willow wouldn’t receive this until I was sure I would keep him around.

Willow remained in awe of our easy life-style, leading me to believe he came from an even more humble background than he would ever admit to. And I do enjoy spoiling my boys. Aside from my bar on the dock, I also owned a club in town and a nicer restaurant at a resort on the island. I had a nice home as well, with several cars and boats.

Additionally, I still traveled on occasional consulting trips, as well as my own world travels. I owned a working ranch in the states, condos in New York, Zurich and Tokyo, as well as a yacht that is docked in Sydney.

It was on once such consulting trip to New York that I lucked into box seats for a show I had been wanting to see. I took my boys to have new suits made. We would be going out for dinner and drinks with friends after the show and I wanted them dressed to impress.

When the night of the show came I had to pause and admire the way my boys looked in their suits, seriously considering skipping the show so I could keep them all to myself .

Angel had bulky muscles stretching the fabric of his shirt taught, neck filling the collar of his shirt, yet tapering down to a trim waistline that just screamed ‘touch me’. Willow, on the other hand, was canlı casino so slim his shirt hung loosely, yet artfully, on his long torso before tucking in to his low-riding pants held in place by a narrow belt. Angel’s dark complexion was enhanced by a deep red shirt, while Willow’s paler look was exaggerated by a dark charcoal suit with matching shirt. Willow had also put some gel in his hair, giving it the intentionally tussled look. He knows I dislike the gel, but I had to admit he did look good. One of them, and I’m not sure which one, had a rich, spiced cologne that permeated the air without being overwhelming.

Suffice it to say, they looked good enough to eat, and I was more than hungry for them. I gave each of my boys a deep, appreciative kiss before stepping into the waiting Towncar, only a few minutes late.

I had purchased box seats, and had invited some clients to join us for the show. I never hide the fact that I am gay, and most people that I work with know about my lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I flaunt it or try to shove it in people’s faces. As such, I expected my boys to behave themselves, though perhaps I should have been more emphatic on that point.

I knew my Angel didn’t care for the theater as I do, but he also knows I like to show off my big muscled guy. I hadn’t yet taken Willow out for a night like this, so I hoped he would at least behave himself. That was not to be the case.

It started out with him trying to distract me/ get my attention, with his hand on my thigh, squeezing and stroking, working his way up my leg. The first time this happened, I simply removed his hand, not seeing it for what it was. The second time, however, I realized what his ploy was and so exaggeratedly removed his hand, placing it in his lap, before giving him a hard, bruise-inducing pinch on the side of his neck. He winced and got the message, and I hoped that no one else in the box had noticed.

Things were calm for the next 15 minutes, and I let my mind refocus on the show. The next thing that caught my attention was not Willow, but one of my customers, who had turned to look over her shoulder with annoyance written plainly on her face. I turned to look at what was bothering her, and was embarrassed to see it was Willow and my Angel, making out like a couple of horny teenagers.

I stood abruptly, gaining their attention, grabbed each of them by their upper arm and pushed them forcefully ahead of me and out the door, sending whispered apologies over my shoulder to the customers still seated in the box. The show was not yet to intermission, so the lobby was deserted as we made our way to the front of the house. I was almost too upset to speak, and didn’t want to lose my temper here.

I shoved them into the back of a waiting Towncar without saying a word, slamming the door. I climbed into the front seat, directing the driver back towards our place. We stopped at the convenience store on the corner before pulling up to our building. I paid the driver well and got out, opening the back door of the car, avoiding eye contact as my boys came spilling out.

The doorman greeted us as usual, but didn’t pursue casual conversation after a hard look from me. I again grabbed my boys by their upper arms and pushed them ahead of me into the building. They wisely kept their mouths shut on the elevator ride up. I let go of them to open the front door, and left them standing in the hallway as I swept through the apartment. I paused just long enough to pour myself a drink before stepping out onto the balcony.

I lit up a cigarette from the pack I just purchased, and took a large drink of the scotch. I discarded my coat and tie, rolling up the sleeves to my shirt. I was positively boiling with anger, and sucked furiously on my cigarette in an attempt to calm myself. I imagined steam rolling off my body I was so pissed. I drank the last of the scotch and lit a second cigarette. I debating getting a second glass, but knew I shouldn’t, and instead began to focus on an appropriate punishment. Up to this point Willow had been a fairly good, respectable boy, and had not yet earned a serious punishment. He would learn.

I finished off the second cigarette and went back inside. Both of my boys were waiting, naked and kneeling, as I knew they would be. I gathered my thoughts for a moment before speaking. “I don’t know if I have ever been as upset, disappointed, or embarrassed as I am right now.” I spoke evenly and clearly, wanting them to understand where my anger was coming from. “I had been waiting to see this show for weeks, and was excited to show my two handsome boys off. Then you embarrass me like that, in front of clients, ruining the show?” I pause here, but can detect zero reaction from either of their bowed heads. “What do you have to say for yourselves?”

They remain unmoving and silent for close to twenty seconds, until Willow can no longer take it, and turns his head toward my Angel. Angel gives a barely discernable shake of his head. Willow lifts his head slightly but does not make eye contact with me before speaking. kaçak casino “I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t – ” I cut him off back-handing him across the face.

“That’s the problem right there!” I exclaim. “You were only concerned with yourself. You forgot that I always come first. Your only concern, your only duty, is to please ME, I will take care of everything else.” I am silent again, waiting for more excuses to come, and am pleased when my statement is followed only by silence.

I let the silence stretch out to an almost comical length, letting their brains slip into hyper-drive. I turn and walk toward our spare room, which had been outfitted as a ‘play room’, and snapped for them to follow me. They scrambled along on all fours, though I pay them no mind. Their collars and cuffs are laid out neatly on the table. I throw these at them and grunt out, “Put them on, quickly.” Again they rushed to obey, but I turned to gather more equipment.

I pick up two clips, and am disappointed they aren’t ready for me, though it had only been a few seconds. I prefer to use clips rather than locks, so they are as aware as I am that escape is possible, if they desired, yet they submit anyway. More head-games, I know, but the Dom in me loves the power.

Angel, having more experience with the restraints, was ready first. I clip his wrists together, then to the collar, before bending him over the table, face down and ass exposed. I repeat this with Willow, jerking him around a little more than strictly necessary. Tonight would truly test his resolve to stay and serve me.

I had already decided on how to begin this punishment, and pick up a large wooden paddle from where it hung on the wall. Long and flat, with holes drilled in for aerodynamics, it is similar to what you might see in a frat house or out-of-date boarding schools, except this one is covered with rubber to increase the sting.

I gave the boys no warning or time to prepare before launching into my attack. I swing hard, heavy and haphazardly, letting the blows land where they may. I do not count, merely swing-away, waiting for my anger to go down. Both asses are bright red and wiggling in no time, and I was working up a sweat myself.

I set the paddle down and slowly unbutton my shirt, watching the boys writhe in discomfort. I slip the shirt of my shoulders, untucking it from my pants and hang it on the door knob. I pick the paddle up again and resume my swatting. The boys are louder now, crying and groaning against closed lips, smart enough not to cry out or protest openly.

I alternate between the two, but irregularly, as I love watching the first flinch when I switch. I vary the pace and location, until the backs of their thighs are as crimson as their asses. I will enjoy watching their attempts to sit over the next week as they slowly recover. Sweat is now dripping down my torso, and in conjunction with their sweat the musky, salty smell permeates the air around us. Perhaps 10 minutes has passed since we entered the room, and my anger has gone down a small notch, but has not left yet.

I pull my Angel up by his collar, turning him to face me before invading his mouth with my tongue. It is a demanding kiss, one that he willingly submits to. I unclip his hands and order him to get some rope. I pull Willow up by his collar as well, and laugh to see the tears streaming down his face. His red eyes and nose make me want to shove my cock down his throat, wanting to hear him gag on me, though I rarely use sex for punishment. I instead spit a nice gob of mucus into his face, laughing more as he cringes, squeezing his eyes shut.

I unclip Willows hands now and turn him around, pulling his hands behind his back. I take the rope from Angel and bind Willows arms together, from his wrists till up above his elbow, pulling his shoulders back past their comfort. I loop the rope around his chest a few times, creating a harness, looping the excess through a hook in the ceiling.

I next helped him to stand on a 6″ high block of wood, the top of which had been covered with a copper plate. Angel had endured this for me in the past, but never Willow, and I was excited to hear his screams. I pointed to the electronic equipment on a near-by shelf and Angel retrieved it for me. I pulled the rope taught behind Willows back, pulling him up onto tip-toes, before securing it with a knot. The excess I passed through the hoop on one ankle cuff before again looping it through the ceiling. I pulled on the rope sharply, pulling his leg out to a 90 degree angle and throwing him quite off balance. I again knotted the rope, tucking the rest out of the way.

Angel had brought for me wired clips, which I attach to Willow’s nipple rings without ceremony, as well as an interesting device for his cock. I place a rubber cock ring around his cock and balls, forcing the blood to help maintain an erection he was too scared to keep on his own. I leaned down to suck the head of his cock briefly, just enough to help him along. I then took the wired cock ring from Angel, which was actually designed to fit just around the crown of his cock along with a ¾” spike that slips into his urethra. It was a tight fit with the Prince Albert piercing he was already sporting, but I managed to make it fit.

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