Finding a Virgin Ch. 02

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Gretchen left work early for the day, unable to concentrate with the thought of meeting Stephen and Brendan that evening. She showered and washed, shaving her pussy carefully, preparing the way a woman does when she’s planning on having sex with a new man. After her shower, she smoothed lotion on her skin, stroking herself, feeling her skin heat, her pussy grow wet, the scent of aroused woman blending with vanilla and orange from the lotion.

She dressed carefully, a black lace bra hugging her full breasts, a black lace garter holding up fine black stockings with little sparkles here and there. She fingered a black silk thong, then pulled it on over the stockings. She didn’t know if Stephen was a leg man, but this way she could remove her panties to be fucked and still leave her stockings on, if that’s what he liked. Next came the ‘fuck me’ heels as her niece called them….four inch tall black sandals with straps that wrapped twice around her ankles. There were little glass beads on the straps that matched the sparkle in her stockings.

Now…what to wear over this? She was already hot, already ready for fucking, and the thought of another layer of clothing make her itchy. She shifted through the dresses in her closet, finally choosing a green silk wrap. Then she realized that she needed to pack a bag. If she was supposed to let Stephen think this was his idea, she should look like she was staying overnight at the hotel. Plus, she might want something soft and comfy for later, after she was well fucked.

Gretchen threw a few things into a bag, then carried it down to the front door. She checked her reflection, deciding she looked respectable, like a successful business woman relaxing after work. Time to make that all a lie…

Gretchen checked in early, requesting two key cards while she signed the register. No one reacted oddly, so she assumed she looked safe…not like a woman on the prowl. She carried her bag up to the room and unpacked. She tried to calm herself down, to not look eager when she went downstairs, but she was all but vibrating with excitement. She hadn’t been this eager to have sex in….well, she couldn’t remember ever being this aroused.

She was a few minutes early when she finally rode the elevator down to the lobby. She looked around and decided they would probably look for her in the upscale bar/café to one side of the lobby. She crossed casually, trying not to clutch at her little purse, trying not to think about the condoms in it or the fact that pussy juices were sliding down her inner thighs or that her breasts were so tender that every breath made them rub her lace bra and sent flashes of heat straight to her core. She stopped briefly at the doorway and then strolled to a stool at the bar and sat.

She ordered a rum and coke and sipped lightly, her eyes scanning the area. It was ten minutes to six and she was vibrating with anticipation. The ice in her drink clinked lightly when she set the glass down and she wondered if you could melt down and climax without even being touched.

“Miss Gretchen,” Brendan’s voice came from behind her and she turned with a smile. His hands took her shoulders and he brushed his lips over her cheek, but her eyes were on the tall man behind him. Brendan was taller than she, but this new man was several inches taller than Brendan. She knew her eyes were wide when he gave her a half-smile. Brendan pulled back, taking the card she slipped him and sliding it into his pocket out of sight. “This is Stephen. He’s our local expert on the issue you’re having.”

Sex? She blushed a little as the thought popped into her head and was thankful she hadn’t blurted it right out. Stephen stepped forward and offered his hand. When she took it, he brought it to his lips, but instead of kissing her knuckles, he licked her fingertips and she couldn’t stop the shiver. She remembered Brendan saying that Stephen came across as eager, but this was a little beyond. And he was a virgin?

“Gretchen?” Another male voice behind her had her wincing. Gretchen turned slowly to face her ex-husband.

“Hi, Rick,” she smiles graciously, stepping back to align herself with Stephen and Brendan, hoping her ex would get the hint and go away.

“You’re looking…” his voice drops low and Gretchen feels her pussy tighten. She reminded herself that he left her, that he hadn’t pleasured her in months…that she hadn’t cum in years during their marriage – primarily because he’d been putting all his energy into his boss’ pussy.

“Like someone who’s in the middle of something,” she completes tartly, seeing his eyes widen a little in surprise. She feels a hand stroke her ass and smiles. “It’s been great seeing you…”

Rick frowns, but backs off and heads for the group he came in with. The group of men greeted him, obviously curious about Gretchen, but he shrugs bad-naturedly and casino siteleri they all shift to a booth with a clear view of the big screen showing the baseball game.

“Listen,” Brendan says suddenly as Gretchen turns back to the two men, “I have to duck out too. I’ve got to check in with my physics professor about my last test grade.” He gives Gretchen a wink where Stephen can’t see.

Gretchen and Stephen sit at the bar and Gretchen takes a sip of her drink. Stephen leans closer and she hides a smile in her glass as his hand slides over her thigh. She turns on the stool until her leg is between his and they are close together, intimate. “So tell me how you know Brendan, Stephen.”

“We met freshman year and ended up pledging together,” Stephen shrugged, “He’s more towards the operating systems, but I like end-user apps.” He smiled at her and then turned as the bartender appeared. He ordered a plain cola and lifted an eyebrow to her. She covered her glass to indicate she was fine. When the bartender placed the glass of soda down and left, Stephen turned back to her. “Brendan said you had an issue…?”

Gretchen’s mind went blank a moment as his hand stroked her leg, easing her dress up a little. “Umm…yes,” she shivered as his fingers started to stroke the inside of her thigh, moving up a little each time. “I’m trying to put something together at work, a tracking program, and I’ve hit a glitch.” She couldn’t remember what it was at the moment, since her pussy was starting to quiver and seep.

Stephen smiled, “Well, sounds like something up my alley. I’ve done a few tracking programs.” He leaned closer. “But I’m getting the idea that you’re a little distracted right now.”

Her eyes lifted to his and she saw the desire, the heat there. “Your…hand…is a little busy,” she murmured. His fingers were almost up to her panties now and she knew he’d find them drenched.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he whispered, leaning even closer, his mouth getting closer to hers. She saw his eyes drop and knew he was looking down the top of her dress. Eager was nowhere near what Stephen was. Horny, yes, and quickly getting towards scary. Surely he couldn’t be a virgin…although her body didn’t care. She was hot, edgy, tense and really just needed to be fucked.

“I…I’m don’t…well,” she stammered.

“I think you’re very attractive, Gretchen,” he said, “Very classy and elegant.” She managed a smile, catching movement out of the corner of her eye and realizing that Rick is watching them. She flushes a little, knowing he’s seeing Stephen fondle her right in the bar.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“I don’t know if Brendan said anything,” he continued, “But I’ve been looking for a classy woman to spend time with.” She managed to shake her head. “I really haven’t found a woman I like yet. The coeds seem so…young.”

“Compared to me, I suppose they are,” she answered, looking down at her drink a moment. She felt a little dizzy…probably due to the blood pulsing in her cunt.

“Not in age, but in attitude,” Stephen clarified, “I’m looking for someone more…mature. Who understands that being with a man is a mutual pleasure thing, not just a quick fuck.” Her eyes widen at his blunt words. “I hope you don’t mind me being honest.”

“No…honesty is good,” she said, feeling a little bad that she wasn’t telling him the entire truth, but not willing to make a confession right now. Especially since she suspected Brendan was already up in her hotel room waiting for them. A full confession would end this night way too quickly.

“I thought you would appreciate it,” Stephen smiled. His hand shifted that last inch and his fingers brushed the silk covering her mound. His smile widened as he felt the damp material and watched her shudder at the sensation of his touch. His voice hesitated, stumbled, then continued, “More honestly, I’m looking for a woman to be my first.”

“Your first…” She was amazed she could even speak with the tension and heat in her core. She would be so embarrassed if she came right here on the stool but it was a definite possibility.

He looked around, specifically locking eyes with Rick, who was glaring at them. He leaned closer to Gretchen, his mouth at her ear. “Can we go up to your room? Brendan mentioned you were staying here. Maybe we can talk about this in private?”

It took her a minute to realize what he’d said since the feel of his warm breath had her own breath stopping in her lungs. She nodded with a smile. “Let’s go upstairs.”

His hand stayed on the small of her back as they walked to the elevator. She was trembling, so ready to have sex that she could only hope her legs held her until they got to the room. There was another couple standing there who got on the elevator with them, so the ride was silent. She fumbled the card a little when they got to the door and canlı casino Stephen’s hand covered hers, guiding the card into the slot. The click of the lock made her shudder.

Inside, she glanced around, wondering where Brendan was. Then Stephen touched her back again, guiding her towards the bed, and she forgot everything else. She sat and looked up at him standing before her. The bulge in his pants was huge and she felt both her mouth water and her throat tighten. Stephen undid his belt, then opened his fly and the biggest cock she’d ever seen sprang free.

“My size scares women,” he murmurs, stroking his shaft slowly, his red penis seeming to swell before her eyes. She felt faint again, but with desire, not fear. She reached for him, gently wrapping her hand over his, feeling the way he held his cock, the rhythm he stroked with.

“You don’t scare me,” she whispered, her eyes on his. She licked her lips. “Would you like to be with me tonight, Stephen? To touch me, to have me touch you? I want you, Stephen, I want to feel you inside me.” That, at least, what pure honesty. Her pussy quivered and ached to feel this monster stretch and fill her cunt.

“I want you, Gretchen,” he growled, his hands untying her dress, spreading the wrap of silky cloth. When he saw what she wore underneath, his breath caught and his eyes met hers. “You are beautiful.”

She felt beautiful, powerful, sexy. She stood slowly, letting the dress drop to the floor. She took his hands and put them over her breasts. “Touch me, Stephen.” He smiled, his fingers unhooking her bra with a twist of the small clasp between her globes. When the lace fell away and he saw her full pale breasts, her hard pink nipples, he licked his lips. “Yes,” she moaned. His mouth covered one, sucking hesitantly at first, then harder when she whimpered and slid her hands into his hair. He guided her back to the bed, easing her down on her back, straddling her, his cock brushing her bare stomach even though he was on his knees above her. She shuddered at the wet feel of his tip.

“Will you let me touch you?” she purred, reaching for him. He caught her hand, then lifted both wrists to the bed above her head.

“If you touch me now, I’ll cum,” he growled. “Just let me touch you, Gretchen.” He lowered his head and lapped at her tight nipple, enjoying the way she trembled. “I really want to touch you.”

“Anything…” She moaned as his hands stroked her hips, his fingers hooking in her panties and slowly pulling them down. He lifted the silk to his nose, inhaling her scent.

“You are so…excited by the thought of me,” he murmured. His eyes met hers and she saw more than lust…something that made her nervous. This was supposed to be hot sex, not a relationship.

“I love the thought of you,” she answered carefully, “and I really want to feel you, Stephen.” She shifted, spreading her legs to draw his attention from her words to her cunt. “Look at me. I’m so wet for you.” His eyes dropped and she felt relief. Then she watched his eyes heat, his face change to reflect lust and hunger, and she shuddered with arousal.

“Taste me, Stephen,” she whispered, “Taste what you do to me.”

He bent, lowering his head, his tongue out and reaching for her. She felt the light brush, heard a strangled sound, and then he was eagerly lapping at her slit. She moaned, spreading her legs wider and he took the hint, his hands pressing her inner thighs apart, opening her so he could feast greedily. She squirmed and writhed, sobbing in pleasure, as he explored her pussy lips, her quivering cunt with his tongue. “Yes, yes, Stephen,” she sobbed.

When she came, arching, crying out wordlessly, he suckled her, slurping up the juices that poured from her pussy. She finally went limp as the spasms eased and he lifted his head, his mouth wet from her pleasure. She stared at him wordless, dazed, and he grinned. “Gretchen,” he whispered, her name reverent.

She managed a smile. “You’re very good at that for a first,” she purred. She shifted, lifting herself up on her elbows, eyeing his thick cock. “Let’s see how you are with your other tool.”

Stephen’s grin widened. He scooped up her thighs over his forearms, pushing her further up the bed as he knelt between her legs. “I can’t believe…you don’t know,” he stumbled to a halt, “Tell me what you want, Gretchen.” His voice was low, husky, intense.

“I want you to slide that big cock in my cunt,” she whispered, not caring that she was being crude, “I want to feel your dick fuck me.” His look heated, grew hungry.

“Hearing you talk like that makes me hot, Gretchen,” he growled, “Makes me want to give you just what you ask for.”

“Give it to me, Stephen,” she purred, “Fuck me. Let me be the first pussy you feel on your cock. Let me be the first cunt you cum in.” She watched the shudder go through him. “I want to be kaçak casino filled with your cum, Stephen.”

He shifted and she felt his head against her hole. He was so broad, she bit her lip as he began to penetrate, his size stretching her pussy wide. “Oh, God, yes,” she moaned as he hesitated, “Give me more, Stephen.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he grunted, his hands fisted in the bedding as he tried to hold back. The feel of her tight pussy wrapped around his inflamed cock was driving him crazy.

“Just fuck me, Stephen,” she ordered. She bucked her hips, urging him to move. “FUCK ME!”

Stephen thrust, his cock driving forward until she was filled, overfilled, stuffed with his hard flesh. She arched with a cry of pleasure. “God, yes, oh, please, God, yes,” she sobbed. Stephen pulled back and thrust again, clenching his jaw over the sensations. Each stroke made her writhe and pant and he began to move faster, eagerly filling her again and again.

“Damn, Gretchen…you feel…so hot…so good,” he groaned, grunting a little as he pumped his hips and rammed her cunt. The sight of his cock inside her was making him even hotter. The feel of her was just incredible. But too soon he knew he was going to cum.

“I…God, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, wanting to hold back, wanting to satisfy her too. Her eyes opened and met his and he saw her pleasure in her glazed expression. It took her a minute, then she smiled.

“Give me your hand,” she whispered. He shifted, offering one of his hands. She took it, guided it to her mound and pressed his finger against her clit. He watched the shudder go through her. “Rub, Stephen, and I’ll cum all over your cock.” He rubbed frantically, each thrust taking him closer to the edge, his balls tight and hot.

Gretchen moaned at the twin sensations swirling together in her core. The friction of his cock was perfect, long strokes, an endless hot caress against her pussy. The rubbing of his fingers sent little shocks through her system and she felt her inner muscles tighten. “Yes, baby, yes,” she mumbled, squirming more.

Stephen bit his lip as he watched the flush spread over her breasts. She suddenly arched with a cry and he felt hot liquid surround his cock. The sensation was too much and he felt his cock pulse as he erupted with a low groan.

Gretchen screamed a second time as his cum exploded into her core. She clutched his arms as she bucked under him, his cock spewing his release inside her. She felt it gush from her cunt, spill down her thighs and slit to the wet the bedding, and then felt a second gush as he pulled back, sliding out of her. She lay shuddering, panting, shivering, as he shifted to lay beside her, sounding as overwhelmed as she felt.

Finally, she felt her breathing calm and turned her head. Stephen was watching her, lying on his side, smiling. She smiled back. “Thank you,” she purred, “I really enjoyed that.”

“Thank you,” he replied, his tone amused, “I guessed that you did. I did too.”

“You’re a natural,” she responded in kind, rolling to her side to run her fingers lightly over his spent cock, seeing him flinch, his penis still sensitive. “Would you like to play again?”

He gave her a look of surprise…then his grin turned wicked. “Not tonight, because I’ve got an exam tomorrow and, well, honestly I’m kind of worn out,” he admitted — to her surprise – but then continued, “But I’d love to meet up with you again.”

Gretchen sat up slowly, a little baffled. She had thought that all young men would be eager to go all night. Stephen got up as well, picking up his clothing and getting dressed. She watched silently until he turned and looked at her. “Sure, Stephen,” she belatedly replied, “I’d enjoy that. Do you want my number?”

When he nodded, she got up and slipped her dress on over her near nakedness, belting it loosely. She wrote her cell phone number down on the little pad on the night table and turned to hand it to him. Stephen caught her hand and pressed his lips to her palm, making her shiver as her body responded to his. “I hope you’re not disappointed,” he murmured, “I’d really love to spend all night with you, but I know you have to go to work in the morning and I really need to pass this test to help maintain my scholarship.”

Touched, she smiled gently. “A little disappointed, but glad that one of us is thinking,” she answered lightly, remembering that she didn’t want a relationship and that Brendan was here somewhere to fill the rest of her night. “There will be other nights…”

She walked him to the door, watching him get on the elevator with a smile. She returned his wave as the doors closed. She started to step back inside and felt hands slide around her waist. A hot wet mouth nuzzled her neck and she whimpered…and watched stunned as her ex-husband stepped off the second elevator and turned to look at her. He strode forward with a hot look. She stepped back in alarm and he pushed the door open.

“Rick?” she gasped, standing in Brendan’s arms, staring at her ex-husband, still wet from sex with Stephen. What a night…

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