Finding My Role as a Submissive Ch. 01

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I’ve been told to write this letter by the man I now live with. He believes it might encourage others in similar situations to find compatible lovers.

I’m Jack, 28 years old, 5’8″, 150 lbs, and considered good looking. I’ve been bisexual since I was a teenager, when I first fooled around with male friends. I continued playing with both men and women into my early 20s but something always seemed to be missing from my relationships. Then, a few years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I went to see the movie “Secretary.” For those of you who haven’t seen it, the film tastefully deals with a S&M relationship between a male boss and his female secretary.

When my girlfriend and I were lying in bed that night she told me that she thought I had some strong submissive tendencies myself. As examples, she referred to my heightened joy at having her sit on my face hard and stuff her fingers up my ass as she ground her pussy onto my mouth.

I was a little perplexed by what she said, but somewhat agreed. I asked her if she’d like to try exploring more of that with me and she politely declined saying, “Men are usually more dominant sexually, I’m not into being a dominatrix….”

Over the next few days I gave it a lot of thought and began to think that I’d like to have a strong man to dominate me sexually. It did start to make some sense to me, as I always really preferred being the ‘receiver’ during anal sex.

I placed an ad on the Internet looking for a dominant ‘top’ man to take charge of me sexually. I made it clear in the ad that I was bisexual but had the desire to drop the bi part and go 100 percent gay with the right man. I had a bunch of replies and spent weeks chatting online with these men. Unfortunately, most of them only seemed interested in a quickie or were bizarre people in other ways.

Then Dan answered my ad. He seemed very likeable from our chats so I agreed to meet him in person at a local coffee shop. I was attracted at first sight. Dan was 35 handsome and very tall—nearly 6’6″. He explained that he wasn’t interested in just a one night stand, that he wanted regular sexual encounters with a partner who was willing to completely submit to him.

I was intrigued and a little scared by what he said so I asked, “Completely submit? What does that mean to you?”

Dan didn’t miss a beat as he replied, “I tell you what to do and you do it, whenever we’re in private you follow my orders. I want to start off with a guy who knows what I’m looking for and become more dominant and kinky with future sessions. Also, there’d be no room for you to be bi, you’d have to realize that you’re 100 homosexual from now on…”

There was silence for a while after he said that. Although that was exactly what I’d requested in my ad, hearing a real man speak it to me in person left my head spinning.

Dan broke the silence by asking “Are you okay with that?” I could only nod my head in response. “Good, ” he continued. “because eventually our Ankara escort relationship would wind up with me as the master and you as my sex slave.”

Dan added that if I was willing to try it, I should report to his home on Friday, prepared to stay the weekend. He also told me to shave myself completely from the neck down as my first act of submission to him.

I nervously prepared myself shaving my body completely on Thursday night. When I arrived at his house the following night, I was trembling. Dan greeted me in only running shorts.

He asked me as he closed the door behind us, “So, you ready to be my faggot boy?” I said, “Yes.” Dan snapped back ‘No, say it all out loud!” I got the hint and answered “I am ready to be your faggot boy’

“Good boy” he said.

He told me to make myself comfortable and handed me a beer. We made small talk for about 10 minutes and I quickly downed two beers.

Dan said “We’ll get down to business now” I stood up to face him. “Let’s see if you’re hairless,” he said. I removed my clothes. He was pleased with my appearance and told me I had a nice body. Dan moved up closer and put his hands on my shoulders. I thought he might lean in and kiss me but instead started pushing down on my shoulders. I dropped down to my knees in front of him.

Dan then lowered his shorts and out sprung a very thick 7.5″ cock that was already semi hard. He took it in his hand and started rubbing it all over my face. I was in heaven and thought about how much being submissive was turning me on. I instinctively kissed his cock a few times. In a low voice he said “Yeah that’s it, make it hard” I kept kissing and licking his shaft and ball sack and Dan’s cock began to grow and get stiffer.

He continued wiping it all over my face then pointed it at my lips and said “Jack, I know you’ve given head before but its going to be different with me. You are going to WORSHIP my cock and balls. Now put your lips on my cockhead.”

I opened my mouth and looked up at Dan. He immediately pushed the fat head onto my tongue. Unfortunately, his girth and length meant I could only suck a few inches at first. I did my best to keep my teeth from grazing him.

I managed to get a some more cock in my mouth after a few minutes. I head Dan say “Yeah, you love my dick in your mouth don’t you?” I could only moan with my mouth full in reply. Dan then put one hand, then the other on the back of my head and started pushing further into my mouth. He would push the head ’till it reached the back of my throat, I’d start to gag a little, then he’d pull back as I struggled to keep up.

Dan started getting more verbal. He was calling me a cocksucker and a slut and obviously getting worked up as he pushed my head down on his thick dick over and over. Occasionally, he would pull it out and tell me to lick his balls as he rubbed his wet dick all over my face. We moved all around his living room while I spent at least Escort ankara 15 minutes sucking him.

I felt him getting more forceful. He kept pushing the cockhead against the back of my mouth and holding it there. I began to consciously relax my throat, so as not to gag. He must have sensed this because I then felt him grab my head hard with both hands and lunge forward.

The cockhead went into my throat. I could barely breath around it and started breathing through my nose. Dan said “YEAH! Like that?” I managed to moan with my mouth full of cock. He pushed the head further in and I felt my throat being stretched. Thankfully, I wasn’t choking or gagging and before I knew it, Dan’s big balls reached my chin.

He held his cock all the way in my mouth and throat for a good 30 seconds until he withdrew almost completely from my throat, then he slowly plunged back in. “Good boy,” he said “Eat that big cock. You’re gonna be having my dick in your throat a lot so get used to it!”

Dan looked down and tilted my head up. As he withdrew his cock completely, he waved his swollen cock at me and said “I think it’s about time you took this up your ass”

I couldn’t even speak. Though I had been assfucked before, I could tell Dan was much more intense about it. I tried to relax. Dan led me into his bedroom. He took out a tube of lube from his nightstand and instructed me to lie face up on top of some pillows. The tube had a long nozzle, which he pushed into my ass. He squirted out what seemed like half the tube inside me.

I looked on confused and he said “Don’t worry. I’ll work all that lube in…’ with a big smile. He then rolled a condom down his long shaft and pushed my legs back until my thighs were against my chest. I was trembling with a combination of nerves and excitement.

Dan placed his cockhead to my anus and pushed two times but my ass wouldn’t give in. Then he pushed very hard and the head went through my spincter. I cried out in discomfort and winced. He looked like he might remove his cock from my ass for a second…but didn’t.

Dan said “Relaxxxx boy. I’m going to make you my slut.” He grabbed my legs firmly behind my knees and began to push more cock inside me. I clutched the bedsheets with all my might.

He told me I had about half his cock up my ass and asked how it felt so far. “Rough,” I managed to stammer out in response. He laughed a little, pulled back and SLAMMED the remaining inches inside my ass.

“Now THAT was rough!” he said. I could only groan in response. Dan left his cock all the way in me for a minute and started to shift it around. “gotta loosen your ass up,” he said.

Dan would pull out just a little, then slide back in. This went on for about 5 minutes and the discomfort began to subside. His cockhead was obviously much thicker than the shaft and I could feel it stretching my insides.

He said, “look at you, you’re loving this, look at how hard your cock is…” Ankara escort bayan I looked down. I had probably never had such a raging hard on. It was bouncing on my belly.

Dan pulled out. “I want you to ride me now” Though my legs were a little weak, I managed to straddle him and place my ass above his crotch. He firmly put his hands on my hips and pulled me down onto his hard cock. Dan instructed me to slide up and down and I followed his commands.

Every time his fat cockhead pushed against my prostate, it felt great. I did my best to heed Dan’s instructions as he told me how fast to slide and to pull up on him all the way so that only his head was in my ass, then slide back down. After doing this for 10 minutes, I felt like I’d become a good rider.

Dan pulled me off him, then told me to get on all fours. He put his rock hard dick back against my asshole, grabbed my hips, and started pulling me back onto him. Soon, I was balls-deep again. But Dan started pounding me harder. I lowered my head and moaned. It felt so good.

My lover grabbed the back of my hair and yanked my head up hard. “So, whatta say boy?” he yelled at me. I managed to pant out “oh god…”

“you…are…loving…this…cock…fucking…your …slutty…ass. Aren’t you boy?” Dan asked roughly asked in time with his thrusts. “Yes..” I hissed back to him.

“You are never going to go with a woman again, now that you’ve learned your place. And what are you now?

“Gay,” I stammered back.

“Nice try,” Dan said loudly. “SAY WHAT YOU ARE. NOW!!”

I knew what how he wanted me to answer…so I gave in “I’m a Faggot!” I yelled loud enough for neighbors to hear.

“That’s right you are!” In a series of quick moves, Dan pulled out of me, yanked the condom off his cock and came around in front of me. He commanded me to jerk him off. I took his massively swollen cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He grabbed my head again so that his cock pointed right at my face.

As I continued stroking him, Dan told me he was going to paint my face to ‘mark his territory.’ It was only a minute later that he groaned and shot the first volley of semen square onto my forehead. I watched amazed as rope after rope of hot cum went into my hair and face. After he was done shooting, I let go of his cock.

Dan quickly ran to get his digital camera and took a picture of my on my knees, covered in cum. He ordered me to jerk off and I quickly did so, shooting all over the floor. Dan took pictures of that too.

He had me clean up and we watched a little TV before I went to sleep on his couch. The next morning, we continued my ‘education,’ with lessons throughout the weekend. Dan printed out the pictures he took of me and made me put them in my wallet. I was told if I ever doubted my sexuality, to look at the pictures.

In fact, I would look at them several times a day and get very horny each time. After a few weeks of regular visits to his place, Dan convinced me to move into his spare bedroom.

We’ve been living together a couple of years now and things are going very well. I’d be happy to share more details of what has transpired between us if there is some positive feedback. It really has been a sexual fulfillment for me.


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