Finding Myself and My Best Friend Ch. 02

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Welcome to the second part of my story.

If you haven’t already read the first part of my story, (Me and My Best Friend Find Each Other) I’d recommend you have a read first and then come back.

For those that just need a brief reminder, at the end of the first part I felt embarrassed and confused by my encounter with a completely random guy in the uni library toilets.

Now the story continues, as always your feedback is most welcome.



By the time I got home, my sulk had started to wear off, but I didn’t much feel like finishing what I’d started in the uni library. I threw on the TV and just laid back on my bed. It was unfortunately a twin bed, but enough space for me.

My room was spacious enough, certainly big enough for a 3 seat couch, my bed, and my TV stand, with some space in the middle of the room. On the walls there were the usual student posters to make me feel at home, in fact this had once been a living room, and the bedroom was a shared room, but my flatmate and I rightly wanted our own space, and we didn’t mind sharing social spaces in our own rooms like we used to do at uni, besides we had the kitchen as well that we shared.

I threw on one of the soaps, and found myself quickly dozing off, throwing my duvet over me to keep me warm, and within no time, I had fallen asleep.

I woke with a start, fuck knows what time it was, but my room suddenly filled with light and noise, as my mate came bursting in the room, “Pauly!” he shouted, and came bounding for my bed, and headed straight for me.

I had barely had a chance to roll over onto my side, as I wanted to hide the hardon that had grown in my sleep, when my mate Danny landed on the bed. His face was right up by my face, his body was straddling mine and he was trying to wrestle me, the annoying shit that he was. I tried to push him off me, but the duvet had me trapped, and he was holding me down firm.

“Fuck sake man!” I said to him, “get the fuck off me, I’ve got a hard on!”

He just burst out laughing in response, and didn’t let up, if anything he tried harder, trying to grab for my crotch, and I wasn’t able to wriggle away.

“Oh fuck! You do have a hard on!” he said, letting go after he had a good grip of it through my duvet, laughing even louder. He rolled on his back, still on my bed, very pleased with himself for his efforts. “You know Pauly,” he said, “I reckon my cock must be about the same size as yours, it felt about the same.”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say, but I had to say something. “Ok,” I said, pulling the covers over me a bit more, and hiding my hardon once more. It wasn’t going soft anytime soon, and the revelation was bouncing about my head. I was too horny from everything that had happened today.

He jumped off my bed again, and wandered back out of my room, and I could hear banging about in the kitchen. Sounded like he was planning on making some food, which wasn’t uncommon.

I should probably explain Danny. He isn’t my flatmate, he’s more a nuisance and an annoyance at times, and I’ve known him for the past couple years. I’ve also got a thing for him that I couldn’t explain or understand, I mean he was a dick most of the time, but he was my friend too. Not long after we’d met, I’d accidentally walked in on him while he was in bed, and I could make out his hardon under his bed sheets, so I kinda knew how big his dick was, and yeah, he was right, it’s about the same size as mine, but I’d never made a deal out of it. I guess payback is fair, but he had grabbed me good and proper, I still felt the throb from his squeeze.

Dan and I had a strange relationship. I’d overheard someone comment on it, saying we were like a couple.

We spent a lot of time together, when we weren’t with our own circle of friends, we made dinner together, if one of us bought food, the other would cook it, that sort of thing. We would sit together watching TV, we would talk shite about it, and watch sports on TV, and go to the cinema together and often go out clubbing together. I can see why they thought we were a couple, because a lot of the time it looked like we were.

I often thought what the fuck had I gotten myself into with him, but forever at the back of my mind I was repeating the mantra, we’re just mates, no harm done.

I waited in bed until my cock went soft, then allowed myself to get out, and go through to my kitchen, where Danny had already had two pots on the hob, one for water, that he was letting heat up, and the other was for the mince he was slowly letting cook. His famous spagbol it was – I say famous, it’s just spagbol, it’s a staple student diet of carbs and meat, just what you need to survive.

He smiled at me, and passed me a tin he’d brought in with him, a tin being a beer, for my friends from abroad. I happily accepted, smiled back to show no hard feelings, and we tapped our tins against each other “Cheers old boy” I said, and we both took a drink from the tin. I sat it down and took a look in one of the pots, while Danny Çapa Escort walked behind me, quickly hugged me from behind, and kissed the back of my head.

He was about an inch in height taller than me, dirty blonde, kept himself in excellent shape, though I couldn’t understand why with all the shite he ate. He was naturally tanned from having lived abroad for most of his life, but he was from England originally. He was good looking, he was so care free, in fact if we had a beach nearby, I know he’d spend every day on it surfing if he could, or just looking good for the Chiquita’s (his word, not mine) He didn’t seem to care about his studies, and for me he was an enigma.

But I cared for him, and I didn’t quite understand my feelings for him, or if he had them for me, or if it was mixed signals, or just my imagination. God, he frustrated me, but thoughts of him were often at the back of my mind.

I briefly played with my mobile (yes we had them back then, albeit we could only text 120 or so characters at a time, but that just made it more fun) before wandering back through to my room. “Danny,” I shouted through, realising something, “how the fuck did you get in here, Adok is playing snooker.”

“Oh, it’s cool dude, I borrowed your spare key for the door, and someone else let me in the building,” he said, as if it was nothing. I just shook my head, there was no stopping this guy really.

We ate dinner in the kitchen, laughed and joked as we always did, him normally saying something stupid and offensive, but I knew he was only joking. He had more heart than he let on.

It was weird how our friendship formed, cos you wouldn’t have pegged Danny and I to be friends. I had little to do with sport at uni, other than watching it, while Danny was very active with the sports society, playing on as many teams as he could, but especially on the lacrosse team. He was totally into sports, and I wasn’t. He hung with all the guys from the sports teams, and as much as I tagged along and knew some of the guys myself, it still wasn’t so much my crowd. They were very accepting though, and that always made it easier.

We were ying and yang when it came to a lot of things, but we were still mates. Uni has a way of doing that, when your living in halls. People from all sorts of different backgrounds becoming friends. I always liked that side of things, I’d made friends literally from all over the world.

But still, like a few other things I’ve mentioned, this is one of those things that just played around at the back of my mind, along with the over-friendliness, touchy feely thing we had going on.

“Pauly, hurry up and get ready, we’re going out after dinner,” he said, as if we’d already had a conversation, and I had agreed to go.

I hadn’t, and I wasn’t, “no chance mate, I’ve got course work to do,” I always had course work to do. So did Danny, but he never did it.

“Come on man, you have to go, Cheesy pop, beers, the ladies, we’ll have fun!” which was kinda his usual line. Dan had a rule, unwritten or not, which basically meant when he went out he needed to go out with someone, just so he wasn’t going somewhere on his own.

He had a habit of dumping people though as soon as he got there, boom, he was gone, ninja style. Such a social butterfly, that’s what I would call him at times. He did once say, “Pauly, I have a lot of friends, but literally I would only call one or two people really good friends, like people I speak to and people who know me and look out for me.” I understood what he meant, I’d thought that of myself a lot too, and I was surprised that he was so open about it.

The answer was still no, especially as none of our other friends that we shared were about, and we hadn’t planned anything – yes we had mobile phones, but social media was still just round the corner to make it easier to stay in touch.

“Please, I’ll buy you a couple drinks,” he said, knowing the other reason that I tried not to talk about so much was that I was skint, as we say over here. I lived on a tight student budget, as did a lot of people.

He was hitting closer to home, I hated staying in on a Thursday night, it was one of the best nights out during the week, next to Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Sunday, Wednesday and Monday. Yeah yeah, I’ve named all the days of the week, but it’s true, students are masters at going out socialising, especially in this city, Glasgow, which is famed for its student life. It doesn’t get much better.

I think he knew I was close to caving, so he continued to work on me, “come on, it’ll be fun, and if we’re there early enough we won’t have to pay to get into the club, I’ll drive us,” he said, trying to force me to get dressed. We’re students, it’s a student club, we hardly need to dress up for it, but I quickly threw on a clean t-shirt, and a short sleeve shirt over it, unbuttoned of course, as was the fashion. He wore his typical, non-descript rugby top, which showed off his build nicely. He wished he had my broad shoulders though.

So, I freshen up, we jump in Çapa Escort Bayan his car, and he drives us to the student union, or rather he drives us to his place, which is right next to the student union anyways. He private let’s just like I did, but he was hardly ever at home. He had a knack for following me about, I should have charged him rent, and joked about it with him. He just laughed it off, and to be fair I wasn’t too bothered, it’s what you do.

So we spent an hour at his place while he got ready to go, played on the N64 and drank some more of his beers. I was already pretty merry before we took the short few hundred meter walk to the student union, where we quickly showed our I.D. and went straight into the bar.

True to his word, Danny bought the first drinks – two at a time, folks, we’re students, it’s how we roll. I spotted some friends at the bar and we chatted while I sipped at my beers, turned back round to look for Danny, and he was gone. Dick.

Typical night then.

Well, I say that, it was a lot of fun. I joked with my friends about how my mate had disappeared, they knew what he was like to, and some of my old flatmates showed up as well, so I had people to keep me company, so I was happy, I was having a good time.

Karaoke was a disaster, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Downed a couple of shots (the bank of mum, thank you very much) and sang a song or two really badly. Loved it, so much fun. Random nights truly were and are the best.

I even bumped into Danny once or twice, with him telling me to catch him before the end of the night, and I was like ‘yeah, yeah, whatever’ and moved on.

When the end of the night came, and I had danced my wee arse off, drank as much as my money would take me, I made my goodbye’s to one or two mates, just so someone knew I’d left, and headed for home. I was going to walk it, sober up in the fresh night air, and hopefully not stumble too much on my way home.

My ears were still ringing as I walked away from the building, I wasn’t too pished after all, I thought to myself, as I was keeping a straight line. I was looking forward to getting home, and finishing that nap I started earlier, knowing my 9am lecture at the uni would be a right-off, there was no chance I would have the energy to sit through an hour of material science.

My phone randomly pinged when I was walking home, I took a quick look, and ignored the message from Danny. I was heading home to my bed, that was it. It pinged a second time, and after that it rang, but I wasn’t having it.

The 30 minute walk home took me 45 minutes, but when I got there I found Danny sitting on the front door step to my building.

“Where the fuck did you go man?” he asked me, surprisingly looking annoyed, if not a bit upset, as he stood up and brushed the step from the arse of his trousers.

“Walking home dude, sobering up, how did you get here?” I asked him, “don’t tell me you fuckin drove here!” I said backed to him, already shaking my head. He’d done it before, and I wouldn’t put it past him.

“I got dropped off, don’t worry,” he said, remembering the lambast I gave him last time. He knew how pissed off I was with him before, hadn’t let him forget about it for ages. “Adok isn’t in, he texted me to say he was at his friends,” he added. They often played late night games of D&D, and I wasn’t really into it, but each to their own.

I fumbled for my main door keys, and let us both in, and we stomped our way up the stairs. Turns out I may have been a bit more drunk than I thought, as the stairs were a bigger struggle than I expected.

Once inside the door to my flat, I started dropping stuff out my pocket onto the kitchen work top, shirt off, shoes and socks off, and crashed onto my bed. Danny was still in the kitchen, before he came stomping through, having taken off his shoes and socks already, making himself at home. He was quieter than usual though, normally I would be getting a rundown of everything that had happened that night, but not tonight. He must just be tired, I thought, though he did look more drunk than usual. And having another beer when he got in? That wasn’t like him either.

“Wassup dude?” I said to him, as I looked up to him standing in the middle of the room, staring at me.

“Nothing man, just chillin,” he said back, but was still being weird. I pushed myself off my bed and stripped out of my trousers before heading to the toilet for a slash and grab some water.

When I came back into the living room, he was still standing, and he’d turned to stare at me some more. “You sure your ok Dan?” I said, “your being a bit weird?” I started to think drugs, or maybe his drink had been spiked, but he was looking ok otherwise, albeit a bit pale.

I walked over to one of the window’s on the far wall, to let a bit of fresh air in, and when I turned back round, he was almost right in my face. I hadn’t felt or heard him come up behind me, but he was right there, he even moved a bit closer when I stopped, and there was no real room for me to Escort Çapa get passed him.

“Why did you leave without me?” he said to me, he looked a bit upset.

“You were having fun, I left you to it and I was shattered, I just wanted my bed,” I said back to him, a bit quieter. He still looked sad.

“I wanted to come home with you,” he said again, quieter still.

“You don’t need me to babysit you,” I tried a smile back, “you were practically home anyways, you could have had your own bed.”

He didn’t reply. He was so close to me, and my smile faded. The moment was changing.

What I had thought was a fun night for both of us, it was clear that Dan was expecting something else, and I quickly started to get scared what he was wanting from me.

I could feel him breathing on me, and we were both continuing not to talk. There was some noise on the TV in the background, but I wasn’t paying attention to that, this guy, this friend, was in front of me, and the thoughts flashing across my mind scared the hell out of me. I couldn’t help but feel that he was putting himself way out there and all I could think about was not to be stupid, not to do anything I would regret. The friendship we had was more important than anything else.

His nose touched mine, and we still hadn’t said anything. I couldn’t work out if he was waiting for me to do something, to laugh and push him away for being a dick, or something like that, I didn’t know.

His forehead touched mine, and our noses rubbed closer together. He had reached his arms up to me, and put one hand on each shoulder. Now I thought he was just drunk, I almost breathed a sigh of relief, but I still didn’t know what to do with my hands.

“Fuck sake, man,” he whispered in his strange mix of accent, as I leaned into him more against his forehead. When he was drunk, he sounded so Scottish, it was normally funny, but not tonight.

I was ready to smile and laugh it off, I’d literally turned the corners of my mouth up to form the smile, when his full mouth crashed against mine, just kissing my lips first, waiting for a reaction, and when I didn’t push him away, I felt a kiss again, this time his mouth was slightly open, to match my own. My eyes were closed the entire time, I think he took that as acceptance, but I was yet to kiss him back. He still had his hands on my shoulders, but now he gripped me more, holding onto my broad shoulders.

I moved for the first time, reaching my hands up now to high up on his sides, and I opened my mouth further to meet his, and our tongues met. It was like nothing I’d felt before.

Later, I’d look back thinking wow, this is the first time I kissed a guy, but I didn’t spare a thought when he first kissed me. This was two people, clearly there was more to it than just a kiss, but to me it felt amazing.

I could taste the beer in his mouth, I’m sure he could tell the same from mine, and our stubble rubbing against each other as we slowly kissed felt so different, but very right. I had kissed girls before, and some were quick kisses, some full on wet snogs, one girl’s tongue was going a mile a minute in my mouth, but this guy, my friend, his tongue complimented mine perfectly. His tongue would gently touch mine, and I would do the same to him, we slowly and gently kissed each other as our bodies fully ground together, our arms round each other, holding each other firmly.

I have to say it was the softest, nicest kiss I’d ever had, and to this day I remember it as one of the best I’d ever had.

We paused for a moment, and stood slightly back from each other, still holding each other, and still touching foreheads. Dan sighed a sigh of relief, and I could see a small smile on his face. I think I was still in shock, to be honest, but I was at the same time slightly in awe. Later I would think about what a risk he’d taken, how brave he was. Braver than I could have been, I could never have taken that chance, least not without a push. I wondered what pushed him.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now,” he said to me, still talking quiet.

“I’m glad you did,” I said back, as he slowly lifted his head now to be able to see my smile. We continued to hold each other, and a big grin came on his face, and mine too.

“God man, I was so scared!” he said, “I thought there was something but I couldn’t be sure that you wouldn’t want to kick my arse and throw me out.”

“Kick your arse? I think you’d fight me back,” I joked back, but he looked serious in his reply.

“I could never do that, man, for one I would deserve the beating, and I’d never want to hurt you.” He looked sad at the thought, and he never ceased to surprise me that there could be deeper feelings for me. I could so easily have told him then that I loved him, I think, at that point, I couldn’t help but think he may have had those same thoughts in his head.

This time, I kissed him. I grabbed his head, and pulled him to me, and he didn’t resist, he grabbed mine back, and we moulded into a passionate kiss, body to body, I moved my hand down to his trouser covered ass and pulled him harder to me, not that he could get any closer to me, and he did the same to me. He had the advantage I was in my boxers already, and it was so much more obvious that my cock was hard as fuck, grinding against him.

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