Finding Travis Ch. 05

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Brent Kennedy woke Travis to a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, orange juice and toast. “I looked at your bus schedule the other day. You have a long trip ahead of you.”

Travis nodded while shoveling in another helping of fried eggs. “It’s about twelve hours I think.” He lifted a forkful of egg. “This is really good Mr. Kennedy, thanks!”

“You’re welcome. Have you made sleeping reservations in Millinocket?”

“No. I thought I’d find a place once I get there.”

Brent’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “To be 18 again,” he mused.

“Do you know how you’re going to get to the mountain once you get to Millinocket?”

“You mean Katahdin?”

“Yea. How are you going to get to the start of the trail?”

“I haven’t figured that part out yet but I’m sure lots of people do it somehow.”

He cracked a smirk. “Sure you don’t want to make a call or two? I have a phone right here.”

“No, I’ll figure it out when I get there.”

Tricia had been standing in the doorway listening unnoticed. “No you won’t figure it out when you get there Travis. I want you on the phone as soon as you’re done breakfast.”

“But I need to get going or I’ll miss my bus.”

“Brent,” she said. “Don’t we have a spare phone upstairs that the boy can use? You’re old one maybe?”

“It’s in my nightstand but it’s not activated.”

“Go get it.”

Brent hurried off and returned with last years’ model iPhone in hand less than a minute later.

“And the charger?” She asked looking up at him.

“Oh, be right back.”

While he was gone Tracie sat at the table. “I want you to keep this. It will be active within the hour. Call me to make sure it is. If we can’t get it up and running, then use your TracFone and call me. I want you with a reliable communication device in case you get yourself into something that is over your head.

“Yes ma’am.” He started to protest, telling her he already had a flip-phone that worked just fine but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Tracie was apparently like Mrs. Johnson and he remembered Mistress Tianna’s advice to ‘just do what you are told’.

“Now give your new mama a hug” she said some minutes later. It was already 5:30 and they needed to be at the station before 5: 55 when the bus was scheduled to leave.

Greetings were exchanged and Tracie waived a tearful goodbye to one of the sweetest boys she had ever met. Travis hurriedly ran upstairs and quietly entered Miss Rachel’s bedroom. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and said his goodbyes. With sleepy eyes she pulled him to her and hugged him once last time.

When they got to the bus station Brent helped Travis with his gear and handed him a book.

“I think you should read this. It may help explain some of the things you don’t quite understand.”

He looked at the title, ‘Loving Femdom Relationships’.

“It’s by the same author that wrote the book you saw on the coffee table at our house,” he commented. “This one is written for people considering such a relationship. I thought you might find it interesting.”

Travis smiled brightly. “I’ll read it. And thanks!”

“My pleasure. I hope one day you find a nice girl like my Tracie. There is no better way for a man to live than with a woman like her.”

“And Rachel,” he added.

“Rachel will be just like her mother when she gets older. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

“I like spending time with her.”

“We can talk more about her when you get back. You better bet going.” He extended his hand. The two guys shook. Travis waved goodbye from the bus step and with a lump in his throat and saw the last of Brent Kennedy.

When they got on the road he checked his ticket. He’d need to change busses in Boston but that was several hours away. He opened the book Mr. Kennedy gave him and thumbed through it. Page 184 opened because there was an envelope stuffed in the middle of the book. It read: ‘For Travis’ on the outside flap. He opened it and pulled out a stash of $50 bills! Around the money was a small letter.

“Best wishes from the Misses and I. Brent” Travis welled with tears. Their generosity was without bounds. How many hundreds had they spent on him? Besides the $1500 REI expense, there was this, and the promise of more at his mail drops, and then there were the meals and now the phone. What he couldn’t understand was why. Why did they want to do this? They didn’t have to. They had no obligation. And yet they had and he was so thankful for their assistance. In his heart he promised to make it up to them if there ever was a way. But how do you repay someone who has everything? He didn’t know how, but knew somehow he must. “Complete the trail,” Brent had said. And so he would.

Somewhere in route he tried his phone by calling Mrs. Kennedy’s cell. She picked up on the second ring. Although Travis knew words were insufficient he expressed his thankfulness for all they had done. Tricia only asked that he call every now and again so she knew where he was Bayan Escort Gaziantep and could rest knowing he was safe. Travis said goodbye for the final time before his walk into the woods. His next order of business was texting Mistress Tianna.

“New phone. New number. Somewhere in Mass. Wearing new display cage. People look at me weird. It is comfortable. Travis”

He hit the send button and then checked his mail. To his surprise there was an email from an address he didn’t recognize.

Emal from Katie.martin816May 239:14 PM

Hi Travis, you don’t know me but I have had your email address for some time. My name is Katie Martin and I was Tianna Johnson’s roommate at VCU. Tianna told me you were leaving for a prolonged hike on the AT. I wanted to write to wish you good luck. Although we will probably never meet I have admired from afar what it is that you are about to undertake. One summer I spent a few months hiking the PCT in CA. I only did a portion of it but it was one of the best things I ever did. Stay well, stay warm and stay dry.


Travis wasn’t sure what to make of the email but the short note did make him smile. It was nice to have others care. It was nice that others like Katie and the Johnson’s and the Kennedy’s could appreciate what he was doing, even if it wasn’t there thing. He knew Brent did if only because of his military background and now this Katie could too. He Googled ‘PCT’ and soon found it was an abbreviation for the Pacific Crest Trail, a lengthy trail along the west coast that ran from Mexico to Canada. He thought about this girl whom he only heard a little about and thought how she must have felt spending nights alone in the dark woods. Surely if she could hike for a few months, he could.

Travis pocketed his phone and returned to reading his book. Sometime in late morning they neared the Boston metropolitan area and the bus pulled to a stop at one of the highway rest areas. Travis stretched and got a bite to eat. When he returned to his seat he began playing with his phone and only then did he realize his web access meant the Kennedy’s had purchased him a phone with a data-plan! He sent Mistress Tianna an email and then a short text informing her of this news. Another short text went out to Mrs. Kennedy thanking her yet again.

An hour or so later his phone buzzed. It was from Tianna. “Check your email. Be safe.”

Email from: Tianna.JohnsonMay 24 1:36 PM

Dear Travis, I just got off the phone with Mrs. Kennedy. We had a nice conversation and I learned quite a bit about you. She explained the reservations you have about wearing the new display-cage I sent you. Look at it. Look at your penis. Do it now. Your penis is a very special part of you. It’s different than your hand or foot or stomach. It is one of those special parts of a boy that girls absolutely adore. It’s a part of you I really like. That’s why I wanted you to send me a picture some weeks ago. You have a beautiful penis Travis and I want you thinking about it all the time. But I don’t want you to think about it in a selfish way because, like Mrs. Kennedy told you, it’s not for you to enjoy but for us girls to enjoy instead.

One of the reasons you are wearing this particular cage is because I want you to come to love your penis. I want you to realize just how beautiful it is. I want you to think about it as a treasure for any girl that wants to use it. You have been blessed with such a fun play-toy for so many girls!

Think of this cage as a gift that I’m giving you. I’m doing this for you Travis. I really am. I know what I’m saying isn’t making lots of sense right now but after a week or so I think you’ll better understand. In a few weeks I bet you will notice just how differently you feel about the bulge in your pants. It will become a source of pride and not embarrassment. Do not be embarrassed. That is an order!

Mrs. Kennedy told me about the fun the girls had with your pretty penis last night. She told me how much they all liked sucking you and finally making you cum. Think about that. Weren’t you glad they could have fun with this special part of you? Didn’t you like hearing them giggle and laugh and talk about your penis? Didn’t you feel proud because they wanted to have fun with your hard penis? Didn’t you love that they actually wanted to play with you and see how much you could ejaculate? Didn’t you love that you got to spurt in Miss Rachel’s mouth? I know they all loved using you! You were the focus of their party. I bet they are still talking and texting about your beautiful penis today.

So, I’ll say this again: I want you to be proud of it too. Your display-cage is meant to bring attention to your special part. My dad wears one although his display-cage is a little longer. Maybe someday you will be able to wear a longer one too. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you do, even more people will notice your erection!

The other thing I learned from my talk was you finally learned about who you are. Mrs. Kennedy told you correctly that boys like you are what we girls call submissive. You are a submissive boy. Submissive boys are very special. If you weren’t a submissive boy I wouldn’t be talking to you. But I am, and I am because I know you are submissive. I could tell you were almost from the very beginning. I’m glad you were able to figure this out on your own. That was a significant discovery that you should always treasure.

You should think about that word. I want you to say it all the time. Say things like “I am a submissive boy” or “submissive boys are special” or “Mistress Tianna loves that I am a submissive”. You should practice saying things like that at least a hundred times every day. You should refer to yourself as submissive in future texts and emails. It will make me smile to see you writing those kinds of things.

So, I want you thinking about that word. I also want you to know how proud I am because you are wearing your display-cage. I hope you will remember that it was me that gave it to you. I want you to be happy when you see your penis sticking out when you look down. I want you to smile when girls and ladies stare at your penis-bulge. It’s very important that you see yourself as a happy submissive boy. If you fight who you are it will do nothing but make your life harder. Instead embrace the situation I put you in. You have a penis that sticks out. Everyone can see it. Don’t feel bad or embarrassed because people stare. They might ask you questions or point or say things. If you hate yourself for showing your pretty erection it will make me feel very sad because I am the one that gave you the very display-cage you are wearing.

Mistress Tianna doesn’t want you to be sad. Mistress Tianna wants you to be happy. She wants you to be proud of your penis and your erection. Mistress Tianna wants others to see your pretty erection, even if it is only through your pants.

So to help you to get use to what people might say or do I have a few rules you must follow. Remember Travis, you are a submissive boy. Submissive boys obey rules, especially ones their Mistress gives them.

Rule 1: If anyone points or says something about your penis, smile. Never hide your erection. Let them see it. If people are curious, let them see it. Don’t be shy. Be proud!

Rule 2. If anyone asks you why you have an erection, or asks what is making your pants bulge you are to tell them that you are wearing a display-cage. Tell them your mistress makes you wear this. Again, do not be shy. Do not try to hide your penis-bulge. Be proud of your penis-bulge and think how big your penis-bulge really is when you aren’t wearing the display-cage!

Rule 3. If anyone asks to see your cage I want you to show them. Be discrete but if they say, “I want to see it” or something like that, I expect you to show them.

I want you to do this because the more people become aware of display-cages, the more boys will end up wearing a cage like yours. Women need to realize it’s possible to put boys into a cage. When questions arise, be honest. Tell them about this cage and the other one I had you in. Far too many people have no idea these cages even exist. You can be an advocate to help spread the good news! You can even tell them your Mistress wants you wear it. (Just don’t tell them you haven’t met me yet. That would spoil things.) You can tell them about Mrs. Kennedy and Rachel and Nikki and how much they like boys in cages too. You can teach them, my-Travis.

OK. First assignment: write me your thoughts about the cage. Be honest. You can be honest with me – even if you feel something you don’t like. I want you to tell me your honest thoughts and feelings. Second. Tell me what it’s like being a submissive boy.

Your Mistress Tianna xoxo

Travis reread her email while fighting the pressure of his display-cage that now tugged at his balls. Whenever he got an erection the plastic rim that cupped his testicles exerted pressure against them and it kind of ached when it did. But his penis was erect because of the things Mistress Tianna wrote. “I am a submissive boy. I need to be proud of my penis. Mistress Tianna gave me this as a special gift. What am I feeling now?” He rehashed her letter again and again in his mind. Through the window he saw a sign, ‘Vacationland – Welcome to Maine’. He was getting closer.

When Travis woke the bus had once more pulled off the road at a rest giving everyone the chance to stretch. Travis got himself a Coke and returned to the bus. It was almost 3 PM. He thought again about Mistress Tianna. It would take him about three months to get to Harpers’ Ferry; if she indeed lived somewhere in the vicinity of the half-way point of his thru-hike. Travis had planned on taking some six-months to make it to Georgia; that is, if he didn’t run into snow in the southern mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

When the bus pulled out and everyone got comfortable, he pulled out his new phone. He wanted to write an email to Mistress Tianna but had trouble formulating coherent thoughts. Although he tried several times he ended up not making much headway and put the phone away. Instead he returned to the book Brent had given him on Loving Femdom Relationships and continued reading. He found the topic fascinating and lost himself in the world of strong women and loving compliant men. When the bus slowed he looked off and saw it. There stood Mt. Katahdin off to the northwest.

“God, that’s huge!” He murmured quietly. He couldn’t get over how big the mountain was. It stood as the one solitary mountain in his view. Although still many miles away, the sight of its impressive size was indeed mesmerizing. Tomorrow he’d be climbing that very mountain. Looking at his gear in the adjacent seat he was thankful for all the Kennedy’s had done. He’d need good stuff. He had a very long walk ahead of him.

A stiff and tired Travis stepped off the bus with an hour of daylight to spare. Making his way across the street with only his pack he spotted a diner and decided to ask where he could find a cheap room and get a ride to the mountain. Having a foreigner in their midst this time of year drew the attention of the locals eating. Travis felt completely out of place. Although most probably lived the simple life like he did, these were country folk. They had weathered faces and calloused hands and grubby work clothes that were indicative of this blue-collar town.

An older fellow sitting by himself offered Travis a seat. Over dinner he learned there was a retired guy who drove hikers to Katahdin for $40 cash. The man offered Travis his sofa telling him there was no reason to waste good money when he could sleep at his place for free.

“There aint anyone but me living in my place anymore and I like your company. And besides, I live right there.” He pointed across the street to a two story wooden row home of which there were several. Travis followed his craggy old hand to see where it was.

“Which one?”

“Ha, the brown one!” he said gruffly.

“They’re all brown sir.”

The old man laughed again. “Sure are. Now eat your dinner.”

After the old timer and Travis had talked for another hour on the guys front stoop he could no longer stifle a prolonged yawn. “I’m tired. Do you mind if I find that sofa and get a few hours of sleep? It’s been a long day for me.”

“Not at all boy. I need to go to bed myself.” They headed inside where Travis crashed on the sofa, not even bothering to ask for a blanket.

“I’ll be up early so just leave whenever you wake. No need to lock the door. I aint got nothing here to steel anyway.” And with that he headed upstairs.

Before turning in Travis opened his phone and re-read both Tianna and Katie’s emails. On a whim he replied to Katie, talking quietly using the talk-to-text feature of his phone.

Email from: Travis.ReynoldsMay 249:19 PM

Hi Katie. Thanks for writing. I’m not quite sure what to say but I feel like I needed to write back. Not sure why but maybe it’s because it sounds like the right thing to do. Tianna did tell me a little bit about you – mostly that you were really smart and really pretty :). She said you two have been working together on projects resulting from some study that you did about women and employment. I forget the details of that now.

Right now I am in Millinocket Maine. It’s a small town on the edge of what I think is nothing. I mean, I can hardly believe people live here. There’s nothing but trees in every direction. I’m sleeping on the sofa in an old guy’s home and I don’t even know his name. I met him right after I got off the bus. When I went into a small restaurant (it’s called The Moose Track Inn) and after sitting down at the bar started talking to this old guy. He seems nice but I can tell he’s real lonely. I can identify with how he feels. I lived that life for a long time before meeting Tianna and a friend from school who is like her. Her name is Rachel.

Rachel and her family basically took me in and adopted me as their son during the past month or so. They are the ones that bought me all this cool backpacking gear. Rachel is like Tianna too. They both like men obeying them and Rachel’s mom really helped me understand more of who I am and who girls like they are. It’s a long story but they are nice people.

I would love to hear more about your own hiking experience. What you did sounds really cool. California sounds cool too. I’ve never been there. Actually I’ve never been out of CT until today.

Are you going to go back to school and get your master’s degree? Do you have a picture that you can send? I probably shouldn’t ask since I hardly know you but I like asking you lots of questions. I’m sorry if I asked too many.

Well I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow I start my hike!


The following morning Travis walked to the address the old man had given him. He spotted a gray-haired guy walking out back and asked if he was Harry Spencer.

“Yep, and it looks to me like you is lookin like you want to go do some hiking. Where can I take you? To the mountain or somewhere else?”

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