Firefighter Lust

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What started so innocently, became many years of exchanging pics and extreme teasing. You are a firefighter and I looked for any excuse to try and get a typical firefighter picture out of you. It became a conquest. I never gave up trying. The more I hounded, the more you denied. After many years of talking, it became a game. I’d ask, you’d deny. One day you finally relented, sending me a picture of yourself under the agreement that it was just for me. I was speechless. My quest had left me more excited then I could have even begun to imagine. Both of us married, we settled with lustful picture trading for some time and it didn’t take long for us to tease one another to the point of boiling.

One day I managed to trick you into meeting. There was a get together involving mutual friends and I made it clear it was important you be there. After so many years of teasing, I had it all planned out. The place was dark, the music was loud and there would be lots of people there. I got dressed that night taking careful plans into what would be most teasing. I figured something that showed cleavage, skirt with garters, parallels izle thong and heels for extra height since you are tall.

I knew this would be the first time we met in person so I was nervous. When I walked into the club, just the visions were already making me wet and I was glad I chose to wore panties. When our eyes met, I felt a gush of warm fluids between my legs and I smiled. My eyes lowered to your crotch and you saw my gaze and smiled. We coyly walked around the room for a few, mingling with other people and trying to pretend we were there for other people. After ordering a drink you walked up behind me and whispered in my ear and asked if I was ok. All I could do was smile and breath heavily. You again whispered to me that you had seen me looking at your cock and asked if I’d seen anything I liked. In response I pushed my ass backwards into you while pretending to fix a buckle on my shoe. You leaned into me and said that two could play that game. When I turned around and stood up, you slipped an ice cube into my cleavage and said that maybe I should cool off. Just looking paul t goldman izle into your eyes told me, I wasn’t the only one who needed to cool off. I could see the bulge in your pants getting bigger and that only made me hotter.

The room suddenly felt like it was 100 degrees and I needed to get out of there. I excused myself for another drink and then slid out the side door taking in the air, trying to cool off. My mind was racing about a million miles and hour and I was breathing heavy. I heard the side door open and felt you come up behind me. Your hard cock poking into my ass, your hands around to my breasts. You breathed into my ear that we’d teased eachother long enough. I felt your finger slide under my skirt and pull the string of my soaking wet panties aside as I let out a moan. You pushed harder into me as your finger slid in and out of me. My head filled with all those years of teasing and now feeling you in person, I was getting so excited I couldn’t hold still. I spread my legs and grinded myself into your finger riding it like it was the first cock I’d midnight at the pera palace izle had in years until you felt a gush of warmth around your fingers and dripping into your hand. When I came, I turned around, unzipped your pants, dropped down and took your cock into my hand. It was dripping precum already and I licked it off before taking your cock into my mouth. I felt you inhale deeply and lean against the wall. I sucked on your balls as I stroked your cock with my hand and as I felt them get warmer and bigger, I took your cock back into my mouth, squeezed your balls with my hand and felt the most incredible wave of hot cum shoot down the back of my throat.

I stood up realizing we weren’t very far outside and sort of close to the door and started to walk away a little when you grabbed ahold of my arms, turned me around, pushed me up against the wall and shoved a still hard cock into me. I was so shocked that my breath came out in a loud groan. You started fucking me with all those years of pent up aggressions all while holding a hand over my mouth to keep it somewhat quiet. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and started cumming again just as you sent one last hard thrust into me and came yourself. We composed ourselves, smiled and walked back inside, one at a time. The rest of the night, just exchanging knowing glances and knowing that tomorrow we’d go back to teasing eachother via text/online messages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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