First Date

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Writer’s note: This is a follow-up to “First Meeting.” Arthur, Rabb, Milly and Digit are characters from my GB/Crimson Changeling body of work. It contains some silly words I’ve made up for that body of work, which I will briefly sum up: renoige are cat people, andynes are people with bird wings, and hamans are pointy-eared elf people.


The scent of fried food filled mingled with woodsmoke from the small fires illuminating the sprawling, grassy confines of the City of Rain University baseball fields. The weather was wet and chilly; it was mid-September, and the fall was quickly beginning to set in. Arthur breathed in the air. It smelled like home.

“Come on, Milly,” said Arthur. He patted the satchel at his hip.”I brought three different kinds of hot sauce if you want some, plus some water. You would not believe how expensive the bottled drinks are here.”

Arthur and Milly were attending a renoige cultural event: the City of Rain University’s annual Wind Festival. It featured bonfires, freshly-made beer, a plethora of interworld food and merchant stalls, and traditional renoige song, dance, and theater on temporary stages set up in the baseball fields. It was just past seven o’clock in the evening and roughly half of the merchant stalls were beginning to close down for the night, so the entrance to the baseball fields almost felt deserted.

Arthur was olive-skinned and very freckly, and was dressed in his usual traditional renoige wrap top over blue jeans, with a Disco Dino CRU baseball hoodie over the top of everything. His sleek black wings were twitchier than usual: he had been looking forward to the Wind Festival for weeks and was excited to be there. His waist-length, curly dark hair was held by a black clip at his shoulder, in a traditional renoige warrior ponytail. Walking next to Arthur, Milly was much smaller. She was a small haman woman, just over a foot shorter than Arthur, with shoulder-length straight mouse brown hair, tied at the side in a similar way to Arthur’s. Her long, pointed haman ears were pink at the ends from the chill on the air, and she wore CRU Disco Dino junior math team sweats, proclaiming “MORE THAN THE SUM OF OUR PARTS.”

“Who were we supposed to be meeting?” Arthur asked. “I hope it isn’t Rabb-“

Milly placed a hand on Arthur’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about that, Arthur. She likes to go on the last day of the festival anyway.”

“I know, all the best deals are on the last day,” Arthur sighed. “She was the Kira to my Odo.”

“Arthur, we’ve been over this,” said Milly patiently. “You two have been best friends for half your lives. Why end that now over something this small?”

Arthur fidgeted with his ponytail guiltily. “I know you’re right…but…I don’t know if I can face her…It was all kind of embarrassing.” He stared at the ground while Milly started waving her gloved hands in the direction of the gate.

“Hey! Over here!” called Milly. Arthur’s stomach dropped: he recognized the man approaching them. The man had short, curly blue hair, clear amber eyes with an odd lack of pupils, and bluejay-like wings, and wore an insulated coat, buttoned up against the cold over a worn but comfortable looking pair of sweatpants. The coat was wrap-style to accommodate wings, and hugged to the man’s muscular frame nicely. Arthur felt himself blushing: he hadn’t seen Digitalis since the morning after the night he’d shown up drunk on Kannar to Digitalis and Milly’s daughter’s school initiation ceremony in late June.

“Him?” Arthur hissed in Milly’s ear, his face turning pinker by the second. “You invited Daffodil?!”

“It’s Digitalis,” corrected Milly, unable to suppress a snort of laughter. “Digit!” Milly ran up and hugged Digitalis. He smiled when he saw Arthur, and Arthur smiled back, fully aware of how red his face probably was and ready to blame it on the cold if anyone said anything.

“Arthur! It’s good to see you,” said Digitalis. “How are your fall classes going?”

“They’re uh…” Arthur’s face felt hot. “They’re going fine. I’m planning a cultural survey project for my archaeology students and grading essays this week…you know, the boring stuff.”

Digitalis laughed. “Tell me about it. I try to get out of assigning essays where I can, but-“

Milly spoke up: “Now that you two are properly acquainted, let’s go get us some food! I don’t know about you, but my belly button is touching my backbone.” Milly strode confidently into the crowd. She was so small that she seemed to disappear into the sea of hungry festival-goers by the open food stalls.

“Aaand there she goes,” sniffed Digitalis. Arthur tried to track where Milly had gone, but couldn’t see any sign of her.

“What do you mean?” asked Arthur suspiciously.

“She wanders off in places like this sometimes. I’m not really surprised since she’s always been a sucker for renoige food, but I thought she might not do this if there were three of us here,” Digitalis sighed. “I guess I was wrong. Where are the beer stalls? I could use one. Or five.”

Arthur çankaya escort led Digitalis to the closest beer stand; the cashier acted mildly surprised when Digitalis ordered two beers for each of them, but filled the order anyway. They sat down on the nearest set of bleachers, where Digitalis quickly downed half of his beer in one gulp. Arthur found this concerning.

“Um…Digit?” Arthur asked. “You know that’s renoige beer, right?” Digitalis finished his first drink, and his face scrunched up impulsively.

“It’s…a little strong,” said Digitalis, taking a gulp of his second beer.

Arthur reached up and slowly pulled the beer out of Digitalis’s hand. “That’s a lot, even for an andyne.”

Digitalis snorted, “How do you know?”

“I did my archaeological grad studies on the Renoige Homeworld, and I got my first job there in a brewery. ‘A little strong’ is a massive understatement. I hope you didn’t drink that on an empty stomach.”

“Well…” Digitalis gave a small, nervous laugh. “I’ve um…been saving my appetite since breakfast for this…so…”

Arthur stood up, pulling a liter-sized bottle of water out of his satchel and handing it to Digitalis. “Stay here and drink this, I’ll get some food to try and soak up all of that booze.” His black wings bobbed over the top of the crowd, making his movements very easy to track across the food stalls. Arthur returned with armfuls of fried festival foods. Digitalis happily dug in, and the two of them devoured all of it within minutes. Digitalis seemed fine, but Arthur refrained from further beer drinking to keep an eye on him anyway, and encouraged him to drink more water on their walk to the next baseball diamond over, where a music stage was set up.

“You know, I checked out every food stall here and I didn’t see Milly. Do you think she might’ve left?” asked Arthur. Digitalis giggled. He was already beginning to sound a little tipsy. “No, no. Milly always finds her way back when it suits her. She drove you here, right?” Arthur nodded slowly. “Don’t worry, she won’t just leave you.”

“Good to know,” said Arthur. They approached the stage, where a line of fluffy renoige musicians were just packing their instruments off the stage for the night. The crowd around the stage also quickly dispersed as the musicians left. “Oh, drat! We missed it!”

“Missed what?” Digitalis asked faintly. He was swaying on his feet, and Arthur directed him to sit down on the stairs leading up to the stage. “Ugh, thanks. My head is spinning.” Digitalis rocked forward with his face in his hands.

Arthur sat down next to him. “Have you ever even had renoige beer before?”

Digitalis shook his head and groaned.

“I’m sorry, Digit. I really should’ve warned you,” said Arthur. He handed Digitalis another full bottle of water from his bag.

“N-no, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and my eyes were bigger than my stomach,” said Digitalis. The crowds had vacated the stage area for the night, migrating toward the food stalls and late performances of a tribal origin story dance. It gave Arthur and Digitalis a welcome sense of quiet.

Arthur and Digitalis sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to drums in the distance until Arthur worked up the nerve to say: “Did I leave my formal bottoms at your house?”

“Yeah,” replied Digitalis. “I did what I could to save them. After you were done going to the toilet you stuffed them in my bathroom garbage bin and suggested we hold a viking funeral for them. I said no.”

Arthur groaned. “Thanks for that.”

“What are friends for?” Digitalis cracked a smile, rubbing his temples. “Also, where’s the nearest bathroom?”

“The um…” Arthur looked around. “I think there were porta-potties over by the entrance to the fields…?”

“Spectacular,” said Digitalis, resigning himself. He sat up straight, took a deep breath, and tried to stand up.

“Daffod- I mean Digit, not so fast-“

Digitalis lost his balance before his butt had gotten a few inches off the step, and he sat back down a little heavily, clutching his stomach. He drank some of the water Arthur had given him and decided to wait a bit longer.

Half an hour and two water bottles later, Digitalis was beginning to get visibly uncomfortable. The water had cleared his head, but he still got dizzy when he tried to stand up.

Arthur took out his phone and tried to text Milly, but found that he had no reception. “Digit, would you be alright staying here if I went around the corner for phone service? I need to call Milly.”

Though Digitalis’s expression was calm, his face was bright pink, and he was bouncing his knee nervously, displacing the loose, sandy soil of the baseball diamond under his feet. He mumbled something that Arthur couldn’t quite catch.


“Could you um…help me get to the bathrooms?” murmured Digitalis.

Arthur gave Digitalis an appraising look. “Even if I were strong enough to do that, I doubt you’d be able to hold it that long.”

“That çankırı escort kind of attitude really isn’t helping right now,” said Digitalis sharply.

Arthur leaned in and whispered, “Listen, nobody’s around to see. None of the stalls that are still open at this hour face this stage. If you want I can keep watch and use my wing to screen you if someone walks by.” He shuffled his black wings.

Digitalis took a deep, determined breath. “Can we try for the bathrooms anyway?”

Arthur stood up and reluctantly held his arm out to Digitalis. “Alright.” Digitalis took it, and Arthur slowly tried to pull him up.

Digitalis gasped. “Arthur wait! Let me go, it’s coming out!” he half-mumbled into Arthur’s ear, with a long grunt of desperation. Arthur helped lower Digitalis back onto the step. Digitalis fumbled with the front of his sweatpants and spread his legs in the trampled dirt, giving Arthur a clear view of the wet spot forming in his crotch as he yanked down the elastic. He hadn’t quite made it, and sprayed a little into his boxers as he loosed a pressurized stream, pummeling the ground between his feet. Arthur noticed that Digitalis’s penis was a little engorged from the effort of holding his bladder, and watched Digitalis urinating for several more seconds, transfixed, until he realized that he was staring. Arthur looked away quickly, spreading out one of his black wings to hide Digitalis from the narrow view of the open food stalls.

Digitalis looked up. “I’m so sorry about this, Arthur-“

“Don’t make me keep a count on apologies from you too, Digitalis,” interrupted Arthur. He was briefly proud of himself for not calling Digitalis Daffodil, but then it struck him that he didn’t know Digitalis’s surname. “Digitalis…What’s your last name?”

“Nnngh…Don’t have one,” sighed Digitalis. He was making a growing mud puddle, which splashed on Arthur’s jeans when Digitalis pushed on his bladder. Arthur could smell traces of beer in Digitalis’s urine, a skill that he’d picked up after his years of living on the renoige homeworld, though his sense of smell was almost nonexistent compared to a that of an actual renoige.

“Oh…” said Arthur uncomfortably. “You’re um-“

“Illegitimate,” said Digitalis, angling his hips and sticking out his wings a little for balance. “My father was human.”

Arthur couldn’t think of anything to say to that; he was far too busy trying not to watch Digitalis relieving himself, and keeping a lookout like he said he would, both of which he was failing to varying degrees. Hearing Digitalis also made him aware of his own bladder – he didn’t need to pee…but he half-wished he did.

Digitalis’s flow slowed suddenly to a drip. He pushed again and sprayed another wave of piss even further than the first. It lasted about ten seconds, slowing quickly back to a drip. Arthur heard a few squirts and turned his head back to look at Digitalis: he’d put his dick away, and it left a subtle bulge in his damp sweatpants. Arthur hastily tore his eyes away again, back in the direction he’d been attempting to keep watch, and saw the last thing he’d been expecting: Milly was approaching from the direction of the food stalls. She was carrying several bags of renoige food from at least six different stalls, and had a full CRU tote bag on her shoulder.

“Hey! Would anyone like some water?” asked Milly.”It costs an arm and a leg here, but I got it anyway for some reason. I’m saving the food though. Nobody touch it.”

“I’m actually not feeling so good,” said Digitalis, his face paler than usual.

Milly nodded. “It’s a good thing Arthur got that second beer away from you. Can you stand up?”

Digitalis was a little wobbly, but was able to concentrate on walking much more easily since he’d relieved his bladder. Arthur and Milly walked him back through the campus, toward his apartment. Milly split off from Arthur and Digitalis at the parking lot: she’d talked Arthur into staying the night with Digitalis to make sure he was okay.

“This feels very familiar,” Digitalis commented as he and Arthur sidled through the faculty apartment’s side door, bypassing the sign-in desk again. Digitalis was able to stand without help to unlock his door. Arthur felt a wave of chilly air as he followed Digitalis into his apartment. He found out why when he preceded Digitalis into the living room.

“Why are all your windows open? It’s freezing in here!”

“I’m airing out my apartment,” said Digitalis glibly while Arthur closed the windows and made him sit down on the couch, tossing all of the mismatched throw blankets from the couch and reading chair over him.

“Here, you keep warm, I’ll make some tea,” said Arthur, handing Digitalis the remote.

“Do…” Digitalis hesitated, holding his head. “D’you know where everything is?”

“Of course,” replied Arthur. “Find us something to watch, I’ll be right out.”

“You don’t have any milk in your fridge,” Arthur informed Digitalis, bringing in two matching green and blue Disco Dino mugs çayyolu escort bearing the words “disco dino dad” and setting them on the end table next to Digitalis. “Do you take sugar in your tea?”

“I have tea?”

“Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” said Arthur. “It looks fancy. And the box has Milly’s name written on it.”

“Oh yeah,” said Digitalis, squirming a little under the heavy blankets. “She left some things for me in the kitchen last time she was over.” He switched on the television and flipped through the channels. “Ooh, Quarknado is on CRBN. Wanna watch that?”

Arthur snorted, “Rabb has wanted me to watch that stupid movie for years now.”

“Who’s Rabb?” asked Digitalis. In the kitchen the kettle whistled on the stove, giving Arthur a convenient exit to the conversation. He hurried out of the living room and brought out the kettle with a pot holder, tea bags and the half-full bag of sugar he’d found in Digitalis’s fridge.

Arthur sat down with Digitalis and they watched the second half of Quarknado, after which they switched the channel and began watching a documentary about dinosaurs with comically small arms. About halfway into that, Arthur noticed that Digitalis’s tea was low and got up to put the kettle on again.

Arthur stepped into the doorway after he put the kettle on so that he wouldn’t miss the documentary’s segment on carnotaurus. He saw Digitalis shift uncomfortably on the couch, sitting up straighter and pressing his legs together.

“Need to use the bathroom, Digit?”

Digitalis looked over his shoulder at Arthur, blushed and mumbled, “I don’t know if I can stand up without wetting myself.”

“There’s always the pitcher,” said Arthur. Digitalis’s face reddened even more, and Arthur stepped into the kitchen. “You sit tight, I’ll be right back.”

Digitalis seemed to have accepted his fate, and called to Arthur, “It’s in the-“

“Cupboard above the sink, I know,” Arthur called back. He turned off the stove and hurried through to the living room with the pitcher while Digitalis raised the blankets and spread his legs apart. A small wet spot was already spreading in the crotch of his pants. Arthur strode in and kneeled down between Digitalis’s knees with the pitcher, switching it between hands to roll up his sleeves.

“Thanks, Arth-” Digitalis raised the blankets higher and began to reach for the pitcher, but his bladder spasmed and he clamped a hand over the damp bulge in his pants while a large leak flooded out of him, leaving the fabric underneath drenched. Arthur caught what he could in the clear glass pitcher while Digitalis tried to regain control of his bladder. Finally giving in, Digitalis pulled back the elastic on his pants and soaked boxers. His cock was shaking, swollen, and dribbling consistently into the pitcher; he couldn’t stop it anymore.

Digitalis’s bladder spasmed again, and he sent a hard jet of piss sailing over the mouth of the pitcher, hitting Arthur squarely in the chest and soaking his long over-the-shoulder ponytail. Arthur reached up with his free hand and aimed Digitalis’s stream downward, into the pitcher.

“I’m so sorry, Arthur,” Digitalis moaned.

“One. It’s alright. To be honest, I really don’t mind watching you pee,” said Arthur. His heart fluttered and he got very briefly lightheaded when he realized what he’d said. Digitalis didn’t respond though: the elephantine flood into the pitcher had abruptly slowed back to a reluctant drip. Digitalis pushed and strained, but nothing came out.

“I…can’t pee,” Digitalis grunted. Arthur tossed his wet ponytail over his shoulder and patted Digitalis’s thigh.

“You’ll need to go again in a few minutes, don’t worry,” said Arthur reassuringly. “Your bladder just needs to relax a bit.” Arthur dared another look at Digitalis’s penis, hanging half-hard in the chilly air of the living room.

“You know, I’ve never really looked at a circumcised penis before,” Arthur said to Digitalis. “May I?”

Arthur caught a flicker of uncertainty in Digitalis’s eyes, but he said: “Sure.” Digitalis watched quietly while Arthur examined his member, starting with the circumcision scar running around it. Arthur’s long fingers gently traced the faint line, and he felt the tip expand a little in his hand.

“Maybe this isn’t the best idea,” gasped Digitalis. “I don’t think you need any more of my bodily fluids on your shirt tonight.” Arthur looked down at his shirt in mild surprise, then back up at Digitalis, laughing nervously.

“It’s your sweatshirt, actually,” tittered Arthur. He fidgeted with his hands, not seeming to realize that he was still touching Digitalis. “Don’t you remember? You loaned me some sweatpants, and a sweater because it was kind of cold out.”

“Oh yeah,” said Digitalis. “That reminds me, your pants are…” He paused. Arthur was still touching him absentmindedly, not seeming to realize what he was doing. “…in the box on the kitchen counter.”

“You kept them?” Arthur’s stomach did a small backflip.

Digitalis began breathing faster, and Arthur looked down and saw what was in his hands: Digitalis’s cock was fully erect, oozing drops of clear fluid. It felt hot against Arthur’s fingertips, and he could feel a pounding warmth inside his own jeans. There would be no way to hide it now if he stood up.

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