First Day at Work Ch. 02

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I wash my face off in the sink and think about what has happened. I settle in to the fact that a new experience in my life has and will continue to happen. I look in the mirror and see Percy’s cum stubbornly clinging to my blushing cheeks and wet hair. As I scrub it out my little hole is aching. My fingers reach back and feel how it is smeared with sperm and I feel a small tinge of soreness. I finish washing up and get dressed. The men who were inside me moments ago are in some other part of the house and I can hear them talking. When I leave the bathroom I hear my boss Tony call me over to them. I’m reluctant and feel a sense of dignity so I act like I didn’t hear him and just go back to cleaning the house.

“Hey bitch!….I’m talking to you. Get your little ass over here. We got some shit to get straight”. Tony knows I heard him that time without a doubt. I better get myself over there. I feel small next to him. He’s a bigger man than me anyway, but now I feel helpless and obligated to obey him.

“Here’s the way it’s gonna be.” Tony says. “I got your contacts out your phone. I got the video out your phone. You wanna act up or some shit and some random bitch on that contact list gets the video. Your mom ain’t gonna believe your ass either. I erased your phone and everyday I pick you up you gonna let me hold your phone til I drop you off at your house. You feel me so far?” All I could do was nod yes. I’m hearing my new life being explained to me. I’m remembering Percy’s big cock in my face while I was hoping that this man, my boss, would save me. He had told me before that no one fucks with his property, and now the feeling is sinking into me that I have just become one more piece of his little empire.

He keeps talking and I keep nodding yes. My eyes well up but in defiance I hold back the tears. Tony tells me that I can’t quit his job. I’m not allowed to let Percy into my ass ever again without him present. He says that he’s given me a raise of two dollars an hour, but he expects me to buy some girly things to wear with that extra money. He’ll tell me what he wants me to buy, and I better have them ready to wear on Monday.

Tony says a lot of things. I hear him. He’s kinda distant in my mind. I see Percy out of the corner of my eye smoking a cigarette and grinning. I feel cum sliding out of my ass and down my leg no matter how hard I try to hold my sore butt together.

And then I hear him say something about my mom. I perk up and see Percy laugh a little. I rejoin the conversation to Tony explaining some things that I better get through my head.

“Do you hear me now?” Tony sorta whispered with a serious sideways glance. “Yeah…I thought that might wake yo ass up. Like I was sayin’, your moms is ripe for the pickin and you gonna make sure that it’s me. Now I know she ain’t got no man if she got me over there paintin’ some little ass room, and she definitely ain’t got no man if she begging me to get yo ass a job.”

He was right. My dad left some time ago and if my mom dated anyone she never brought anyone over or even went out at all. Now he wants me to ease the door open for him. He wants me to talk him up and get him in good with her. In no uncertain terms, I have to make sure that my mom will get the same cock that just ran up inside me. He doesn’t care how I do it. He doesn’t care how long it takes, but he will be fucking my mom too.

Percy had disappeared for awhile but I can hear him coming towards us as I tell Tony that I’ll do as he says. I don’t need anyone in my contacts getting a video of me loving two black cocks. My hole twitches thinking about it. It’s still lubed with cum and sore, but I feel so empty. I don’t want him to know. Besides, I think he wants me to be a little defiant.

The thing that bothers me is the fact that he wants my mom, and I have to serve her up to him. Percy comes back into the room with something in his hands.

“Look what I found boss.” Percy says with a little chuckle. He holds up a tiny body contouring dress and some white cotton panties. “I found these in the pile of clothes back there. What you think?” I look at them while he shows Tony. He holds them up next to me as if to show that I could easily fit them. The dress is blue and red with black stretchy elastic sides that would make sure it stayed tight. It smells okay I guess, Anadolu Yakası Escort like it was washed but forgotten for awhile. The panties look new, but may be too small. Tony looks at me and I look at him.

I take the clothes from Percy and go back to the bathroom to put them on. I take my clothes off and notice that my boxers have soaked up a lot of their sperm. I guess I’ll be throwing them away with the rest of the junk in this house. I slide the cotton panties up my legs and feel a chill. The waist is somewhat tight but they stretch enough to fit me. My ass is covered pretty nicely. I stand on my tippy toes and turn my butt toward the medicine cabinet mirror and get a better look. A twinge of a smile turns my lips as I betray my manhood and like what I see. My little dick tries to come to life but is held back by the tight front of the fabric.

In a way I feel liberated but I’m embarrassed to admit it to myself. I pick up the dress and pull it over my head like a T-shirt. It’s very tight but stretchy. My arms have some trouble getting through the very short sleeves and it really squeezes the shoulders. The dress pulls down over me with some struggle but it finally stops short of my knees. The hem rolls a little and won’t stay down so it finally settles mid thigh. Again I’m back to the mirror on my toes. I like it. I don’t know what to do with my hair, but I like it.

I find my boss and he is so busy on the phone that he just looks me over and smiles while never leaving his conversation. Percy gives a look that tells me he didn’t think his choice of clothes would turn out so well. He just as quickly hands me a trash bag as I go back to picking up all the junk left in the house, starting with my old boxer shorts. My skate shoes don’t really go with my dress but I guess they aren’t too out of place. I kinda feel like Shirley Manson from her old Garbage videos.

It’s been about three hours and the trash is picked up. I’ve been filling bags and they run them outside to the trailer. A few pedestrians stop buy and ask about the rent and when it’s going to be ready. My panties are wet from more cum slipping out of my less and less sore ass. They hold it tight up to my cheeks and taint. I can feel the cool air on my ass and my new cum stain but I am enjoying it. I’m in the back bedroom pulling little picture hanging nails out of the walls when I hear Tony coming down the hall. I’m up on my toes struggling to get to a high nail when he comes up behind me and grabs my ass. He palms it with one hand and squeezes while I fall toward the wall, but he holds me there and keeps me on my toes.

“Me and Percy are going to lunch. We’ll bring you back something. It won’t take long so just keep working. I fixed the locks on the doors so you ain’t gotta worry about no other mutherfuckas coming in while you’re by yourself this time!” He kinda chuckled and let me go. As I come off my toes he smacks my ass and walks out.

I hear the door shut and run to the door to make sure it is locked. It wasn’t! I run to the back door and lock it too. I wonder how long they’ll be gone. I didn’t see to many places to get some lunch on the way in. In the master bedroom is a floor length mirror so that is where I end up. Posing in front of it. Finally getting to see how I look and realizing that now I have a new life. Or at least a second life. I don’t know how long I stared at myself but I snap out of it.

I hear Tony’s truck pull back in and I go unlock the door. He comes in with a few bags of food and heads to the empty kitchen. I follow him and he hands me a large cup with tea and a small bag. He got me a couple of small chicken tenders and nothing else. Says I need to start watching my figure with a loud laugh! Percy is eating out in the truck.

I finish eating pretty fast and he tells me to get back to work. I start to leave the kitchen and he tells me to stay in there and take the knobs off the cabinets and drawers so he can paint them too. I bend over to undo the bottom cabinets and he kinda moans a little.

“Damn bitch! You don’t look half bad in that little dress. With your raise I want you to get something like what you got on. Somethin that fits better. And a bra.” Tony says, and rambles on while thinking of other things. “You already gonna be wearin your mom’s panties Kurtköy Escort so you don’t need those! But you gonna have to shave them legs. Shave it all. Shave everything but the hair on your head. Yeah. let that shit grow out more. It ain’t short but you ain’t allowed to cut it no more. you gonna remember all that?”

“Yes Sir.”, was all I felt like mustering up. He finished up his lunch and smacked my ass on the way out. I eventually was done with all these knobs, so I went back to pulling nails and crap off the walls. After a few more hours Tony decided that we had put in a day. He told me to get back into my regular clothes but leave the panties on. He made me do this in front of him to be sure. He handed me a bank envelope with my days pay and ordered me into the truck. Percy already left. He lives close enough to walk to work.

We began down the road and I didn’t say a thing. Neither did Tony. I started thinking about the cum stained panties I was wearing and how it felt wrong that I had my normal clothes on with them. I’m getting a good feeling that I’m not the first white boy he has trained.

We pull in to the driveway of my house and he see’s that my mom is already home so he puts a hand on my knee and tells me that he would like to speak to her so he wants me to ask her to meet him out at his truck. I open the door and slide out of his big truck and the panties remind me of their presence buy stretching around my ass and reaffirming the wet spot against my used hole. I go through the front door and start looking for mom. I look all over but it turns out that she’s on the back deck sun bathing. She’s lying face down on a towel next to the connected pool. as i open the sliding door she looks up at me.

“Hey! I thought I heard someone pull up. Kinda figured it was you. How was your first day?” she say’s in a triumphant way. like she’s glad she got me this job.

“It was alright” I said, as the wet spot and tightness of my panties remind me that Tony wants to have a word. “Tony would like to have a word with you out by his truck.”

“Oh, Okay. Did he say why? I hope my check didn’t bounce.” she worriedly quipped. “He just wanted you to come out there.”

She stood up after tying her bikini top back together, left her towel and walked toward the door then through the house and out front. her sun bathing bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. Small patches around the nipples to reduce tan lines and thongs for the bottoms. you can tell she shaves but you can also tell from the front that she still has a trimmed “V” up front. kinda old school I guess. I’m kinda surprised that she didn’t wrap up in the towel. I follow her to the front door and watch her walk over to Tony. He was on his phone but immediately hung up as soon as he saw her coming his way. She had a stride while walking towards him that I’ve never seen her take. Easy but with purpose. Confident yet inviting.

They talked for about 30 minutes. She leaned against his door and smiled a lot. I couldn’t stop watching. I should have changed out of these damn panties and took a shower or anything, but I was curious. Finally she backed away and waved as his truck started. She made her way back to the house with a grin on her face. All the while Tony stayed in the driveway. Stayed there just watching until my mom left his view. I quickly made my way to the kitchen and started going through the refrigerator so as to look like I wasn’t spying. She made her way towards me and says “Oh good! Can you grab me a water while you’re in there?”

I hand her the water with one hand while holding a pitcher of iced tea in the other. She cracks the top and puts it to her lips to take a sip and it still doesn’t hide her grin. She briefly looks away then back at me as I take a glass down from the cabinet.

“So….Tony says you are a quick learner!” my mom says between sips. As I’m pouring my tea a little spills over the side and I set the pitcher back down. I start to take a sip and she says “He say’s you follow orders really well and that he knows that you will do what is expected of you. He said that you had a really bad job today. Said that the property he owns was a bit of a mess, but that you didn’t complain too much and showed that you can stick it out to get the job done.”

I drank the whole glass Pendik Escort in one gulp while listening to his assessment. “He said that it’s usually hard at first but he thinks you took it really well! I’m so proud of you!” my glass finds it’s place on the table and I turn to her and say “Thanks mom.”

“Well so…. Does he pay well?” I hadn’t even seen my check yet. I pull it out of my back pocket and open it up. 100 dollars for on 8 hour day, and that was with the raise. So 12.50 an hour? I show it to her and she gets even more happy with herself for getting me this job. “See…. Taking on a little hard work pays off!”

My mom turns for the back door and resumes her sun bathing. I rush off to my room to get some clothes together so i can shower and take these panties off. I grab a T-shirt and some shorts and as I reach for a pair of boxers, I’m reminded of the fact that I need to find a pair of my moms panties to wear for Tony. She’s preoccupied in the sun so i figure that now would probably be the best time, not knowing how the weekend will go.

So I set my clothes in the hall bath where I’ll be showering later and take a peak outside to check on my mom. She’s lying face up this time. Her feet are diagonal towards me as I look out the sliding glass door. I soak her in as her tight covering top holds her breasts up. They keep her nipples covered like I said, but they also keep them pointing straight up. But at the same time she does show her age and bust size as some spills towards her armpits. I would soon find out that she was a 32D as i want through her things looking for panties.

My mom’s bikini bottom revealed that she did shave, yet some poked over the top. It was trim and not a jungle. But that camel toe! Especially through the thin fabric of her thong. Her legs were not pressed together in order to even the tan. My moms lips were defined. Like a textbook. The labia, the inner labia, the clitoral hood. All hiding under sweat laden thongs. I make my way to her room.

I open drawer after drawer until i hit the jackpot. Her panty drawer is not ordered so that makes me feel better about her not missing a pair. I go to the back. Maybe these aren’t in rotation. I come up with a lacey pair that has a full back and panic as I hear the sliding glass door open. In a flash I’m in the hall bathroom turning on the water and shutting the door with Tony’s orders for me in my hand.

I undress and the cum from earlier makes my work panties stick to my inner ass checks for a second before coming down to my ankles. The steam from the shower invites me in. I walk under the water and the crust falls off. I soap up and start to remember the day. My hands move towards my budding hole and as I clean…. the massage of figures elicits a wanted base feeling. My mind says NO. My body says YES. My little cock responds. I am so aroused yet conflicted. I finish with my shower out of embarrassment. I get dressed and take the dirty clothes with me to my room.

As I pass my mom’s room I hear her shower going in her master bath. Her room door is open,but the bathroom door is shut. I see that she laid out her night clothes on her bed for when she gets out. Just a pair of white panties and a terry clothe robe. But on her night stand is a big 7″ dildo and a bottle of lube.

I keep going to me room with two pairs of panties. My mom’s pair and mine. My pair has my Boss Man’s cum. Her Pair will have whatever Tony wants. As we settle into bed….. mom tells me how proud she is of me for doing a good job. She tells me to keep it up and do everything Tony asks. I start to wonder what they talked about by his truck. Did he already bag my mom and they are stringing me along to see what I do?

I try to sleep. I think about the day and instead of being disgusted with myself….. I kinda like it. I think back to seeing myself in the mirror. Cum faced little sissy watching herself getting her virginity taken by a big black cock. Taking that dick and not realizing until after that he made me cum like never before. The humiliation that fed the ecstasy. The need for something that I didn’t know was there.

I hear my mom grunting in the next room. My little dick gets hard. I put her panties on. They fit ok. Tight in the front. I take my work panties and put them on my face. I can smell Tony. I can taste Tony. I can hear her. My Mom is really going at it! I am hoping that she is thinking about Tony as much as I am. If she is…. she doesn’t know that I can smell and taste him right now. He’s getting us both off. He controls both of us…..At least I hope so. It would make my job easier.

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