First Day Back Ch. 01

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Tim Rykers, gently kicked the door to his car shut and headed towards campus; first day back after the holiday break and he was already exhausted just thinking about the day ahead. The students would be extra rowdy and uncooperative, still high on their holiday fun and disappointed to be back in school. The other staff would be just as miserable as he was at the prospect of dealing with the post break students. With a heavy sigh Tim pulled open the door to his building and headed down the long corridor to his office.

As one of the newer staff members in the athletic department he had been graced with the smallest and most inconveniently located office spaces in the complex but having a six figure salary at 25 more than made up for that minor detail. The private university he worked for was able to provide generous compensation for the relatively little experience Tim had to offer and he was happy to not have been caught in the new grad trap of facing “five years experience required” on every job description he came across.

He finally reached his office and pulled out his keys, immediately slumping into the chair behind his desk and sipping the coffee he’d stopped for on the morning commute. He rubbed his face vigorously, trying to get alert while his computer started up, sure there would be a slew of emails – very few of which would be of any importance. Sure enough, one hour and 300 something emails later he had a miniscule to do list for the day. First of which, conduct an equipment inspection in the gym area. It was mostly for show but if an inspection was skipped and a student were to be injured on faulty equipment…the university had the money but who wants the negative publicity that tends to accompany a lawsuit?

Tim made his way back down the corridor he had arrived through and saw that despite the early hour there were a few students working out. The process was slow going and quite boring so he occupied his mind with a wandering eye. A few guys lifting weights. Pass. A much older, non-traditional student plodding along on an elliptical. Pass. A few girls running on treadmills, earbuds firmly in place. Cute. Nice ass. Fit body. Great tits. His eyes landed on the last person to come across and instantly recognized her. Katie Greene. Gulp.

Katie Greene had taken an introduction to something or other class with him last year and she was just as hot now as she was then. More so actually. He remembered the long lectures where he was forced to pull his attention away from her gorgeous body and focus on speaking. She generally sat in the front row and he entered the class every morning hoping she was wearing something low cut. Every time he was rewarded with this, a slight twitch in his pants happened in response. There had been a few times, towards the end of the school year when the weather was headed into that blissful summer time warmth, that she had showed up in the shortest of shorts, in addition to a low cut tank, and Tim had been genuinely concerned that the entire class could see the outline of his half hard dick through his pants. On those days, Tim would rush from class straight into his office, practically slamming the door shut behind him. He would whip out his cock, not even bothering to drop trou all the way, and begin stroking himself, the thought of Katie fueling him towards a quick orgasm. After the last drops of cum had fallen into his trash barrel he would always think “Sorry, cleaning crew.” as he pulled his pants up and re-buttoned them.

Tim felt his face flushing at the memories and a part of him felt guilty, objectifying this former student of his. “Ok, be a nice guy. Go say hi and don’t be pervy about it.” He approached Katie slowly, she looked to be stretching post workout, her forehead covered in a sheen of sweat. She saw him and smiled, giving a little wave that he returned.

“Hello, Miss Greene.” He said. “Smooth line, dude.”

“Hey Coach Rykers!” Katie replied, pulling a leg up to stretch her quads.

“Surprised the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle to see anyone in here, the day after break!”

“People gotta keep their New Year’s resolutions, I guess.” They both laughed and Tim could feel a familiar sensation happening.

“Did you enjoy your break?” He asked, lamely.

“Yea it was great to be home. What about you?”

“Same. Same.” An awkward silence passed between them. “What classes are you taking this semester?” Katie rattled off a few different titles and Tim was disappointed none of them were his. When he voiced this she smiled. “Miss having me in class?” She asked, looking him dead in the eye. He swallowed thickly and returned her gaze. “As a matter of fact, I do.” Her only response was a “Hmm. Good to know.” with a smirk he was tempted to read into. “Listen, I gotta get to class. It was nice running into you. Sorry I’m not taking any of your classes, maybe I’ll stop by your office to say hi sometime. You know, so you don’t miss me too much?” Tim could barely reply and when he did it was an eked out “Sure, any time.” Katie smiled again, turned on the spot and left the gym. Tim made a beeline to his office.


Three weeks into the semester and Tim felt like the holiday break had been years ago. The semester was monotonous and he could use a distraction. Maybe he’d plan a weekend camping trip with a few friends. Group of guys, out in the woods, lots of beer, weed, and food cooked over a fire sounded like a damn good time. A soft knock on his half open door jarred him out of his camping dream.

“Come in!”

“Hi.” Katie pushed the door open all the way, flopping down into one of the chairs in front of Tim’s desk. “Mind if I sit down?” She laughed at her own joke. Tim could hardly believe it. The first week after his encounter with her in the gym he’d secretly hoped she would actually come by his office but after two weeks had passed, he’d stopped hoping. Now, here she was in the flesh and boy did she look good. The girl knew how to dress for her body. Tim was thankful to be sitting behind a desk at the moment; some degree of a hard on was inevitable around her.

“I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.” He feigned sadness.

“No, no! Just been so busy, yanno?” She sat forward in her chair. “If you thought I’d forgotten about you, does that mean you’d been thinking about me coming by?” Tim was confused, he couldn’t tell if she was teasing him for fun or if she was coming on to him. He decided to play it somewhat safe but still toe the line.

“Well, when a person says they’ll come visit I expect them to come visit. So, yes, you could say I was thinking about you.” He smiled at her, crossing his hands atop the desk. He hoped it wasn’t too obvious on his face how much he’d thought about her. How he’d jerked off thinking about what she’d worn to class each day. How a few times, he had woken up in the night, halfway through a dream about being inside her, his hips thrusting hard against the bed, making a hot, sticky mess against the sheets. How right now his dick was quickly moving to full attention.

“Would it be the first time you thought about me?” Again, that smirk from the gym.

“In general? Or did you have a more specific meaning?” He returned her smirk and saw her lean back in the chair, assuming a more casual pose that included the uncrossing and recrossing of her legs.

“I think we both know what I mean.” Tim let that statement settle for a moment. Could this actually be happening to him right now? How was it even possible? He decided to seize on the moment before it passed because this had to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Would you like to discuss the matter privately?” He thought that was putting it on the table that he was interested but giving her an out if she wanted to the midnight club izle take it. Without batting an eye or missing a beat, Katie reached behind her and pushed the door to his office shut. With that act, Tim realized he was now sporting a fully erect cock. He took a deep breath.

“Well?” Katie looked at him expectantly. “Are you going to answer my question?”

“Oh! Right! Have I ever thought about you before, you mean?” She nodded, uncrossing and recrossing her legs again, squeezing them together a few times which did not go unnoticed by Tim. “You have been on my mind before, yes. What about you? I think it’s only fair you answer the same question in turn.”

“Yes. I’ve thought about you before.”

“And what have you thought about?” Tim shifted in his seat, his cock was straining against his pants and becoming slightly uncomfortable.

“If I answer, does that mean you will too?” Katie raised her eyebrows at him. He laughed softly and nodded. “I’ve thought about what you must look like under those clothes. I’ve thought about the class I took with you and how often I could see your dick. I really liked that by the way. I wondered if you ever jerked off thinking about me.” Her legs were in constant motion against each other, she was clearly turned on with every word she said. “Your turn.”

“I’ve thought about how fit your body must be, how I’d like to get my hands on it. I’ve thought about you while I jerked off. I’ve had a few wet dreams about you too.” His voice was low, his pulse fast. “Why don’t you come over here and I can tell you more about it.” He swallowed hard. Moment of truth, was it all talk? Katie pushed herself out of the chair and came around the corner of the desk. Tim turned his head only, his body still beneath the desk’s surface.

“Where do you want me?” She looked down at him, a fake innocence splashed across her face. It looked sexy on her. He swiveled in his chair, coming to a stop facing Katie directly. His pants were taught across the large bulge between his legs and Katie’s eyes fell on it.

“Right there would be nice.” His eyes gestured down to where her’s had been a moment ago before his voice had caused her to look up. She came forward slowly and sat sideways on his lap.

“How’s that?” She asked, settling her ass against him. He replied with a soft moan and a gentle thrust. He put a hand on her knee, the other began to rub against her back. His moves were still tentative, testing. She guided his hand up her leg, across her stomach and up to a breast. He squeezed softly, realized she wasn’t wearing a bra, and moved his other hand inside her shirt. Her skin was smooth and warm to the touch as he worked her shirt off. It fell to the floor and his eyes devoured her naked top half.

“Fuck.” He breathed. “You are so fucking hot.” She responded by pulling his face down to her chest for a moment before bringing it back up. She surprised him by pressing her lips to his and he greedily kissed her back, all the while moving his cock against her. As their kissing became more wild, Katie broke off to stand up. She slowly unbuttoned her pants, peeling them down to reveal lacy underwear. After she’d tossed her pants over her shirt she leaned over to Tim and began unbuttoning his shirt. She added it to the pile of clothes and ran her hands down his firm chest.

“I knew it. You’re jacked!” Her hands were all over him and she returned to his lap, this time straddling his hard cock. As she dragged herself up and down the length of his shaft he planted both hands firmly on her ass. It was tight and he guided her body along as they resumed kissing. Her breathing was becoming ragged and Tim was worried he was going to ejaculate too soon, the whole thing was just so hot.

“God, I’m so hard.” He could barely whisper.

“I know. It feels so good against my pussy.”

“Yea? You like that?” Tim had always loved to talk dirty but had found that many the midwich cuckoos izle girls did not appreciate how raunchy he could be so he often started off slow and built from there.

“Yea! Your cock feels so big!”

“Mmm, rub your pussy on my big cock.” She began rocking her hips faster and Tim thought he’d try pushing the whole situation further. He pushed her up by the hips and began to unbuckle and unzip. She stood over him, eyes glued to his crotch. “You wanna see my dick?” She nodded. “Huh? You want me to take my dick out?” She nodded again, breathing heavily as Tim slid his pants down to his ankles. His briefs were containing his cock, the head poking out of the waistband, and he smiled to himself. He couldn’t believe how into it Katie was. A lot of girls he’d been with were a little squeamish around dicks and he was stoked to find Katie the opposite of that. “Why don’t you rub it a little?” Her hand shot out, her fingers wrapping around his shaft, stroking up and down. “That feels so good, Katie.” His eyes fluttered shut.

“I wanna ride you again. Can I ride your big cock?” She didn’t wait for him to respond before pushing him back into the chair, straddling him, her legs curled on either side of his, knees digging into the cushion as she humped herself against him. He was impressed by how fast she was going and incredibly turned on. Her pussy must have been drenched because the delicious scent of it was wafting up to him. He could almost feel it against his cock. Katie threw her arms around his neck, her breathing hot and heavy in his ear. “Uuuhh Coach, your cock feels so good.” A few moments later. “Oh my god. I think I could cum.”

“Yea, Katie. Make yourself cum, baby. Cum on my cock.” His hands gripped her cheeks as she ground against him. He thrust himself at her furiously, feeling a heavy load churning it’s way to the surface.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Katie moaned in time with her body moving against him. “Oh god! Coach!” Her body shuddered against him, their bare chests heaving together, as her orgasm swept through her body. He felt her ass clench as each wave coursed through his former student’s body, the flood of her pussy against his twitching cock which was about to explode. She slowed only momentarily and then began humping Tim again. “I want you to cum too.” She pulled back, resting her hands behind her on his legs, pushing her panty clad cunt against him. He knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t last long against this.

“Fuck…fuck…oh, fuck.” He moaned “I’m gonna cum, Katie. I’m gonna fucking shoot.” His body was outside of his control now, his mounting orgasm inevitable. He felt his balls tighten and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He relished the moment of knowing he was about to cum against a student and when he finally did it was better than anytime he’d fantasized about it.

“C’mon, Coach. I wanna feel your hot load on my pussy.” That was it. A girl begging for cum was always an instant nut buster. As the first spurt of cum shot out of his dick, Tim grunted, his body lunging forward involuntarily. A second and third spurt and his thick cum began spreading over his stomach.

“There it is, baby. There it is.” He groaned as his cock squirted a fourth time. Now, Tim had always considered both his cock and his cum load to be slightly above average but he had never busted quite like this before. Katie was somehow milking his cock dry, without even having made skin to skin contact! A fifth rope of cum shot out from the tip of Tim’s dick, adding to the mess on his stomach.

“That’s a big load!” Katie gasped. Tim’s hands were still clenched around her ass and he held her tight as he strained his body against hers, a sixth blast surprising them both. “Mmm, look at all that cum!” Tim glanced down to see a seventh and a final eighth shot erupt out of his still hard staff. His cock was twitching as his body began to relax.

“Holy shit!” He gasped, his head dropping back against the chair. “Holy shit! I’ve never cum that hard before. Oh my god.” His body was still making occasional small thrusts. His load was everywhere, but Katie didn’t seem to mind. “Fuck. That was hot.”

“Yea. It was.” Katie agreed, a smile on her face again. “I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it would feel if you stuffed that big cock of yours in me.”

“Well, I’ve got some open office hours tomorrow if you want to come by.”

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