First Night Seduction Ch. 01

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Adrien sat at the bar, hunched over his drink, his right leg bouncing up and down with nervousness. It had taken him five previous attempts to get here, three drive-pasts (to avoid thinking of himself as an utter coward he’d told himself they were to check out he’d got the right place, right time, right route and to find out where best to park) twice he’d actually pulled into the car park behind the venue but driven out without even stopping, this time it was make or break time – if he hadn’t done it now he knew he never would.

He’d even bought new clothes the likes of which those who knew him would never expect him to don, unadorned black baseball cap and t-shirt black cargo pants and Doc Marten shoes; he was usually to be seen in chinos, polo shirt and loafers when not at work where he wore suits, shirts and ties that bore all the right labels.

He’d tried, he really had, he’d truly thought he could make a life with Claudia, she was as career focused as he was, she a top-flight neuro surgeon Adrien an equally well regarded cardiac transplant surgeon, had less parental leanings than himself and neither had complained as their sex life had whittled away to the I-can’t-recall-when-we-last-did-so-I-suppose-we-should state of affairs. Not that theirs had ever been a passionate union; if pushed to describe their love-life at its best Adrien would say it was, was what? Satisfying, adequate, ordinary? Probably the latter.

That their relationship had run out of steam, without ever coming close to living together let alone marriage, was proved to him when he’d seen Claudia in a lingering embrace with a man Adrien knew to be an oncology consultant and it hadn’t bothered him – quite the opposite he’d felt relieved. It had taken a couple of days for him to summon up the energy to face what came next.

He and Claudia had eaten dinner cleared the table and were sitting finishing their wine when he spoke up,

“So you and Hewitt, has it been a while?”

“Excuse me?”

“Please casino siteleri don’t deny it Claudia, it’s disrespectful to him at the very least,” his voice had been calm, monotonic almost, the brief onslaught which had followed his words had surprised him but he hadn’t reacted to it, confirming some of what Claudia had said.

“No, not long. Am I sorry? Well you know what I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry about do you? It’s not like you’re madly in love with me is it? Have I broken your heart? I very much doubt it. Christ! You can’t even be bothered to get angry, can you even begin to understand how much that hurts Adrien?”

“I’ve had a couple of days to think about it, and I have thought long and hard about it since I saw you with him and it dawned on me that neither of us deserves to stagnate like this, just let it go Claudia please.”

She’d taken a few moments to centre herself before nodding in reply,

“When do you want me to move my things?”

“Out of the master tonight but otherwise as soon as possible, please leave your keys before you go to work tomorrow.”

Adrien sighed as he looked deep into his vodka hoping to find answers, what he got was a question,

“Are you here to fuck or be fucked?” a deeply seductive voice from immediately behind him murmured in his ear.

He’d picked this night as it was described on the website as the club’s ‘quiet night – a chance to relax, unwind and converse with friends new and old’. The music was a little louder than that of the restaurants he and Claudia had frequented, the beat a little more emphatic, even so ‘the voice’ really didn’t need to be so close – he could feel the body heat of its owner across his back.

Without moving Adrien replied,

“The better question would surely be are you here to fuck and or be fucked?”

“Smart arse,” the voice retorted although Adrien thought he’d heard humour in its tone.

“How would you know? It’s not like you’ve as canlı casino yet made its acquaintance.”

“Without your answer I won’t know if I want to.”

“Let’s just say I like to keep my options open and my imagination as my guide.”

Was he trying to put the guy off with his words or buy himself some time to get control of what was happening inside him Adrien asked himself.

“I like your thinking,” Adrien felt the body move away, whatever disappointment he felt didn’t last long a hand appeared from his left stopping beside his glass, “the name’s Theo.”

Adrien hesitated for a moment before shaking it, although he still didn’t look up,

“Ade,” he’d decided to not use his full name the moment he’d walked through the club’s door, at least at first.

“Can I buy you another?”

“No thanks, I have a strict rule of one drink only when I’m driving.”

“Hugh, two of my usual,” Theo called to the bartender moving to take the stool to Adrien’s left.

“On their way,” Hugh answered.

Two glasses appeared the barman dropped in a little ice and slice of lime, Hugh popped the caps on two mixer-sized bottles of tonic filled the glasses then added a splash of lime.

“My tab,” Theo told Hugh.

“Guaranteed no sneaky alcohol, you saw it poured.”

“Thanks, can’t say I’ve ever tried it.”

“I’ll let you into a secret,” Theo leaned close to Adrien speaking conspiratorially, “I prefer lime and lemonade but I’d feel a bit of a girl ordering it.”

Adrien fought first the smile then the laughter Theo’s words brought on, he lost both battles and his shoulders shook as he laughed silently.

“What’s so funny?”

“Of all the places to make that remark you choose this one,” Adrien tilted his head to look at the man to his left.

“Oh please tell me you’re not one of those who takes themselves and being queer seriously. Life’s too short for fuck’s sake.”

Adrien’s head snapped back to looking at his drink, Theo had kaçak casino taken it for granted that Adrien was gay! He wanted to set the record straight, so to speak, at most he’d have declared himself bi-curious and with all the hesitation he’d had in getting this far most people would likely say he probably couldn’t even claim to be all that curious. He didn’t however want to upset the only person who’d spoken to him in the hour since he’d sat down, sure as hell he didn’t have the nerve to start a conversation.

“No, no, I don’t. Look Theo I’m probably not fit for company, I should probably have stayed at home instead of spreading the misery.”

“It’s got to be losing your job or a recent break-up.”

“Still in gainful employment.”

“Ah, bad was it?”

“Not really, well we won’t be bosom buddies, it had just run its course you know?”

“Yeah, I think most of us do.”

“So like I said I doubt I’ll be good company.”

“Don’t try to be, I’d say that you not being here to get rat-legged’s a good sign though.”

“My days of over-indulgence are long gone.”

“By that I take it you meant alcohol.”

“Not entirely,” Adrien mumbled as he downed the last of the vodka.

Theo heard the quietly spoken words but chose not to comment.

“Fancy a game of pool?”

“To be honest I’m more of a baize-ripper, mind you that was back in the Student Union bar so booze most likely played a part.”

“Come on, I can see a couple of the club’s biggest tarts eyeing you up if it looks like we’re getting along they’ll leave you alone, at the bar you’re pretty much fair game.”

“Alright but don’t expect much of a challenge.”

The two men picked up their drinks and made their way across the bar to the corner where stood a currently unoccupied pool table.

“Shall I break?”

“Trust me you’ll make a better fist of it than I would.”

“Told you I was useless,” Adrien chuckled not so very long after they began having been soundly beaten twice.

“Another frame or how about a bite to eat? The food here’s quite good, there’s not a huge choice but it’s not bog-standard bar food.”

“Why not? I’d only be getting a take-away otherwise.

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