First Night Seduction Ch. 05

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“If you’ll excuse us I need to check in at the Barque, I look forward to seeing you later, the table’s booked for eight,” Theo said standing up.

“Why Adrien?”

“Initially because he looked like a man who needed a friend, then I got to know him, you have an exceptional son Dorothy.”

“Yes, we know, we’ve always been proud of him,” Edward replied for both of them.

“I’ll change at The Barque mum, save time.”

“I’ll arrange for a taxi to collect you and bring you home.”

“He’s sort of used to being in charge,” Adrien chortled.

“I merely meant that if no-one’s driving we can all enjoy a drink, you did tell me Jonah’s has a fair wine list.”

“We’ll see you there then,” Dorothy told them.

Theo drove to the hotel, having not returned the keys to Adrien; the only voice in the car for some time was that of the sat-nav.

“Adrien are you alright?”

“I don’t know, I mean I’ve told my parents but what next, what do I tell people at work, do I tell them anything?”

“Go with the ‘if they don’t ask you don’t tell’ routine for now, until you decide.”

“We’re here, up on the left, the car-park’s at the back but there’s a space or two at the front for use until you’ve checked in.”

The Barque was a fairly small family-run hotel and the locals would say the best in the area.

“Good afternoon, I have a reservation, it should be under the name of Callow Securities,” Theo smiled at the pretty blonde receptionist.

She returned Theo’s grin,

“I took the booking myself sir, if you’ll give me a moment I’ll call someone to help with your luggage if you’ll sign here please,” she turned the visitor book to face him.

“Thank-you Sally,” Theo read from her name-tag, “would it be possible to have a bottle of champagne sent up, my partner and I have something to celebrate.”

“There’s a wine-list in the room sir, our cellar’s my father’s area of expertise he’ll be happy to help.”

“Are these your bags sir?” a young man asked as he approached.

“Most of them yes, there’s a couple left in the car.”

“Let me show you to your room then I’ll bring them in and park the car if you’d like.”

Adrien had spoken not one word since they’d arrived, he’d still been re-running their time with his parents in his head when he and Theo had walked into the hotel; he’d been about to mention that he’d left his luggage in the car when Theo had referred to Adrien being his partner and it had shocked him further into silence.

“She’s thinking business partner, the room’s in a company name,” his logical brain told him.

“Why say it at all?” the part of him which had been hiding until recently asked.

“Which car am I looking for Mister,” the young man began to ask as he opened their room door then stopped realising he hadn’t been given either man’s name.

“Richardson, it’s the dark green Mercedes Maybach.”

“I’ll be as quick as I can sir, the wine-list’s on the table by the veranda windows, press zero on the phone Sally will put you through to my father.”

“Thank-you Will, you’ll need these,” Theo passed him the car-keys Adrien noted they were partially wrapped in a ten pound note.

Adrien waited for several heartbeats before he spoke after Will left before he spoke.

“Theo, downstairs you called me your partner, I know Sally will probably take it to mean business partner but you could’ve warned me when we were in the car that you were going to say it.”

“I didn’t know I would, when I did I too presumed Sally would opt for the business connection,” Theo was clearly amused by Adrien’s reaction.

“I was flabbergasted.”

“Merely shocked flabbergasted or upset flabbergasted?”

The question made Adrien stop to think,

“Merely shocked, I think.”

“So you don’t find the idea objectionable?” Theo had come to stand close to Adrien.

“Obviously not.”

“If you don’t object to the idea does that mean you don’t object to the long-term actuality?”

“Not in the least,” Adrien spoke as if in a daze.

“Can I take it from that you’d have no objection to us being partners according to the rest of the world, eventually?”

“Er, you’re not about to take out a half-page ad in The Sunday Times are you?”

“Actually that may not be such a bad idea, I can see it now, Mister Theo Jepson, businessman and, now that’s something I don’t know are you a Doctor or a Mister?”

“Professor,” Adrien replied automatically.

“So it’s Mister Theo Jepson, businessman, and Professor Adrien Leadbeater, cardiac surgeon, are pleased to announce that they are now a couple. All those with objections can keep it to themselves.”

“You’re crackers, do you know that?” Adrien was barely able to speak for laughing.

“What I do know is that I need to order our champagne, book a taxi for your parents and find time to run the bathwater.”

“Hint taken, bathwater about to be run.”

When Adrien returned to the main room, having undressed Bakırköy travesti and donned a bathrobe, it was obvious that Will had delivered the last of their luggage.

“Champers is on its way, taxi is booked think that’s everything.”

“No, it’s not,” Adrien smirked as he crossed the room, when he was only inches away from Theo he carried on, “I think I’d like to actually be asked if I want to be your partner and after that there’s something else I want.”

“Which is?”

“Ah, no, not until I’ve been asked.”

“Are you trying to get all bossy boots on me?”

“Not as such, I simply have certain expectations.”

“You’re flirting with me again.”

“Maybe I am but unless I’m asked you won’t know what’s behind it.”

“Professor Leadbeater, would you care to become my partner, my toy-boy and my lover?” Theo was smiling broadly.

“You know Mister Jepson I rather think I would.”

“So what is it you want?”

“Just this,” Adrien closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to Theo’s, “oh and I wouldn’t object to us fucking like rabbits before we go to dinner.”

“Your mother was right you are incorrigible.”

“I’m also horny.”

The knock at the door made them both laugh.

“Your champagne Mister Richardson.”

“Thank-you Will, I’ll take it from here,” Theo said as he took the tray slipping the young man another note.

They drank the little-known but eminently enjoyable champagne as they bathed,

“I may just have to lay some of this down at home,” Theo commented, “remind me to have a chat with the owner about who his supplier is.”

Adrien remained silent.

“Is it not to your taste?” Theo asked warily.

“Mmm, sorry what?”

“The champers, not for you?”

“Sorry I think I’m back to not being very good company, you stay here and relax I’ll take myself off to the other room.”

“You’re worrying about your parents.”

Adrien nodded his head.

“I won’t stop you getting out but I’ll say this, if you’re really worried call them once they’ve had at least an hour to discuss it between themselves.”

“I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that one.”

“No, you wouldn’t.”

They were facing each other, Theo looking intently at Adrien for any sign he was starting to regret telling his parents.

“Go and call them if you must, personally I don’t think you have anything to worry about. As a general rule if someone’s going to go off about it they do it straight away.

“You never did tell me what you said to your parents.”

“Unfortunately I couldn’t get them on neutral ground, mum had had an accident and wasn’t getting out of the house because she was on crutches. We’d had Sunday lunch my nieces were off with friends, Jeff and Lindy were sorting the dishes and we three were in the dining room. I asked what if anything they’d thought about Li-anne and I getting divorced. Mum asked if there was any chance of a reconciliation, that’s when I almost bottled it but I managed to tell them there wasn’t. She asked if either of us had had an affair, Lindy is definitely our mother’s daughter,” Theo huffed a small laugh, “from there it went much the same way as my talk with Jeff and Lindy. I told them that I’d known I was gay for years, that I loved Li-anne but not romantically that I fully expected everyone to take her part and that I couldn’t live the wrong life any longer.”

“How did they react?”

“Dad was silent, mum cried; she asked if I’d thought about how difficult my life would be, how it might affect my business, my social standing.”

“Had you thought about all that?”

“Didn’t care, I’d done all the hiding I was prepared to, besides who really cares these days? And it’s not like I was about to be seen swanning in and out of leather-fag nightclubs with an endless stream of boy-toys. I think the fact that I’ve always kept my private life private helped my parents adjust. Were you aware that the sole owner of Thepson Holdings is gay?”

“I most definitely am now.,” Adrien smirked.

Theo suddenly stood up, Adrien watched the water stream from his body following the contours of his well-defined muscles.

“Change of plan, you stay here, try to keep calm, happy place time; I’m going to track down any decent estate agents see what they’ve got on their books.”

“You don’t have to keep up the pretence that was for my parents.”

“Not entirely, I think having a bolt-hole somewhere down here would suit us quite well but the drive here’s a bitch how do you rate our chances of getting permission for a heli-pad if we can’t find a place that has one already?”

“Us Theo, for us? A fricking heli-pad!”

Theo wrapped a towel round his waist, picked up his champagne flute and leaned back against the vanity unit pleased that his ploy has worked; he’d stopped Adrien fixating on his parents and their possible reactions to the news their son was gay.”

“Did I not tell you that I usually replace car Beylikdüzü travesti journeys over an hour, hour and a half with my helo?”

“You own a helicopter?”

“And a Gulfstream, both of which I pilot if the mood takes me.”

“Frigging hell Theo! Is there nothing you can’t do?”

“I can’t fuck you ‘like rabbits’ I think you said while you’re in that bath and I’m already dry,” he pushed away from the vanity and walked to the open door, “come and find me when you’re ready,” he paused and looked back over his shoulder, “buck.”

“And you have the cheek to call me a flirt!” Adrien threw a damp washcloth at Theo who dodged it.

“You’re clearing that up young man,” Theo laughed as he strode away.

“Oh am I?”

Adrien clambered from the bath and hurried to catch Theo but instead he collided with him – Theo was stood barely a couple of paces from the bathroom door his arms held out to catch Adrien.

“We are not at home, we have only the one bed, I’m dry you’re not so take this,” he took the towel from his own body and passed it to Adrien, “the quicker you use it the sooner you can join me.”

Theo sat on the bed propped up on a bank of pillows against the headboard, stroking his risen sex with his fingertips.

Adrien stood, dumbfounded, towel in his still out-stretched hand making a puddle on the Axminster.

“Changed your mind, already having second thoughts about the older man thing?”

“You said home, you talked about us having a bolt-hole, you told someone I’m your partner,” Adrien looked as shocked as he sounded, “and no to both questions.”

“Which one of them do you object to? Bearing in mind you’ve already said you’ve no objection to the partner reference there needing to be more than one person in a couple the use of us was correct. ”


If you object to any of them I won’t say it again. And prove it,” he tapped the bed beside him.

“No, that’s not what I meant. Yes, the us goes with us being a couple but,” Adrien hesitated realising what he’d said for the first time.

“But we don’t have a home is that what you’re thinking?”

“I think so.”

“Would it help if I said that I still tell people I’m going home when I’m heading to the farm? It’s verbal shorthand I suppose.”

“Oh right,” Adrien replied not entirely sure that Theo was being entirely honest.

“Now about that shag,” Theo beamed.

Adrien played up to Theo’s expectations, he used the towel to dry his body but did it slowly, turning this way and that showing off his body to its best advantage – though to Theo’s mind that was any way Adrien stood, especially when he was naked – leaving his already swelling manhood until last.

“Come here you I’ve waited quite long enough today, I want to see you swallowing me, then I want to watch my dick sliding into you before I pin you to this mattress as I fuck you stupid.”

“You say all the right things Mister Jepson, please allow me to oblige.”

Theo parted his legs and Adrien knelt between them, sliding his hands up Theo’s legs towards his crotch watching as his lover carried on playing with his erection.

“I love watching you do that, it’s almost too hard to stop you doing it so I can get it in my mouth.”

“Well how about I look after this part,” Theo moved his fingers down from the head of his prick to stroke the lower half, “and you take care of the rest?”

“Perfect,” Adrien replied already leaning forward to wrap his lips around the ridge of Theo’s cock and lick across the tip.

Adrien took his time covering Theo’s erection with his saliva his lips massaging the velvet-over-steel column of flesh as he moved his head up and down.

Theo meanwhile used words to further excite Adrien,

“I think I ought to fill your ass with a butt-plug before we leave to meet your parents, I want you begging for release when we get back here after dinner. I’m sure I packed the remote-control one with the super-quiet motor,” as he spoke he stroked Adrien’s hair applying a little pressure on the back of his head to keep him from taking his mouth away, “or I could put you in a cage with the key on its chain round my neck so close but yet so far or I could do both.”

Adrien whimpered around the hot flesh in his mouth, Theo had occasionally threatened him with things like this but actually did them even less and Adrien could never tell when Theo was going to make good on his threats. Mind you he had been known to turn the tables on Theo – which was always fun!

Adrien cast his mind back to the time he’d caged Theo’s prick the previous Monday and almost choked on the hard flesh in his mouth when he giggled at the memory. Theo had been away on business for a week and had flown back non-stop from Canada’s west coast, although they’d managed a highly satisfying quickie when he’d got home Theo had quickly succumbed to jet-lag and it was as he slept that Adrien had carefully wrapped his manhood in a steel cage. He’d left a note on the Bomonti travesti nightstand for Theo to find when he woke by which time Adrien would be away on his own two day trip acting as guest-lecturer at a medical school in Scotland.

“Hello love,

I hope you’ve slept well. I’ll be back Wednesday afternoon – my train arrives just after two so I’ll be home around three (if I can get a taxi quick enough).

You said you’re not going into the office this week so your little addition shouldn’t cause you any problems – just protecting your assets you understand! Looks like you’ll be in shorts or sweatpants for the foreseeable. I, on the other hand will be free to please myself whenever I get the chance.

If there’s an emergency I’ve hidden the spare key in the house so if you need it call me.


Theo had called him that afternoon but as Adrien was lecturing until five o’clock he’d had to leave a voicemail, he had not been a happy camper! The email he’d sent a little later had been far less admonishing in fact it had been downright begging in tone. Adrien replied to neither at his first opportunity, in fact he left Theo hanging until he’d returned to his hotel, ordered dinner from room-service and showered.

“Hi Theo,” he’d said brightly when it was answered at the first ring, he’d sent a text to tell Theo he’d be Skyping, “how’s the jet-lag?”

“Fuck the jet-lag you sneaky little rat-bag where the frigging hell have you put the spare key?”

“Do you have an emergency?”

“Yes, the sodding hard-on that’s practically busting out of this thing, c’mon love, I’m a desperate man.”

“Theo calm down, you’ll do yourself a mischief,” Adrien teased, “I can’t talk for long my meal should be here in a few minutes.”

“Adrien you cannot really mean to have me wear this until you get back,” Theo was trying to sound conciliatory.

“Why not? You’ll be used to it by the time you go back to bed so you probably won’t get such a hard-on when you wake up tomorrow and even less of one Wednesday, you’ll get more rest because it’ll stop you wasting energy jacking off when you need to recover from the flight. It’s for your own good in the long run, I’m doing you a favour,” he’d giggled.

“Oh I’ll be well over the jet-lag by the time you get home and trust me it won’t be pretty. I hope you’ve taken the biggest butt-pug with you ‘cos if you haven’t I’ll soon have you wishing you had. Your ass is mine when you get home and if you think this little joke of yours won’t cause me any problems it’s sure as fuck going to cause you some,” Theo snarled, he’d abandoned all pretence of coaxing or cajoling Adrien into giving him the key’s location, instead he’d gone straight to the consequences of not doing so.

“But you’ve got to get the key first love don’t forget that, they’ve asked if I can extend my stay to the end of the week.”

No-one had suggested this but Adrien couldn’t resist winding Theo up.

“Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.” Theo hissed, Adrien was glad he’d Skyped Theo his face was a picture, “If you even think about staying up there a minute more than planned I’ll be hammering on your room door before midnight.”

“That’ll be a no then.”

“You bet your sweet ass it is, and that’s already been claimed.”

“Just a sec, I think someone knocked at the door must be dinner. Don’t go away.”

“Hang on what the fuck are you wearing?” Theo called as he saw Adrien stand up.

Adrien had given him a quick flash of the tight underwear he was wearing – along with nothing else – as he stood up to answer the door but what Theo wouldn’t see was that Adrien had a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt laid out ready to put on. He took the tray from the young woman at the door and set it aside to again disrobe before going back to their Skype call taking the tray with him.

“Sorry what were you saying when I went to the door?”

“Tell me you didn’t.”

“Didn’t what?” Adrien asked innocently as he removed the dish-covers.

“Answer the door with your cock all but jumping out of your boxers.”

“Why not, it’s not like I’m naked.”

“You might as well be.”

Adrien figured he’d tormented Theo enough,

“Theo in all the time you’ve known me have I ever shown any tendency to exhibitionism? Of-course I pulled on some clothes you pillock.”

“For fuck’s sake you can’t do that to me especially when I’ve got this fucking thing locked round my dick. It’s already got me so wound up I can’t think straight.”

“What’s got you so amused?” Theo asked pulling Adrien from his reverie he had been smiling at the memory as his mouth had worked its way further down Theo’s cock.

“Just thinking about you waking up wearing your cage.”

“You want to remind me of that now?”

“Your fault, you were the one making threats just now.”

“You think they were empty threats?”

“Until proven otherwise.”

“Well there’s something that’s not going to be empty much longer, get on your knees.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Before Theo moved behind Adrien he picked up the bottle of lube from the nightstand generously covered his cock in the cool gel then tossed the container aside.

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