First Time

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Let me catch you up on me before I begin my story. I am 6 foot tall and considered a BBW. My being a big girl does not allow for sexual adventures to occur, or hell, for sexual encounters of any kind. My best feature would be my eyes, if you make it that far up from my 48 DDs. I was almost 22 before I lost my virginity and can count my sexual partners on two hands now. I finally moved on to the other and. I realize that is a good thing but those partners were not totally satisfying to me. I always wanted more. I meet some nice Internet pals who started me talking and I figured out that I was missing part of me in those encounters. I was not being myself – the sexual, sensual sex kitten that I am. I was being what they wanted me to be instead of what I wanted to be. Below is the story that is all out of my head.

I was nervous. I have been bi-curious for years but just recently started talking about it and looking at some women as potential sex partners. I met Dumpling on-line. We flirted a bit and I gave the impression of being BI so she sent me email. I clarified that I was straight but have the growing urge to sexually explore a woman’s body. She was kind enough to not drop me like a hot potato. We talked and each time our emails got dirty and naughtier. I looked forward to her emails and for the thrills that would make my pussy throbbing wet.

It happened that we were going to be in the same town on the same weekend. What is the likelihood of the happening? We agreed to meet and see what happened. I am to meet her in 5 minutes in the Hotel Bar. I have dressed with care. I chose a knee length skirt, stockings and garter, peek-o-boo bra, and a low cut top. I am wearing pumps just so I do not tower over her. I have put perfume in all the right spots, checked and double checked that all the hair and stubble are gone from my snatch, and that the room is immaculate with toys discreetly hidden (if they are needed).

I take the elevator down and walk into the bar. I take a seat and order a stiff drink. I am going to need the fortification so that I do not get up and run from the room as fast as I can. Just then I look up and see her. My heart stops. She is so sexy. She catches my eye, winks, and walks over. Man that walk is pure sex. I want to be able to walk like that. Maybe she can show me later.

“Hello Darling”, she whispers in my ear.

“Hi Dumpling”, I squeak. I clear my voice and this time get it out in a semi-normal range and tone. She just giggled and sat down.

She looks me over and tells me that I am just as sexy and beautiful as she knew I would be and that she cannot wait to dive into me. I blush, turn hot, and melt right there. I think I really did just cream my panties.

I orhangazi escort look at her, and say “well, lets go up, get comfy, and see what happens then.” She gasps, takes a swig of my drink, winks saucily at me, grabs my hand, and walks me quickly to the elevator.

“I am not letting you change your mind, so lets move. I want you so badly, I am trying to wait until we are in the room”, she says.

The elevator is empty, encouraged by her, the alcohol, and just the moment itself, I push her up against the wall and kiss her. She darts her tongue in my mouth and quickly turns the kiss into hers. I am lost at the feel of her soft sure lips and cunning tongue. She grabs my ass and kneads the cheeks while she tongue fucks my mouth. I am moaning and bracing myself with my hands on the walls of the elevator.

The doors open, she breaks off, grabs me and takes me on the floor where I think my hotel room is. I am not sure of my name at this time because I am so overcome with lust for this woman. A woman, who would have thought it would happen.

She finds my room, I remember mumbling something to her as she led me down the hall. We get in the room and I snap out of it. I turn to her and smile. I say, “Hello, it’s so nice to meet you and I am glad that you could make it. Wanna strip me and have your wicked way with me?”

She walks to me and starts to unbutton my shirt. She is licking and kissing my neck and ears. She is finding all the little spots that make me horny. She pulls back to look at me while she takes my shirt off. When she sees my bra, she groans, licks her lips, and flicks my hard nipples with her long nails. I shudder with the feeling. She leans in and lightly licks one and then the other. Then she just suddenly engulfs as much of my breast as she can.

“Oh that tongue of yours is wicked. Oh yeah, suck it hard it. That’s it. Bite my nipple. Oh God that feels so good. Do you like my breasts?”

She looks up and says “Oh hell yeah. I have wanted to bury my face in them since you sent me those pictures. They are so soft and large. Look at the color of the areola; it is almost the same shade as your breast. These turn me on so much, I could lick and suck them all night but I have to see the rest of you. Take off your skirt for me.”

I do what she asks. I do a slow strip tease and cherish her reaction to seeing me only in my garter and stockings. I had forgotten the thong panties, oops. I sit down and spread my legs. She comes and kneels in front of me and looks lustily at my swollen lips. She kisses her way up my thighs and begins to suck and lightly chew on my lips. I just love the sight of this woman with her head between nilüfer escort my thighs. Her technique is nothing like I have experienced before. Her mouth is just as strong but seems to be more delicate and she takes her time to learn me.

She moans as she gets her first taste of my pussy juices. She spreads me open, looks up at me, and says, “I am going to make you cum so hard, you are going to overflow my mouth with your juices and I will lap it all up and then I am kissing you. You okay with that?” “Oh God yes, please just eat me. I have to have your lips back on me, please”

She goes back to lavishing kisses, little nips, and slight sucking to my pussy and clit. She darts that tongue of hers into my cunt and twists it around. I almost cum right then and there but I am determined to make this last. You first time having a woman eat your out is not something you want to be over quickly. I want to savor ever detail (I do have to tell my man later all about my weekend).

I fall back on the bed and she lifts my legs over her shoulders and spreads me further. She is licking and blowing on my cunt. I feel her fingers get into the act. Her long fingernails delicately flick my clit and I jump at that pleasure. I am now moaning and breathing hard. She feels so good down there. She starts to finger fuck me, first one, then two, then three and all the time she is sucking on my clit. I am now thrashing on the bed, humping her face, and have my hands buried in her hair holding her there. She starts to rub my other hole and I can feel the orgasm coming. She sticks her finger in my ass, twirls the fingers in my cunt to hit the g-spot, and sucks hard on my clit. I cum with a loud scream and a gush of juices. She is now slurping at my pussy.

I am way to overcome to move as she crawls up my body and kisses me. I get a mouth full of my own juices and the taste combined with her hot mouth sets the aftershocks off. I cum again and she laughs.

She helps me out of my clothes and then strips for me. I am now getting my second wind and ready to do to her what she just did to me. A lover has told me that with my tongue action, he thought I would be very good at eating pussy.

I lay her down, caress her face and tell her that I am now going to explore her body. My hands are shaking – from nerves or excitement or both I have no clue. I kiss her lips, trace my tongue along her jaw line to her ear and softly nip at the lobe. She moans but stays still. I know she is afraid of scaring me off.

I kiss my way down her neck, she smells so good. I flick my tongue over the racing pulse in her throat and nip her collarbone. I am now caressing her breasts and getting the nipples türbanlı escort nice and hard. I lean over and taste one then the other. MMMM, so not like anything I have ever experienced before. I rub the flesh and then take her breast into my mouth. She thrusts her self further into my mouth and pushes my head down.

“That’s it baby, yeah, suck my breast, you like that don’t you? MMMM, yeah, rub your head between my breasts. Oh baby, that tongue is driving me crazy ”I suck her hard and fast into my mouth using great suction and flicking my tongue on her nipple, she screams and actually cums from that attention. I look up and smile as she comes down. She looks at me and says “damn baby, that was awesome, take that mouth to my pussy and see if you can make me do it again, please make me do it again. That was, damn great”

I kiss my way down and smell her juices. I am so turned on; I cannot keep my hips from moving. I am finally about to eat another woman, taste my first pussy. Oh my god, I think I can cum just from the thought of licking her lips.

I spread her open and inhale her scent. I can see the juices running down and tentatively reach out my tongue to taste. “MMMMMMMMM, damn, that tastes good.”

I dive in like I am starving and only her juices can assuage the hunger. I lap up all her juices from the first orgasm and set off to make her cum again. I suck her clit into my mouth and just roll it around, getting the feel of it. Man, it’s awesome. Never thought it would feel like that. All soft and hard at the same time. She is now humping my face and moaning. I take my tongue and insert it into her hot pussy. I can feel it grasping at my tongue and trying to milk it. I stick a finger in and find her g-spot.

She lefts her hips off the bed and begs for more. I stick three fingers in at once and wiggle them. She whimpers and begs me to make her cum. I decided to try her technique. I lube up a finger and gently massage her hole before working it in. Once I have that situated, I stick two fingers in her pussy and get ready to tweak that g-spot. I lick her clit and then suddenly I suck the clit and move my fingers all at the same time. She comes off the bed and almost dislodges me from between her thighs. I keep at it and she manages to cum three times before begging me to stop.

I look up; my face is glistening with her juices, my sweat, and is lit up with a mile wide grin. I pull away from her, give her a few aftershocks, lean over and kiss her.

“Was I good for a virgin? Think you will recover enough for a little 69 later on?”

“Oh baby you were great. That mouth needs to be a national monument and I am so gonna teach you all I know but I think you will manage to teach me too.”

We get up and head for the shower. On the way, she turns the hot tub on. I am guessing that once we finish the shower (and it will take a while, I have plans for her body), we will end up in there for some underwater fun.

But that is another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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