First Time as a Toilet Slave

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I lay on my back, the plastic sheet I was lying on felt sticky and clammy. I watched as the prostitute I was with pulled off her panties. Mistress Suzy was now naked. She was young and sort of plain, sort of pretty, slim with smallish breasts. Her bum was a bit bigger than the rest of her and it was her bum that she pushed towards my face as she squatted, legs either side of my head.

“Are you ready slave?” Mistress Suzy asked.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

“Ready for what?” Mistress Suzy demanded.

“Ready to be your toilet slave,” I said very quietly.

“Ready for me to shit in your mouth?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You know, only the most pathetic slaves get degraded in this way don’t you?” said Mistress Suzy.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I could whip you, I could torture your weeny little cock. But you’re not worth the energy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Besides I’m full. Did you hear that toilet slave? My bum’s nearly bursting with nasty shit. Nasty, smelly, sticky shit.

Mistress Suzy moved her bum lower. Her legs were wide apart and her buttocks widely spread. Her anus was just a few inches above me. It wasn’t pretty and pink. Instead it was brown and, I thought, quite large. Decidedly unfeminine.

I could feel the heat of her on my face. I was so nervous I had gone cold all over. The plastic sheet seemed to be sucking heat and any feeling of wellbeing right out of me.

Mistress Suzy continued the taunting.

“Know what shit tastes like?” She casino siteleri paused. “You haven’t eaten shit before have you slave?”

“No Mistress.” I replied truthfully.

“You eat it all,” she said very forcefully “No fucking mess. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I need to piss first.” Mistress Suzy said suddenly.

And straight away she moved back, her unshaven cunt was now above me. Piss squirted out. Big strong jets. It was going everywhere. A lot in my mouth, but a lot on my face and hair. It trickled underneath me to the sheet below.

I had drunk urine before. So this much I knew I could manage. Mistress Suzy’s urine was “clean” and just had that unique urine taste. Not like some very bitter, rancid even, golden showers I had had previously.

Mistress Suzy kept up a good flow and I swallowed continuously.

The pissing stopped and Mistress Suzy moved her bum hole back into position. There was no turning back. The urine between me and the sheet was already turning cold.

There was no more small talk from my Mistress. She needed to use the toilet and I was that toilet. I watched in fascination and terror as her sphincter widened and the first turd appeared.

I caught the smell of it straightaway but there was no time to react to that. Mistress Suzy gave a small grunt and the turd, at least four inches long, slid out, broke off and hit the back of my mouth. Imagining this moment hadn’t actually prepared me properly. I just didn’t know what to canlı casino do. It was a far bigger mouthful than normal. I started to chew. I had no saliva, couldn’t seem to make any, the shit just stuck to the inside of my mouth.

Mistress Suzy bent forward to check on how I was going.

“You’d better make it quick, here’s another one.”

And there it was. Her asshole was ringed with the grease from the first turd and the second seemed to slip out even quicker. Mistress Suzy was just going to shit like she always did and I just had to start swallowing otherwise there was going to be a big mess and big trouble.

Besides, my fantasy had always been to do this. To be the receptacle for a pretty woman’s waste products. Just to make myself available to her to be used in this utmost of degrading activities. I was living my fantasy — now I had to deliver the goods. Nice irony there! It was Mistress Suzy doing the delivering!

I had instantly managed to swallow half of the first turd but after the second smashed into the remains of the first my mouth was even fuller than before. The normal way of eating is to get everything nicely mixed with lubricating saliva. No way. I couldn’t make any. I just had to keep swallowing. Quickly and small bits at a time.

Mistress Suzy bent forward again. I knew what was coming. The third turd came out, the same size as the others. Mistress Suzy said nothing. She was going about things as if shitting in someone’s mouth was something she did all the time. kaçak casino

I was getting the hang of it now and with the panic subsiding my consciousness and awareness returned. I saw Mistress Suzy’s asshole, covered in a dark brown stickiness. I felt the mass of what was in my mouth. Then the overpowering stench hit me and made me gag. The shit was blocking my throat and I couldn’t breath.

I got back control as the fourth turd arrived. So far I had managed to get it all down. And keep it all down. I was living the fantasy! A pretty, young, vibrant woman was using me as her toilet!

Pretty, young, vibrant Mistress Suzy wasn’t finished yet, however. A little later, two smaller turds came out. By comparison they were easy to deal with. I could hardly believe it but I was enjoying myself. Enjoying fulfilling my role as toilet.

But Mistress Suzy was now finished. To her this was a financial transaction. She got off the bed and walked out without looking at me or saying anything.

For a few minutes I lay there hardly daring to believe what had happened. But the cold wet urine was still there and the remains of Mistress Suzy’s shit still stuck to the inside of my mouth. I touched my lips. They were still covered in the sticky stuff. I wiped them with my fingers and then licked them.

I sat up reached for a towel and dried the piss. I stood up, got a pair of panties from my bag and used them to clean my mouth. I wrapped them carefully and put them away as a memento of the occasion.

I went for a quick shower, got dressed and went out to reception. Mistress Suzy was waiting. I thanked her, told her I couldn’t wait for next time. She smiled. I opened the door and stepped out into the hot sunshine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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