First Time at the Sauna

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I leaned back against the damp wood of the bench. Steam billowed all around me, condensing across my body, hiding the sweat I was pouring from my nervousness. This was my first time at a sauna.

I’d heard of them online in gay chat rooms, these mysterious places men went for casual sex. After much searching I’d found one, and after I’d supplied them with a medical certificate clearing me of any diseases I was free to go along. But at first I hadn’t.

I was still in the closet at this stage in my life. I was only 19 and terrified of what my friends or family would think if they found out I preferred the company of men. My sexual experience was limited to a couple of quick blowjobs in alleyways with older men I’d met on the Internet. If anyone had ever recognized me or told anyone about my secret life, I was terrified I’d be ostracized. I was misguided as it turned out, but at the time I didn’t know any better. I could satisfy my anal urges with a dildo I has secretly bought myself, and whenever I craved the taste of cum I could just go online to find a willing stranger, but no method had yet presented itself for actually having anal with another guy, at least none that wouldn’t risk me getting caught or AIDs. So until this day I was basically a virgin.

But after a few weeks of indecision I manned up, paid the fee, and went on my first night out at the sauna. The building itself fascinated me. There was a hotel-esque lobby manned by a cute boy in a very nice suit, but just beyond it was a high-school style changing room. As soon as I walked in I could smell the sex in the air. Testosterone seemed to be the main ingredient here, and that’s when the butterfly’s really began – I was about to have sex with a man for the first time. The changing room was extremely tame. Most of the men avoided eye contact in here, much like a normal changing room. Steam was billowing through doors up and down the room, and occasionally a loud moan could be heard from beyond them.

On any normal day, getting undressed around all of these guys would have got me pretty frisky, but today I just felt nervous. As I wrapped the towel around me and stowed my belongings in a locker I had to take a few deep breathes to brace myself. I’d cleaned myself very thoroughly before coming here, and even loosened myself up with the dildo. But I still couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t ready for this. In hindsight that was just inexperience and nervousness, but at the time it took a lot for me to steel myself and walk down the changing room to the nearest steamy door. I barely even noticed the hot bodies on the guys getting changed, I was way too wound up.

I stepped into the sauna nervously, and peering through the billowing steam I couldn’t see anyone at all. I walked to the end of the room – it was quite long – and found a door at the other end that led to another room filled with cubicles. There was a fair amount of groaning and moaning going on in here, and it was clear that this is where the smell of sex was coming from. Not quite ready for that room just yet I walked back to the middle of the sauna and sat down to calm myself.

It did not take long before I was relaxed by the steam, and the distant moans and groans were beginning to make my cock swell. I ignored it as best I could, I didn’t want to come this far and give up by jacking off. It was just then I became aware of a man walking towards me. I closed my eyes and leaned back, not wanting to make eye contact in case I wasn’t supposed to. The man sat down on the same bench as me, at the opposite end.

“Hi there,” he offered, “I haven’t seen you around here before.”

Startles, I looked over at him. He was middle-aged, probably about 40-ish. He was going bald, but had a smiling, trustworthy face. He was firmly built with a thin coat of dark black hair down his chest, arms and back. He was clean shaven, and like me was wearing only a towel.

“Oh, well it’s my first time here.”

“I thought so, you looked a bit lonely in here by yourself.” He wasn’t speaking with pity at all, just stating fact, as if to say, ‘I know that feeling.’

I found myself smiling at him, and he moved a little further down the bench toward me.

“Yeah, I haven’t been on the scene too long.”

“We’ve all been there. You’ve picked a good place to start out though, this club is one of the safest around. I’m guessing you’re still in the closet?” I nodded. “So is almost everyone who comes here. I’m an exception bursa escort bayan to the rule.” He added quickly with a grin.

“Even some of the older men?” I asked, astonished.

“Yup, them especially. Most of them are businessmen whose reputation would be ruined if word got out. You could meet your own boss in here and word would never leave this building, because chances are he’s hiding it too.”

I suddenly felt much better, most of the nervousness slipped away when he said that. Thinking back, he probably knew exactly what to say to newcomers.

“I’m Alex by the way,” I said as I held out my hand.

“Griff,” he said as he shook it. “Nice to meet you.”

There was a pause, and he suddenly asked, “So are you a virgin?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, have you ever had sex with a guy before?”

I explained to him my sad history of quick blowjobs.

“No anal?”

“Not with a guy, but I do have a dildo I use a lot.”

“Ah dildos, worth their weight in gold sometimes.” We laughed together.

“So I take it from that you’re mostly a bottom then?”

“Well I’m not sure, I think so, I mean I like having stuff in me like that and I like sucking cock, so yeah you could say so. You?”

“I’m quite versatile. I enjoy giving and receiving, but I tend to prefer giving,” he said with a sly smile.

“Listen,” he reached out and placed and a hand on the towel across my thigh, “I like you, and seeing as you’re new around here why don’t I show you things normally work.”

I was more than happy for that. This guy wasn’t the most attractive I’d seen around the building, but he seemed so nice I couldn’t say no. “I’d like that.”

He took my hand, and led me towards the door at the other end of the room. As we stepped out of the sauna the temperature dropped several degrees, and I felt a wave of goosebumps run briefly up my arms. The cubicles in here were pretty fancy, nothing like you’d find in a public restroom. The walls were thick, and went from floor to ceiling. The doors did too, and had noticeable locks on them. As we walked past I peeked into the few empty ones. There was a wide, bed-sized recess in the wall at the end of each one with a mattress on it. In little bowls on a shelf were condoms and small sachets of lube. Muffled grunts and moans were very clearly audible now through the walls, and men in crisp black hotelier uniforms were going from cubicle to cubicle resetting them after the occupants left them.

Griff lead me past these cubicles, and we came upon a slightly larger room with slightly larger cubicles.

“That last room is used for blowjobs mostly,” he explained, “the mattresses aren’t really big enough for proper fun.” He finished this with a quick wink that made my cock jump.

Far more of these cubicles were occupied, so we had to walk right to the very end to find an empty one. The men leaving their cubicles either looked flushed and very happy, or seemed to be in a hurry to get back to the saunas. Griff explained.

“The ones heading back to the saunas are usually bottoms who enjoy getting fucked. There’s no place like a sauna to have a lot of sex in one night. Experienced guys can get nailed repeatedly over the course of just a few hours before they finally let themselves cum. Trust me the feeling of release is gorgeous after a night like that.”

I was really starting to get excited now, and I saw Griff eyeing my steadily tenting towel.

We walked into our chosen cubicle, and Griff flicked a switch so the lights dimmed from bright right down to a dim mood lighting. I locked the door behind us, and when I turned back around Griff suddenly had his arms around me and was kissing me.

I had never kissed a guy before, despite having blown them, and I found myself melting against him. The sensation of his tongue against my lips and mouth was unbelievably erotic to me then, and it still is today. I found myself pressing my whole body against him, my hands flying instantly to knead his butt. He did the same, but fairly soon he was pulling my towel out from between us, our lips still locked together and our tongues still dueling. When I was naked I pulled his towel away from him and felt his cock springboard up against his stomach. Our cocks were pressed together between us as we kissed.

His hands roamed up down my back, from raking through my short hair to running all across my ass. But after several minutes his fingers gorukle escort began to probe deeper into my crack, until eventually he was at the entrance to my ass. He merely caressed and teased my love-button, but soon my cock was aching for more.

I pushed him against the wall and pulled away from him. He smiled warmly as I dropped down to my knees in front of him. He was not circumcised, and his cock was about the same size as mine, but rather than curving up it curved slightly down. I gripped it and ran my hand back down the shaft, exposing his glistening head. My hot breath on it triggered a milky drop of precum to leak from his slit, and I licked it away gladly. The taste was overpoweringly erotic to me, and the light touch of my tongue caused him to jump slightly, and his cock quivered in my hand.

Groaning quietly I took the head of his member into my mouth. I could feel my own cock beginning to dribble precum, but I didn’t dare touch it for fear I might explode too soon. As I sucked his smooth, glistening head deeper into my mouth I could feel a steady trickle of his precum pouring out across my tongue. This was easily the best thing I had tasted in a long time, so much so that I closed my eyes and moaned. I pushed my head as far down his rod as I could go, feeling him bump up against the back of my throat. I didn’t gag, but he wouldn’t go any further. I had about three quarters of his hot shaft between my stretched lips before I pulled back up to swirl my tongue around the head again. He was running his hands through my hair, groaning as he pushed up to meet my inviting mouth. He spread his legs slightly further apart and I took the opportunity to lick his balls until they glistened before I plunged his cock deep into my mouth once more and began bobbing up and down on it, swirling my tongue around the sensitive underside as much as I could.

“Can I… Cum in your mouth… Alex?” he grunted with a stained voice.

I pulled all the way off him and rapidly jerked his cock as I grinned and said, “Only if you can cum in my ass afterwards.”

“Oh I will, I promise,” he groaned, so I sucked him back into the warm, undulating cavity of my mouth. In seconds, I felt his cock jerk and begin to spray his goo across my tongue, the roof my mouth, and my throat. I jerked him quickly as I gulped down the huge volume of cum. The salty, tangy flavoured filled my head, seeming to eek into my very brain. His hand was weakly trying to pull me down onto his spasming cock, so I obliged and pushed down the furthest I’d ever gone, stuffing my mouth with his steel hard shaft. He slumped against the wall, spent, as I let him slip from my mouth.

I sat back on my feet and wiped the dribbles of cum that had escaped my mouth back onto my now quite sticky tongue. He watched me do this with a strange, hungry look on his face. Suddenly he pounced on me, pushing me back as his mouth descended on my cock. He sucked me deep into his throat, so his lips were pressed to my pelvis. I could feel his tongue rippling and tickling along every inch of my shaft. He set up a vigorous bobbing motion on my full length, and he even began to gently but firmly massage my balls. This guy was a pro.

He pulled up off me as I weakly tried to protest that I wouldn’t last any time at all. “You’ll cum again soon, I guarantee it,” and with that he sunk his face back down over my shaft. I was right, I didn’t last long at all. Too soon my mind went blank as I pumped my seed onto his welcoming tongue. It took me a minute or two to recover, and when I sat up I saw he was once again hard as rock.

When he saw me eyeing his manhood, he moved over me and kissed me again. But this time it was more gentle, and so much better for the combined favors of our cum. His cock was grinding against mine, and as he promised I could feel myself getting hard again already. I never even knew I could do that.

As we kissed he helped me onto my feet and guided us over to the mattress at the end of the cubicle. It was larger than the others I’d seen, and had a clean linen sheet neatly folded on it. It smelled faintly of lemons, which happens to be one of my favorite smells. We kneeled on it facing each other, locked at the lips. I could feel the head of his cock bumping against mine, and it was smearing precum onto my shaft. Soon he pulled away and looking into my eyes.

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” I nodded, suppressing my nervousness. bursa merkez escort bayan I was suddenly very aware of my anus, and it seemed to be tingling excitedly. He smiled and reached over to the bowl on the shelf above us, and his hand returned with a condom and several little packets of lube. I took the condom from him, unwrapped it, and placed it against the tip of his cock. Suddenly a fun little idea gripped me.

I bent down and pressed my lip against the tip of his member, and began pushing my lips down it, using them to roll the condom down. He gasped and groaned, suddenly tensing up as my warm wet mouth sheathed his cock. But I didn’t linger down there – I sat back up and grinned at him.

There was a pause.

“So, what now?” I asked.

He chuckled and moved around, turning to bend me onto all fours.

“I’ll use loads of lube and be as gentle as I can. Don’t be nervous, just try to relax, it will make this a lot more fun.”

I nodded, and gasped suddenly. The unmistakable texture of his tongue was licking across my asshole. Lubed by his saliva, he began pushing a finger into me. I tried to relax and open myself to him but I found it a lot harder to do with someone back there. Nonetheless soon he was in to his knuckle, with absolutely no pain. Then I felt him twisting another finger in, but my dildo-trained ass put up little resistance and he went right ahead and added another. When I had three fingers inside me he decided I was prepared enough and removed them. I found my ass feeling unhappily empty all of a sudden.

There was a soft ripping sound, and I looked around to see him opening a pack of lube. This he dribbled onto my crack, and he pushed some into me with one finger. He ripped open another and spread it thickly all over his cock. Then he laid his cock against my crack and leaned forward to kiss me. “Are you ready?”

I nodded and closed my eyes.

He ran his head up and down my crack until it found purchase against my hole. I opened myself as much as I could as he began to push into me, and despite the stretching it did hurt a little. But suddenly I gave, and his head slipped past my entrance, and he was inside me.

He rocked gently back and forth, and with every thrust he added another inch of his hot shaft into my body. A feeling like fire was running from my man-filled ass down the backs of my legs and my balls, making my cock the hardest I think it have ever been. My knees felt weak from the intense pleasure. When his hips finally bumped against my ass, he paused and asked me how I was doing.

“Feels… Amazing…” was the best I could grunt in response. He chuckled and leaned forward, supporting himself on his hands and pressing his lips to my neck. Suddenly he began fucking me a bit harder, but the lube worked its magic and there was no pain at all, only an incredible feeling of spongy fullness. I found myself gasping and moaning like a pornstar, something I’d never done before in my life. Fairly soon the sound of his hips thudding against my ass, his balls slapping against mine, and our collective grunts, moans and gasps filled the cubicle, acting as a soundtrack to our sex.

He kept pounding into me for several minutes, and more than once I almost came, but he gauged from the tightening of my ass when that was happening and pulled back until I calmed down. It was magical, the sensations were like no other. No dildo could ever simulate this. Fairly soon though he began to quicken the pace, and I could feel myself rapidly building toward release. He was too, and as he fucked me he leaned back, putting one hand on my shoulder to pull me onto him harder. I gasped at the feeling of his cock that deep inside me. As he began to growl he reached around and grasped my cock. That was all it took. Instantly my load began to spray out of me in huge thick ropes, all over the clean linen. My ass clenched down on him, and he came with me. I could feel the condom expanding into me with his hot jizz. We hung there like that for several seconds, spasming in our combined orgasm, the second of the night.

I collapsed sideways as he slipped out of me. We lay panting in a heap for about a minute. Suddenly he chuckled and dipped his fingers into the huge lake of cum I’d sprayed onto the mattress. I watched as he brought them to his lips and licked them clean. Feeling satisfied and a bit kinky, I did the same, savoring the taste of the first load I’d achieved with a real live cock in my ass. I was no longer a virgin.

I returned to that sauna several times a week for a few years, and Griff and I fucked an awful lot. I found that I loved the sensation of being railed by a good cock, and almost always found myself joining the men who hurried back to the sauna after every session.

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