First Time Beach Fun Pt. 02

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Gary was looking at me with those come to bed eyes. His stiff long hard cock pointing at me with a glint of pre cum coming out the tip. I was coming down from my high of being jerked off for the first time by a guy in a public place.

“I erm urgh thanks.” was all I could mutter at him as he chuckled at my stupefied face.

“It wasn’t so bad was it.” he laughed.

I grabbed my towel up fast and jumped out the dunes I knew what Gary wanted next and that was for me to return the favour but I wasn’t gay and I had no intentions of staying any longer. I walked into the waves and let the water wash my cum from my still hard cock. I needed to get dressed but my clothes were still in the dunes.

“I forgot my shorts.” I said to Gary as I walked back up into the dunes. He was now laying down on his towel slowly stroking his large throbbing cock.

“You’re just going to leave me with this.” he smiled giving it a cheeky wave in the air.

“I have to get home. Sorry.” What was I apologising for. I turned around to leave.

“See you again soon handsome.” Was all I heard as I left.

Once I got in the car and really thought about what had happened I still couldn’t believe I had enjoyed it as much as I had. Gary had amazing hands and it was such a kinky experience. By the time I had arrived home my cock was rock hard again. My wife had also returned from work, I could hear her in the shower.

“Hey hunny. How was work” I shouted through from the bedroom as I stripped off my running gear.

“Good, I had a few cancellations so they sent me home early, Where have you been?” she replied as I made my way naked into the bathroom to join her in the shower. My horny cock leading the way.

“Just been for a run.” I smirked as I slid behind her and poked her firm butt with my dick.

“Oh hello, Is this for me.” She giggled as she wrapped her hand around my cock.

“It certainly is” I lustfully whispered as I moved her long blond hair to the side and started to kiss her neck. I knew she loved this as I felt her melt into my arms. I slipped my hands across her soapy body and up over her tight perky breasts flicking her nipples as I went.

“And just what has gotten into you.” she laughed as she turned round and sank to her knees in front of me slipping my hard cock into her mouth. She knew exactly how I liked it and very quickly had me on the brink of my second orgasm in less than an hour.

“Mmm stop, get up here.” I said just short of me blowing my load. I pulled her up, turned her round and bent her over. I began to slip my hard cock in her tight wet pussy, memories of the mornings activity still fresh in my mind making me harder than usual as I fucked her hard against the shower wall.

“Fuck me.” she cried out “Your so hard baby, Yes there, Oh Fuck.” I loved watching her body convulse as I timed my orgasm to match hers. I held her up as she came down from her high and watched casino oyna my cum drip from her pussy.

“God I love that pussy” I whispered in her ear as we got our breaths back.

“Oh you better.” She laughed as she pushed me out the shower. “Now if you don’t mind I was having a shower here.”

I went to bed that night feeling good but a little conflicted. I still loved pussy but this new kinky world has just opened up to me and I wanted to explore more. I didn’t get much sleep as I tossed and turned deciding on what I should do. Finally deciding that I would avoid that beach and its temptations from now on.

The next week I had a Sunday afternoon off. The sun was shining bright and as usual I got my running gear on and made my way to the beach. The south track was surprisingly quiet for a sunny Sunday. As I looked down to plan my route. Would it hurt to go north again though I thought, I mean if the south tracks quiet there is probably no one at the nude beach I argued with myself.

Before I knew it my legs were being carried north up the beach. I had promised myself I wouldn’t come back here I thought as I got closer to the sign. Oh shit I was wrong the nude beach was very busy today. Several groups lay around the beach chatting about various things, As I got a little further in the various nude bodies seemed to stretch for miles. The first 300 yards or so of beach seemed to consist of couples and groups all sitting fairly close together keeping themselves to themselves. Further along though it began to be just naked men all distanced a bit further out.

Fuck it I thought as I reached the middle of the beach I stripped my clothes off and found a space on the sand to lay down. I can still enjoy the feeling of being nude without going into the dunes, as I lay on my front and felt the sun on my tight ass cheeks. I had a look around the beach and got my bearings on what was going on. It appeared the further north you travelled the more gays were on the beach there was nothing overly sexual going on but several guys were rubbing each other down with sunscreen and openly fluffing there cocks in front of each other. There was also a steady stream of guys coming and going into the dunes a little further north.

I lay for 10 minutes longer on my front watching the stream of nude bodies coming and going. It would be a lie to say I wasn’t beginning to get a little turned on. Fuck I thought maybe I am more Bi than I thought. Watching all these different cocks swinging by in front of me. I couldn’t help but wonder what is going on in those dunes. It wouldn’t hurt to go look right. I gathered up my belongings and made way up the beach to one of the more popular entries to the dunes. As I made my way up and over the crest I was surprised by the vast size of the dunes area.

I began to wander through stopping occasionally to take in my surroundings. I was shocked by how quiet it all appeared to be. As I rounded one corner canlı casino I heard a rustling in some of the bushes. I took a sneaky peek and saw three guys huddled round a young bloke who was on his knees in the middle stroking his own cock and waiting to be covered in spunk. Oh fuck that is hot I thought as my own dick began to grow. I wanted to keep exploring but needed to see how this would end. The first guy began to groan as a string of cum erupted from his cock all over the young guys face. This was clearly the catalyst as the second and third guy both began to grunt and both blew equally hot loads over this young guys open mouth and willing tongue. The young guy continued to stroke his own cock as he licked his face clean and let the cum he couldn’t reach drip into his mouth. Finally he blew his own hot load.

Keep exploring I thought as I made my way further along again to see what else was happening. This time I neared a large opening were several umbrellas were close together here 4 older guys lay together. Stroking each others cocks as they talked about the football. I gave them a smile as I walked by but was not keen to watch these guys play.

I once again came upon another knot of bushes and trees that had little paths running through guys were coming in and out at various places like a maze. I began to follow one of the paths in excited by what I might find. Within the labyrinth there were small areas were guys had been clearly playing. I came round one corner to find one guy on his knees giving a very sloppy blowjob to his willing partner who was leaning back against a tree enjoying his service. The next corner was another couple blowing each other in a 69 position. They waved me to come over but I just waved and continued exploring. finally as I neared the end of the maze I came across three guys having a great time. One was on his hands and knees in the middle being ridden from behind by a stocky white guy in a baseball cap. The third guy was at the front stifling this guys moans with his black cock and the rumours seemed true as this monster slid in and out of the guys mouth.

“looks like we have an audience.” the black guy alerted his friends to my presence “and he seems to be enjoying the show.” His eyes burning into my hard cock that I had wrapped my hand around with out even realising.

The guy in the red cap turned and then gave me a huge smile. “oh I knew you would be back” Gary grunted as he continued to thrust into the man in the middle who was oblivious to everything but the cocks filling his holes.

Shit I thought as I turned and made my way out of there. Why did that make me so horny. Why was I ashamed that he saw me. Fuck my head was spinning with all the horny sights I had witnessed and know i needed to cum.

I began to walk out of the dunes and found a nice quiet spot just up out the way. I lay my towel down and got my sunscreen out and began to slowly rub myself down.

“Hey can kaçak casino I get some of that?” A young Hispanic guy was walking towards me about 6 foot tall with a completely clean shaven body. It was tight and muscular and naturally tanned. I was initially jealous of how good looking he was.

“Yeah sure.” I said throwing him the bottle.

“Thanks, Nice cock.” He smiled at me as he began to rub himself down. I was no longer hiding my erection as a horny mist had overcome me. I needed to cum and this young guy might just help, either that or he can leave me to jerk myself off.

“You like it?” I said stunned by my own bravado as i lay back on my elbows.

“Yes very much” he replied as he began to rub sunscreen into his own cock and balls, Completely shaven he began to get hard before my eyes. He stepped closer to me and stroked it again closer to my face. “what do you think of this?” He said as he waved it mere inches from my face.

“very nice.” I replied as I lent forward and began to slide my tongue along its full length. “Tastes great too with that coconut scented sunscreen” I laughed as I lent back on my elbows again my hard cock still pointing to the sky.

What the fuck did I just do. I cant believe I just licked my first cock.

“Oh you are naughty.” The young man replied to me as he turned round and stepped one leg over me. Now straddling me he began to rub sunscreen into his ass in front of me stretching his cheeks and showing me his tight clean hole.

“Is it all rubbed in?” He questioned me knowing full well he had left some deliberately there for me.

I raised my arms up and began to massage this gorgeous ass presented in front of me. It was so hot to have this young guy want me like this. If this is what fun you can have being Bi then I am down i thought. I lent forward as I grabbed his hips and buried my face into his sexy ass.

“Oh fuck yes.” the young man gasped as he lent forward and grabbed my knees.

I stayed like that tonguing his hole for what felt like hours but was probably mere minutes. Enjoying the thrill knowing anyone could catch us at any moment. Not really caring if they did. I was becoming a slut and I was loving it. He then pulled himself of me and stuck his cock back in my face.

“Suck it, Big boy” he ordered me. I couldn’t say no now. So I slipped his cock into my mouth as i grabbed his ass and let him fuck my face.

I would need to work on my technique I thought as I struggled to stop myself gagging. Thankfully he was gentle with me and finally pulled out.

“mmm not bad” he said. “Now turn over I want to cum over that tight ass I was following around in those dunes.”

“Yes sir.” I replied as I rolled over onto my stomach. It was only then that i realised we had a bit of an audience that had set up yards behind us. Fuck i thought as i suddenly felt my young friends cock slide over my ass hole. Next I felt him spurt rope after rope over my virgin ass.

“mmm thanks” he grinned as he got up and left me covered in spunk.

“Wow pretty hot Steve.” a familiar voice came from behind me. Fuck no one here knows my name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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