First Time Fantasy Ch. 2

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Well, here’s the continuation of my story. You might want to read part one first if you haven’t already. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Jay knew I was going nowhere… he had me. And quite frankly I didn’t mind one bit. Still holding on to his ass I pulled him into me more… his hard cock running over mine and then into my belly.

“MMMMM” he groaned. “Your cock feels so nice.”

He lifted himself up a bit and then scooted back down so our cocks were touching again. He began rocking back and forth on my cock… building a steady rhythm… fucking my cock. I helped him with each thrust… my hands holding his ass tight. My own cock was now moving around… grinding our cocks together.

“MMMM Jay… fuck my cock… fuck it hard” I said… my breathing becoming quicker and heavier.

I spread my legs wide and Jay sat up and rubbed his cock against my balls. He reached out his hands and massaged my chest… lowering them until he reached my cock. His fingertips running up and down my shaft… eventually gripping my cock and stroking it. All the while his cock was still pressed against my balls. I reached over and pulled him onto me again… continuing our grinding. But this time I put my hands between us and grabbed both our cocks… holding them together and started stroking.

“Oh Fuck Tom… I’m gonna blow soon”

“Same here… cum on my cock… cum all over it” I moaned.

And not soon after he did just that. “OOOOOOOHHH” I felt his cock start to spasm and then looked down to see his hot cum flowing… shooting wad after wad on my cock. That did it for me.

“HOLY SHIT JAY… I’m cumming ”

I started shooting too… my cum flying everywhere. We kept grinding… our cum mixing… making our cocks all slick. I reached down and used a finger to scoop up some of the cum mixture. Bringing my finger to my mouth I stuck out my tongue and licked it up. Jay scooted down and licked it up straight off my belly and cock.

We were both very spent and I realized I had to get my ass back to work. I jumped in the shower and thanked Jay before running to my car and heading to work. All I could think about the rest of that day was what went on in that hotel room. Jay was to be staying there the rest of the week and we agreed to get together again as soon as we could.

Unfortunately, the following day I was swamped with work and even had to work into the night. Jay had called me earlier in the day and I told him the bad news. He understood and said we’d be in touch later. Around 8:00 that night the phone rang.

“Hey Tom, it’s Jay”

“Hey Jay, what’s going on?”

“Well… I just got out of the shower and I’m sitting here naked with my cock in hand… can you make it over now?”

“Damn… I so wish I could Jay but I gotta have this work done by tomorrow.”

“It’s cool, I understand.”


“Well maybe we could have a little fun over the phone… it shouldn’t take too long.”

It sounded very tempting… and I knew I was the only one in the office… everyone else had left hours ago.

“Deal”, I said. And with that I began to unbuckle my pants. I knew there was no way I’d get caught so I lowered my pants all the way and sat down.

“Now that makes two of us with our cocks in hand”, I continued.

“I can’t stop thinking about your cock Tom… I want it in my mouth. I want to taste it again. My cock is so hard right now… throbbing. I’m moving my hand up and down now slowly…thinking about your cock.”

I had never done anything like this before and was finding it very erotic and stimulating. My own cock was harder than ever.

“I need your cock too Jay. In Erenköy travesti my mouth… on my face… on my cock. I want to hold it and play with it… kissing it… licking it… sucking it. I’m jerking it hard now… wishing it was your mouth instead.”

“MMMMMM”, Jay let out a deep moan and I could hear his breathing pick up. “It’s so fucking hard Tom. I can see some precum starting to come out… lick it up for me”

I closed my eyes and saw Jay’s cock in front of me… drops of precum oozing out. “I’m licking your cock Jay… I can taste your cum… I want more… give me more. MMMMMM.” I was stroking even faster now… precum was forming on the tip of my cock as well.

“Yessssss… that’s it Tom, suck it good. Eat my cock… please make me cum.”

“Oh fuck yeah. You taste so good Jay. I have your whole cock in my mouth. My head is moving up and down your entire shaft. I can taste every bit of it. Cum for me… I want your cum.”

“Don’t stop Tom… It feels sooo good. Your mouth is amazing. Fuck my cock with your mouth.”

“MMMM. Your cock is all the way down my throat. My tongue is moving all along it. Up and down… up and down… my hand is stroking your cock too now. Gimme your cum Jay. Cum in my mouth. I need to taste you again.”

That must’ve done it for Jay. “OHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!…. I’M CUMMING!!!!” His breathing was very hot and fast and he was moaning like crazy.

My hand was flying over my cock at lightning speed and seconds later I felt it building up in my balls. “MMMMMMMMMM… I’M CUMMING TOO JAY… OOOOOOHHHHHHHH SHITTTT.” Cum was flying everywhere… all over my hand and the desk.

“Damn that was intense Jay”

“Tell me about it. I think I need another shower now”, he laughed.

“Well I wish I could join ya for it.”

“Same here buddy. So when we gonna do some real cocksucking again?”

“I think tomorrow should work. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“Sounds good. Have a good one.”

“You too”.

The next day was shaping out to be a good one. I’d have a nice part of the afternoon free. I called Jay and told him the good news. When 2:00 rolled around I raced out to my car and headed out for the hotel once again. I was shaking this time, but not from nerves. This time it was excitement.

I knocked on the door to his room and a few seconds later Jay opened the door and invited me in. Right away I noticed there was another man sitting at the table. He looked to be in his mid thirties, was handsome and well built. I thought maybe Jay had some uninvited guest and was about to excuse myself and leave when Jay cut in.

“Tom, meet Steve… Steve meet Tom.”

I walked over and shook his hand… “Nice to meet you.” I said.

“Likewise”, he answered smiling. I noticed him glance down at my crotch. Was he checking me out?

Jay continued, “Steve and I met in the bar last night and it turns out he’s never sucked a cock and he’d really like to try. So I thought I’d surprise you and I invited him up here so we can all have some fun. And did I mention Steve has a 9″ cock?”

It totally took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure what to think at first but then realized that I really wanted so suck some cock. Immediately my eyes shifted to Steve’s crotch. Holy shit, I thought to myself… I gotta see that monster.

“So what do you say?” Jay stirred me from my thoughts.

“Sure!” I blurted out.

And with that we all started stripping down… my eyes glued to Steve, waiting for his cock to reveal itself. And when it did my jaw dropped. I looked over at Jay and he had the same expression as me. Steve had a beautiful cock. It must have been at least 7 inches hanging down and was uncut and thick. Man, I thought, that sucker Beşiktaş travesti is huge and he’s not even hard yet.

Jay and I simultaneously reached out and grabbed Steve’s cock. My hand ended up higher up by the head. I wrapped my fingers around it… not quite able to reach around completely. It felt different than Jay’s cut cock… but I loved it just as much. I pushed on the foreskin and then pulled it back revealing a big fat head. Jay was moving his hand around too and I could feel Steve getting harder. Soon he was fully hard and it was massive.

Steve reached out and touched both our cocks. We were both hard already from playing with him. He moved his hands up and down our shafts and then down to scoop our balls… getting to know our cocks. I could see he was enjoying it… looking down with hungry eyes at the scene between us all. You could hear slight moans from all of us.

We continued like that for a little while until Jay suggested we let Steve have a go at sucking his first cock… or 2 in this case. Steve lowered himself on his knees… still holding on to Jay and I. He took his time feeling our cocks and looking them over up close. Finally, he stuck out his tongue and took his first taste. I was lucky enough to be his first.

He ran his tongue over the head of my cock and then down the shaft to my balls and then back up again. He swirled his tongue over the head a few times and then opened up and took me into his warm mouth. I closed my eyes and put my head back… enjoying the amazing feeling of a hot wet mouth… a man’s mouth, on my hard cock. All the while he was stroking Jay’s cock.

Steve sucked me for a few minutes and then pulled off my cock and looked up at both of us. “My first cock and I’m already addicted”… and with that he turned towards Jay’s cock and sucked away while stroking me. I looked over at Jay who looked just the way I did a minute earlier. Looking down at Steve sucking Jay got me even harder and hotter. I was dying to get Steve’s beast in my mouth. I let Steve continue for a few more minutes and then suggested we switch.

Steve stood up and Jay told him to lie on the bed. Jay and I came up on both sides of him and headed straight for his beautiful cock, which was standing at full mast. Too bad we didn’t have a coin to toss to decide who would get to go first. But we decided that since I got to have Steve suck me first that Jay would get to suck Steve first. He grabbed a fistful of meat and brought his mouth down on it.

I lay close by watching in amazement as Jay’s lips were stretched to the max. He tried hard to fit as much of Steve’s cock in but it looked like he wasn’t getting much past the big head. After a while he was able to get more and more of it into his mouth and he had a nice pace going. I just lay there drooling.

Steve motioned for me to move up. He wanted to suck me again. I got up on my knees beside his head and he took me in his mouth again. He was really getting into it now, sucking me deep into his mouth but taking his time. Moans could be heard from all three of us. Every once in a while, Steve would pull off and run his tongue all over my cock and balls and then go back to sucking. Between Steve on my cock and seeing Jay going down on Steve’s huge cock, I was approaching my climax. Not wanting it to end just yet, I pulled out and switched with Jay.

Now it was my turn. I lay down in between Steve’s legs and stared at his huge slab of meat… shining now from Jay sucking on it. It was quite a sight. I pulled his foreskin up and watched the head disappear and then pulled it back down. I did it a few more times… stroking up and down, enjoying the way it felt in my hands.

Finally I lowered my head and kissed the tip. I opened my mouth Avcılar travesti and took in as much as I could. It felt so good coming into my mouth. I moved my head up and down trying to take more every time. I knew there was no way I could deep throat it, but I wanted as much of it as would fit. I used my left hand to massage his leg and stomach and my other hand to play with his balls and stroke him.

After a while, Jay suggested we reposition so we could all suck and be sucked… in a circle of sorts. As much as I wanted to continue on Steve, I wanted Jay to have a turn on him. I also really wanted to suck Jay again. So I sucked Jay, Jay sucked Steve, and Steve sucked me. It was good to have Jay in my mouth again… and not just because it gave my jaws some relief.

I sucked, licked, slurped, and kissed his cock passionately. I felt I owed him for bringing Steve along and making this time the best. Since we were on our sides, I reached my hand around and massaged his ass. He let out load moans and I knew he liked it. I got more daring and moved my fingers to his rosebud. Finding it, I rubbed my fingers over it and then down to his balls again. He was squirming around now so I figured I’d go in for the kill. I pushed my middle finger into his hole and diddled it.

“Oh Fuck Tom, that feels amazing. Steve, you gotta feel this”, and with that he did the same to Steve. Steve agreed that it felt really good and soon after I felt his hand around my ass. I too started letting out load moans as his finger entered my rosebud. I knew I was really close to cumming and I could tell Jay was too.

“I’m gonna cum soon Steve”, I said.

“Same here”, Jay said.

Steve asked us to stop because he wanted us both to cum on him. Jay and I quickly got up and stood in front of Steve… with our cocks close together. Steve grabbed us both and jerked us fast, wanting our hot cum. He brought the tips of our cocks together and stuck out his tongue. I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls and then rise. I knew it would be a huge load. I looked down at the scene and that did it.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!… I’M CUMMMINGG!!!”… Wads and wads of hot cum flew out of my cock landing all over Steve’s tongue and Jay’s cock. Just then Jay let out a load moan.

“MMMMMMMMMMM STEVE… TOM… I’M CUMMING SO HARD!” His cum shot out straight into Steve’s mouth and all over my cock. The feeling of his hot cum and Steve’s tongue were amazing. Steve hungrily lapped it all up and then sucked me back in his mouth to get the last drops and then the same for Jay. He stood up with a big smile on his face.

“Two down and one to go” I said.

Jay and I got down on our knees and took turns sucking Steve. When one of us would be sucking, the other would play with his balls and ass. We went back and forth for a little while longer until we felt him tense up and knew the end was near. Jay and I positioned ourselves in front of Steve’s cock with our tongues sticking out and both wrapped our hands around him… jerking him.

“Here it comes fellas… It’s coming… I’M CUUUUUMMMINGGGG!!!… OHHHHHH SHITTTTT!!!!”

I stared straight at his cock as huge wads of steamy hot white cum flew out. I felt it hit my tongue and lips and face. A few even hit the back of my throat. I swallowed whatever I could as fast as I could, wanting more each time. And there was plenty more. He kept cumming and cumming. Jay got plenty as well… I could hear him swallowing and felt his tongue working. When his orgasm finally died down, Jay and I took our last sucks and then stood up.

We wiped ourselves off and got dressed. We all talked for a bit about how much fun we had. It was too bad that the conference was over tomorrow and Jay and Steve would be heading back home. We said our good-byes and each headed our own ways. I would miss them and the fun we had.

I walked into the office to pick up my stuff when a coworker came in.

“Hey, I was looking for you… where you been?”

“Just went out for a bite to eat,” I said smiling.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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