First Time Fetish Club

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Big Dick

You’re feeling so excited about this evening, it’s been a fun week leading up to this night on the town. You’ve been chatting it up with a hot rubber guy all week, you met on a website and hit it off right away. Your boyfriend has told you how dirty he wants to be, and it’s turned you on to think about some of the things he’s told you. The control he’s giving you over his body.

The guy, he introduce himself as Master Boots, but you soon got close to him and he let you know his real name was Luke

“Luke… sexy!” you think to yourself. “I bet you he can fuck a girl’s ass with a name like that and a love for rubber,” you tell your boy.

Luke had helped you learn more about how to take care of your boy, rubber booted jake… He made sure to help set some guideline for you to get jake into the right mood for the night.

1. jake is not allowed to cum all week, but must make you cum at least twice a day.

2. he must use his tongue on your pussy for at least half an hour in the morning, and again for another half hour each night

3. he must also pay special attention to your ass, making sure you hole is good and clean. His instructions also included telling jake that You were to remind him every time that his cock would not enter either, and Master Boots would be using these holes as his.

4. jake is not to touch his cock at any point during the week

5. jake is to lick your rubber boots clean every night, making sure they have a good shine on them for the next day.

6. and of course, he must be kept in his rubber boots 24/7, locked into them for the entire week.

7. jake is to eat his food and drink water out of rubber dog bowls, so he knows his place on the floor.

8. And of course, last of all he must lick your pussy clean after each time you take a piss in the toilet. You must prepare him for a future take that I have for him.

You seemed to like Luke’s instructions, and especially the last part:

If you catch him breaking any of these rules, punishment should be fierce, but also keep your boy on edge. Be sure to keep him horny all week and you’ll get everything you need out of him.

“I’m sure licking my pussy and keeping my ass clean and my boots clean will do that to him, ” you think to yourself again, a sly smile cracking on your face.

When you told Luke about your boy’s dirty farm fantasies, he thought it would be a good idea to make sure you go help out on a friend’s farm each day. Making sure you get those boots really dirty, but he left that up to you.

During the week, things went very well for you, your slave boy was behaving himself very well. You had been busy with work, so it had been a tiring week, but really did enjoy getting taken care of when you got home. With the excitement of the impending weekend, it was soon Friday. You were finished early, so decided to take Luke’s advice and headed to your friend’s farm for a couple hours, thinking your boy needed a little more challenge after being so good for the week. You showed up at home, your boots sprayed clean for the drive home but they surely wouldn’t be totally clean. You walk in the door and summon jake over to take care of your boots as usual, and his tongue goes to work. You see his cock instantly harden as he gets a hint of the manure taste on the rubber and You know you made his day.

Later that evening, You thanked him and even played with jake’s hard boy cock for a little while, just teasing him to the edge several times. You tell him about all the things that Master Boots has been helping You with, and about the plans for Saturday.

Saturday is a quiet day, and Luke informs You that jake should do double duty on your pussy, ass and boots to make sure he’s ready for the evening. A good afternoon nap to ensure he’s well rested as well. At this point, You’ve got to know Luke quite well and know that You want his large cock inside you tonight. You’re getting very excited too since there’s only been a tongue and fingers in Your pussy all week.

And while jake’s cock has been good, You dream of a real cock being able to open you up and make You feel like a true slut. You know it gets jake very excited at the thought of his girlfriend being a total slut for him. he knows his cock doesn’t fill You up and has said he wants to see you with a real man…

“It is making me very wet thinking about that cock,” you think to yourself, in anticipation of the evening.

Luke left instructions to meet at 8pm to meet at the club. The club was a unsuspecting place in the gay district in the city, a place where a fetish club would be welcomed. You pack Your gear into a bag for jake to carry, but wear Your favourite rubber boots, a pair of black hunter boots, knowing it will keep him excited.

As You arrive, meeting Luke at the door and notice he’s wearing a long black trench-coat, already dressed in his heavy rubber gear. A rubber mask in his hands, You knowing it will go on inside the club. You are a bit nervous, but at the same time very şehitkamil escort horny to finally me Him.

He takes your hand and leads You and jake into the club. He plants a deep kiss on your lips, You feel the electricity go through Your body as He pulls you close. He shows You the way into the change room and takes jake from You. “I’ll take care of him for now, help him get into his gear for the night.”

As pre-arranged, You knew what jake had in store for him…. he would be in rubber hip boots, a thick rubber collar placed around his neck. Thick heavy industrial rubber gloves that went past the elbows were put on his arms, followed by another smaller pair of hip waders over the arms. These were then tied behind jake’s neck, making it impossible for him to use his hands

“I’m glad to meet you jake, I’m Master Boots and have been talking to your Slut Girl all week”. As he says this, he removes his trench-coat, showing off his thick 9″ cocks, glistening in it’s rubber sheath.

“I wanted to make sure you got a good look at the cock She’s been obsessing about all week before I put you in the dark. She’s been telling me about how your little boy cock hasn’t been enough for her, and that she needs a real cock inside her”.

During this time, you’ve been standings just around the corner… All finished changing, You come out to make sure jake gets a good look at Your outfit. A full rubber suit, with a well placed opening in Your crotch to keep your pussy and ass available…. As you walk You can feel the cool breeze on Your clit, welcomed considering how throbbing hot and wet it was. Rubber hip boots cover your legs, the tops of the boots brushing against the exposed lips of your pussy as You walk.

You see jake’s mouth drop, as you reach for Luke’s hard member, holding it in your rubbered fingers. It’s the last thing jake sees, as Luke adds a rubber hood to jake, covering his eyes.

“Mmmm, perfect!” you say as darkness envelopes your boy.

You play with his cock for a little bit, and feel your rubber fingers getting moist from his precum… You stick a finger in jake’s mouth and You hear him moan with pleasure, then order jake to finish licking the rubbered hand clean. You go down for a little taste, lapping up Master’s precum, tasting his huge hard member….

Luke knows you want to give up control as well, and You surrender Yourself to Master Boots at that moment. He will be in charge of everything this night. He ties jake’s leash to your belt, everywhere you go, he will be pulled shortly behind.

The club is a good size, and it’s about half full at this point. Still pretty early in the evening, but being a Saturday night it should get very busy…. The club is made of up several different sections, a regular bar area with stools and tables, an area off to the side with several large pieces of bondage equipment. There’s a St. Andrews cross, and a domme has a slave tied up to it and is giving him a good flogging… With it being Your first time in a club like this, You were very curious about what was all going on around you.

Master Boots lead you through to an area of the club with several leather couches, a lounge kind of area where we can sit down and relax. He offers you a seat and sits down beside You.

“Sit on the floor jake, looks like Her boots need a good licking, boy!” Master sternly orders. jake kneels down and begins to take the first rubber booted foot into his mouth.

You’re a bit in shock, taking in all the different people in fetish gear, all kind of gear like leather, pvc, boots and gloves and masks. The smell of sex is in the air, and the pungent aroma is turning you on. The tongue on your boots is making you really wet… You use your other foot to feel jake’s hard cock, just checking up on him.

Content he’s happy, you turn to Masters and he begins to gently kiss you on the lips. His tongue slips past your lips and you begin to make out with Him, feeling the same electricity as before. His hands touching you, feeling your breasts and running his fingers down to your wet pussy. Taking minute to stick his rubber fingers into your pussy, then rubbing your wetness on your boots for jake to taste…..

You continue to make out for what seems like forever, getting very turned on as Masters fingers you close to orgasm. As he senses you nearing the edge, he pulls back sticking his rubbered fingers into your mouth.

“Alright Slut, it’s your turn to suck my cock and show me why you’re such a good slut. And boy, you’re done with her boots, time to take care of mine. I want both of your attention on me!” Luke instructs.

You work on his cock, feeling his rubber fingers in your hair as he holds your head down on His crotch.

To you this is heaven, a large cock in your mouth, and you peak down to see your boy take care of Master’s rubber booted feet. You feel Master start to spasm, knowing he’s near to cumming, but he pulls you off…

“Not yet slut, there will be lots of time for that soon,” he adds. Another round of drinks comes over, you’ve been downing the beers quickly to calm your nerves”.

You continue to make out with Master, you can feel your juices pooling on the leather couch, the air cool on your exposed pussy. Feeling incredibly horny, you reach out and play with his cock some more.

You’re getting a little uncomfortable, and realize that your bladder is filling from the beers you had been drinking, though now jake would duties to take care of for you. You tell Master you need to head to the bathroom, and you get up off the couch….

“I’ve got a surprise for your boy, you stay here for a moment, and I’ll be right back to collect you.”

He unties jake’s leash from your belt and your boy follows behind Sir to the bathroom. Hardly a bathroom, the area which was mostly open looks more like a high school shower area, then a bathroom. You’re fidgeting on the couch, now realizing that you need to go pretty badly.

It seemed like an eternity, but Master is back in less then five minutes. He takes you to the bathroom, and you realize it’s just another part of the club. A co-ed bathroom, there’s one toilet stall and only a couple urinals. Seems like a small amount, but as you go around the corner into a back section, you find jake chained to the floor, a pisshood mask now covering his face.

His eyes are now visible through the clear goggles attached to the hood. A sign on his forehead reads: “Piss Boy”, and written on his chest, in big black marker were the words “Cum Slut”.

Feeling a little unsure, you hesitate… “Well slut, you said he wanted this, will you be his first?” Sir offers to you. There’s a long line for a single toilet, and you’re not sure you can wait that long.

You position yourself over jake, your fingers spreading your lips and a feeling of extreme horniness hits you, and you let out a hot stream of piss into the waiting reservoir on the mask, feeling very relieved to get empty your bladder. You look down and lock eyes with your boy, and see a sense of crazed sexuality in his eyes.

You finish draining the piss and get up, just in time to see the last of it go down your piss boy’s mouth hole. A button above his head catches your eye, saying “Flush”, and without thinking you instinctively press it.

Buzzzzz… you hear it go off as jake’s eyes go large. “It’s a powerful vibrator in his ass….” mentions Master, for those less then co-operative boys, it’s an aid to help make sure the piss goes down”.

“Mmmmm, hot,” you say to him.

So Masters takes his turn, shooting a hot stream of piss into the large urinal receptacle on the hood, filling it and giving it a flush to go down.

“So now slut, it’s up to you?” Master asks.

“Should we leave your little piss boy here for a bit? I’ve been checking out the dance floor, and he’d just get in the way out there,” his voice trailing off, suggesting the obvious answer you know is right.

jake struggles for a bit, and you see the fear in his eyes, but you’ve seen this before. You know how badly he wants this, how much he wants to be forced to be a dirty kinky used boy.

You head out to the dance floor and follow Master Boots, ready to shake your rubber booty with him. The loud dance music just oozes energy and sex on the dance floor. You turn and see a line form at the newest urinal, and smile to yourself, knowing jake will be well taken care of.

The smell of rubber and sex is overwhelming, and you feel incredibly horny as you grind with Sir to the beat. The rubber and the heat is causing you to sweat and creating an incredible heat deep inside your pussy.

You’ve been deprived of cock for over a week and while You thought you were in control, this realization that you were also being dominated is starting to come over you. Feeling the urge to get fucked, you whisper into His ear…

“What does is take to get some cock? I’ll do anything…”

“I was waiting for that Slut,” he responds.

With that, Master Boots signals to one of his friends, and two other large men come forward and force you onto your knees on the floor. Their cocks, both large and uncut standing at attention. One, 7″ and incredibly thick, the other a little thinner and the same 9″ as Sir.

“I wasn’t going to let you miss out on all that fun…. Think about your boy right now, sitting in the filth, taking piss from random guys. Them cumming into his toilet mouth,” Master Boots went on.

“These two friends of mine just finished with him, now they need to cum.”

The first guy motions his cock to your lips, your tongue darts out to taste a little bit of piss remaining, mixing with his precum, already starting to collect. The thick cock is forced into your open mouth.

Your hungrily take the cock, feel it throbbing with excitement. You know you’re being tested here and must do a good job to get the monster cock of his to fuck your juicy cunt. After a couple minutes, you feel the guy’s cock start to pulse, he grabs your hair and unloads a stream of jizz into your awaiting mouth.

The next guy is ready to go before you even get a chance to swallow it all, using the last guy’s cum to lube up your mouth. The guy is long, and you can feel yourself gagging as he slides it in, but you know if you want to take Masters’ cock you need to overcome it. You get a good rythym going, and next thing you know there’s another load of man juice unloaded onto your tongue.

At this point, you feel several hands on your body, and a blindfold is place over your face…. You’re lifted to your feet and hear a door open as you’re lead into a private room in the club and laid down onto what felt like a padded table. Your arms are locked down onto the table. A strap tied across the waist and your feet placed high up in stirrups hanging from the ceiling.

It’s quiet, but you can feel a presence in the room, like you’re being watched.

“Alright Slut, you’ve been good so far, but now my friends are going to help me out. I want to fuck that pussy and ass of yours, but not sure you’re ready for my giant cock yet. I’m going to let them help stretch you out. I hope you’re ready to cum.”

And as he finished, the first cock entered Your wet cunt…. “Mmmmmm,” you moan loudly, you’ve been waiting for this all evening! A thundering orgasm rushes over your body quickly and you feel yourself floating above the table. You feel hands all over your body, increasing the sensations. You feel another orgasm rush over your body as the first man cums deep inside your belly.

A second, a third and even a fourth guy drop their hot load into your hungry slit. All the while, you’ve got a cock in your mouth, getting them warmed up for your pussy. Then one comes back tasting of cum and pussy juices and you realize they’re hot for a second chance at your holes.

A pair of fingers scoop out some of the cum and you feel your ass being fingered. First a finger gets in, more cum is added to get it all lubed up. The first cock slides right in, a smallish one you feel isn’t much bigger then the piss boy cock you’ve been taking all this time. After a few minutes, you feel him unload his cum into your ass.

Another cock, a little bigger and you’re filled again… The intense waves of pleasure cause you to lose control and drift off into a heavenly headspace… Another load of cum and you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve been fucked…

Then you’re snapped awake, as Master slaps your ass… “You ready for it slut? I’m going to rape your ass with my man-meat….”

“mmm-hmmmm,” you reply, with a smile on your face.

“oooooohhhh goddd!!!” you squeal as he slams his hammer up your ass. You feel your rectum grasping the head tight, pulling it into deeper. You’re forcing your hips down trying to get it all in, as He Slam his cock deep inside you. You feeling His cock clench and you know it’s coming….

“Beg me Slut, beg me to cum!”

You know what he needs, and you’re ready… “Please, please, please… fill my ass with your seed, I want to feel it deep inside me…”

Arghhh… He shoots the biggest load of cum you’ve ever felt, deep inside… You drift off to sleep for a few minutes and He unties you, and holds you tight… You can feel an extreme afterglow, you’ve just had the most amazing sex in your life, and feeling extremely fulfilled. You relax, held by Master’s big strong arms as you cuddle closely with him for a bit.

“Alright, slut! Thanks for the fun. Time to get back to the party,” Sir whispers in your ear.

You realize you’re alone with Sir and think about your piss boy.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this all on video, and you can share it with him when you’re ready. In the meantime, I think he needs to clean you up”.

You get to your feet and head to the bathroom…. Your bladder is full again, and you know exactly where you can empty it. You find jake tied up where you left him, covered in cum, and smelling like piss….

“Looks like you had a good time baby, but I need a little more of your attention,” you wink at him. Another rush of piss blasts from your slit, filling the urinal mask. You hit the flush button, and hear the inevitable moan and it’s done down his throat again….

You pull off the mask, push jake back and squat over his face. “Time to clean my ass baby, i got a surprise for you…”

You see his cock harden at the sight of your gaping asshole, cum dripping out. As he licks your hole clean, his cock is straight at the sheath covering it.

“How’s that dirty brown cum taste baby? I see your cock is giving your answer for me. How did you like knowing I have being fucked by that giant cock? Yeah, I know you love it!”.

No answer was needed, as the cum drains from your asshole. You’re repeatedly hitting the flush button, and you know he’s loving it as the intensity in his tongue on your hole grows… You feel another orgasm building deep inside you and as it lets go, you feel a shot of cum hit your boots, a massive load covering them. It’s not long and jake’s body goes limp and you realize the flush button has caused him to explode at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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