First Time Rough Play

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Strictly speaking, my first introduction to rough play was with a black married lady who loved sometimes to play rough with me. But this time, with Asian guy (by the way, also married) the rough play was not an additional spice-up but a central element of our sex. Again, I am writing my real experience, changing or skipping sometimes only not essential details, to preserve privacy of myself and my former and current sex-friends.

The guy profile on a popular adult site stated that he is Asian, smooth, small cock, married, have to be discreet and safe. The latter was emphasized and I liked this: married, discreet, safe…

He wanted to be used sometimes (again, discreetly) as a slut by black or Mexican guy or even two guys. That’s what he wanted. I made a contact and for some reason he got interested, even though I am white, and at that time had no experience being dominant.

When I knocked the door of his apartment, he slightly opened and stepped back – he was already naked. I got in, he closed the door and invited me to the bedroom. It was very heated (I liked it!), and large part of floor was covered with two mattresses and lots of blankets and pillows. His wife was on business travel, I knew this already from our exchange by messages and emails. He right away kissed me and we kept the French kiss. He was same height as myself, not so athletic as I am but decent shape, almost hairless. I liked the quick start… he gently capped by buttocks…

I then made the kiss forceful, pressing his mouth to mine, keeping his head by one hand, groping his ass by another, exploring freely with my tongue… then even licked his cheek, he licked mine. He got on his knees and started unzip my pants. I just quickly took off my pants and he started licking my cock and balls, but I pressed him back, he laid down on his back and I got on him in 69 and raised his legs and slapped his ass several times. He tried to lick my cock and ass, though I was a bit above. Then I took off remaining clothes. I started to grope his ass and then finger him just a little.

“Oh… so good…” – he told – “ummmm… oh … ummmm… oh-aaa-ooaaaooo” – he loved to moan, and he moaned now and almost always during any of our play, whenever he could (when he did not suck the cock). But even though we started Fulya Escort indeed as he wanted, sort of, at that time I was more experienced with submissive role rather than dominant. Now I like to switch and try everything, but that was then.

So I told him: “You fucking bitch, oh, you such a fucking bitch…mmmm” (I also like to moan and just then I lowered my ass and he started to rim it) – so I told him: “You fucking slut, if you want me to play rough with you, do to me anything that you want me to do to you! If you want me to slap your ass harder, slap my ass harder! If you want me to spit on you…” – I spat on his chest then turned and let some saliva drop on his face – “… then you spit on me! OK? Can you be a nasty bitch? Can you be a fucking nasty bitch? I want to be a nasty slut too!” – I wiggled then my ass in front of his face, but then just laid on his side, face to face, very close…

He moaned again, he also would sometimes tell something not clearly between moans, and then he kissed me really sloppy and while our mouths were glued and saliva drooled away, he found my nipple and took it between his fingers and started pinch it steadily – and I immediately done same thing to him. For me this was first time, as far as I remember, having my nipples abused so hard, and from pain and excitement I probably responded with much more effort, and then he doubled really – he was really into it, we both now moaning really loud and licking each other faces, sometimes kissing way too roughly. I grabbed his second nipple, but he groped and pinched now my ass too – my nipple by one hand and my ass by another. Our cocks were totally painfully hard, touching in there, but real action was in this pinching and groping and it seems nobody would give up, and it was too much, I just started talk dirty to him, what a nasty bitch he is, and what does he do to me, he is such a slut and he is making me now as slutty as he is… I spit and drooled on his face while he moaned, but then we turned a little and he was now on top of me and he smeared all that saliva back on my face.

So he played dominantly for some time, but soon it got back to a ‘struggle of two sluts’ kind of thing, slapping and pinching each other asses in 69, or pinching each other nipples. Eventually Fulya Escort Bayan he had cum to my mouth and I’ve cum to his almost same time. We then kept our cocks in 69 in our mouths or on faces without much movement, played with asses, talked dirty and got hard again, and started playing again.

Then he asked if he can try to fuck my ass (even though on his profile he wanted to be submissive and to be fucked in ass). His cock was really small, so I thought that if I ever have such experience, I’d do this only for a guy with very small cock (or for a lady with very small dildo). So I agreed. To get excited after our tiresome long session I guess he needed something extreme, so he started slapping my ass hard and pinching my nipples, and this time I could not respond because he was behind and I was on my fours. He asked me to talk even more dirty to him. I moaned and kept my dirty talk on how I will get back to him for this, how I will squish his face with my ass, that I cannot stand this anymore, he is way too nasty for me etc…

I do know that for a good play with a man, guys like he or I need something nasty. For me, for example, a man starting a play-date with small talk about weather or politics is a turn off. A woman can talk or do whatever she wants – turnoff is not possible really. But with a man I need to feel that both us are uninhibited and nasty.

Anyways, it did not come that day to fucking my ass, he got so excited by everything that he pushed me by side, got up on me in 69 and gave me access to his body – so we returned to all these games of sucking, licking, spitting, slapping, pinching, groping, – all again ‘struggle of two moaning nasty sluts’ game. Not that day, not in our later play-dates he ever really fucked my ass, or to be exact he did but by his tongue, and with licking all around too. We have been since then either equal in our games or he was slightly more submissive than I… Well, there still were a few escapades when I got into really trashing him, fucking way too roughly his face and forcefully keeping priority on pinching/groping/slapping him and trying to block his reciprocal actions. And there were several opposite escapades when he was trashing me.

We could not meet often, and always been meeting at his place, Escort Fulya only when his wife was on biz trips. He complained me that she is out too often and almost surely has affair with one guy. I told him that they should come out to each other openly and play together, I wish my wife would be more active in sex. Don’t know if this really happened between them. We had many good play-dates, but eventually out meetings came to end, I will explain why. Just want to mention one more thing.

Once he sent me especially dirty email explaining how horny he is now and he is more than ever ready to abuse me and be abused himself. Somehow he did not found yet other reliable – meaning married and discreet guys; he was especially eager to find black or Mexican guys. Anyways, his wife was on travel again. I came by and he was really in a crazy sexual overdrive. We have spent half-day on his floor, everything was wet and sweaty… at that day I could get away for so long, not just for an hour or two, which was great. By the end he really got into all his topmost excitement, and I was in the mood too… this culminated in really hard pinching each other nipples, I would say way too hard, and fucking cruelly each other mouths… So, the thing is, for good 3-4 days afterward my nipples and ass were really sore (and ass was red first half-day)… especially sore were the nipples, I had to make an effort to hide all that from my wife… and I am sure he was as sore as I am, if not more. He kept silence for a while but then we made a few more play-dates.

Our sexual friendship (or being sluts to each other) ended when he emailed me that all of a sudden he has a group of black guys at his place and they are using him right now and this is painful but very hot. I asked if he have met any of them before on neutral ground, if he is sure that they are married and safe etc. I was not naive and my guess was that his sexual overdrive just got him into a sudden drop of all concerns… I asked him – can I see their profiles somewhere? Can I know anything about them? But the response email was written by one of these guys, and the basic idea was that they are fucking this slut right now and that they want one more slut to fuck and use all ways. That was a no-no for me, I mean this is a hot fantasy, but reality is: this was not safe and was not discreet, so I skipped this hot ‘opportunity’ and never had play-dates with this guy anymore.

Since then I almost never had so uninhibited rough play (especially with equal roles and a pain-struggle) as with this Asian guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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