First Time Sharing My Sub Pt. 02

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This time it is late, when the two of us come back from the party, our second visit after our session in the cabin.

We walk hand in hand, stopping to kiss before we start crossing the yard. Her mouth tastes like lubricant and cum. Mine, this time. I feel myself stir again, despite the two previous orgasms. I am hungry to take her, or to reclaim her, to be more precise. The cabin feels very warm after the cool night air as we enter, and the bag I carried makes a noise as I drop it. We barely touched its contents, but prepared is the best way to be.

She sits down on the armchair, the same one I occupied hours earlier, and pulls off her heeled boots with a groan of relief. I reach down and undo the laces of my own boots, fumbling with the knots for a while before managing to pull them loose. Undressing feels relieving, taking off the leather vest and unbuckling the kilt, letting both fall to the floor. Standing in front of the mirror, naked, I examine myself. There are welts on my thighs where her nails sank into my skin as I held her down, and my cock is still swollen, balls tight at the base of my cock. I feel myself stirring again as my mind wanders to and fro in the past few hours.

I walk to her, lounging in the armchair, and stop very close in front of her. She’s leaning her head back, her eyes half closed as she looks up at me. Her makeup is a fuzzy mess, her dark eyeshadow smudged mess and most of her red lipstick rubbed off while sucking cock. We don’t talk as our eyes meet, but I feel my cock stirring to full hardness. Her lips part as her breathing quickens in anticipation. I kneel in front of her and grab her legs, grasping them under her knees and parting them. Gently but firmly, I open her up for me. She isn’t wearing panties, and her trimmed pubic hair glistens with lube and cum. Not mine, this time.

I take my time, savoring the sight of her, her legs parted and her used cunt ready for my cock. Her labia and clit are swollen and a deeper red than usual, and her opening is still parted from the two cocks that have thoroughly plowed her open this night. Mine and another’s. She clenches her muscles and a small, grey drop of cum slowly oozes out of her pussy and trickles down over her anus. I watch, gently stroking myself, as she slowly unzips her dress, exposing herself for me, knowing I love the sight of her used body. She pulls her dress open, baring her breasts, dotted with bruises and bitemarks, still showing the welts of abrasion of the tightness of the rope around them earlier this night. Her nipples are hard, deep red at the points, her areolas wide around them, a paler shade. The skin of her breasts is a sore red, an uneven spattering of marks across and atop the other bruises.

We had her kneel between us and then we had tied her breasts. The smooth and soft hemp rope made for a surprisingly cruel tool, and I had felt my ardor rise fast as I watched his hands loop the braided rope around my slut’s breasts. He had tightened the harness until her breasts pouted out from between intertwined ropes, nipples engorged and hard. I held the wand against her clit, pulling her back against me as he had brought out the candle. She had screamed as the wax splattered across her chest, covering her bust. A moment later she had screamed again as she came, this time into my mouth as she had leaned her head back and offered her mouth, eagerly, for a kiss.

I push her legs wider and move up closer, guiding my cock into her cunt. I don’t hurry, but still sink myself into her with a single long, deliberate thrust. She gasps and sighs, jolting slightly as my cock presses against the bottom of her cunt. She feels smooth and relaxed, loose even, still slippery with a residue of lube and cum that I feel slowly seeping out of her, covering my balls as I bury myself completely inside my submissive whore.

She closes her eyes and bites her lip as I start to fuck her, keeping myself buried deep in her cunt and holding her by her thighs. I close my eyes as well and my mind conjures back the image of how I held her down in the darkroom, pressing her mouth down on my cock as he got behind her, roughly pulling her ass up, aligning her with him. First time for her, first time for me sharing her. It happened fast, faster than I had anticipated. He must have been hungrier for my slut than I had guessed, for he had wasted no time, but guided himself into her wet cunt and rammed his bare cock into her with a single motion. She had moaned, the sound muffled by my cock. She moans again as I pick up speed, my cock sliding in and out of her effortlessly.

“Oh god I’m sore…” she whispers and draws a shuddering breath.

“I know.”

He had fucked her like a slut, grabbing her hips, slapping her already bruised ass, and I had fucked her mouth just as brutally. The darkroom’s mattress was somewhat crowded, but we had enough room around us for what we wanted. I had glanced around, seeing a small crowd watching my sub get bent over, watching her get spitroasted and serve us. Gagging and drooling, moaning and screaming, she had done just that, she had served both our cocks like the diligent little whore that she was. He had cummed before I did, not saving anything or holding anything back, but grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up, he had buried his cock by the hilt inside her slopping wet cunt and growled loud when he had cummed, grinding his hips into her bruised buttocks as he did.

She had whimpered, eyes unfocused as she felt him flood her pussy.

Now she whimpers as I fuck her, legs wrapped around me and her hand caressing my chest. Her cunt opens so easily for my cock, soft and used, and I feel my orgasm coming. The pressure builds and the sight of her breasts shaking with my thrusts, bitemarked and bruised, her plump nipples hard, brings me over the edge. I pull out hastily, coming to my feet as I start to cum, and she flows to the floor under me, bringing her face right in front of my cock.

I splatter her and my third load comes out in three watery but satisfying spurts, splattering her face for the third time tonight. Second time with my cum.

We kiss, curled up together on the thick rug.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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