First Time with Neighbor Daddy Ch. 02

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This story takes place after my first experience with Mr. Stanton.


Whoa.. That was all I could think after my first time with Mr. Stanton. I had no idea what it meant. All I knew, is that whatever that was, I liked it. This confused the heck out of me at first. But I did, I couldn’t deny it. I liked the feeling of Mr. Stanton using me like that. Something about it turned me on.

I didn’t see Mr. Stanton for a few days after that. Sure I’d see him come and go from his house during the day, but he never stopped to talk, or even really looked my direction. One day, I did catch him looking my direction.

At my parents house where I was staying for the summer before my first year of college, my room was facing Mr. Stanton’s. In my room I had my own bathroom with a shower. A few years ago, Mr. Stanton had built a small tool shed in his back yard. It just so happened that through the reflection in the mirror, if you stood in the right spot you could see into my bathroom from the shed. This was never a problem because I always made sure that the blinds were closed when I showered. That was before this time.

I had gone into casino şirketleri my bathroom to shower and get ready for the bed one night. The blinds were usually opened by my mother throughout the day to “let light in” so I always had to shut them at night. Tonight, when I went into my bathroom, I noticed that there was a light on in the shed, and Mr. Stanton was standing in the doorway of his shed, looking into my window. I didn’t make eye contact with him, or really turned my head indicating that I saw him there. And usually, where I go to close the blinds, I decided to leave them open this time.

I took my clothes off as I normally would, acting normal. I made sure my backside was facing his direction so he could see my ass and make him remember it. Slowly, I turned around exposing my dick to him — still not indicating that I know he’s watching me. I decided to give him a little show.

I check the door again; making sure that no one would come in my room and interrupt me. When I checked the coast was clear, I moved myself in front of the mirror so Mr. Stanton had a clean view of me. Slowly, I started to stroke my cock. It grew as casino firmaları I moved my hand all over the head, rubbing my balls with the other. Knowing Mr. Stanton was outside my window watching me turned me on so much, that I was hard in no time. But I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to give him a show.

I pulled out body lotion from under my sink and squirted a little in my hands before moving down to my cock. I stroked myself slowly — making me so horny. Every once in a while, I’d open my eyes slightly to catch a peak and make sure Mr. Stanton was still watching. He had gotten a chair now, and was sitting in the doorway of his shed, rubbing the outside of his pants. Clearly, he liked what he saw.

I needed to kick it up a notch. I looked in my bathroom closet for anything to play with. I found a comb I had put in there, with a somewhat large handle. Still stroking my hard cock, I put lotion on the handle, and bent myself over my sink — exposing my ass to Mr. Stanton. I rubbed the handle in between my cheeks, circling my little hole. With one hand spreading my ass, I used the other to slowly insert the handle of the comb into my ass. güvenilir casino I began to fuck myself with the handle, with my ass facing Mr. Stanton.

After a minute or two, I was horny as ever, and knew I was ready to cum. I put the comb down and pulled out the plunger. It had a handle with rounded ball molds on the last 5 inches of the handle — how convenient. I stuck it to the floor, and positioned myself over it, showing Mr. Stanton my front side now. I wanted him to see me cum while fucking myself. I lowered onto the end of the plunger and slowly made my way down as far as I could. I leaned back and felt it rub somewhere in my ass that made my dick jump. I began going faster up and down jerking my cock at the same time. I was so horny at this point, feeling hot knowing Mr. Stanton was across the yard watching me. Then I came — One shot, two shots of cum shot out of my dick as my ass clinched around the handle. It felt so good. I stroked my cock until every drop was out.

I stood up, still not letting Mr. Stanton know that I saw him. After cleaning myself up a little bit, I turned on the shower as if nothing happened. I walked over to the window and began to close the blinds. Before fully closing, I looked up and caught eyes with Mr. Stanton — letting him know that I knew he was watching me, and the show was for him. Letting him know that I’m ready for him to be Daddy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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