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Big Tits

Her still firm ass defied her 50 years of life as she sashayed past me in her tight faded blue jeans. Her blond hair flowed down past her shoulders and curled slightly at the bottom. The view from the front was even better, as her pert B cup tits showed little sag and her face was beautiful. Her stomach had a small amount of padding to it but all in all, my co-worker Rachel was still a very pleasant sight to look at.

Though I am only 19 years old, I have been with this company for two full years and have sat beside Rachel the whole time. We have gotten to know each other quite well, and although she is married, we enjoy the occasional flirtatious quips. I often catch myself gazing down her shirt into her cleavage, or checking out her smooth legs when she chooses to wear a skirt to the office. I would go back to my desk and try to imagine rubbing those smooth legs and feeling my way up into her treasure. When I think about the old fashioned, non thong underwear that Rachel must wear, I get turned on thinking of her in soaking wet granny panties.

On most days, we spend our lunch breaks talking together at our desks about our jobs, or life in general, and I find myself more and more attracted to Rachel especially because of the intoxicating perfume she wears. There is no way she didn’t notice the occasional bulge in my Dockers as I stood near her or quickly bailed on the conversation to shift myself around down there. Many a night I would head to my car and drive home with a raging hard on as I imagined laying Rachel down on her desk, undressing her sexy body, and devouring her with my tongue and then penetrating her with my young hard cock.

So now you have the background on Rachel, and the effect she has on my poor penis at work. Let me get to the present day, where some of the sales managers decided to take a few of us out after work for drinks. I didn’t Antep Bayan Escort think Rachel would join us because she had to get home to her family but to my pleasant surprise she came out with us. Well we got to the local watering hole and five of us coworkers were treated to a few rounds of drinks before the managers made their way to the door and headed for home.

Rachel and I and one other man, Rick from our accounting department, were the only ones left and I could tell Rachel was beginning to get tipsy. She had gotten very touchy feely and constantly placed her hand on my shoulder and leaned in close to my face when she spoke to me. I felt my cock twitch each time this happened, and I wanted to just reach down and cup her ample tits, but I still had enough wits about me not to be so foolish. Fortunately I didn’t have to make the move because as soon as Rick excused himself to go to the bathroom, Rachel slid her hand down my leg and rubbed it up and down, slowly getting closer to my hardening rod.

I didn’t know how to proceed, should I push this married 50 year old mother away from me or should I surrender my conscious and see how far I could take this? Well I decided I had been a good boy long enough, and I grabbed her small hand in mine and placed it directly on my crotch, which was emanating heat from my arousal. I moved her hand around, massaging my now stiff cock. I glanced across the room quickly to find Rick striking up a conversation with a woman near the bar, leaving Rachel and I alone to play. She took over rubbing me on her own and I used my now free hands to start massaging her thighs, squeezing them slightly as I maneuvered toward the inner part of her thigh. I could see in her face that she was loving the attention, despite the assistance of the alcohol, which she had consumed probably a bit too much of.

I began to feel a little guilty about my actions when I realized her kids are probably waiting at home for their mom, so I eased up and went to get Rach some water. She seemed upset but I’m sure she understood. We sat for another short while and I offered to walk her to her car. Walking her out of the bar, I kept my eyes fixed on her tight ass, and my cock grew uncontrollably in my pants, sticking out like a tent in front of me. When we reached her car, Rach turned to kiss me goodnight and was greeted with a hard rod poking her in her crotch. She stared down at it, and seemed to become transfixed with it, not even looking up to lock eyes with me. That only made me get harder, and the tent continued to grow, nudging her crotch area with my young tool. I had no words to offer in apology or whatever, so I just continued to stand there, unsure of what to do.

Suddenly Rachel turned and got into her car and started the engine. I got ready to go home and jerk off like never before when Rachel slid her legs out of the car, leaned forward and grabbed my stiff cock right through my pants. She stroked it quickly, tugging on it and even licking my head though my pants material. I leaned my crotch forward for her to explore, and she kept at it, squeezing my balls, cupping them and feeling how full and heavy they were. I figured I had done all I could to prevent this from happening so I took it upon myself to fondle her now heaving tits through her blouse. Her cleavage was driving me wild and I squeezed and played with her gorgeous melons as she played with my cock. Barely audible, she whispered for me to get in, to which I gladly obliged.

Rachel drove to the back of the lot, far away from any lights, people or noise, and she shut off her car. I didn’t know what to expect from this usually mild mannered housewife, but before I knew it, my pants were unzipped and my fat cock, drooling with precum was yanked out of my fly. Rachel’s head dropped to my crotch like she was bobbing for apples, and I felt her hot mouth slide down my cock, then back up, then down. Each bob went further down the length of my hard shaft, and her saliva mixed with my precum to create strands of juices that connected Rachel’s mouth to my rock solid dick. I didn’t think I would last much longer, and I resumed playing with Rach’s perfect globes. I had enough of her blouse hiding those things so I undid the three buttons of her shirt and slid it down off her shoulders. There in front of me lay perfection; two perfectly rounded mounds of sexy woman flesh, barely being contained by a basic white bra. Her tits had some sag to them, but not much, and I felt my dick somehow getting stiffer in Rach’s mouth.

As I got more bold cupping and caressing her bosom, I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the valley of cleavage between those sexy titties. Her purring told me to keep going so I licked my way closer to her tit, and pulled down the right bra cup, revealing her fat, pink, silver dollar size nipple. What a sight this was as I began to flick her nipple with my tongue, and continued to massage her other tit. Suddenly I could hold on no more, as all of my wild fantasies and now realities joined into the biggest orgasm of my life.

With hardly any warning, my young hard meat suddenly tensed up and I released jet after jet of thick globs of cum into Rachel’s mouth. To my surprise she kept her face in my crotch, gulping down my juices as some began to overflow out of her mouth, the sight making me cum even more somehow.

I gripped Rachel’s tits as the spurts of cum began to subside. My body went limp, but my dick lost hardly any of its stiffness, and Rachel’s mouth had remained around it. For the first time since I got into the car, Rachel spoke, her lips glazed over in my cum.

“Geez, what else can I do with this thick young cock before it goes soft?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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