Floin’s Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 02

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It was unusually warm late that summer. Floin had his haughty and vaguely disrespectful introductions all planned ahead. He thought the Druids a formal and stiff lot. He traveled by mule to the west country where the academy was located, not far from Salisbury plain, Stonehenge, and others of the mystical stone circles.

He stood before the registering priestess at her desk with his satchel of belongings attired in his riding sandals and nothing else. He smirked as he introduced himself. “I hope I have not offended anyone, but among us commoners in the hot days of the year, we think it imprudent to be clad in our garments lest they be soiled especially by our labors that provide for the abundance of all the good tribes’ people.”

To his surprise, she replied nonchalantly and almost approvingly. “Of course, no offense taken, Novice Floin of the east. To the contrary, most commendable. We all have our responsibilities and obligations to our communities at this time of the year and must conduct ourselves accordingly. It is not uncommon at all for new and returning novices to arrive bereft of any garments under the circumstance of a warmer than normal late summer. But you must understand that to advance beyond this point into the classrooms and cloisters of the academy, you must wear a novice’s robe.” Naturally, she glanced just enough to observe the form and character of his male parts as people of both genders do when acquainting themselves with a young man in his nudity for the first time.

At this point, a somewhat older priestess who was busy scratching something on a parchment and hardly noticed him, pushed back her chair to pad part way down the stone-lined hall to a small pantry along one wall and pull out a garment. “This should fit him.”

While the older woman was retrieving the garment, the registrar informed him of greater details. He was to pay his compliments to the dean in the old tower and be instructed of his schedule for the first term at his earliest convenience. “Classes start in 6 days. Perhaps you would enjoy a soothing bath at the bathing vats just beyond the men’s dorms where you will reside at the end of the left hall. You can be shorn of your robe and any other garment to your heart’s content in the baths.”

“Men’s dorms? You mean all the students will not be in residence and bathing together?”

“Absolutely not,” the registrar sternly retorted. “That is the privilege of only the accomplished and senior novice students after several months.”


Before I continue on, to those readers who know only the Christian ways of civilization, at about the time that boys and girls turn to men and women, there was much more freedom for Celts in acquainting themselves with those body parts that were opposite their own in sexual identity and how such flesh could be handled and embraced to countenance great pleasures and entertain deep curiosities. Especially among Druid folk, such study and exploration was encouraged to initiate and fortify what would be great powers of magic in strengthening the always necessary fertility and good health among the tribes’ people. The one invocation of restraint and prohibition was the sacred merger of lingum and yoni before a betrothed couple was actually joined in wedlock. Even the stimulations of tongue and lips or the merger of lingum with his selected woman’s anus (sometimes called “false yoni”) were deeply discouraged, as these actions only enhanced the temptation to do that which was forbidden.

Perhaps to mitigate impending frustrations among young flesh, but also to soothe the aggressive dispositions and competitions between young men and avoid rowdy violence among the aging youth within tribes that needed to maintain poker oyna peaceful order, activities of the most intimate and close association were tolerated between men and sometimes even encouraged. This is not to say that such events and displays of physical passion did not create problems. Sometimes such attachments and bonds would ensue such that men would couple as devoted lovers and lose interest in their wives and betrothed altogether. Druids would intervene with magic and spells to reinstate families, but only with limited successes. It was known that many Druids who lusted only after those of their own sex were among the most skilled and powerful in the practice of their craft. In fact, they were held in greatest esteem.

It was for this reason that the first returning student who sighted Floin disrobed again in one of the smaller bathing vats of the dormitory rooms took an interest in pursuit of intimacies. “I would wager you are one of the new novices of commoner stock. I am Erwynn of Salisbury. I just arrived and want a bath something terrible. Would you mind if I join you?”

Floin was frowning. “The water is unreasonably cold. I don’t know how much longer I am going to stay in this rotting tub.”

The senior student laughed. “The instructors say that it builds character. I think it is just because the academy does not want to pay the expense of proper heating. Wait until you feel the water in these vats in the winter months. We would do better to dunk ourselves in the beer these things were originally made for brewing.” Erwynn was short, pasty white, and excessively slender, with a dusty colored mop of curly hair. He was instantly attracted to the man of a more chiseled bearing he was going to join by climbing into the vat of shoulder deep water. He gave a brief shudder to the shock of the cold wetness against his bare skin. “You are quite a looker. I would like to suggest that to pass the time, we enjoy some passionate kissing.”

Floin gazed at his bathmate incredulously before responding. “I do not know you. Why would I want to do such a thing?” He did not think himself as attracted to other men. He enjoyed flirting with the women of the village who obviously admired his good form. Erwynn responded almost in alarm.

“Oh, I did not mean any offense. I meant the suggestion as a sort of friendly peace offering and a way that we could help boost each others’ powers before the start of classes. Believe me I have been betrothed to a woman novice from a family of good priestly bearing and we look forward to all the passionate intimacies of fervent connubial bliss. But we novices of the dormitory often enjoy intimacies with each other to help develop the magic that applies to pursuits of the flesh.” Erwynn sensed that his bathing partner was still uncomfortable with the suggestive circumstance. “Well, if nothing else, perhaps you would like to hear the tale of how it was that I came to enjoy passionate kissing with other young men?”

Floin sort of shrugged his shoulders signaling a false indifference. In truth, like most men of his age, he was always curious to learn of the exploits of the flesh by others.

Erwynn beamed again with the opportunity to explain his joys. “Well among Druid folk who reach their 18th years and are betrothed to a maiden of the community usually of the same age, naturally the couple conspire to seek privacy and inspect each other in nature in privacy.”

Floin nodded. “Aye, it is the same with common folk. The young couple find common free time among them and set off to the woods, where naked together, the maiden can closely familiarize herself with all the features of the horn and stones of the man she is going to mate with.”

“Naturally! For all the time the two will spend canlı poker oyna with his horn plowing her furrowed yoni, she is going to want to know its character in great detail, in advance. That is exploration my betrothed enjoyed the summer before last. Now, many couples are continued in their curiosity and excitement. . .”

Floin interrupted at this point. “And the maiden beckons her betrothed to stroke his horn until he reaches climax and squirts his seed. Yes, it is the same with common folk.”

“Naturally! For all the seed that will be pitched deep into her up to the womb, she is going to want to know how it looks when he is at the fever pitch of his climax, and all the character of the seed as it shoots and spews forth from the end of his horn. Now, so many of us of the same year in our community being betrothed at about the same time and learning of our similar experiences contrived to be festive in the woods. . . “

Floin again interrupted. “And at a mutually agreeable time, set off to a secret location in the forest to all disrobe so that the men could watch each other and have their maidens watch as they stroke their horns to climax and pitch their seed. No doubt competitions were invented to see which fellow could pitch his seed the furthest and which could pitch the greatest amount in any given session. No doubt the maidens were especially entertained when the fellows would stroke each others’ horns. In appreciation with the excitement of the moment, they would reach between their legs and with nimble fingers fiddle themselves about their yonis to bring themselves to their squealing female climaxes. Yes, some years this has been known to happen to the young betrothed of the common villages.”

Now Erwynn assumed an impish grin. “You are as knowledgeable about the world as any novice student, Floin of the east. But I bet among your folk, you have never heard anything so unusual as this. At one of the last sessions just before my betrothed and I set off to this academy for our first year, a friend of mine had brought along a pair of Roman ivory dice. We contrived a game of dare where the roller of a 7 would be both the loser and the winner. The roller of 7 would be dared by the previous roller to pursue something lascivious with someone else in the group. For instance, a maiden would be dared to suckle on the nipple of another until the shadows moved noticeably in the forest. Well in this one instance, the maiden who had done so, when I next rolled a 7 for the first time, dared me to kiss passionately, as I would my betrothed, one of the other fellows for the same period of time. Well we approached, both determined to be good sports and entertain the others in spirited sensuality. And sensuous it was.”

Erwynn assumed an enchanted and wandering expression as he recollected the moment. “Our lips met and broad wet tongues clashed and fenced visible to all others. As we pursed our lips and greedily exchanged noisy smacks with sweeping tongues tasted each others pitched desires, we embraced with arms and hands. I positively swooned in his arms and our exposed lingums must have swelled into sturdy horns once more. The others, especially the maidens with their high pitched hooting, cheered their noisy encouragements. My darling Gwyneth was touched and approving of it all more than any of the others. Well, sometimes Gwyneth and I think I must have the luck of the spirits because the very next player in our group to roll a 7 was the handsomest lad of the group. Naturally, I dared him to kiss me under the same circumstances. We rushed to each other and first held each other at the temples to sweep our tongues just centimeters between our lips. When he wrapped me in his strong arms we groped and swept our hands and arms over internet casino firm flesh where I could feel his strong back and even the firm tension at the top of his buttocks. Before we were made to disengage, I was in such a delirious faint, my head held back limp and the lad in his passions feasted on my exposed neck with fervent kisses and lusting nibbles. I do believe I was unashamed as to have gained a firm grip on his horn like we were in another stroking session.”

The slender youth sighed. “Everyone was so enervated from the experience that they all congratulated me and I think I must have felt all the hard nipples of all the titties from every maiden of my year in our community that afternoon, from when they hugged me.”

Now Erwynn looked directly into the eyes of Floin, who obviously had listened to the account with keen interest. “Now my Gwyneth encourages me to seek this intimacy with other novice students of this dormitory, and relate back to her the experience of all the lusty pleasures. But I would like to find a way that the three of us could sneak off between classes and she could watch as we revealed to her a feast of passions with tongue and lips involving such a handsome fellow as yourself.”

“You would have your betrothed witness intimacies of great passion between us”?

Erwynn’s pale gray eyes were lit up like torches now. “Yes! What say you? We are in private now and you could try the proposal out now to see if it would suit your pleasure to have the three of us rendezvous.”

The larger man moved in quickly for the pass with a great splash but his target held him back for softer affections. They slowly moved in where first just their lips pressed and Floin was impressed that these lips of a man were just as soft and encouraging as any woman’s. They pecked pleasingly a number of times before they both started to part their lips and taste the sweetness of the soft wet tongue tips. The smaller man truly had devised a magical connection, for Floin started to go giddy and crave more of the sensuous pleasure. The lips pursed and began to explore of each other before Erwynn skillfully drew Floin’s broad wet tongue into his mouth, the seduction complete, come back to meet it with wide sweeps of devoted mating. They splashed about now, Erwynn thrilled to have the strong man’s arms about him, his tongue would dart back in only to lick about so smoothly when Floin’s tongue would thrust to chase after it. Floin whimpered the soft moans of his pleasure and absentmindedly thrust his hips toward his partner when he felt first light soft caresses to his stones. Exploring fingers first plied their way up the shaft of the heated flinching horn, then grasp it with an acute sense of just the right pressure, and then start to stroke, slowly at first, and then more rigorously.

Suddenly Floin came to his senses, pulled away, and with a great splash suddenly moved in very close to pin the smaller man to the side of the vat. Two naked men with completely clenched muscles shared a very tense moment in an old bathing vat. Floin’s dark eyes blazed like a hot fire, scorching just inches from the gray eyes of his partner. “Now listen here, you strumpet. And you are a whoring strumpet even with what might serve as the paltry parts of a man. Listen when I tell you that if you are going to use your Druid tricks to inflame my passions so, I will lay you out and take you by the little tight hole between the cheeks of your scrawny ass and ravish it with my bursting and impatient horn for the snatching little yoni that it is. No doubt you have a real hankering cunt back there. I will thrust my teased roll of sausage into your saucy cunt and tear it up before I burst my load of searing seed deep beyond your bowels into your very vitals. Now, what say you to that?”

Erwynn’s look of panic and terror gradually softened into a little smile. “I think that would be something that my dear Gwyneth would enjoy the witness of.”

to be continued. . .

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