Flying with Lisa

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***Author’s Note***

The following is a complete revision and re-write of a story of mine currently listed in the Erotic Couplings section entitled “She was the Captain”. The original version, which was between a man and woman, did not receive much attention there, so I hope it will be more affective now that it is between two women and get better viewing here in the Lesbian Sex section.


For those waiting for a 3rd Chapter of my “Prosecuting Attorney” series, I regret to inform you that there will not be one!! In fact, I deeply regret having written the 2nd chapter; it should never have been written and I am requesting it be removed from the site. I learned too little, too late that some stories are better off left standing on their own and the original “Prosecuting Attorney” was one of them. I just got over ambitious with it to say the least.

*** *

With every muscle in her body seized to its breaking point with relentless passion, and her back arching in a virtual horseshoe, a shriek of overwhelming ecstasy catapulted from Rachel’s succulent lips. Her hands were a pair of vice grips, wrenching the sweat soaked sheets off her bed and cutting off the circulation in her fingers. Rachel’s eyes spun uncontrollably in her head and she soon had to cinch them shut as they flooded with tears of illicit pleasure. Rachel had never had anyone make love to her this passionately in her life. Lisa’s mouth was ferociously devouring Rachel’s spasming vulva like a carnivorous predator and Rachel’s sexual juices were spewing all over Lisa’s mouth and chin. With every fiber of her being ravaged by the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced, Rachel collapsed in a pile of post-orgasmic mush on the sweat flooded mattress as her beautiful muscle toned naked body twitched and trembled frenziedly. Feeling Lisa’s ravenous mouth and luscious lips gluttonously licking and sucking the residue of her orgasmic explosion off her delectable light olive skin, Rachel slowly and deeply inhaled the intoxicating fragrances of sweat, perfume, burning incense and the natural odor of two very sexually aroused women hanging heavily in the air.

As Rachel’s heart pounded relentlessly and her lungs still strained for air, she slowly ran her hands through her soaking wet sandy blonde hair. It was so saturated with sweat that Rachel felt as though she’d just stepped out of the shower. With her eyes still shut, Rachel’s body tingled with breathless anticipation as she felt the tip of Lisa’s tongue moving slowly up her muscle ripped abdomen. Rachel opened her eyes to find Lisa crawling slowly and seductively up over her seething body like a prowling lioness cunningly stalking her prey. Lisa seized one of Rachel’s probing, rock hard brown nipples between her succulent lips while the sexy sleek fingers of her hands firmly massaged and molded both Rachel’s supple 36 C-cups. As Lisa ran her tongue across Rachel’s beautiful bust to her other wanting nipple, sucking it deeply into her hungry mouth, Rachel ran her long fingers through Lisa’s wet and wavy long brown hair. It too was shower soaked with sweat and as the soaking wet strands of Lisa’s hair rolled gently against Rachel’s quivering flesh, Rachel mused with utter ecstasy at the sight of Lisa’s immaculate naked body; her creamy white skin flushed to a light shade of crimson by intense lustful heat and glistening in the soft moonlight pouring through the window.

Feeling Lisa’s teeth nip on the sensitive skin of her areola, Rachel felt a powerful and illicit shockwave course like electrical current through her body. With a slight jerk and giggle, Rachel slipped her hand into Lisa’s on her breast.

“Get up here, baby.” Rachel hissed.

Rising up Rachel’s body slowly, Lisa let the tip of her tongue graze up Rachel’s sexy long neck, over her chin and finally to her pouting lips. Easing her body down to rest on top of Rachel, Lisa was now gazing deeply into her captivating brown eyes.

“God, your eyes are so beautiful.” Lisa whispered.

“So are yours.” Rachel whispered back.

Their moist and ravenous lips came together and their wanting tongues were soon foraging in the deepest recesses of the other’s lusciously warm mouth. The world went dark as their eyes shut and the unbridled passion of a lover’s deep kiss surged forth.

The lustful heat emanating from Rachel and Lisa’s naked bodies pressed firmly against each other was immense; two cauldrons of volcanic magma, literally melting together into one. Rachel reveled deeply in the intoxicating flavor of Lisa’s mouth, which was still heavily sated with her own sexual juices. With Lisa’s sweaty body still on top of her, Rachel rolled their passionate embrace over and pinned Lisa underneath her, gently grinding her mound on to Lisa’s thigh. Rachel then felt the perfectly manicured fingernails of her airborne angel spearing deep into the skin of her back, followed by her other hand coming to rest firmly on the back of her soaking wet head; attempting to pull bursa otele gelen escort Rachel deeper into their kiss. Cupping her hands around Lisa’s head and neck, Rachel inhaled deeply through her nose and there was then no sound; no sound at all. Kissing each other so deeply, there was only an unbelievably serene and divinely deep quiet. Rachel and Lisa were breathing each other’s air and absorbing each other’s soul. Finally, they came up and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” Rachel whispered.

“I love you too.” Lisa whispered back.

Rachel rolled gently off Lisa’s body and on to her side on the mattress. Lisa likewise rolled on to her side and faced Rachel; the two women gently caressed each other’s face and body. As Rachel gazed deeply at her beautiful Lisa, her heart sang like the highest choir of angels. What a beautiful and gentle creature. And what an incredibly passionate lover! As Lisa snuggled her delicate figure tightly up against Rachel’s muscled frame, Rachel wrapped her engulfing arms around the smaller woman and ever so gently cradled and rocked her in an adoring embrace. Kissing Lisa softly on the forehead, Rachel shut her eyes and silently thanked the Lord that she had decided to take the Monday evening flight rather than the Tuesday morning one.


Rachel Hill had boarded the first leg of her flight back to Houston at 4:45pm that afternoon, Monday; the day after the Indianapolis 500. As it had been for the past ten years since she had moved from Indianapolis to Houston, Rachel’s travel itinerary for race weekend had been exactly the same every year without fail. Flying up to Indianapolis on the preceding Friday evening, Rachel stayed at her parents home in Carmel that night, attended the 500 Festival Parade in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, then would camp out at the Speedway on Saturday night. With the race run on Sunday, Rachel would then stay in town thru Monday, allowing for the ever present possibility of a Sunday rain out and then fly back to Houston on Tuesday morning. Yet for reason’s she couldn’t explain at the time, Rachel had decided at the last minute before booking her trip that she would return to Houston on Monday evening instead of Tuesday morning.

The Indianapolis International Airport was swarming with exuberant race fans from all over the world preparing for their journey home. It was painfully easy to spot race fans, for most were now donning 500 T-shirts, hats and various other articles of clothing or accessory souvenirs they had purchased at the Speedway the day before. Rachel took her seat in the emergency exit row of the Boeing 737-700 series aircraft, directly over the starboard wing and was immensely grateful for the extra leg room that the emergency exit row seat by the window afforded her. Standing nearly 6’1″, Rachel is an intimidating woman; clad with ripped and toned muscles all over her shoulders, arms and legs. Her hips are lean, firm and voluptuously round with a perfectly scrumptious tight ass, all on exhibit today in a tight pair of faded blue jeans. Her stomach is flat, her waist is trim and her breasts are surprisingly large considering her muscularity. Possessing a soft and angelic face, accentuated by full, long and flowing sandy blonde hair, light olive skin and deep brown puppy dog eyes, Rachel’s beauty and sexiness more than compensates for her obvious formidability.

Unlike the previous six years, the seat beside her this evening was not going to be occupied by her lover Wendy; now her former lover. Rachel and Wendy had spent six very turbulent years together and though Rachel loved Wendy deeply; probably much more than Wendy loved her, Rachel could no longer endure Wendy’s emotional distance and unavailability. Their sex life, if you could even call it that, had become completely passionless as Wendy steadily became incapable of intimacy; by the end of the previous July, Rachel no longer had the mental or emotional stamina to continue enduring their miserable existence together any further. So, for the first time in the ten years since she’d moved, Rachel had come back for the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” by herself; and even though she had been surrounded by her parents, brother and nearly five hundred thousand other race fans, she still felt utterly alone in the world. Returning to Indianapolis every May for the 500 was like Christmas for Rachel; she looked forward to it all year long. Having been born and raised in the Circle City, Rachel was embedded with, and lived by the three absolutes of any native Hoosier: The Indiana Pacers, the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team and the Indianapolis 500. And now with their 2007 Super Bowl championship, the Indianapolis Colts now joined that very elite list of laws.

Rachel’s flight took off from Indianapolis at 5:15pm Eastern Time bound for Nashville. Rachel would have about a two and a half hour layover at the Nashville Airport before her connecting flight to Houston Hobby escort bayan Airport departed at 8:05pm. The flying time from Indianapolis to Nashville was about an hour and ten minutes, but this evening, it seemed agonizingly longer due to the fellow passenger that fate had mockingly selected to place in the seat next to Rachel. When she first sat down, Rachel had high hopes of a very pleasant flight, for the young lady was gorgeous. But, no sooner did Rachel smile and say hello to her, did she get a face full of the young woman’s breath, inundated with a revolting combination of beer, vodka and cigarette smoke. Even though she tended bar for a living, Rachel had never smoked a day in her life and wasn’t particularly fond of the smell or taste of alcohol; but she had no real qualms about being with and around people who did, particularly when she was this attractive. But this young lady’s attractiveness vanished the moment she opened her drunken mouth, and then, never shut it for the entire duration of the flight. After the tenth or so time of explaining why the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was known as the Brickyard, Rachel seriously contemplated opening the emergency exit door at thirty-eight thousand feet and stepping out on the wing for a breath of no air rather than continue to listen to this drunken slob ramble on endlessly.

The landing gear brushed the Nashville runway at 5:20pm Central Time and thanks to the grace of the mighty spirits within Smirnoff vodka, Rachel’s polluted seat companion had fallen silent in a catatonic slumber. Once the aircraft came to a stop at the gate, Rachel slipped her carry-on bag out from under the seat in front of her, stepped over Sleeping Beauty in the middle seat and deplaned. As Rachel strode out of the jet way and into the airport terminal, she observed the large body of people already lining up to board the continuation of the flight she was leaving. Rachel pitied the poor soul who would be taking over her seat. Continuing out of the boarding area and into the main corridor of the concourse, Rachel checked the flight arrival and departure monitors to find out where her connecting flight would be gated. Being that departure time was still well over two and a half hours away, Rachel soon discovered that her flight wasn’t even posted yet. Checking her watch, Rachel’s focus immediately turned to finding the location of the nearest ladies room. Heading up the concourse with her carry-on bag slung over her shoulder, Rachel’s eyes surveyed the hoards of bustling Memorial Day weekend travelers moving up and down the concourse. As a bartender by profession, Rachel loved watching people and had a keen ear for honing in on, and eavesdropping on discussions from a distance. With a sudden break in the flow of human traffic along the concourse, Rachel spotted the ladies room about fifty or so feet ahead on the left.

As her eyes returned front and center out in front of her, Rachel found herself directly in the on-coming path of a striking woman in a pilot’s uniform. Having always had a weakness for women in uniform, Rachel was instantly captivated as her eyes met the lovely lady pilots as they approached each other. She was half Rachel’s considerably shorter than Rachel, probably around 5’6″, possibly 5’7″; just the way Rachel liked her women. Her hair was dark brown, long and wavy as it draped down to just above the tops of her shoulder blades. Her face was narrow with high cheek bones, an adorable button nose and her eyes were a crystal clear shade of royal blue. Her skin was a very faint shade of egg shell pink, smooth and creamy. Her neck was long, sexy and sleek; accentuated by the navy blue crossover tie around it. Her arms too were long and lean, appearing like beautiful willow branches draping down out of her short sleeve uniform blouse. She wore a loose fitting gold watch that beautified her slender wrist and the fire red polish on her fingernails made her hands appear sinfully sexy. She wasn’t a hard body by any means, but it was wonderfully proportional to her height and weight and the navy blue slacks of her uniform made her overall figure appear deliciously voluptuous. Her breasts appeared to be a perfectly scrumptious pair of smaller C-cups than Rachel’s, but still strikingly noticeable under her bright white uniform blouse with the navy blue patch on each of her shoulders proudly showing off the four white rank bars of a Captain.

Rachel’s eyes remained locked on this lovely creature, utterly captivated by her; and unless she was kidding herself, the lovely lady pilot seemed equally captured by Rachel as well. As they drew nearer to each other, Rachel altered her course just slightly out of the lovely pilot’s path and as she did, the woman’s pouting lips, covered in a dark crimson lipstick opened and she beamed a pristine white and sparkling smile at Rachel.

“Good evening.” She said in a soft and sensual voice. “Been to the race, I see.”

“Yeah. How’d you know? Rachel asked, very surprised.

“Your mudanya escort T-shirt.” The lady pilot said, almost giggling.

“Oh. Yeah.” Rachel said, feeling rather stupid.

Rachel stopped suddenly in the middle of the concourse and looked down at her T-shirt. She hadn’t bought an Indy 500 T-shirt since she was a kid, but this years’ was an awesome tie-die design and Rachel just couldn’t pass it up. As the verbal exchange passed between them, neither Rachel nor the lovely pilot had stopped moving until her comment about Rachel having been at the race grounded Rachel to a flabbergasted halt. At that instant, Rachel caught a heavenly fragrance of sweet peach and vanilla off of the woman as she passed by. Attempting to be inconspicuous, Rachel looked cautiously over her shoulder to see the lovely lady pilot continuing on down the concourse. Having only a split second to check out the backside of her body, Rachel was startled to realize that the lady pilot was glancing back over her own shoulder at Rachel. Their eyes met one more time and the lady pilot turned her head quickly away. Rachel could have sworn that she saw the woman blush. Facing forward again, Rachel shook her head and ran a hand through her soft sandy blonde hair. Exhaling deeply, she continued on to the ladies room, all the while, images of that captivating lady captain dancing in her mind; not to mention the memory of the delightful smell of her.

Stepping into the ladies room stall, Rachel quickly fanned herself with her hand, utterly shocked at how hot she was; her body tingled with arousal. Placing her hand on her chest, Rachel took a deep, cleansing breath as she felt her heart pounding. Sliding her jeans and panties down her long and sexy legs, Rachel was further taken aback to find a large wet stain in the soft white cotton of her panties. Sitting down on the commode, Rachel closed her eyes and focused on the mental images of her previous flights’ seat companion as she vomited in the air sickness bag in an attempt to cool herself off. Rachel remembered the awful stench that filled the air, as well as the gagging and phlegm-filled coughing and she could feel herself begin to relax. Once nature’s business was taken care of, Rachel washed her hands, ran a brush through her hair, touched up her mascara and lip gloss, slung the strap of her carry-on over her shoulder and headed out of the ladies room. With her mind filling once more with images of the lovely pilot, Rachel strode absentmindedly out of the ladies room and instantly, the intoxicating fragrance of sweet peach and vanilla flooded her nostrils and in a blurry whirlwind of activity, all Rachel saw was the outline of a human form right in front of her. Rachel’s arms reflexively went up and her hands where suddenly filled with the sensual softness of another woman’s arms.

Getting her bearings now, Rachel found her hands firmly wrapped around the slender arms of the same lady pilot captain that had seemingly hypnotized her just a few moments earlier. Exhaling deeply, Rachel’s eyes once again met the crystal clear royal blue eyes of the lady pilot and her delectable fragrance warmed Rachel’s heart and blood like hot apple cider on Christmas Eve.

“Oh my God.” The lady pilot said. “I am so sorry.”

“No, it was my fault.” Rachel chuckled. “My mind was a million miles away. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said. “You?”

“Never better.” Rachel replied.

Rachel was again captivated deeply by the woman’s sparkling eyes and just couldn’t break free of them.

“Good.” She said. “Then can I have my arms back?”

It took a few more milliseconds, but the woman’s request finally filtered into Rachel’s mind and she suddenly realized that her hands where still holding the soft and sensual arms of the lovely aviator.

“Oh!” Rachel blurted. “Sorry.”

Rachel released her and took a step back, repositioning the strap of her carry-on bag on her broad shoulder.

“Not a problem.” The woman said as she smiled. “Not a problem at all.”

The lovely lady pilot took hold of her wheeled flight case and luggage then proceeded on into the ladies room. Rachel turned around slowly and let her eyes run almost voraciously up and down the back side of the woman’s beautiful body. As the lady captain rounded the curving entrance into the ladies room, her head again glanced over her shoulder back toward Rachel and their eyes met again. Rachel’s stomach filled with a swarm of butterflies as she felt her face flush and her body tingle. But much to Rachel’s surprise, and ultimate delight, the lady aviator smiled almost seductively as she disappeared around the curving entrance wall. Rachel shook her head and sighed deeply before continuing on down the concourse, and as she did, dozens of baffling questions tumbled through her spinning mind. Hadn’t she been going in the opposite direction? Wasn’t there another ladies room in the direction she was going? Does she somehow know that I’m a lesbian? Is she a lesbian? Did she intentionally come back this way, hoping to find me? As that last question passed through her mind, Rachel felt her pussy spasm and her heart skip a beat. Regardless of anything, this lovely lady had definitely caught Rachel’s eye; and it certainly appeared that Rachel had caught her eye too.

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