Follow Up before My Initiation

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If you are looking to read these stories in order, for the most part, they are posted in order by date. This story is actually my second bi experience and my first MMM experience and is the follow on to “Bi Swingers Club Interview”, if you would like to refresh yourself before reading this installment, I hope you EnjoyBoth. Also, I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I enjoyed the experience. Oh, yes, in this story, all parties are over the age of 18.


I had spent all day Thursday at work thinking of the night before and the early morning with Robert and how he had turned my body onto so many new sensations. My cock would begin to harden at the thought of Robert going down on me and us in a sixty-nine with me worshiping his throbbing member. I knew I would have to take a walk when my thoughts wandered to Robert sliding his cock into my wonton ass and pummeling me into craving his cock and the feeling of him shooting his cum deep inside of my fuck tunnel.

At 2:00 PM I opened my personal e-mail at work to find a note from Robert, “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. One more interview performance that I think you will love. See you at 9:00 PM and remember to be squeaky clean before you arrive.”

I couldn’t concentrate any further and needed to make sure I could get through the next three hours. As difficult as it was, I succeeded in making it to the end of the day before walking out to the car. The evening darkness was already setting in.

I headed to my den to fire up my computer and check out my messages as well as the adult web site messages. I found two more messages from Robert in my personal mail and two messages in my adult web site mail from others who had seen my profile. I smiled. I proceeded to open my account information to update my status. I was no longer bi curious. Making the change, I also added that I found that I loved giving and receiving both oral and anal. I hit save and got up to head to the bedroom and the master bath where I stripped and took a shower.

By the time I finished my shower, I had two more messages from others on the web site. One message was from Hunk9. I clicked on the message and read, “Robert says you have so much promise for our group. I look forward to finding out myself tomorrow. Check out my profile as well as Willow362438. See you tomorrow evening.”

I know I had a grin on my face as I squirmed in my seat. I quickly clicked on the profile line in the message and took a deep breath. “Hmmm, very interesting.” I softly quipped to myself as I checked out the avatar and profile.

It read, “Male, 38 years old, BBiM, 6′ tall, 195lbs, 9″, cut, completely shaved, clipped, safe and DD free. A Dom Top. Play alone or as a couple. Willow362438 loves to join in. Check out her profile.” The avatar was a side shot, his head turned away but showing a very buff and well-oiled body, with all nine very thick inches hanging down fully on display. He was cut and completely shaved. There was a photo album which showed him with both men and women in groups and alone. The pictures showed his cock embedded in his partners as well as a few just before and just after sex. All of the faces were blurred slightly to not give away the identities of the other partners. One showed him standing completely nude and hard with a beautiful ebony beauty that was standing next to him in only very high heels, still much shorter than him.

I typed in Willow362438 into the View Members line and her profile popped up. It read, “Female, 34 years old, BBi, 5’4”, shaved, and DD free. Married to and Sub to Hunk9. We play together or separately. Her avatar picture showed her in a similar pose as her husband, slightly turned to the right and looking away from the camera but with her body fully displayed for the camera. Her curly jet black hair fell to her shoulders. Her breasts were full, nipples erect, no noticeable sags and her oiled body was a vision of beauty. Her open photo album was similar to Hunk9’s showing her in different acts of sexual contact and intercourse with males and females in the group, one where she had a cock in her mouth and one in her spread pussy. The picture was so vivid you could see the cum running down the inside of her thighs. It was obvious at that moment that the numbers at the end of her screen name were her measurements.

I perused both profiles at least twice before I responded back to Hunk9’s note. “Looking forward to an engaging experience with you and Robert tomorrow as well. Loved both of your profiles and can’t wait.”

I hit send and got up to walk away when the chime sounded for incoming mail on the web site. It was Hunk9 with a quick reply. “Sent you a Friend Invite. Accept and you can see our private Friends Albums too. Willow362438 will also extend a Friends Invite. Hopefully, if you do well tomorrow, you’ll see her next Friday.”

I quickly checked my profile page to find the two Friends Invite requests and selected yes to both. Then went back into both profiles to find the unedited photos. There were at least 60 pictures in each casino oyna of their private albums. I was not disappointed.

I went back to my bedroom and pulled out the lube and my favorite cyberskin dildo. I lubed myself and the lifelike dildo and laid back against the headboard, towel over two pillows raising my hips, and I began to work the dildo into my ass. My cock twitched. I kept thinking of the visions of Hunk9’s cock entering me, spreading my anal love tunnel to accommodate his length and girth. As the head slipped in, I had to wait to adjust before trying to take the whole eight inches. Once I adjusted to the intrusion, I proceeded to slowly fuck my ass for what seemed like an hour, taking myself to the edge but not cumming. My cock oozed precum as I did myself thinking it was Hunk9 and the thought of Robert’s cock in my mouth at the same time.

When my climax finally fell over me, I felt wave after wave of cum ripped from my pulsing cock as my prostate massage took over all sensations. I caught my breath before I let my fingers scoop up my cum and I tasted myself again, reminding myself of how it felt when Robert kissed me after sucking my cock and my wonderful climax the night before. I quickly fell asleep, relaxed, and with a smile on my face.

Work that Friday was a blur. I guess I was actually glad to be extremely busy all day, keeping my mind from being focused on what lay ahead that evening. But, on occasion, I did get a few moments to reflect on what was to come.

Home, I took my time preparing for the evening. I shaved, cleansed, and took the time to make sure I was prepared to enjoy. After a few squirts of Obsession, I selected my favorite black satin bikini briefs that sat right on my hips and barely covered my ass cheeks. There was a hook on the right side for easy removal. I loved this pair because my hard cock would be wrapped to the left, prominently displaying my hardness with my cut cock head straining to come out of the top. I donned a dark blue button down shirt, grey socks, gray slacks, and slipped on my belt. I grabbed my back loafers and looked in the mirror at the man staring back at me. I hope I’m presentable and desirable.

I had packed an overnight bag, just in case. I grabbed my long black cashmere overcoat and a pair of leather gloves, and headed out to my car for the drive to Robert’s. Snow flurries flittered across my windshield and the hood of my car, cascading down in front of my headlights. The snow began to thicken as I pulled off the interstate and drove towards Robert’s townhouse. When I pulled in, the snow was thicker and accumulating across the lawns and the parking lot. All of the places were taken in front of Robert’s townhouse, so I parked across the lot.

When I opened my car door, I felt the brisk wind hit me. The snow blowing told me, yes, it was winter. I immediately smelled the smoke from the wood burning fireplaces. I’ve always loved that smell in the winter evenings.

I grabbed my bag, made my way to Robert’s doorstep, and rang the doorbell. I only waited a minute before it opened and Robert stood there in a dark blue satin pajama top and matching satin pants, his hair slicked back as if just from the shower, and his gold chain around his neck. He was barefoot, smiling, and just as handsome as Wednesday evening when I first actually met him face to face.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable. Let me have your coat and bag.” Robert smiled and closed the door behind me as I stepped in and began to remove my coat. “You do look so edible this evening.” He chimed as he took my coat and overnight bag from me.

“Why thank you, and you look so edible yourself.” I smiled as he took my coat and bag, took the few steps to the entryway closet hanging up my coat and leaving the bag near the stairs.

Robert turned and kissed me on the lips offering me his tongue almost immediately. He placed his hands on my cheeks and broke the kiss with a sweet sigh. “Yes, you are edible.” He smiled.

Catching my breath, I know my cock was already hard and my heart was racing. Robert moved toward the kitchen and asked me if I wanted a drink. I nodded and watched him retrieve the ice from the refrigerator door, dropping the cubes into the glass before pouring me a generous tumbler of Scotch. He grabbed his glass and presented a toast. “To evening two and interview two. I know you’ll enjoy this evening as much as we did Wednesday. I bet even more.”

We touched glasses and each took a sip of our drinks. Yes, I was nervous. Robert motioned for me to follow him down stairs to the lower level. There was bi porn on the big screen with the volume set low on the surround sound system. It was a different movie than Wednesday’s but just as erotically graphic. We sat down on the sofa, turning toward each other sipping our drinks.

“Well Tony, Ronald will be down in a few. He’s upstairs getting a shower. He arrived just ahead of you by about thirty minutes. He’s excited to meet you and chat, among other things. What did you think of his profile and Melanie’s?”

Now I actually canlı casino knew their names, Hunk9 was Ronald and Willow362438 was Melanie. “I was quite pleasantly surprised by both of them.” I continued to sip my drink, feeling it warm me inside taking off the edge.

Robert smiled. “We are a very diverse group and we all get along quite well with each other. You already know I’m attracted to you and I think you enjoyed me just as much. By your kiss, I’d say yes. But, that was just the two of us Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. The fact that we both had such a wonderful time was fantastic. But this evening, there will be the three of us, and yes, we want to see how you react to more than one guy at a time. Ronald is a little more dominant and has quite the staying power. We did good together, but I think you are in for quite an evening this evening. Oh, and yes, in case you were wondering, the women go through the same process to make sure they can handle being with more than one woman too.”

I smiled back at Robert and offered my glass again for a toast. “To another enjoyable evening. I hope I wasn’t too presumptive, but I packed that overnight bag just in case we follow up with encores in the morning.”

Robert grinned and completed the toast. “I know we’ll enjoy this evening and tomorrow, as long as you like.”

I finished my drink and stood to see if there was a bottle at the bar. Of course, there was, as well as a bucket of ice. Robert grabbed my glass, the gentleman that he was, and proceeded to refresh my drink. As we chatted at the bar, working on my second drink, I heard some footsteps upstairs making their way towards the stairs. Ronald made his way down stairs, dressed in a red set of satin eveningwear similar to Roberts. He had a captivating smile and warm eyes, offered his hand for a handshake and spoke. “Finally glad to meet you face to face Tony. I’m Ronald. You can call me Ron or Ronald, what ever is good for you.”

His handshake was warm, but firm. I smiled and looked up to him. At six foot tall, he was three inches taller than me, solid, and welcoming. I liked him.

Robert got up and made Ronald a drink and handed it to him before sitting on the arm of the sofa behind me. Ronald told me that he had heard all about me from Robert and my first experience. He asked me if I was comfortable with my experience so far and asked how I felt about this evening?

I was relaxed now and spoke quite openly. “I have to admit, Wednesday evening was quite an experience. But, Robert made it pretty special I’m extremely glad for that. I was a little nervous about this evening and last night, you reaching out made me more relaxed. Now, I am completely relaxed and only have one slight concern that has butterflies in my stomach. From your pictures, your cock seems to be bigger than nine inches.” I smiled at him.

Both Robert and Ronald smiled and laughed. Ronald smiled and took a deep breath. “Well, yes, it is actually ten inches and I’m told, wonderfully thick. But, I’m pretty aware of the fact that I’m larger than some and although I’m more a Dom, I am pretty laid back when it comes to sex.” He took another sip of his drink and nodded his head at Robert.

Robert placed a hand on my shoulder and slightly began to massage my shoulder with one hand as he nursed his drink. “How about we take this upstairs?”

Ronald stood up and poured another round for all of us. I looked over at the television, which had a blank screen and focused on the clock on the DVD/VCR combo to the left. We had been chatting for over an hour. “I’m ready.” I chimed in.

We made our way upstairs to the master bedroom. There were candles lit, all of the curtains pulled and soft music on the stereo system. I stood next to the bed, took a long pull on my drink and sat the glass down on the coaster on the nightstand. I turned and smiled at them both as they stood before me, my back to the edge of the side of the bed.

“Tony, slowly strip for us, please.” Robert said.

I slid off my shoes and smiled at them. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, but before taking it off, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks and slowly slid the zipper down allowing them to hang on my hips. I watched them both as they watched me. I took a deep breath and let my slacks slide down my hips to pool at my feet. I leaned over to step out of them and slide off my socks when I heard both of them moan softly.

Ronald spoke softly. “Now, before you go any further, turn around and lean forward, placing your hands on the bed, and stick your ass out and wiggle please.”

I looked at them both and Robert nodded. I slowly turned and did as I was asked. My cock was now throbbing in my satin bikini underwear. I looked over my shoulder to them and saw their smile. Robert moved around me patting me on my ass as he made his way to the other side of the bed. I let my eyes follow him to where he stopped and then removed his top and pants, his throbbing cock straight up. He moved onto the bed, sliding to the middle and on his back.

Ronald removed his kaçak casino top first, chiseled rock solid pecs and abs. He slid down his slacks and uncovered his massive ten-inch cock. No, more like a boa constrictor than a cock; more a boa constrictor than a python. It hung down his leg, throbbing and full. It looked larger than my wrist was around. I took a deep breath. It was much larger in person than the photos and he was large in the photos. I would not have anything larger until Tom’s twelve inches.

“Now turn around.” Ronald said softly.

I did.

“Now, lean forward and take my cock in your mouth.” He said a little more forcefully.

I leaned over and took both hands, wrapping them around his massive cock, and brought the head to my lips. It was huge!

“That’s it. Spread your legs, kiss my cock, and worship it. Show me you want my cock.”

I heard Robert moan. I couldn’t see him from my position, but I heard him moving on the bed. As I licked around the massive head of Ronald’s cock, I felt Roberts hands on my hips then move to massage my cock through the satin. I tried to get my lips around Ronald’s massive head and into my mouth as I felt Robert unclip my bikini underwear, letting them slide down my legs.

I worked the first couple of inches of Ronald’s cock into my mouth and felt him pulse as the head hit the back of my throat. He placed his hands on my head and slowly began to fuck my mouth with that massive head and only a couple of inches of that massive shaft. He wasn’t forceful, but he began a rhythm and tried to get a little more into my wanting mouth with each stroke.

I heard a cap click and felt the coolness of a liberal amount of lube being applied to my ass as Robert’s fingers began to probe and open me up. More lube poured into my open ass as he worked to get first one, then two, followed by three fingers into me. I gagged and drooled on Ronald’s massive member as he kept trying to drive more into my throat. I was struggling to breath as he tried to force himself down my throat from that angle.

With Robert’s three fingers in me, Ronald lifted my head to pull his cock from my mouth and looked me in the eyes. “I want you to move onto the bed, lay on your back, hang your head over this edge for me.”

I nodded and before I moved, I licked the head of his cock again and Robert slowly pulled his fingers from my ass. I gave Robert’s cock a quick suck before I got into position on the bed; laid back with my head over the edge. I felt Robert move around on the bed, spread my legs wide placing them over his shoulders and pushing them wide and back. He add yet more lube to my ass as Ronald moved forward placing his massive cock at my lips. Looking up at him, he smiled and softly told me that we’ll try to see if this position helped me.

Ronald slid his cock into my mouth, my head hanging down further on the of the bed, changing his angle of entry to my mouth and throat. As I tried to accommodate his massive cock, he kept telling me to relax. I felt Robert’s cock pressing against my ass and almost in unison and as if planned, Robert slid into me just as Ronald pressed his meat deep into my mouth and into my throat.

I struggled taking his massive cock. I felt him deep in my throat. Now, I had deep throated Robert’s cock but he was nothing like Ronald’s massive tool. I felt my throat expand as he drove into me. I didn’t know if it was the angle that helped me with my gag reflexes, but I was able to take him deep down my throat in this position. I was spit roasted at this point. Robert now buried deep in my ass as Ronald was fucking my mouth and throat.

Ronald would fuck my face with two or three strokes before pulling out so that I could catch my breath. Going four or five strokes was pushing it. I couldn’t believe the sensations erupting through my body. I really didn’t have any idea about time; I only knew the incredible sensations I was feeling.

I felt Robert’s pace change as he slowly fucked my ass in nice smooth strokes. I was trying to fuck him back while concentrating on taking Ronald’s cock. Robert began telling me how good my ass felt and when he finally announced he was about to cum I kept trying to meet each and every thrust. It finally happened, he dove deep into me and his body began to shake. I felt the first, second, third, and the fourth ropes of cum shoot deep inside my ass. He stayed there pressed deep in me for quite a while, his cock not softening at all while he watched Ronald’s cock disappear into my mouth.

Robert softly commented out loud to Ronald, “I told you he had potential, didn’t I? Wait till you tap this ass.”

Ronald pulled his massive cock out on one of the strokes and held it with his hand, slowly jacking off before placing it back to my lips. “Open.” He said very softly.

I opened my mouth again, as wide as I could. Instead of having him slide back into my mouth, his monster cock erupted with the first rope of cum shot into my mouth with a partial drip down my cheek. The second rope caught my tongue as he slipped the head into my open mouth. I tried to swallow it all without letting any go to waste but found it incredibly difficult with as much cum as his cock was spewing forth. I was lucky that I was able to swallow most as it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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