Food for Thought

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Have you ever had a moment where you get complete clarity? Where something happens and time just stands still. For me this happened one Friday night in a drunken haze. Time stopped and through my bleary eyed stupor I saw the truth for the very first time. I saw what was missing from my life and the realisation hit me like a freight train going full steam. It was such a eureka moment it actually sobered me up for a whole ten minutes before I collapsed in a heap on the bed. What was this moment I hear you ask, what was this event that completely changed my view of the world.


Now don’t laugh for me this is serious.

I discovered the joy of food. Yes I know your sitting there saying she is mad, surely she eats all the time and yes that is true but I had never in my entire sexual life used it during sex.

Everyone loves to eat and I make no bones about my love of food, whether it’s a crisp crunchy salad or a succulent steak cooked medium rare, I love food. But still I thought there was something missing. There was something that I craved and I couldn’t place it.

Now shall we take the inevitable step back in time, where the storyteller (that’s me) reveals how it all began. I could paint a picture of an idyllic life where the sun shone and the birds sang but instead I will tell the truth. The point is should I give you all the mundane stuff first, age, sex and location. Well if it helps I will.

Hello my name is Tracey, yes I know it’s mundane but it’s my name and I will leave it at that. No I wont change it just to make me sound glamorous. I’m twenty-four and I work as a medical receptionist in a small village somewhere irrelevant in the United Kingdom. There over and done with. The village is a really boring place to live, granted it looks all picture postcard and yes the birds do twitter, believe me it gets boring pretty dam quick suffice to say me and the other twenty something’s put our glad rags on and take a taxi into the nearest town near enough every Friday night.

I wont profess to be a virgin, far from it in fact but I will admit to being a missionary position sort of a girl with the odd doggy style fuck thrown in for variety. Anal is strictly off limits, that hole is exit only and as for that other kinky stuff if I want to use a riding crop I will go horse riding thank you very much.

Anyway back to the tale of revelation and the joy of food.

This particular Friday night I had arranged to go out with the girls as per usual. So after work I raced back home for the ritual bath. I love a good soak in the tub it chills me out and relaxes me. You cannot begin to believe how stressful it is being a medical receptionist in a small village. I know more intimate stuff about the people that live here that I really want to know, but I digress.

So there I was lounging in the tub up to my neck in bubbles and candles listening to music on my mp3 player and wondering what tonight would bring. I smelled of lemon and lime with a hint of coconut (shampoo and conditioner). Skin tingling from my soak and scrub I stood out and wrapped the towel around my body. Flip flopping in my slippers I made my way upstairs water dripping onto the carpet as I rubbed my hair with my towel. Throwing it onto the bed I did my normal after bath routine, matching body lotion lemon and lime from top to toe, toenails painted, hair dried and styled, make up neatly and expertly applied, clothes chosen. Sorry scrap that bit I had not chosen what to wear. Standing in front of my heaving wardrobe I emmed and ahhed as to what to put on. Besides matching bra and panties I had no idea. It had to be short and sexy to show off my tanned legs courtesy of my well-deserved holiday to Spain. I wanted short and sexy not come and fuck me because I look like a prostitute. So that left only a woman’s best fashion friend and that’s the little black dress. The one I own is amazing; it skims over my hips like a second skin and stops mid thigh but it manages to hold everything together. Not to revealing it is almost decent at the top and I can wear it anywhere.

Well after şehitkamil escort all that was done I found my most comfortable pair of heels and with a spritz of my favourite perfume I was ready to strut my funky stuff.

Then disaster struck and I was not impressed. My mobile went off and seeing it was one of the girls I grabbed it, only afterwards I wished I hadn’t. It was called off; our Friday night out was cancelled. Undeterred I phoned for a taxi and headed out anyway.

I wont bore you with the details of the taxi ride, it was boring, I asked the driver to drop me off outside his favourite restaurant and oh my god was it a good choice. Italian. I admit it was daunting going in on my own but when I saw the waiters I smoothed down my skirt, smiled sexily and sashayed in there like I ate on my own all the time.

Inside it was just beautiful, the décor was understated elegance and the waiters made my jaw drop they were so handsome. Looking through the menu I sipped the wine I’d ordered and tried to decide what to eat. Should it be the delicious pastas in there mouth-watering choice of sauces or should it be a steak. In the end I decided on a pasta dish with a delectable cheese sauce. How did I remember what I ate that night, easy, what happened later engraved the whole evening in my memory forever.

As I ate I could feel eyes on the back of my neck, or so it seemed, and I longed to turn and see who it was. But instead I finished my meal and sat sipping my wine. Just about to ask for my bill I saw one of the waiters come across to me.

“Excuse me.”


“Is everything to you liking signorina?”

“Yes thank you it was delicious.”

His accent was so sexy I was having problems concentrating on what he was saying. Instead I was trying not to imagine him in bed speaking filthy words in that gorgeous voice of his. What I did notice was that he was looking nervous and I wondered if I had done something wrong. Eventually he picked up the courage to look at me and it was then I noticed that look, you know the one where a guy has more than what he is actually saying on his mind. Well knowing this I melted, my panties got wet and my nipples got hard.

“May I ask you a question?” his voice lowered and his accent became thicker.


“I finish my shift very soon would you care to go for a drink with me?”

Stunned I could only nod yes, boy did he work quick I thought.

An hour later I found myself in a tiny bar sipping wine and looking into the eyes of a very sexy guy and I was in heaven. His voice reminded me of melting chocolate, smooth and rich with a hint of flavour. Every now and then his fingers would brush my arm and I could almost taste the chemistry between us. Slowly we got closer and closer together and I longed to make that last move to kiss his lips, lips that were enticing and altogether tempting.

The choice was taken away from me as he made that move for me and it was delicious. He tasted of wine and fruit; his lips danced over mine teasing and tempting them to part. Nibbling at mine he probed my mouth with his tongue. He was juicy and luscious with his kissing. I wanted to kiss forever and drink from his mouth. My head spun with the need to taste more from him and leaning closer I silently told him I wanted to take this further. Breaking away from me he stood up and took my hand kissing the fingertips before helping me stand.

Silently he pulled me out of the bar and into the cool night air. Without words he led me away from the warmth and the safety of other people and in my moment of madness I let him. I walked down the road led by an Adonis of manhood and I didn’t care.

In the taxi he spoke sexily in Italian and although I could understand none of it I knew he wanted me, and I wanted him to. As the car pulled up outside his flat I was fighting the need to strip him of his clothes and straddle him there and then.

In the flat I nearly tore his clothes from his body trying to feel skin on skin. I was heady with the need to feel his cock inside me. Leading me into the bedroom I pulled up short and just stared.

Bowls of fruit sat on the bedside tables along with glass jugs of different colours. Cakes and other foodstuff lay dotted around the room and I started to pull away. I tried to get away from him but he held my hand tight. Looking into his eyes I saw something, something that even now I cannot describe and it made me catch my breath.


My questioning gaze must have said it all.

“Please do not go, let me explain.” His voice wavered and that confidence I had seen all night disappeared. “I saw you eating alone tonight and I saw how you ate and I knew you understood. I knew you shared my passion.”

“What passion? I don’t understand.”

“Food, you love food, you ate with such longing and I knew you were the one.”

“I love to eat food but I don’t understand all of this.” My arm swept the room as I indicated everything I saw.

“Please just try.” His voice held such longing that I decided to just go with the flow. Letting him lead me to the bed and gently remove my clothing I could feel myself getting aroused. His touch was gentle but firm and his fingers brushed over my skin teasing my nipples as he took off my bra, caressing my pubis as he lowered my panties. Quivering with a longing I never knew existed I stroked and touched him. I nervously removed his clothes licking my lips as I saw his divine body for the first time. Toned stomach and legs, olive coloured with dark brown eyes I drank all of him in. I touched and fondled, I kissed and stroked mimicking his hands on my body. I had goose bumps all over me and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with my need to be fucked.

Pushing me onto the bed he asked me to lay still.

Moments passed as he knelt above me doing nothing. His eyes roved over me and as his gaze went from my face to my chest my nipples hardened even more. Smiling down at me he reached over and picked up a peach, taking a bite he slowly chewed it swallowing it finally. Then he held the remaining bit and firmly squeezed. I watched as the juice ran down his fingers and dripped onto me over and over again. The sticky fluid gathered in the well between my breasts the aroma wafting up to my nose. Deliberately he dropped the pulp onto the floor and then dipped his finger into the puddle. Swirling it round and round he traced circles around my nipples. Head bending he smiled at me then licked each one, savouring the sweet taste.

My head swam with the new sensation and I longed to cum. I longed to spread my legs and let him fuck me there and then. Mesmerised I watched as he took a jug of brown liquid and held it above my stomach. As the first drop hit I flinched, then the drip became a pour as the flow increased. Putting the jug back he repeated the swirling on my stomach with his finger but this time he offered it to me. Chocolate, dark rich velvety chocolate coated my tongue. His finger coated my lips and I licked it off. Again and again he did it and at each turn I became bolder, licking, sucking, nibbling until he groaned. Dipping his head he licked my stomach then leant to kiss me. I could taste the peaches in the chocolate and I wanted more. I wanted to know what was next.

Next was another jug but this one was yellow, the texture more thick and cold. Lifting my hand he motioned for me to rub it over me and his languid smile said more than words ever could, reaching upwards with my finger I spoke for the first time.

“Suck them.” My voice sounded sultry and heavy with wanting.

Eagerly he devoured my fingers cleaning each one. I was sticky and smelt like a dessert menu but it felt so erotic. My senses were being assaulted with smells and tastes and colours, my body felt strange but still like me and I loved it. This sexy Italian was eating from me and I was loving it.

When he pulled out a blindfold I raised my eyebrows but he ignored me and placed it over my eyes. The room suddenly black made me aware of my vulnerabilities and I shivered. For what seemed like forever nothing happened then I felt something against my mouth opening it up I was delighted to feel the gooey creamy texture of a cream cake, biting I chewed it slowly swallowing it before taking another bite. Each one followed by broken English encouraging me to take it all. I was almost delirious with the need to be fucked and I arched my back as his hands returned to my sticky nipples, tweaking them hard. Groaning I begged to be fucked but he ignored me instead parting my legs and teasing my pussy with his fingers. Wanton I spread them urging him to fuck me.

As he probed me he talked to me, I had no idea what he was saying but I didn’t care. His hands left me and I moaned loudly. Then a cold feeling made me gasp and I cried out in surprise. Between my legs I could feel something being poured. Lifting my hips up I could feel it trickling towards my bum hole and I couldn’t decide if it was pleasant or not. Just as I decided I didn’t like it his tongue began to do what his fingers had not long ago been doing. Probing and licking me clean he held my hips as I bucked and writhed against his face. Unable to hold back any longer I screamed in pleasure as his tongue circled my clit. His teeth brushing over it as he licked me clean. My arousal hidden within whatever he had poured over me. Lifting my hips I came hard fucking his face as wave after wave after wave sent me reeling in pleasure. Gasping for breath he kissed me as I lay replete on the bed. His hard cock pushing against me I still needed to feel it inside me.

“Fuck me please.” I begged.

He didn’t need any encouragement. Above me his body moved back and forth and pulling my knees up I held on to his back my nails digging in, his cock felt so big inside me filling me up. Ripping my mask off I looked into his face as he fucked me and I groaned in pleasure. His eyes were closed but his face was scrunched in concentration the struggle to hold back vying with the need to release.

“Fuck me.”

His eyes opened and as he pumped his cock in me as he looked me straight in the eye.

“Fuck me harder.”

That was too much for him and as I looked he arched his back and thrust his hips forward moaning loudly. Falling off me we lay side by side silent.

I always find this moment awkward and as I glanced across at him I found this one more awkward than others. Smiling to myself and feeling just a little bit mischievous I straddled him and placed his cock between my legs rotating my hips from side to side. We smiled at one another and he reached up to play with my tits knocking his hands away I laughed picking up the two jugs and holding them above him I went to pout them over him. Shaking his head from side to side, mock indignation on his face, I giggled then began to pour them over him. Chocolate and custard mingled on him and then flowed over him. Grabbing the jugs he prised them from my hands and then flipped me onto my back the cold sticky liquids going everywhere. Squealing loudly I tried to stop it but we were both covered. We slithered together laughing and crying out as we slid onto the floor. The sloppy squelchy gloopy fluids seeped into every crevice. The more we laughed the worse it got I reached for the bowl of strawberries I could see and shoved one in his mouth watching as he chewed it the juice running out of his mouth. Feeding each other we let the strawberry juice mingle with the chocolate. We licked and stroked each other and let the custard ooze between us. I had never had so much fun during sex and I knew I wanted more.

Finally we lay entangled around each other our limbs stuck together with fruit juice. I was full top and bottom but completely content.

That’s when it hit me I was completely happy. That was the moment of complete clarity and I was stunned.

“Thank you, thank you for understanding.”

So there you go that moment I was on about. Time stood still as I realised food as what had been missing from my life. Now when we go out I don’t look at food in quite the same way.

Did I say we, well do you really expect me to get rid of my Italian, Gino is fantastic in and out of the bedroom. Yes I’m biased but when he stands in the kitchen naked cooking tea it brings on a whole new meaning to tasting the food.

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