Football Widow Ch. 03

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Trina watched quietly as her goddaughter exited the shop and headed off towards her car. Her arms were full of boxes and she had the blonde girl in tow. The old woman sipped her tea contemplatively. She had not expected to see Christa recover from her heartbreak so suddenly. It was quite a pleasant shock to see her back to her old self. The last time Trina had seen her she was drunk and so down the old woman feared she would try to harm herself. The young woman with her must be something quite special, but she was married and that was sure to cause her favorite more heartbreak. Trina rarely took a hand in any of her goddaughters’ lives, but Christa was special. Her mother had been Trina’s first lover and the old woman felt a special bond with the small butch.

Rita came in and interrupted her meditation. The short black woman with flaming red hair and more piercings than Trina cared to count ran the shop during the evenings when the clientele changed from respectable clients to strippers and prostitutes. Trina nodded to her and went out the back door and up the rusting black iron staircase that led to her second floor apartment. Inside she sat at the small dinette and took another sip of her tea. The apartment was neat and homey, with plenty of knick-knacks on display. A lifetime of careful planning and simple living was displayed there. Trina had seen Paris and London, traveled extensively on the continent and made a name for herself in the clothing industry long before she immigrated to America in the late seventies.

Here in America she had gotten out of the design end of the business with a small fortune when she sold her business. She still kept up with the latest in trends and fashion, but the small shop was all that she worried with now. That and her once yearly trip to France for the fashion show of her best friend in the industry were her only real contacts any more. She did, however maintain a finger on the pulse of the industry. Her clients here demanded the best and latest. Trina had a great deal of influence in the city because some of her clients were the wives and mistresses of very powerful men. These clients were hyper conscious of fashion and thus Trina stayed up on the latest trends.

She toyed with an idea for along time, not noticing as the sun sank and the gibbonous moon rose. With a sudden and purposeful movement she rose and exited the apartment. The old woman would be up now and Trina needed her advice.


Sue and Christa were both quiet as they left the city. Christa spoke finally as they crossed the GW.

“So what’d ya get?”

“None of your business!” Sue shot back. Her mind was already on what set to wear first and she was hoping that Trina knew Christa’s tastes as well as she claimed she did. The old woman was right, just knowing that she owned all the sexy undies made her feel more sexy. She couldn’t wait to try them all on again, but this time for an appreciative audience.

“Awww, come on, you know I can’t wait to see you,” Christa said.

“Well, you will just have to wait,”

“All right, want to go out to dinner tonight?”

“What time is it?” Sue asked. She suddenly remembered her net meting, but had no idea how much time she had spent in Trina’s shop.

“Bout four-thirty,” Christa said glancing at the men’s wristwatch she wore.

“Shit, I have to be home by five!”


“I have a net meeting, they’re going to kill me if I am not on,” Sue said in a panic. The little car leapt forward, shooting past others as Christa tromped on the accelerator.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you home,” Christa said.

Sue turned and began digging through the bags in the back seat. She managed to find a silk top and blazer. While Christa navigated the heavy traffic Sue ripped off her top and struggled into the blouse. She got the blazer on and then grabbed one of Christa’s cigarettes. Sue hadn’t smoked in years, but the small woman was doing over 90 and Sue was nervous. The first puff had her coughing and her eyes watering. Christa smiled, but couldn’t spare a glance at her passenger. The Palisades was packed and she was weaving in and out of traffic with only inches to spare. It wasn’t that hard for her, she often drove like a maniac when she was down. Somehow the adrenalin rush always lifted her spirits.

“Skirt?” Christa asked, her eyes never leaving the road.

“Fuck it, I’ll be sitting at the desk, no one will see,” Sue said distractedly. She didn’t even notice the grin that flashed across her lover’s face.

As soon as the car stopped in the garage Sue jumped out and ran to the door. She fumbled with the keys before finally getting the door opened and ran to the living room, leaving the keys hanging in the door in her haste. Sue leaned over the desk chair and turned her machine on as Christ came up behind her. The short black woman’s hands slipped around her waist and undid the fly of her jeans.

Despite her impatience Sue giggled and tried to türkçe altyazılı porno grab Christa’s hands. The smaller woman simply dug her fingers into Sue’s ribs, causing the older woman to squeal and before Sue could react Christa tore her jeans, thermals and panties down to her ankles.

“What are you doing?” Sue asked as she started the net meeting program and pulled her chair out.

“Well, since you are going to tease me with all those sexy clothes, I figured I would tease you.” Christa said. “Now step out of those things before you sit down.”

Sue didn’t have time to argue; she kicked out of the pile of clothes at her feet and took a seat. She connected at 5:00 on the button and adjusted her web cam so that it didn’t show anything except her torso from her boobs up.

“Hello Sue,” Harry’s voice came over the speakers. Harry was an older man and head of the auditing department. He had always been kind to her and it was through his intersession that members of the department were allowed to telecommute. The big brass were still not sure that people who didn’t come in were actually working.

“Hello,” she said and smiled. Her eyes were however not on the screen but on Christa who was crawling under the table.

“Sue here found the problems, so I’ll let her give you an overview,” Harry was saying. Sue knew she was in real trouble when she felt Christa’s hands gently try to pry her legs apart. Sue squeezed her legs tightly together and began to explain what she had found in her spot audit. Holding her thighs tightly together reminded her of the Ben-wa balls still lodged inside her and she had to really concentrate on what she was saying. She was just getting into the technical jargon when she felt a soft warm tongue on her knee. Sue breathed in deeply and exerted all of her willpower on giving the report to her virtual audience.

Christa was being no help at all, rather than trying to pry her legs apart the small butch began to sensuously lick Sue’s knee. Sue stifled a gasp when Christa’s small tongue touched the inner part of her knee and continued with her presentation, but Christa’s slow licking of her knee moved farther to the inside of her knee and despite herself she felt her thighs begin to relax. Christa’s soft hands stroked the outsides of her thighs while her warm tongue slowly swirled over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

The smaller woman worked slowly upward and Sue’s thighs seemed to part involuntarily. By the time she finished her presentation of the basic facts Christa was teasing the soft skin where Sue’s legs joined her torso. Despite her intentions Sue found her legs splayed widely apart, allowing her lover full access to her charms. Harry had begun a recap of what she had said and Sue took the opportunity to glance down at what was going on under the table. She instantly wished she hadn’t and tightly shut her eyes to try and remove the image that seemed to be burned into her retinas.

Christa’s face was only inches from her pussy and was framed by her splayed thighs. Her soft pubic curls were damp and the lips of her sex were puffy and swollen. Christa had her tongue out and was looking up into Sue’s face with those mischievous brown eyes. A shiver of anticipation ran through her and her over active imagination could almost feel the soft caress of that tongue. Sue knew in seconds she would feel that warm tongue on her pussy for real and unconsciously bit her lip. Even then she barely stifled a moan when Christa lapped gently at her lips.

Sue’s legs sprang shut on Christa’s head like the jaws of a steel trap, but Christa didn’t mind. It was too late now for her victim to do anything to stop her. She dragged her tongue slowly up Sue’s lips, working first one then the other from bottom to top. The woman’s flavor filled her mouth and Christa loved it. The little butch could hear the guy she assumed was Sue’s boss talking, but her mind was focused on Sue. She wondered if the woman could keep her face straight and stifle her moans through an orgasm. Christa doubted it, part of what made Sue so exciting was how she went from prim and proper to uninhibited once she was excited enough. Christa loved this kind of sex, semi public, where discovery would be hugely embarrassing, but also was very unlikely. She wanted the added erotic tension, but didn’t want to embarrass her new lover.

Sue’s lips were red and angry, it was obvious that she was in a very heightened state of arousal and Christa decided to just go for it. She pressed her tongue between the slick lips and lapped gently at the area she thought contained Sue’s clit. For all her experience with women Christa wasn’t very good at giving oral sex. Lexi hadn’t enjoyed getting it and the girls she had been with afterwards were of the kind where Christa didn’t relish the idea of putting her mouth on their snatches. Christa also had found a wide variety in the way girls tasted and only a certain type appealed xnxx to her. Sue was just that type, very sweet with only a mild undertone of tangy and almost no salty flavor. She tasted clean and wholesome and was so wet Christa didn’t have to worry about keeping her tongue from getting dry. Like almost everything else about her, Christa found Sue’s pussy to be perfect.

Sue’s hips began to buck and Christa reluctantly ceased her attentions and let the blonde woman recover just a little before she resumed licking. When Sue relaxed Christa gently introduced a finger into her tight passage and began to slowly work it in and out. As soon as her tongue returned to the soft folds Sue’s body spasmed and her thighs clenched. Christa couldn’t do much, but she didn’t really need to. Her finger was pressed against one of the Ben-wa balls and with little freedom she could still push against it causing Sue to shiver. Christa let her finger slide out, but hooked it through the loop of string that was attached to the two steel balls. She then dusted Sue’s clit with fast, feather strokes of her tongue and pulled on the string.

Sue’s breath caught in her throat, she could feel the balls moving and Christa’s tongue was about to set her on fire. She chewed furiously on the inside of her lip, but she knew it was no use. She was about to cum and there would be no keeping it quiet this time. She had managed it in the mall, but Christa’s lips on her body just made it too intimate and intense. Her foot shot out and she desperately stomped on the red power button of the computer’s power strip. Even as the screen went black a ragged moan escaped her lips. She felt the first ball stretching her entrance and her mouth formed a surprised “O”. She groaned, the lingering sound turning into a moan of pleasure as her pussy contracted violently and she came. Her body undulated from her hips to her neck and she threw her head back. Waves of outrageous pleasure assaulted her and she arched her back even more, until only her ass and the back of her head were in contact with the chair. She was still leaning back in the chair when the second ball exited. Christa continued to lap at her pussy, but reached over and turned the power back on.

When Sue could breathe regularly again the machine had already booted back up and she started the netmeeting software. Christa crawled out from under the table and stood next to her. As the software began to connect Christa smiled and held up the gleaming Ben-wa balls. They were slick with Sue’s juices and the blonde blushed prettily.

“Look at me baby,” Christa whispered and as soon as Sue looked up Christa’s hand caught her chin.

“Oh, I think your lip gloss is wearing off, pucker up for me,” the little butch whispered. When Sue complied Christa took one of the balls in her hand and slowly ran it over Sue’s lips, coating them in her juices. Christa smiled and kissed her forehead, then stepped away from the web cam as connection was established.

“Sue?” Harry’s voice came over the speakers, “everything all right?”

“Yes,” she replied in a dreamy voice. She was so embarrassed, knowing her co workers were looking at her with her lips coated in her own juices, her thighs spread wide and the scent of her arousal floating around her, but it was incredibly erotic to her.

“Lost power for a moment,” she managed in a more normal voice. She licked her lips and tasted her own sweetness. The seat of her chair was soaked and it slowly became cold, clammy and uncomfortable as the meeting dragged on. Christa carried armfuls of boxes upstairs and smiled at her. Sue knew that the little woman would be visible to her co-workers in the background, but she felt it was simply better to ignore it than to try and adjust the camera to hide her lover.

Sue was surprised to find her pussy felt empty without the balls in. She wondered if that too was planned by her new lover. She had just cum, but now she wanted sex again. She wondered idly if Christa had just tapped into her latent sexuality or if the little woman was fueling this sudden need for sex. Either way it was damned nice.

“Well, it’s agreed then. We will open a full audit on Monday, you guys who come to work by computer make sure you remember where the building is,” Harry said and everyone laughed.

“Thanks Sue, we all appreciate your diligence here,” he said. Everyone agreed and Sue smiled, wondering how they would feel if they knew she had been getting oral sex through much of the meeting and dreaming about sex with Christa through the rest of it.

“We’ll work it like the last audit, everyone take a three day weekend. Get your heads clear and make sure you all download the preliminary report from Sue; it’s on the main page. On Sunday I’ll have Marge send out the team assignments, I don’t want to hear any bitching either, we are too short handed to work the rotations the way we should. See you all Monday,”

Sue answered a few questions from various porno izle people and thanked Harry for the praise before she killed the computer and rose. She stretched like a cat and shivered slightly. Christa was sitting on the sofa watching television. Sue walked over and turned the thermostat up a notch before she sat next to her lover. The girl smiled and turned to face her.

“Wanna go out to dinner?” she asked.


“Like Italian?”

“I love it,”

“Great, go get dressed,” Christa said. Sue smiled at the hungry look on her face; somehow she knew that hunger couldn’t be assuaged by food.

“Is this just a ploy to find out what’s in those boxes?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“You know it,” Christa said and smiled. Sue laughed and made her way upstairs. She entered the bedroom and locked the door. All of the boxes were lying on the bed and for just a moment the enormity of the choices overwhelmed her. She opened the door and called down the stairs.

“What should I wear?”

“It’s a nice place,” Christa’s voice drifted back up the stairs.

Sue closed the door and went to her closet. She decided on a dark blue sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline. She hadn’t worn this dress in three years. Sue had purchased it on a whim, back when she was still trying to spice up her love life. It was slit almost to her hip and the top was just this side of indecently tight. The dress also clung to her hips in a very provocative way. It was the sexiest dress she had ever owned and was made of raw silk, which made it the most sensuous outfit she had as well. She loved the way it clung to her and caresses her skin. She held the dress up and glanced in the mirror, for the first time in a long time she liked what she saw and smiled.

Sue tossed the dress on the bed and dug into her boxes, she was looking for a particular item. She found it after much searching and pulled it from the tissue paper. It was a powder blue merry widow with beautiful stitch-work to cover her breasts and long garters. It came with a g-string in the same color. Sue quickly stripped off her blazer, blouse and bra and put the merry widow on. From another box she selected black stockings and rolled them up her long legs. The garters were adjustable and in a short time she had them where she wanted them. She pulled the G-string up and glanced in the mirror. The powder blue looked wonderful against her pale skin and the stockings made her legs seem longer and sexier. She pulled the dress over her head and wiggled into it, noticing that the sheer silk left no doubt as to what she was wearing under it. Black heels and silver jewelry completed her outfit.

She carefully did her makeup and spritzed herself with her sexiest perfume. Sue smiled at her reflection. It had been quite sometime since she dressed to entice someone. It was not just to entice this time, she was hoping to have Christa ready to tear the dress off and fuck her silly, and in fact she knew she would be disappointed if it didn’t happen. A thought struck her as she walked out the door of the bedroom. It was a fleeting thought, but one that would come back to haunt her many times over the next months. Sue wondered what it would be like to do this every day, to actually have someone appreciate the effort and want her. She felt like that would be the way it was if she was living with Christa and that frightened her almost as much as it excited her.


Trina sat quietly in the dingy little office. The man who sat across the scarred desk was fat, balding and sweating profusely. He was obviously nervous, but she suspected he was also dying for a drink. His name was Jones and he was an Ex-NYPD detective turned PI. He was also a drunk and the whole place stank of sweat, urine and cheap whiskey.

“Can you do it?” Trina asked.

“Yeah, ain’t no man alive I can’t follow,” he bragged in a gravely baritone.

Trina was still unsure of this, but the mambo had suggested him. Trina wasn’t all that sure having Sue’s husband followed would yield any results, but the mambo had assured her it would. After reading the signs and doing an augury the old woman promised her that it would assure Christa of happiness. Trina trusted Mama Ju, the old woman had given her sound advice in the past. Trina didn’t go in for love potions, spells, wards or hexes, but she had found the old woman was uncannily intelligent and insightful. On several occasions her advice had proven to be the difference in happiness and sorrow.

“How much?”

“Hundred dollars a day,” the man said. His eyes were shifty and Trina was no fool. She could see he was as desperate for work as she was to see Christa happy.

“Too much. I’ll give you one hundred today and a further five hundred if and when you have something of value,”

“Done,” the man said holding out his sweaty palm. Trina paid him and left. Now all she could do was wait.


Christa pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car. She glanced over at Sue and saw her face.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that this is my favorite restaurant,” Sue said hesitantly.

“Mine too,” the little butch said as she got out of the car. She went around and opened the door for Sue.

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