For Gary

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Big Tits

Even although the station concourse was crowded, Lucy could hear the click of her heels on the tiles. It sounded to her, like nails being hammered into the coffin of a love affair that never was, never would be. So why this meeting, this first and last meeting with a man who had come to mean so much to her? Although they had only ever spoken, he seemed to have the ability to rock her to her very core. Too much at stake, too much for both of them to run any risks; yet here she was walking to meet a destiny. Then there he was, standing taller than she had imagined, his back to her looking out in the other direction. Lucy stopped and stood, this was her last chance to turn and walk away, her last chance to run. Then as if some invisible finger had tapped his shoulder he turned and saw her, and in five swift steps he had gathered her in his arms.

“Coffee Lucy, just coffee,” and his mouth tried to seek hers.

Then there they were, drinking coffee and trying to keep the conversation light. Two espresso’s standing side by side, barely touched.

“Gary, why am I here? This is so wrong…!” her head dropping, unable to meet his gaze “I… I don’t think….”

“No, Lucy no, don’t think. I know this is dangerous; I know this will hurt, but we — I need this memory. I needed to see you…” as his thumb ran back and forth across the knuckles of her hand and the index finger of his other hand traced the line of her jaw. “We need to get away from here… somewhere where we can talk.”

“Talk… Do we have anything say? I thought it had all already been said. Gary I can’t be with you. I love you, but….” Lucy knitted her hands in her lap.

Then, suddenly he stood and they we on the move, his hand underneath her arm steering her; this time towards the station exit.

“No Gary, no…. Not a hotel. For the love of god…”

His arm around her shoulder guided her gently through the crowds and across the road.

“No, not a hotel… flat, friends flat…” he said as they mounted the stairs nestled between two shops.

As Lucy walked inside the flat he followed, and as the catch of the door clicked into place, it sealed their fate. She turned and looked at him, just as his shoes thudded on the floor. He really was a fine specimen with his short cropped hair and his lovely shoulders. She just stood and watched as he removed his jacket and tie, then noticed that his fingers shook slightly as he fumbled with the cuff buttons on his shirt. Well Que Sera, Sera, and she stepped over to him.

“Here let me…” taking his hand and flicking a nail into the button hole to release it. “Shall I do the rest?”

So there he stood arms akimbo and the sexiest grin on his face, “Please, please be my guest…”

The sense of anticipation Bayan Escort Gaziantep grew with every button she undid. He pulled the tail of shirt out of his trousers while she tackled his belt and his hand covered hers as she reach for the clasp. Then his other hand cradled the back of her neck and his lips finally consumed hers. The strength and the ferocity of the kiss as his tongue sought hers, sensuously stroking her tongue then circling her whole mouth leaving her panting and wanting. They’re foreheads touching, each gasping for air; when his hand finally let her undo the clasp at the waist of his pants. Both her hands circling and smoothing his waist, as her hands started to slide up his body, over his shoulders; pushing his shirt of and letting it slide down his arms. Then there it was, that piece of body art that she had seen in photos; the tattoo that covered and wrapped around his right shoulder. How long had she wanted to trace its pattern with her fingers… to let her tongue get lost in the maze of swirls and loops? Instinctively letting her left index finger touch and start to trace the pattern, she felt him quiver and shiver and his intake of breath.

“Fuck Lucy!”

Lifting her head to met his gaze, “Yes Gary, in a minute…” her wry grin lighting up her face.

Somewhere along the line he had lost his trousers and now stood before her, dressed only in his shorts. The fine smattering of hair on his chest… his tight flat belly… Oh yes — a true site to behold. Stepping back Lucy undid the two buttons that held the front of her jacket, and wriggled her shoulders so it fell, unloved in a heap behind her; bringing into view the bright red camisole top that she had twinned with her black formal suit that morning. His fingers traced the straps of her top, over her shoulders and along the front neck line. Eyes meeting eyes, neither of them looking away; as she reached behind and undid the button and the zip fastening her skirt, which then joined the puddle of clothes at her feet. So there she stood matching red panties to go with the camisole top and red high heeled shoes; and as usual, neutral coloured thigh high hold ups stockings. Gary groaned as he lifted her in his arms, and carried her through the door into the bed room. Striding to the bed, he placed her like a precious package on it…

His smile lit up his face, “Don’t worry, clean sheets — my clean sheets”

Lucy rolled her eyes, as Gary stood by the bed and in one swift movement pulled his shorts down. His wonderful erection got snagged on the waist band and bounced into view. Hell, she thought, that must be so hard.

His eyes followed hers, “It’s been like that since I got your call yesterday, there’s nothing I can think of to make it go down” as he sank on to the bed beside her.

His finger traced the shape of her erect nipple through her camisole, as he propped himself up on his elbow. First one nipple then the other, then he started to trace the pattern around the swell of her breasts.

“No Bra! No support of any kind… oh god this I must see”, as he pulled the camisole up so that it rested on the top of her chest, leaving her breasts and belly button open to his gaze.

He gently cupped one globe and brought it to his mouth, licking and savouring her taste and her tight nipple. Lucy groaned his mouth was soft and gentle — then hard and demanding; his pace kept changing leaving Lucy unable to do anything but lie there and feel. She stretched out her hand and finally touched his cock. That so hard rod that felt like velvet, she stroked him, slowly and lightly with her thumb brushing over the tip of his glans. His hand worked its way down her belly, his pinkie finger delving into her tummy button as it passed, slowly, briefly to trace rings around it, before sliding on down and slipping under the waist band of her panties. She gasped as his hand cupped her Mons and two fingers sank into her cunt… So wet. Their lips met, and their movements synchronized both of their bodies staking claim to the other. Lucy was building, her breathing changed and the tension in her pussy started building, whilst Gary kept the same tempo, the same pressure.

“Gary, oh Gary…. Please” Lucy bleated.

On her signal he scooted between her thighs, placing both thumbs up her panties from leg to waist on both sides — ripping them out of the way then swooping down and cupping his mouth over her pussy, parting her lower lips and flicking his tongue over her clit. As she started to buck he took hold of her hips and held her steady against his mouth. Taking her orgasm and her essence deep into his very soul, claimed her for his own.

When her shaking subsided he stretched himself over her and slowly sank deep into her welcoming body, their union completing the feeling between them. This was how it was meant to be, this one entity — two bodies, two souls acting as one. Her pussy held onto him… He felt peace, lust and Lucy. As he moved, her internal muscles rippled around him, the feeling of being surrounded by her, every ridge, and every spasm vivid in his mind. His control strained, the pace mounting and every sense heightened. Their kisses were hard and passionate, each hanging onto the other… for fear of losing the other, losing the oneness.

Sensing the need to slow down, Gary sat back on his haunches and pulled her bum up the slope of his thighs. Opening her legs he could see the soft puffy petals of her sex exposed to him, so he slowly fed his length back into her and held her thighs in his hands. After two thrusts to settle himself back in her , he lifted her legs over his shoulders and leaned back into her; kissing her sweetly, and resting himself on his arms. As his pace increased it was all Lucy could do to hang onto his arms and go with the constant pounding. Feeling the rasp of his trimmed pubic hair stinging her erect clit with every thrust, sent feelings so primal through her…. her belly clenching again, but this time she had something for the cunt to hang onto. Every thrust send his cock sweeping over her sweet spot, building her higher and higher, his arms started to collapse and her legs locked themselves around his waist, banging on his bum with every thrust. His face so close to hers, as her arms wound around his neck — his arms by her shoulders and fingers in her hair.

“Shit Luce it’s too much, I…. I…” Lucy claimed his mouth, not wanting to hear, too frightened to hear what he had to say.

“Gary… I have to let go. I can’t hold anymore…” Sobs catching in her throat as stars burst before her eyes and her pussy spasmed around him clenching and heaving on his cock.

The shocks and the sensation of her orgasm sent him into melt down as it triggered his orgasm. His thrusts were hard and elemental, as he shot ropes of hot cum deep into her already quaking pussy. Sweating and shaking he managed to open his eyes to see tears in hers, and leaning forward to her face he gently and tenderly kissed each one away.

“Lucy, Lucy…. please… not like this. Don’t cry.”

“Could be tears of joy…. that was wonderful. I never knew it would be like that, that I could feel like that” she sighed into his lips.

As he shifted to lie by her side, he stroked the hair away from her face, and traced her features with his fingers…. then leaned over and kissed her nose. “Sleep Baby” he said as he settled beside her.

When Lucy woke up, Gary was still asleep spread out on his tummy, head to one side. He stirred a little as she slipped out of the bed, and reclaimed her clothes. When she was dressed she stood and watched him. His regular breathing, and the soft little pops on his exhaled breath, he looked so peaceful, so loveable. She knew that this was the coward’s way out, but they both had families and an affair would never be enough, so she bent and gently kissed his cheek, all the time praying that he wouldn’t wake.

As she stood looking at him for one last time, she placed the note she had already written on top of his clothes.

“Gary, I love you — I will always love you, there is a place in my heart that will always be yours. But what I feel isn’t fair, isn’t right, too many people will get hurt, because unless I walk away now, once will never be enough. Goodbye my darling.”

Then she turned and walked away, and the door closed silently behind her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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