Forbidden Desires Part 8

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Ted Merriam had arrived at Miss Hashitani’s house about a half-hour after Susan Ramsey’s arrival, and had entered through the open door the girl had left unlocked. Rather than reveal himself right away, he had decided to watch the proceedings for awhile without being seen. He had quietly observed Miss Hashitani’s patient instruction of Susan in the art of cocksucking, and seen the young girl suck young David Drake to a powerful, spurting climax in her mouth. He had to admit, Kimiko was sure a natural born teacher, although he was pretty sure the school board might not have approved of her choice of curriculum.

His cock had throbbed insistently in his pants as he watched Susan share David’s sperm with her teacher. He had watched as Miss Hashitani had licked Susan’s delectable, fresh young pussy, and watched as David had slid his youthful penis into his classmate’s snug little cunt, that prior to that had known only his own throbbing cock. Finally, he had watched as David had fucked Susan from behind, and then pulled out and spurted his second load of cum down Kimiko’s eagerly gulping throat. By this time, he had quietly removed his clothing and was sitting in an easy chair where they could have seen easily seen him, had they not been otherwise preoccupied. He had been stroking his big cock for awhile, until he finally decided to make the others aware of his presence.

Kimi stared at him in shock and fear. This is the end of my career, she thought, her mind racing. I’ll go to jail, and never teach again. Worst of all, I’ll never see David or Susan again. And yet…how did he come to be here, and why is he naked, stroking his cock? Something didn’t add up.

David felt fear as well. Mr. Merriam would tell his parents about this, he felt sure. They would pull him out of school, maybe even move to another town. He wouldn’t get to fuck Kimi or Susan again!

Of the three on the couch, only Susan appeared to be calm and composed. She smiled at Mr. Merriam as she slid back on the couch, her legs casually parted. “Hi, Mr. Merriam,” she said. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Kimi jerked her head around and looked at the girl in surprise, her thoughts still swirling, trying to make sense of this. What’s going on here? What role did Susan play? Then she turned back to Mr. Merriam, her eyes flashing, her embarrassment suddenly turning to anger.

“What are you doing here?!” she demanded, her hands cupping her breasts.

“What do you think?” replied Merriam calmly, but with an ominous note in his voice. “I found out you were fucking these kids, and I thought I’d just see for myself.”

“How did you get in? The door was locked!”

“It’s not important,” said Merriam, glancing at Susan. “What’s important is that I saw what I saw. This is very serious, Miss Hashitani. If you’re lucky, you’ll only get fired. You could go to jail.”

“Then why haven’t you called the police?” said Kimi, still angry.

“Oh, he’s not going to call the police, or anyone else,” said Susan, still calmly watching Mr. Merriam, who still had his fingers around his erect cock. “And he’s certainly not going to get anyone fired.”

Again Kimi turned to her young student. “YOU let him in!” she said accusingly.

Susan nodded, smiling. “I let him in. Don’t worry, Kimi, he’s not going to tell anyone about this. You know why?”

Kimi stared at the scheming young girl. What in the world was the little minx up to? “Why?”

Susan smiled. “Because he fucked me, Kimi. Right in his office. That day he caught David and I in the restroom.”

Kimi’s eyes narrowed. The fucking bastard! Her motherly instincts immediately kicked in. “Did he rape you, Susan?”

“Noooo, he didn’t rape me. Well, maybe technically he did. But the truth is, I loved every minute of it. Although…” she continued, turning to face Mr. Merriam again, “I’m not sure how my parents or the police might look at it. I mean, I’m not even 13 yet.”

Merriam stared at Susan, starting to fully grasp the weakness of his position. “You wouldn’t dare. No one would believe you.”

“Oh, sure they would, Mr. Merriam,” said Susan, smiling brightly. “I think they might believe me. Especially if Miss Hashitani and David supported my version of what happened.”

“You fucking little bitch!” said Merriam quietly, almost under his breath. He was cornered, and he knew it.

“Wait just a second,” said Kimi, staring at Susan. “If all this is true, why did you let him in tonight?”

“Because I promised him I would,” said Susan, taking a deep breath. “Look, I don’t want to get anybody in trouble. I don’t want people to go to jail, or lose their jobs. What good would that do?”

“What DO you want,” pursued Kimi.

“Isn’t it obvious, Miss Hashitani?” replied Susan. “Look…you had sex with David, David had sex with me, I had sex with Mr. Merriam. We all knew exactly what we were doing. And everyone knows Mr. Merriam is dying to have sex with YOU. I think all the time he was fucking me, he was imagining doing it with you. I thought maybe if we all did it together…then maybe everyone would get what they wanted and nobody would have to get in trouble. Ohh, Kimi, you’ve taught David and I so much about sex, it’s like you opened up a whole new world! Now all I want to do is…I mean….I just want to fuck my brains out! Especially….,” She broke off, suddenly hesitant.

“Especially what, Susan,” said Kimi quietly, staring at the precocious girl.

“Especially with you. I’ve never, ever felt the way you made me feel.”

David had been listening carefully to Susan’s speech, and now he chimed in as well. “She’s right, Kimi, what’s the harm? This can just be our little secret, you, me, Susan, and Mr. Merriam. It’ll be like our little sex club.”

Out of the mouths of babes! Kimi looked slowly from David to Susan, then back to Mr. Merriam, weighing her own very limited options. Finally, she took a deep breath. “Well…what do you say, Ted? It doesn’t appear that either one of us has much choice here.”

Merriam sat back, breathing deeply. She was right, he really couldn’t afford to push this thing to the limit. And there was a certain appeal to what Susan proposed. “No, Kimi, I think Susan and David have hit on the only workable solution to our little dilemma. So, why don’t we seal the deal? Since you and I are the only ones her who haven’t yet had sex with each other, why don’t we start by having you come over here and suck on my dick.”

Susan smiled. “Yes, Kimi, I think that’s exactly what needs to happen. You suck Mr. Merriam’s cock, while David and I have another margarita and watch.”

Kimi sighed. It had been a long time since she had had a cock the size of Mr. Merriam’s. She had convinced herself that she would always be content with young boys, her students. But now that she had no choice, she began to look forward to having that monster stuck in her. Smiling, she got up from the couch and walked over to Mr. Merriam, kneeling between his legs. She had surrendered herself once again to Susan’s gentle blackmail, and was immensely relieved that as long as she cooperated and neither Susan nor David had a change of heart, she would stay out of jail and keep her job. And it couldn’t hurt that she was fucking the school principal. She slid her fingers around the base of Mr. Merriam’s big cock, and leaned forward, letting her tongue slide around the flared, spongy head. Parting her lips, she touched the tip of his cock with them, and then let them slide down over the head, taking him into her warm, wet mouth.

Susan went to the kitchen and poured two drinks, returning and handing one to David. Both of them sipped on the icy liquid, watching eagerly as their teacher’s head began to bob as she slurped on the principal’s cock.

“And just think, David,” said Susan. “I have some girlfriends that might be interested in joining. Maybe your older brothers, too. I’ve always thought they were really hot! And this guy I know…”

Kimi lifted her head suddenly, letting Merriam’s cock escape. “Don’t you DARE tell anyone else about this, Susan, unless we ALL agree!”

Susan giggled. “Sorry. Don’t worry, Miss Hashitani. Let’s have a rule that we have to have a unanimous vote before we invite anyone else in. Okay?”

Kimi laughed, and resumed her sucking. Merriam chuckled too. “I dunno, Kimi, you think maybe we’ve created a monster here?”

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” Kimi agreed, slurping noisily as her head bobbed, her mouth full of his penis.

“I guess we’ll gaziantep escort kızlar just have to keep her happy,” said Merriam, as she bathed his cock with saliva, taking him deep into her throat. “God DAMN, woman, how did you ever become such an elegant little cocksucker?”

Susan set her drink down and turned to David, smiling. “David, we better get your cock hard again or we’re going to be left out of the party.” She leaned down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it eagerly.

“Ahhhhhh,” moaned David, feeling his cock springing to life, engulfed by her lips, her tongue caressing him. His fingers caressed her silky blonde hair as she nursed on his stiffening cock, soon bringing it to full, throbbing erection. She continued to patiently suck on it, putting into practice all the instruction she had received from Kimi, her head bobbing in his lap.

Mr. Merriam groaned as Kimi worked on his cock, licking and sucking it, looking over and watching Susan performing the same service for young David. God, that was so fucking sexy, he thought, as Kimi slurped on his big dick. He was tempted to let go and let Kimi suck out the huge load of cum he had built up. But he had waited too long to feel her tight, wet Japanese pussy embracing his cock to pass up the opportunity now. He leaned back as Kimi let his cock slip from between her lips, and then moved lower, letting her tongue slide down the underside. He spread his legs wide, giving her more room, as she bent down and began to slowly explore his swollen balls with her tongue, licking and teasing them, tracing wetly, and finally encircling them. He watched, his pulse racing, as she began to suckle his sperm-bloated balls, sucking them between her lips, one by one. Her fingertips caressed the underside of his cock as she made slow, patient love to his balls, getting them sopping wet as they built up a huge load of come.

“God, I’ve just got to taste that luscious pussy, Kimi,” he moaned.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait,” she said, still exploring his balls with her lips and tongue.

He rose to his feet, picked her up in his arms like a feather, and carried her to the couch, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapping around his muscular ass. Gently, he deposited her on the couch, reached out, and abruptly forced her legs back and apart. He kneeled between them, gazing at the dewy folds of her labia. Then he leaned forward and licked upward the entire length of her cleft with his big, flat tongue, as Kimi gasped with pleasure.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, lick me there…” she hissed. He licked her in long, slow strokes of his tongue, glancing off her naked, protruding clit each time.

It was all Ted Merriam could do to keep from moving up and shoving his cock in this delectable goddess all the way to the balls. He was aching to do just that, but he held back, wanting to make her come this way first. He didn’t have to wait long. His tongue sluiced up and down, caressing her sensitive flesh with each upward stroke, nudging and teasing her quivering clit. Then he stiffened his tongue and drove it deep into her exposed vaginal opening, tasting her sweet nectar as it flowed forth. Kimi groaned out load as he bobbed his head, plunging his tongue into her each time, fucking her with his tongue.

“Ohhhhhmygod!!” she squealed, clutching at his hair with her fingers. “Ohhhhyeessss!!!”

Merriam savored the taste of her on his tongue, thrusting it in and out as she writhed against it. But there was more of her to explore. He slid his tongue out and eased it downward, over the sensitive ridge of flesh between her pussy and her tightly puckered asshole. His tongue slid against it, lapping at it, getting it wet with his saliva. Then, encountering no resistance from Kimi, he stiffened it and drove it past the tight ring into her asshole, sliding it slowly in and out.

Kimi sobbed with pleasure as his tongue stabbed into her. It had been so long since a man had had his tongue stuck so deep in her ass.

Ted slowly fucked his tongue in and out, imagining what it would feel like to bury his stiff cock in her tight nether opening. Finally, sensing that her climax was seething just beneath the surface, he slid his tongue out and let it glide upward, delving once again between her labia and finally lashing her clit, as he slowly sank two of his fingers into her drooling pussy, curling them upward inside her.

“Uhhhh!!! OHHH!!! YESS!!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!” Kimi gasped breathlessly, reaching down and parting herself with her own fingers, to expose her clit to his tongue. His tongue fluttered over it, then licked it hard, driving her over the brink into the sweet, shattering embrace of her climax.

“OHHHGODYES!!! I’M GONNA COME!!” she sobbed, feeling her body begin to jackknife upward reflexively. Merriam fastened his lips around her clit as she drove herself upward against his mouth, in the throes of her furious orgasm. “UHHHH!!!! OHH!!! OHH!!! UUUUUNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Merriam didn’t wait for Kimi to descend from her climax. He raised himself up with his hands, guided his throbbing cock to the entrance to her vagina, and with one powerful lunge, buried it inside her to the hilt. At last, he was inside her!! Her stretched pussy walls gripped his cock, feeling like warm, wet velvet around him.

“OHHHHH!!!!!” cried Kimi, surprised, her pussy spasming hard around his thick, embedded member. “Your cock is so BIG!!”

“It’s time you had a man’s cock inside you, Kimi,” he said, beginning to thrust in and out of her, fast and hard.

“OHGODYES!!!! FUCK ME!!! Make me COME again!”

Susan had released David’s cock from her oral embrace, and Susan was now straddling David, facing away from him and guiding his cock into her yearning little pussy. As she sank down on his cock, she turned to watch the principal skewering his cock into her teacher’s dripping-wet pussy. “Ooooh, yeah, fuck her good, Mr. Merriam!” She began to rise and fall on David’s embedded cock as he, too, watched the savage fucking of their gorgeous teacher.

Kimi’s pussy welcomed the principal’s engorged cock, stretching her far beyond what David’s slimmer cock had done. Her muscles clasped him to her as he sawed in and out of her, relentlessly driving her toward yet another orgasm. She stared up at him as he drove his cock in and out, his face a picture of pure, unbridled lust. “Oh god, yes, do it HARDERRRRRR!!!” she mewled.

“Jeezus, your pussy is so fucking tight!” he groaned, staring down at her and slamming his cock into her, jolting her body with each hard thrust. “COME, you beautiful fucking BITCH!!”

His obscene words propelled Kimi into yet another furious climax, her hips lurching upward as her body erupted, shuddering violently. Her brow furrowed as her body tensed, and she bit her lip, sucking air between her teeth, and then exploded. “OHHHYESSSS, OHGOD, NOWWWWWWW!!!!”

She had expected him to shoot his hot, thick come in her pussy, but instead, he slowed his movements as she came all over his deeply buried cock, her muscles spasming rhythmically around it. He slowly fucked in and out of her as she came down from her explosive climax.

“Turn over!” he ordered, his voice like a lash. He pulled his cock out of her and she obediently positioned herself on her knees on the couch. Merriam moved up behind her and without hestitation, drove his cock back into her welcoming cunt. Quickly, he began thrusting it in and out of her, his hands grasping the firm cheeks of her ass.

Kimi gasped, the tremors of her orgasm still gripping her, loving being filled this way, being fucked this way. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her ass cheek in a hard slap, making it quiver. “OH!!!” she yelped as she felt the sting of his hand. “YESSSS!!! I’m such a bad girl!!” she moaned, as he smacked her firm cheek again.

But Merriam had other ideas. He gathered the saliva in his mouth, lowered his head and let it drool down between the cheeks of her ass. He reached down and rubbed the oozing liquid against her already wet asshole. After a few more strokes in and out of her, he eased his cock out and positioned the head at her tight entrance. “That’s right, Kimi, you’ve been a very bad girl, and bad girls need to be fucked in the ass.”

“NOOOO!!! NOT THERE!!!!” Kimi protested, suddenly scared, despite her aching arousal. “YOUR COCK IS TOO BIG!!!” It had been years since she had been fucked in her ass by a grown man. He would tear her apart!

Merriam, though, was not to be denied. His voice was firm. “Just relax, Kimi, you know you want this just as much as I do.” He pushed forward, holding her against the back of the couch as his cock pressed hard against her resisting asshole.

“OHHHGODDDNOOOO!!!” Kimi whimpered, as she felt the head of his cock slowly penetrate. The pain was intense, almost blinding. In desperation, she sucked air into her lungs, and felt his cock head suddenly pop inside her.

“OHHH, FUCK YEAH!!!” groaned Merriam as he felt his cock sink into her. Her asshole was like a hot, tight fist around his cock.

“Ohhhhhgoddddd, please, just go slow!” she groaned, impaled on his thickness.

“Look at that,” breathed Susan, in awe. “He’s fucking her in her ass!!”

“Yeahhh, that’s so fucking hot!” said David, his cock deep inside Susan’s wetly-clasping pussy. “Maybe someday she’ll let me do that.”

Susan rocked her hips on his cock, squeezing and caressing it with her pussy walls. “Mmmmm, does that turn you on, David?”

“Damn straight,” said David. “Have you ever done that, Susan? Had a cock in your ass?”

“Noooo…..,” said Susan, still watching Mr. Merriam as he buried his cock deeper inside Kimi’s slowly yielding asshole. “Nobody’s ever fucked me there. I guess it’s the one place I’m still a virgin.”

“Would you like to?” said David, his cock throbbing inside her. The obscene thought of sticking his cock in Susan’s tight little asshole almost made him come then and there.

“Yesssss, I want to, but not right now. Your cock feels too good in my pussy, David. Let’s watch them fuck. I want to come when they do.” She continued to wriggle on his embedded cock. David couldn’t believe his good fortune. Was there anything Susan wasn’t prepared to do? He felt her pussy grip and milk his throbbing cock as he watched the lewd impalement of his teacher’s ass, imagining his own throbbing cock buried inside it.

Ted Merriam was in school principal heaven, his cock buried to the balls in the tight little asshole of the most stuck-up and drop-dead gorgeous teacher at the school. She had tried to deny him, and now, because of the machinations of the devious Susan Ramsey, now watching eagerly from two feet away, he was slowly fucking his cock in and out of her ass.

By now, the intense pain Kimi had felt had disappeared, as her body adjusted to the obscene defilement of her ass. The very thought of the principal using her in this way, right in front of her seventh grade students, began to excite her in a depraved way. She felt him begin to thrust slowly in and out of her, and she began to writhe back against the skewering cock embedded in her ass.

Merriam reached out and grabbed her hair with his fist, wrenching her head back and turning it so that she could see him out of the corner of her eye. She glared at him as he sank his cock into her viciously. “Yeah, you like it now, don’t you?!”

Kimi sucked air between her clenched teeth, then hissed the words. “Yessssss, I like it!”

He almost spat the words out. “You like being FUCKED in your ass by your boss as your students watch!”

“YESSS!!! I LIKE IT!!!!” Kimi screamed. “Is that what you want to hear?? FUCK MY ASS, you fucking BASTARD!!!!” She reached back frantically and began to rub her clit as he began to fuck his cock in and out of her ass with a savage, pent-up fury, his hot, thick come churning in his balls.

Susan and David watched in awe, Susan still slowly rising and falling on David’s buried cock. She felt her orgasm approaching, stimulated not only by David’s cock in her, but by the lewd ass-fucking taking place next to them. “Ohhh, God, David, have you ever seen anything like this?” murmured Susan. “His big cock is all the way in her ass, and she’s loving it!! I’m about to come just from watching them!”

David groaned, trying desperately to hold back, loving the feeling of Susan’s silky pussy as it gripped his cock. “Ohhh, jeezus, Susan your pussy feels so good! Come on my cock!”

Merriam suddenly jammed his aching cock into Kimi’s ass, burying it completely, and growled as the come erupted from his balls. “UHHHHHH, FUUUCK, TAKE IT!!!!” His sperm spewed into her bowels in hard, wild pulses, flooding it with its slippery warmth.

His strangled words sent Kimi into yet another thrilling climax as he emptied himself into her ass. She rubbed her clit hard with her fingers as her body convulsed, impaled on the massive shaft of his spurting cock. “AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHYESSSSS, GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!” she groaned, feeling the warmth of his come soothing the fire that consumed her body. She shook from the power of her climax, collapsing on the couch as he fell on top of her, his cock still gushing heavily into her depths.

Susan, as she watched, felt her own climax seize her body, writhing on David’s stiff cock as if it were a dildo. “OHHHH, GOD, DAVID, I’M COMING!!!” she squealed, imagining Mr. Merriam’s cock pumping hot thick cum into her own virginal ass.

David sat back, loving the feeling of Susan’s spasming pussy on his cock as she trembled from the force of her come. He had managed to keep from shooting his own sperm inside her eager young pussy, despite the tremendous stimulus provided by Mr. Merriam and Miss Hashitani. As anxious as he was to come, he now had other priorities, ideas put into his head by Susan herself.

Ted Merriam had by now slid his flagging cock from Kimi’s sperm-drenched ass, and was sitting on the couch gasping for breath. Kimi turned around and lay back next to him, still flushed and trembling from her own thunderous climax. For several moments, they breathed deeply, letting themselves come down gently.

Finally, David spoke to Kimi, very quietly, his cock still deep in Susan’s delicously twitching pussy. “Miss Hashitani….”

Kimi opened her eyes and gazed at David, smiling contentedly as she panted. “Mmmmmm, David, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Kimi.”

David smiled. “Kimi…I want to fuck Susan in her ass. That is, if she wants to. Would you help us?”

Kimi’s eyes widened in shock. She had never imagined that she would hear such a question from David’s innocent young lips. And yet, hadn’t he just watched as she had been savagely fucked in HER ass? She gazed at David, then shifted her eyes to Susan.

“Susan…it this what you want?” Despite herself, Kimi was becoming excited by the idea.

“Oh, yes, Miss Hashitani,” said Susan breathlessly. “Please teach us how!”

“Go ahead, Kimi,” said Mr. Merriam, looking forward to watching another show. “You know you want to. I’m going to take a quick shower, if you don’t mind, and then I think I’ll have a drink, but I’ll be back in no time. I wouldn’t want to miss this.”

“All right,” said Kimi, sighing. “There are towels in the bathroom, Ted.” She raised herself unsteadily from the couch. “Just wait a sec, David, while I go get something to make it easier.” She walked to her bedroom, with Merriam’s come oozing from her asshole down her inner thigh.

A moment later, she returned with a small bottle full of a clear liquid. She showed it to Susan, who was still moving slowly on David’s throbbing cock. Susan read the label with interest. “This is really slippery stuff,” said Kimi. “And it stays that way a really long time. I’ll get you some if you like. Now, why don’t you get off David’s cock and sit down, right here on the edge of the couch.”

Susan reluctantly eased herself upward, letting David’s cock flop out of her, and sat in front of Kimi, her legs apart.

“David, I want you to get down here and watch me for a minute.” David eagerly complied.

Kimi set the bottle of lubricant down on the coffee table, and turned back to Susan. She reached out and gently pushed Susan’s legs back, almost against her chest. Then she leaned forward, and slowly began to lick all around Susan’s tightly-puckered, virginal anus. Susan sighed, looking down between her thighs as Kimi’s tongue patiently explored, and then stiffened against the tight ring of muscle, thrusting against it.

“Ohhh, Kimi, that feels so nice,” she whispered.

David watched, no more than a foot away, as Kimi’s tongue slowly slid inside his classmates anal opening, then back out, then back inside again, as Susan gasped with pleasure.

“Now you do it, David. You have to be patient, and get her nice and wet and ready for your cock.”

David quickly moved between Susan’s legs, as Kimi continued to hold them back. He imitated Kimi’s actions, making slow, wet love to Susan’s asshole with his tongue, finally thrusting it inside as squirmed delightedly. Sensing her reaction, David became more enthusiastic, wiggling his tongue inside her tight ass.

“Okay, that’s enough, David. Susan, why don’t you rest your arms on your thighs, like this.” Kimi arranged Susan’s arms so that she could hold her own legs back. Then she reached for the bottle of lubricant, unsnapped the lid, and squirted a large amount of the viscous fluid directly on Susan’s little rosebud opening. It oozed slowly downward, and as Susan watched eagerly, Kimi quickly reached up with her fingers and began to spread it around. Then she slowly eased her middle finger inside the slippery opening, feeling Susan’s anus grip her finger tightly.

“Ohhhhh, Kimi….it feels nice….” murmured Susan. “Really nice.”

Kimi smiled up at the eager youngster. “I’m going to put two fingers in now…okay?”

Susan nodded, and Kimi added her index finger, stretching her asshole a little bit more, rotating and twisting her two embedded fingers as she fucked them in and out.

“All right, David, why don’t you try it now. Nice and easy.” Kimi eased her fingers out, and Susan’s slippery sphincter quickly closed up.

David reached out and smeared some of the lubricant on his fingers, and then slid them inside, replacing Kimi’s. He could hardly contain his excitement, imagining his cock inside Susan’s enticing ass.

“Now, see if you can put three fingers together, David.”

David formed his fingers together and worked them slowly into Susan’s anus, stretching her still more. She gasped as they pushed inside her, and David paused. “Jeez, she’s so tight! Are you okay, Susan?”

“Yessss…just go slow…” breathed Susan, her face flushed. “It feels good.”

Kimi gazed into Susan’s tense face, as David slowly fucked her with his fingers. She know what the girl was feeling, remembering her own first time doing this. She was determined to make sure that Susan enjoyed the experience as much as possible.

“David….I want you to move up between her legs now, on your knees. That’s right…”

David slid his fingers out of her and moved closer, his throbbing cock fully erect and poised near Susan’s entrance. Kimi squirted some more of the viscous lubricant on her palm, and then reached over and slid her fingers around David’s cock, spreading it along it’s length as she stroked it, her fingers moving up over the sensitive head. Then she gripped it in her hand, guiding him to her slippery opening. “Now, David, ease your cock into her, just a little way. I’ll help.”

David moved forward a little more, until the head of his cock rested against Susan’s asshole. Kimi positioned it there, tightening her fingers around the shaft, and David slowly thrust forward. The head of his cock pushed against the resistant opening, beginning to stretch it to accommodate it.

“Susan, this might hurt a little at first. Sometimes if you take a quick breath, it helps your muscles relax.”

Susan felt the insistent pressure of David’s cock head, felt the painful stretching of her opening. Heeding Kimi’s advice, she quickly sucked in a breath of air, and the head of David’s engorged cock, helped by his teacher’s hand, suddenly slipped past the ring of muscle and lodged in her ass.

“I did it! It’s inside me!” gasped Susan, her desire slowly overcoming the pain.

“Yes, and it looks sooo sexy,” whispered Kimi, her fingers releasing David’s shaft. “Now, David, I want you to work it in to her, just a little bit at a time.”

“It’s so tight!” said David, watching his cock impale the young pre-teen. “It feels like my fist around it!” Slowly, he began to move, sinking his cock into her, inch by inch.

“Ohhhhh, God….” moaned Susan, her attention also focused on David’s embedded cock. “It doesn’t hurt any more!”

Kimi smiled at her young student, and her wet, slippery fingers drifted down to the girl’s nakedly exposed clit, caressing it gently. “I’m so glad, sweetie.”

“Uhhhhnnnn, yes, touch me there…that feels so good!”

“Now, David,” said Kimi, her eyes gleaming with unbridled lust, “I want you to push it all the way inside her, nice and gentle, and then I want you to fuck her, real slow.”

David exulted as he slowly thrust forward, burying the last few inches of his aching cock in Susan’s tight little ass. The feeling was incredble, her ass gripping him in a way that even her tight pussy hadn’t done. Slowly, he eased his cock out, until only the head remained inside, and then slid it back in, feeling only her tight, slippery grip.

“I’m doing it, Susan!” he said excitedly. “I’m fucking you in your ass!”

“Yesss, that’s it, David, do it!!” she gasped. “Your cock feels so BIG in me!!”

David was on top of the world as he skewered his cock in and out of Susan’s hitherto virginal ass. He had now had his cock in every one of her holes! And Kimi had helped him, taught him! Even now his teacher was watching excitedly as his cock slid in and out of Susan’s tight little ass.

“David, stop for a minute. I want you to sit on the couch and let her straddle you.”

David slowly eased his rigid member out of Susan, and climbed up on the couch. Susan quickly moved up over his cock, facing away from him, anxious now to have it back inside her. Kimi grasped his slippery cock as Susan descended, and guided it back into her open asshole. It slid in easily this time, and Susan began to move up and down, just as she had when it was buried in her pussy.

Kimi moved between their legs, and began to lap at Susan’s parted cleft, her tongue caressing the girl’s tiny clit as she fucked herself on David’s cock. “Ohhhhh God, Kimi, lick me there!” she gasped breathlessly. “You’re gonna make me come again!!”

Ted Merriam, sipping his drink nearby, had watched David’s lewd impalement of Susan’s virginal ass, with Kimi’s help. He looked forward to the day when he, too, would sink his throbbing, resurgent cock into the twelve-year-old girl’s violated rectum, and spew his thick cum inside her tight little teenage ass. But that could wait. Setting down his drink after a big gulp, he stood up and walked over to where the two students were fucking, their teacher lapping at Susan’s clit, driving her ever closer to her climax. Susan watched as he climbed up on the couch, and stood with his huge, erect cock an inch from her parted lips. Without any hesitation, she leaned forward and took it into her mouth, sucking hungrily on him. He grabbed her head with both his hands, and began to slowly fuck her mouth, as David thrust his hips upward, fucking her ass. “Ohhhhh, that’s it, sweetie, suck my dick!”

Susan moaned around the principal’s thick cock as she slurped on it, her mind adrift, racing back to the moment she had set all this in motion, by sucking David’s cock in the rest room at school. So much had happened since then! And so much more would happen from now on. Her mind raced as she thought about the things she would be able to do with her new-found knowledge, the boys and girls, men and women she could seduce, who would satisfy her boundless desire.

Her depraved thoughts, coupled with Kimi’s insistent lashing of her clit and the cocks in her mouth and her asshole, drove Susan once again to the brink of orgasm. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt David jam his cock all the way inside her ass.

OHHHHH, FUCCCKKKK, I’M COMING!!!!” groaned David, his cock spewing hot, thick pulses of his long-withheld sperm into her now-receptive ass. Susan felt her body convulse as a man erupted inside her ass for the first time ever. And then Mr. Merriam was coming too, spurting thick ropes of cum into her eagerly sucking mouth, filling it to overflowing.

“OHHH, YEAHHHH, SUCK IT HARD!!” he groaned, his balls erupting, flooding the girl’s mouth as she swallowed the thick white stuff in successive gulps.

Susan was in a kind of sexual nirvana, swallowing Mr. Merriam’s hot, spurting semen as David soothed her violated asshole with spurt after spurt of his come. Kimi lovingly lapped at her clit as the girl shuddered rapturously in the throes of her own furious climax.

Finally, they fell back from one another, gasping for breath. Ted’s cock slid from her mouth, drooling sperm down her chin. David’s cock remained embedded in Susan’s ass, bathed in still more gooey semen.

Kimiko moved up onto the couch and cradled Susan in her arms, feeling her still trembling. She stroked her hair with her hand as the girl calmed herself, then reached up and held David’s hand. “Ohhhh, children….we’re going to have SUCH a good time together,” she said softly.

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