Forbidden Love Ch. 03

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At Kayla’s high school, people are a buzz about the prom, and Kayla was no exception. It’s only two months away, and tickets are for sale. She’s always dreamed of going to the prom and having this drop-dead gorgeous gown that made her feel like a princess. She’s fantasized about taking her own date, dancing the night away to slow, romantic music, going somewhere quiet and kissing under the moonlight. Cheesy, but she’s a sucker for romance. She and her friends huddled around each other at lunch, picking out dresses, deciding if they should have a party before, after, or both. All the girls were so excited enthusing about their plans. It was a highlighted moment in a lot of girls’ life.

Afterwards, Kayla came home at the same time as usual, but with more of a skip in her step. She went upstairs, all giddy, to Eric’s room. She was bubbling inside, enthusiasm overtaking her as she went to tell her brother all about it and how he was going to be her date. “Eric!” she yelled, with a smile, opening the door to his room.

And there they are.

Another girl enthusiastically riding her brother. Heartbroken, Kayla drops her bag with a big thud and two were so shocked their hearts skipped, wide eyes snapping at her. She ran to her room, tears falling and slamming her door, locking it, and collapsed on her bed, sobbing.

Eric, not wanting to disappoint his guest or make her feel weird, continued, though it pained him to know his sister saw him like that with another woman. He wasn’t checking the time. “Here, let’s change positions,” Eric suggested. The girl agreed, sitting up and letting Eric’s cock pop out with the her juices. But before she assumed another position, she went to close the door again.

“Was that your sister?” the girl inquired, smirking a bit.

“Yeah, but she’ll be fine,” he said. “C’mon, let’s finish this.” In the back of his mind, he wanted to get to Kayla as soon as possible to explain why he did what he did. The girl came back, her big breasts jiggling with every step towards him next to the bed. He sat up as took her breast in his mouth for a moment, savoring the feel of her nipple hardening with his tongue. He swirled his tongue on it and lightly biting, while her hand went to çekmeköy escort his juicy erection, jerking him towards the tip. He moaned in reaction as she went faster, stimulating the tip.

Eric’s mind clouded up, but freed himself of this temptress. “Not yet,” he chuckled. “Get on your knees.” To be honest, despite the sex being great, he harbored a deep guilt and dirtiness inside him from being caught. He betrayed his sister, at least, in her point of view. But he’d talk about it later with her, after he was finished. The girl positioned herself in front of Kayla’s brother, her juicy pussy in full view as her ass mounds baited Eric into molding them with his hands. Then, he pushed his cock inside her. It wasn’t as his sister’s, but shook that thought out his head. He usually found that problem with other women, but he knew he had to ween himself off eventually. For hers and his sake.

He started to thrust bit by bit so she could get used to his penis. To the girl, she felt fantastic, moaning aloud. Eric started to get more confident, thrusting harder, and the Tinder slut backed her hips into him, begging for more. The girl was attractive, but didn’t have that innocent charm Kayla gave off. Maybe if he imagines it’s her, he’ll perform better and cum faster. So he closes his eyes, picturing she’s in front of him and she smells like oranges. He starts to grip the girl by her love handles and starts pounding her on his cock. The girl starts to uncontrollably moan like crazy, eventually screaming from orgasm. Her tightening, creaming pussy walls subdue Eric as he continuously pounds her into a frenzy-then quickly takes out his cock to jizz on her back. She said she’s on the pill, but he doesn’t want to be a daddy just yet more than he believes some random Tinder slut. The girl slumps on her knees, while Eric grabs a towel for her cum soaked back. Then they lie down together.

The girl reaches out for a kiss and lets her, too tired to refuse. “That was the best sex of my life,” she laughed, exhausted. “Can we do this again sometime?”

“Ah, maybe. I have a lot of work. But when I’m free, I’ll definitely call you,” he lied.

The girl, naive and pretty, believes him. After a moment cevizli escort of silence and getting herself together, the girl puts on her clothes, and leaves.

Eric puts on a pair of pants and knocks on his sister’s door. “GO AWAY!” she screeched, sobbing.

“Hey, I understand how you feel, but at some point you knew this was never meant to be, Kayla,” he shouted into the door. “I love you… so fucking much, but we’re not meant to stay together. Our genetics are literally never meant to go together, and I know I want kids!”

“We could’ve adopted!” she pleaded in tears, heart hurting at the truth.

It’s true, he thought. On the other hand, he did want them to be his own. “But society doesn’t agree, Kayla! If anyone found out, they’d take ’em away! We’d be blacklisted or something! Forget that, no one would accept us! Friends, family, we just look too alike, they’d know!” Kayla sniffles through the door, not wanted to believe a word he’s saying. She’s fragile, and sensitive. “I love you a lot, Kayla… I really do. But we just can’t do this anymore. This hurts me too…” he muffles through the door.

“I bet you had so much fun with your dick in that fucking slut,” she hissed.

“Kayla,” he sighed, exasperated, “She was just some random slut I found on Tinder. She didn’t mean anything, and still doesn’t now. But that’s not the point I’m getting at.” Only silence replied to Eric. “If it makes you feel any better… if it’s any consolation… you’re the best I’ve ever had. I had to imagine you while I was with her. It was the only way to finish, get her to leave, so I could talk to you.”

Kayla was inside her room, crying her eyes out. She thought she was his only one. So no, it’s not any consolation to her. He was intimate with someone not her, that’s betrayal, that’s heartbreak. She stayed sniffling and crying. Eric felt worse for what he did. He really loved his sister, but this love is toxic to their family and society itself. However, he was still too young to understand what he did was wrong, even with the best intentions. He said all he wanted to say, and dejectedly slinked back into his room. Hopefully, tomorrow would be a better day for them.

The days after erenköy escort were an emotional mess for the both of them. Eric would try and get Kayla to talk to her, but to no avail. It hurt Kayla, because she wanted to talk to him, but couldn’t knowing he betrayed her like that. Broke her trust and her heart. Did any of his ‘I love you’s mean anything when he jammed his thick cock into another woman? She had no idea. Maybe he did have good intentions, and made good points, but did he have to go about it in such a deceitful way? Kayla thought she made it abundantly clear she loved him more than a brother. But maybe that’s all she is to him.

Prom was a bit less than two months away. She was so sure she wanted her brother as her date, but that’s obviously done for. So she scouted her school for a one with the help of her girl friends. Her childhood friend, Rachel, thin, petite with bouncy medium-length brown hair pointed to a jock-y guy on the football team, but, Kayla shut that down immediately. “Ugh, you know I hate jocks,” she replied, nose crinkled and eyebrows furrowed.

Her goth friend, Raven, she met during her freshman year in gym pointed out someone in her goth group. “He’s single,” she sings. Kayla looked at him, and he was very cute, but she just wasn’t that into the gothic culture.

“Nah, I like my men not wearing eyeliner,” she teased. Raven rolled her eyes and shoved her a bit, grinning.

“What about Artie,” her strawberry-blonde haired friend, Stephanie, suggested. “I know he’s always had a bit of a crush on you,” she giggled. Kayla pictured him. He was pretty cute, she admits. She thought about him, his short, curly auburn hair, his lanky body. He’s in the art club and paints these magnificent portraits she passes by every day on her way to her Creative Writing course. He also seems a bit nerdy, and she likes that.

“Ooooh, she’s thinking about it,” Rachel teases, nudging Kayla’s shoulders.

“I am,” she laughs. “Maybe,” she answers after a few thoughts.

“Kay, he’s perfect for you! He’s sensitive, artsy, not a jock, doesn’t wear eyeliner,” Stephanie jokes.

Kayla searched inside herself if she was willing to give up her brother. Deep down she still wanted him, but it’s obvious at this point he wants to move on. So, “Yes,” she confidently answers, but still depressed about Eric.

Rachel and Stephanie squeal, Raven smiles for Kayla. “So, we all have dates now!” Rachel announces. They all agree prom is going to be killer.

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