Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 3

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May I thank all the people who have sent me e-mails about my stories. Sorry for not replying but my PC was attacked by a virus and I have been hospitalised. (The incidents were not related!) Hence the long delay for following chapters. Like all acts of terrorism it disrupts but never wins. Thank you to the people who read my stories and this site for making it possible.

* * * * *

Kate felt wicked as she concealed the parcels and shopping bags in a corner of her wardrobe. Buying clothes without her husband’s approval made her feel almost as guilty as when she let the man touch her. She justified it to herself. “I’m a grown woman, why shouldn’t I look my best. Other women don’t have a problem wanting to look sexy and glamorous. Their husband’s encourage it.” However, other women, she admitted, are not married to St John!

The next morning Kate examined her purchases. A short tight black skirt with slit up the side looked good. “It’s only a few inches below my knickers,” she said to herself. Putting on self-supporting stockings gave her a little thrill when she bent over and looked behind in the mirror to see the white flesh of her thighs between panties and stocking tops. Standing in front of the mirror she lifted her skirt and stroked her pussy, watching herself.

A flimsy see-through black top, crochet, clinging tightly to her tits. Men would try to see through the holes, she thought. Her bras would look silly with this – some women go bra-less – show their nipples. Short sundresses, some tight and clingy, some flared. Daring tops, some button fronted – so you can unfasten a few and let men see your bust. If she only would dare too – not a chance, she thought!

To most other people the clothes were very normal and decent – to Kate they were wicked and revealing. She would have to be very brave to venture outside in them – and only when her husband was at work.

Putting on the black clingy top emphasised the whiteness of her bra, visible underneath. Bending a leg slightly she saw the slit of her skirt separate giving a glimpse of stocking top and bare flesh. “Looks a bit tacky – I should have bought a black bra.” There was a knock at the door.

“Should I?” she said looking through the mirror. “My first test – dare I? I’ll have to get used to my new image.”

Walking to the door she figured it would be the boy delivering her groceries. “He never usually gives me a second glance. Let’s see what happens.” The boy did give her a second glance – then a lingering stare. “Come in,” she said, “You know where they go.” As the boy went through to the kitchen Kate felt a little thrill.

The boy did as he usually did, and put the box on the table. Looking at Kate’s chest he said, “I’ll get the other stuff.” While he was gone Kate positioned herself on a wooden chair and crossed her legs. She felt with her hand to make sure a bit of bare thigh was visible and widened the slit of her skirt. The boy came back and fumbled with the boxes, his eyes on Kate’s legs.

“Would you like a drink of something?” She had never offered this before. The boy nodded, “Fruit juice would be fine thanks.” Kate was glad she had prolonged his stay. Rising and walking to the fridge she asked herself again, “Dare I?” She knew the boys’ eyes were on her bum and a tingle ran through her body. Opening the door keeping her legs straight she bent forward, much lower than she needed to. Her excitement was mind-blowing as she felt her skirt ride up over her buttocks. He can see my panties and they are see-through, she thought. She moved her feet a little more apart and tried to picture the view from were he was standing.

She wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The boy put his hand on her almost naked arse and she jumped up turning at the same time. The boy’s hand was still on her bum and she gave a little scream of protest. Then she was stifled as his lips closed around hers and his other hand gripped her right tit. He kissed her roughly and held her tight. She felt the bulge in his trousers press against her belly. She was helpless as the hand holding her bum moved inside her panties and fingers found her vagina.

He broke off kissing her. “I get a lot of housewife’s wanting some cock – I didn’t think you wanted some.”

“Please – you’ve got it wrong!” Kate pleaded.

“No – you showed me your arse – you want my dick inside you, don’t you?” he said. “Feel this.” He put Kate’s hand on his hard member. She shivered as she felt his hot thick penis.

“You want a good fucking, don’t you? Your husband isn’t giving you enough. It’s OK, I have a lot of housewife’s on my round that like a bit of extra – some even like their husbands to watch. Some have their knickers off ready for me.”

“No please – there has been a misunderstanding!” begged Kate.

The boy was of limited intelligence; he pulled down Kate’s panties and lifted her onto the kitchen table. “Open your fucking legs more! I bet you’re a lovely shag!” With that he thrust his penis into Kate and bounced her up and down on his weapon. “We can do this every week. tire escort Just tell me what you want and I’ll oblige you. Most wives want to suck me or have me up their arse,” he informed her.

Kate was being raped, she pleaded with the boy to stop but he pounded on, fucking her. She was being raped – but she was nearing a climax. She kissed the boy, and threw her arms around his neck. She hung on to him and bucked her hips against him. She screamed as she reached an orgasm. A second later the boy shot his load inside her. Kate screamed again.

“See – I knew you wanted it!” exclaimed the boy. Kate collapsed forward onto the boys’ chest as he carried on talking to her. “A few wives like me to visit them with two of my mates. They like a gang bang – all sorts of kinky stuff,” he told her. Kate wanted to ask questions about it but was too scared. The idea intrigued her – and was beginning to excite her. As the boy described some of the things he and his friends did with the women he visited, scenes from the videos’ flashed though Kate’s mind.

The boys’ hand played with Kate’s nipples though her top as they spoke. “You’ve got lovely hard tits – let me suck them.” Kate sat still on the edge of the table and allowed the boy to unfasten her top and release her bra catch. Now her breasts were on show and she glanced down realising she was sat on the edge of the table with legs open, no panties on and skirt around her waist. She let out a little yell as the boys’ teeth closed round her nipple and he began to suck on her tit – his fingers found their way to her clitoris.

Kate began to softly moan and without realising, her hand went behind the boys head and stroked his hair, her hips slowly rotated against his fingers. She was enjoying the sexual arousal but the boy now had another surprise. He stopped sucking and spoke, “You’re really fucking wet between your legs – I’ll have to lick you out.”

The words sent an electric shock though Kate’s body. This was something she had only ever seen on the porn films but never experienced herself. The thought of a man actually putting his tongue inside her slit and sucking her twat made her heart thump and she cried out. As his head went down she didn’t need telling to open her legs more and her hands went to hold the boys’ head in place. She shivered as she felt his tongue flicking her little button and his mouth suck some of the juices from her. She tightened her grip on him and moaned loudly. The boy laughed and asked. “Do you want me to make you come with my mouth? Lick your cunt out?”

“Yes!” she hissed, raising a knee to open her-self up more. She rested her foot on the boys’ shoulder. “Please – make me come!”

She moaned and whimpered, as the boy dutifully obliged. Imitating the women on the films she moved her hips and fucked his face. It was the most sexually exciting experience Kate had ever had – so far – that is!

One hour later Kate was lying on the bed, skirt around her waist watching herself in the mirror, her fingers busy. The boy had long since gone but she was still thinking of his last words. “Just tell me what you want and when and I’ll do what I can for you. Don’t forget – if you want I can always bring some mates with me.” It was the last sentence that was now turning Kate on. The idea of having several men use her at the same time aroused her, though whether she could let that happen for real was very much doubted. But, she told herself, no one would know if she did things with the delivery boy sometimes.

Bending down in her short skirt certainly had an amazing effect – maybe other men would notice her more now.

That night at dinner all hell broke loose – hubby was not pleased. “Sending you away on a business trip?” sympathised Kate; “They never send you away.”

“I know!” growled her husband. “I can’t get out of it – I have to go with two other guys – but it will only be for a couple of nights hopefully.” Kate was already looking forward to being able to watch her video and relax and enjoy herself though the evenings. She may even have a drink or two – put her in the mood. Daydreaming, she thought it was a pity that the delivery boy was not due again till next week. She could have asked him to call back in the evening – for a drink – maybe bring a friend – or two.

“What’s wrong?” asked her husband, “You look flushed.” Kate excused herself and went to the bathroom.

Throughout the following morning John grumbled and whinged about his trip and by the time his co-workers had picked him up Kate had had enough. “A couple of days of peace – at last!” she said loudly to herself.

Kate had tried on some more of her new clothes. She was wearing a short summer dress buttoned down the front when the doorbell rang. Answering the door Kate was surprised to see the video man. “I wasn’t expecting you,” Kate said warily. She glanced past him to see another man. He was dark and sombre looking and Kate felt a little uneasy as she looked at his unsmiling face.

“So aren’t you going to invite us in?” said the torbalı escort video man. “We know your husband ‘s away – we arranged the trip,” he added mockingly. “It’s ok, we can’t stop long.”

Against her better judgement Kate stood aside and let the men pass. Walking straight through to the kitchen the man shouted back. “A coffee would be nice.”

Kate busied herself making the coffee. “Look, what are you up to?” she asked angrily.

“Why, nothing at all!” he smiled. “Just thought I’d pop by and introduce you to another one of your husband’s work-mates.” With that he grabbed Kate from behind and fastened her arms to her side placing his hands on her breasts. “Get off me!” she cried.

“This is Kate,” said the man, “Who likes to watch dirty video’s. Video’s that show big cocks being sucked. And naughty ladies that let men squirt stuff in their mouth and let them put their cocks in their arse. Isn’t that right Kate?”

Kate cringed and felt her face glow bright red at what the man was saying. He turned her to face the other man his hands still kneading her tits. Struggling and protesting she looked at the dark featured man and was shocked to find him rubbing his crotch. She saw the outline of a rather large penis through his pants.

“Please, you’re scaring me!” she sobbed.

“What else is on the video’s?” asked the man. “Tell my friend, what else do you watch on them?”

“Leave me alone! Get off me!” Kate cried.

“Tell him!” demanded the man. “What else do they do to the naughty housewives?”

“I don’t know what you mean – please, let me go!” Kate was now very scared.

“Yes you do, it fascinates you. What happens to dirty housewives that let men use them? Tell my friend.”

“They get spanked,” cried Kate in a very low voice. The dark man became very excited at Kate’s answer. His hand now went to his zip and a second later a very large hard cock burst out of his pants. Kate’s let out a yell and her eyes widened at the scene.

“You admit now the films turn you on?” demanded the man. Kate knew she had better answer.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“That makes you a naughty housewife, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” She had to agree

“Are you enjoying watching my friend play with his cock? Just like they do on the films?”

“No – please let me go now”, she sobbed.

The man’s hands dropped from her breasts and she felt her skirt being gently pulled to her waist. The man in front could now see her panties and she felt a finger stroke her vulva. Her arms were still trapped by her side.

“You feel quite damp,” said the man. “Tell us the truth – do you like the sight of my friends cock?”

“OK. Yes I do!” she yelled.

The man in front became even more excited and Kate, though scared and upset watched with fascination as he pounded his meat.

“We’ll let him have a little play with your tits then we’ll let you go – right?”

“No!” screamed Kate. “Don’t – you can’t!”

“Do you really have a choice?” asked the man. Kate reluctantly shook her head.

“You agree then?” pressed the man for an answer. “We’ll let him play with your tits?” Kate was silent. “Answer me,” whispered the man in her ear. “Are you going to let him play with your tits?”

“Yes!” sobbed Kate very loudly. The man’s hand slipped inside her panties and found her clitoris. Kate didn’t resist. She felt his dick pressing between her arse cheeks.

“Unfasten her dress, lets see her tits,” instructed the man holding her.

As the other man walked toward her, cock in hand, Kate’s heart raced at the thought of what was coming next. Her eyes closed as she felt the man’s fingers unfasten her dress and she gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt his hands cup her breasts.

“Unclip her bra,” said the voice behind her. As her tits became exposed her hips involuntarily thrust forward against the man’s hand. Then she opened her eyes in time to see the dark man’s head go down to suck and lick her nipples.

“Now your very wet,” said the man behind as he expertly massaged her pussy.

Kate became aware just how wet she was. It was difficult now to separate the feeling of excitement from the feeling of fear.

As the man moved his hand on her clit he made her slowly gyrate her buttocks against his cock that was pressing between her arse cheeks. Her eyes were open now as she watched the man in front nibble and lick her nipples. She moaned gently. There was now more excitement than fear – until the man in front stood upright. His large angry cock pressed against her belly.

“What do you think he wants to do now?” asked the man behind.

“No please, you can’t do anything else to me. That’s enough, you have to stop now.”

“Just let him look at your lovely cunt, let him pull your panties off. I promise I won’t let him fuck you. Then we’ll let you go, OK?”

“You won’t keep your word,” accused Kate.

“Maybe he’ll want to lick your pussy a bit – but you’ll enjoy that won’t you? Shall we let him?”

Kate nodded, üçyol escort “Only for a minute then.”

She couldn’t believe what she had just agreed to! Telling a man his friend could take her panties off and she would let him lick her pussy. She began to shake.

Her panties were peeled off and Kate lifted each leg in turn so she could step out of them. She cried softly and couldn’t understand the mixed feelings of fear and sexual arousal. She wanted to struggle but at the same time she knew that it was her submissiveness and the fact that she had no control of what was to happen next that caused an amazing feeling of excitement.

The man behind moved his hands back to her breasts, at the same time drawing her dress up to her waist. Kate felt very exposed.

“Your not going to struggle anymore, are you?” asked the man.

Kate shook her head, “No,” she whispered through her sobbing.

The man behind released her arms and bent his head around her body to take a nipple in his mouth, she felt him unzip his pants and release his cock pushing it against her now naked bottom. At the same time the sinister man in front knelt and flicked his tongue on her clitoris. Kate’s body involuntarily pushed back and she felt a hard cock almost penetrate her arse. She yelled and sobbed as the actions were repeated until they almost built up a rhythm.

Kate began to enjoy the feel of the man’s tongue and quietly opened her legs to let him penetrate further. Her hips had by now set there own pace and she gyrated against his face as the man behind kept her balanced his grip still on her tits.

“This is more exciting than anything you’ve ever done before isn’t it?” teased the man behind. “My friend has a big cock – I bet you wonder what it would be like to feel it inside you. No one’s ever fucked you before have they? You must have often wondered what it would be like – to have sex with other men. Haven’t you?”

Kate nodded, “Yes,” she whispered hesitantly. She lifted her head toward the ceiling and closed her eyes – she knew what was about to happen.

When it came she gave a little scream. She felt the man in front stop his licking and heard him rise. His hands went to each of her thighs and without effort her hole was filled by his enormous dick. She let out a long breath as she was slowly moved up and down on his cock, the man behind taking her weight. She was still moaning but now the tone had changed. Amazingly she managed to speak.

“You have broken your word – you said you wouldn’t do this,” she gently moaned.

“Tell us if you want us to stop – and we will,” offered the man.

Kate did not reply and continued to let her-self be slowly bounced on the man’s penis while her nipples were squeezed and pulled by the man behind. She felt an orgasm begin to rise inside her and didn’t bother to disguise the sexuality of her moans and sobs. When the climax was building up the man spoke.

“Put your hand behind you and play with my cock.”

Kate did as she was told and wanked the man furiously as her orgasm erupted. She stared at the sinister man in front of her, which only seemed to heighten her excitement. When it was at its peak she screamed loudly and tightened her pelvic muscles around his cock. Then she felt the first smack – it came hard across her buttocks. Then another slap made her arse smart. They were going to spank her, now she would know how the women in the films felt. She waited in anticipation for the next slap – it didn’t come. As the large cock pushed into her Kate realised that even though she had just orgasmed the incredible sexual feelings mixed with fear and suspense had not subsided. She still held the cock of the man behind her.

Kate felt her arse being gently stroked by the man behind – then a stinging slap made her arse jump. The jump impaled her on the cock in front while the recoil pushed her against the cock behind. More stinging slaps made her arse burn – they were quicker now and harder – then they stopped again.

“I think we’ll let you finish him off in your mouth,” whispered the man behind.

Kate’s heart began to pound faster, she moaned, protesting, but was unable to form a word.

“Bend her over the chair,” instructed the man. Kate let herself be positioned over the arm of the chair. Now she was totally submissive and exposed as her naked backside raised up in the air and her feet moved apart opening her bum – hole. She felt fingers trace a path over her anus to her cunt and back. Then the fingers began to penetrate her arse.

“No! That will hurt!” she screamed. Kate never knew how, when or where it came from but the fingers were greased. It didn’t hurt as much as she thought but her reflex actions made her tense up. Then they came again – the slaps. Now the man had room to swing his arm and it really did make her wince. As her backside tightened on impact and then relaxed again she felt the fingers penetrate her tight hole.

Her mouth opened and her eyes widened with each slap and the man in front placed his thick penis against her lips. “Suck it!” commanded the man behind. Kate could smell her own juices on his dick and she saw drops of liquid seeping from the little pee-hole at the end of his purple helmet. As another blow reigned down on her glowing- red bum cheeks she opened her mouth and accepted the angry cock into her mouth.

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