Forbidden Pleasures

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Big Tits

The party had been in full swing when Kate had wandered off down a corridor to explore. Really she was bored with her husband who was talking shop with his colleagues. She didn’t like these company get-togethers – networking, bonding – whatever term they gave it didn’t make it any less boring. She definitely, was not a company wife.

Amongst the crowd of employee’s there were little groups that seemed to have a lot of fun but John, Kate’s husband gave them a wide berth. He didn’t approve of their behaviour. John was a very religious man – of the worst kind. Thou shalt not do anything that may give you pleasure. Sex to him was a bodily function that had to be taken care of from time to time. Like having to visit the lavatory – you just had to do it. Usually the time for sex was Saturday night – not every week mind you, that would be an indulgence – he rolled on at 11pm and rolled off about six minutes past.

No bawdy jokes in the office, no swearing, no pin-up calendars. Even the most politically correct feminist at the company thought he was over the top. He deserved his nickname – St. John. Kate’s regret was that most people thought she was as bad and kept their distance from her. So that’s why, in the middle of the party, she was on her own walking round the building.

She had heard laughing and shouts of surprise coming from a room at the end of the corridor. People were milling about, some going in, some coming out, all of them laughing or at least with smiles on their faces. It was at times like this that she felt excluded. She was on her fourth drink. That wasn’t a lot – it was wine diluted with lots of lemonade – but it was two more than what her husband allowed her. By now she should be on straight lemonade or orange. Spirits were out of the question. She felt good that she was being a rebel and so thought she would see what the fun was about.

The door to the room was open and Kate strolled in – then she froze at the sight before her eyes. She had never seen anything like it in her life. She believed such things existed, she had read about them – but she had never seen any. The people in the room were watching a pornographic film. She knew that such films showed men and women undressed and moving up and down on each other – but she didn’t know they showed things like this. The woman was holding the man’s penis and she was actually kissing it. Unbelievably, to Kate, the woman had her legs open and was letting another man put his tongue in her. Kate’s gaze finally focused on the large erect cocks of the porn studs. She was transfixed with the events on the TV screen.

For a few minutes Kate watched the action and as people came in and out of the room she moved to one side against the wall. Suddenly, as two women and a man entered the room she realised the door had been slammed closed behind them. About to run out before she was noticed she felt her glass being taken from her hand and replaced by another full one. She wanted to say sorry and explain that she had entered by mistake but a hand pressed on her shoulders and she heard a voice say, “There you are, have a seat, you look uncomfortable stood in the corner.”

She looked round but found that everyone was chatting and watching the film and she was being ignored again. Feeling like a fish out of water she looked about her and realised that there was many women as men – and they didn’t seem to be one bit embarrassed about making it obvious that they was enjoying the film. Although she was still shocked at what she could see Kate managed to relax a bit – and gulped her new drink. Her eyes once again focused on the screen.

The woman was now on all fours with her backside in the air. Kate’s eyes widened when she watched the studs’ big cock push against the woman’s opening from behind. The camera went in for a close up. “No!” thought Kate, almost aloud, “Surely, he can’t do that?” The stud pulled the woman’s arse cheeks apart and his enormous member entered her anus. The camera pulled out and to Kate’s surprise it showed the woman smiling. Then into view came the other man’s cock and she opened her mouth, happily sucking and licking while the man behind went like a piston at full speed. Kate gulped her drink and another hand took it from her – then replaced it.

When she looked back at the screen she gulped again. Now the man behind, while still taking his pleasure, was spanking the woman with the flat of his hand. The man in front, with cock in her mouth, was busy tweaking her nipples and, it seemed to Kate, being quite rough with her breasts. Out of the corner of her eye Kate noticed something else. A woman sat between two men was allowing one to kiss her and she saw that his hand was inside her dress. Kate looked round and was amazed that no one seemed to care. She refocused on the couple just in time to see the other man’s hand slip up her dress. Kate braced herself for the sound of the woman’s scream – instead she saw her legs relax and fall apart. To Kate, all of this was unbelievable. A woman was being violated on the TV- and one in front of poker oyna a room full of people. And they both seemed to be enjoying it.

On the screen the woman’s backside was still being spanked. The camera did a close up on her face and to Kate she looked in ecstasy. The man in front made Kate’s eyes widen again as suddenly, out of his penis, shot lot’s of creamy liquid – all over the woman’s face and breasts. Kate’s heart beat a little faster, as she watched the woman open her mouth. Then the peace was shattered. She heard the voice of St. John. “Kate! Where are you?”

Kate jumped from the chair and found that it had not been a good idea to gulp the last two drinks. She went very dizzy. And now she was in deep trouble.

Several people swore at the interruption and the VCR was switched off. The woman with the two men quickly fastened her top. Kate was about to face the music when a voice spoke to her.

“Hang on a minute! Don’t go out yet, we’ll divert his attention then you can sneak out.” Kate looked at the man speaking to her. “It’s OK,” he said, “We know what you’re husband’s like – you’ll be in trouble.”

Kate thought they were very understanding and under her intoxication she just gave a silly grin and steadied herself. Several people left the room and she heard someone address her husband and tell him his wife was last seen at the other side of the building. Kate was surprised that they were going to a lot of trouble on her behalf.

“Your safe now,” smiled the man. “No one here will tell him anything.”

“Thanks!” said Kate, hurrying out of the room. “Pity, I was enjoying that.”

As soon as the words had left her lips she realised her mistake. It was the drink talking. She had not intended to say that aloud – it was only a fleeting thought. Her cheeks turned red, this was a major sin! Watching the film was bad enough – but admitting to someone that she enjoyed it? She would be caste into hell.

The man smiled and said, “We will have to see what we can do. I saw you come into the room. You missed the beginning – it’s worth watching – interesting stuff. I’ll arrange to let you borrow it.” Kate was shocked – at herself – and at the man’s directness. She wanted to say “No!” but her embarrassment stopped her. Right now she was more worried about John.

A while later Kate sat in the front passenger seat of their car and St. John spat hellfire and brimstone. He was appalled and disgusted, she was a drunken hussy, what would people think – and where had she disappeared to? Normally Kate would have been upset and apologetic but because of the drink – and her feeling in a funny mood – it went in one ear and straight out of the other. As he rattled on Kate thought of the woman in the film and the penis poised a few inches from her mouth. And she opened her mouth for it, thought Kate.

Her husband’s voice broke into her thoughts. “So what have you to say for yourself?” he demanded.

“You’ll have to spank my bottom, I’m a naughty girl,” said Kate with a giggle.

“What? Your disgusting!” shouted John.

A picture came into Kate’s head of her husband taking her from behind while he preached to her. “Sermon on the Mount!” she giggled. She had done it again. What was meant to be a thought had been made very vocal. The sermon continued all the way home but Kate was oblivious to most of it – her thoughts were on sex and how everyone else seemed to enjoy it bar her.

Entering the house, Kate sank into a chair. “You always wanted to be a missionary didn’t you?” she slurred at her husband. “A position as a missionary. Missionary position! The only one you know!” Kate laughed hysterically at her childish joke. Her husband tried to invoke the wrath of God. He got no response.

“So take my panties off and spank my bare bottom,” laughed Kate. Her husband didn’t take the offer up.

“You are possessed by the Devil,” he declared. “Get the behind us Satan!”

Kate sloped off to bed, “I should be so lucky,” she replied to her husband’s outburst. “I wouldn’t mind having some little devil behind me. If only!”

John didn’t speak to his wife for many days. Kate wasn’t bothered; she was kept busy thinking about the porn film – and the woman in the room, who had let two men touch her in public. When she was alone, her hands went between her legs and she experienced an intense pleasure. More intense than she had been accustomed to. Why did something that was meant to be painful – the spanking – the penis in her backside – seem to give the woman so much pleasure? Why did she enjoy the other man squeezing her nipples so hard? What would it be like to have two men touching you at once? Why did she voluntarily open her mouth – what happened next? Kate, for the first time in her life experienced several orgasms a day. She was secretly a little disappointed that it could only be by her own hand.

Two weeks later, Kate was spending the afternoon catching up with her housework when there was a loud knock at the door. Answering it, she was confronted by the man from the room – her canlı poker oyna husbands’ co-worker. “Hello, just thought I’d drop by and fulfil my promise. Brought you a video.”

“What? Sorry – What do you mean – I don’t recall you making a promise to bring me a video?” Kate was partly annoyed and partly embarrassed. “You shouldn’t have come here.”

The man laughed. “It’s OK – you don’t need to be shy. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional sex film. You said you liked watching and was sorry you missed the end. So I said I’d try and get it for you.”

Kate was worried that someone would overhear the man, who, by now, was talking very loudly. “Look, there’s been a mistake – but you had better come in a minute.”

Nervously, Kate tried to explain that she had far too much to drink and really she didn’t want the video. The man stood his ground. “You don’t have to pretend to me, we all know what your husband is like,” he said quietly. “He doesn’t need to know anything about it, you can watch it during the day when he isn’t here and I’ll call back for it in a few days – no problem. Are you not curious – I know you have never had chance to watch a full porn film. I could tell you enjoyed being in the room – the expression on your face told it all. ” He laughed again. “Look, you don’t have to watch it while I’m here. You can watch it alone – in complete privacy – whenever you choose to. Sure you’re not interested?”

Images flashed through Kate’s mind, it would be exciting – but she couldn’t admit that to this man. He seemed to read her mind and walked past her toward the VCR. “What are you doing?” she cried.

“It’s not the same film you saw – I couldn’t get hold of that – but it’s very similar.” The man quickly turned on the machines and the TV came to life. Kate was about to tell him to stop and please leave – but the scene on the screen left her silent.

A close up showed a woman with a very hard and large cock in her mouth. As the camera panned out Kate saw the woman had her hand around the man’s buttocks and had drawn him in closer to her. Her other hand was busy with another cock – working frantically. Kate couldn’t believe it – letting a man put his thing in her mouth – and sucking it. And another man! She was rubbing him! But something else – the woman was squirming – moving up and down! Why? Kate’s pulse raced as her eyes were glued to the screen. This was disgusting! Terrible! But something compelled her to keep watching. She didn’t notice the man smiling to himself as he quietly watched her.

She knew something was going to happen on the screen. The camera closed in on the cock in the woman’s hand – then on the face of the man. Then the camera pulled out and Kate saw why the woman was squirming. She was sat straddling another mans knee and a third cock was buried in her. Kate was even more shocked when she realised the woman’s vagina was on full view. The third man’s fingers were pulling apart the folds of her private places. She realised his penis was buried inside her anus! How could the woman do this? Three men were violating her – it must be against her will. Then she noticed the look on the woman’s face. She took the cock from her mouth and smiled at the man above her. She was enjoying it! Then – just like in the first film – she opened her mouth to the two waiting cocks.

The man with her pressed the remote control – the picture went off the screen. “So – What do you think? Shall I leave it with you so you can enjoy the rest – or would you like me to take it away?”

Kate was too scared to answer. As she searched for the right words the man stood close to her and whispered. “If I hadn’t turned it off you would have watched it all while we stood there – wouldn’t you? Anyway I can tell it turned you on by the way your nipples hardened through your sweater – and the look on your face.” Kate felt her face burn with embarrassment and she looked at the floor. She was scared of the man now – but felt a strange excitement too. “You love the sight of those big cocks – it’s OK lots of women do.” There was a moment’s silence – then he spoke again, even more quietly. “Do you want me to leave it with you? You can watch it in your own time. You do – don’t you?”

Kate’s eyes stayed focused on the carpet while she thought. She nodded her head slightly. “Tell me – I can’t hear you,” instructed the man. She found it very hard to utter the words, “Yes – leave it.” Her voice was almost inaudible. The man kissed her on the cheek, which made her blush even more. “See you in a few days. Enjoy yourself – but don’t let your husband catch you watching it.”

Minute’s later Kate was still looking at the carpet – and the man was long gone.

She went into the kitchen and made herself a drink. She was unsettled. How had the man managed to get inside her head? How did he know about her secret longing to see more of the sex films? She didn’t even know his name! And he had left her a most perverted and disgusting film to watch. But – she had let him – she had told him she wanted him to leave internet casino it. She had told him – indirectly – that she wanted to watch this woman letting men use her anyway they wanted. In the most dirty filthy ways. She had also let him know something else – that it made her excited and turned her on sexually. She had let a stranger know that watching these dirty, filthy, unnatural sexual acts – gave her pleasure. She shivered a little when she realised the man would be coming back.

Kate eventually carried on with her work and tried to regain her composure. The pictures in her head wouldn’t let her. Thoughts came and went until finally she gave in and, putting down her duster she turned on the video machine. She had to know – she hadn’t time to watch the film now – but she had to know. What happened after the woman opened her mouth?

She rewound it a little and started to watch. The sight of the hard penis’s made her gasp, as did the sight of the woman’s anus filled with a pulsing cock. Then the scene she wanted. Her hand went up her skirt and fingers found her special spot as she waited with anticipation. Kate squealed as she watched seamen shoot out of the men and into the willing mouth of the woman. She could not believe what she saw. The woman smiled and swallowed and pulled the cocks to get every last drop. She let her tongue catch the sudden last spurts of sticky liquid – and she swallowed them. She licked and sucked taking turns with each cock until they began to soften – and still she licked. And, at the same time the woman was being fucked by the man underneath her – fucked in her arse. Kate said the word to her-self – fucked – fucked in her arse. She was quickly approaching her own climax. A minute later as Kate recovered, slouched in the chair she asked herself how the woman could do such a thing. Then she thought – what would it feel like. She was still too scared to admit just how excited the thought made her feel.

Throughout that evening Kate couldn’t help her thoughts drifting back to the film. Her husband’s silence was broken only by his little sermons and lectures about her terrible behaviour. Goodness knows what he would have said if he knew about the man and the sex films. Kate found herself amused by the thought.

As soon as her husband had got himself off to work the following morning Kate quickly started her chores like a model housewife. She wanted to find lots of spare time today. The anticipation and excitement grew as she completed her work. She was, she admitted to her-self, feeling what they called “horny.” At last she was finished and would now be able to watch the film all the way through. Locking the doors, she took the video from its hiding place and settled down with the remote control.

Kate was amazed how the film progressed. A woman sat in a room with three men, then they began to touch her, and then she let them unfasten her shirt. Her skirt was pulled up to show her panties. By the time it got to the real action Kate’s own skirt was pulled up and her fingers were busy. Now came the scenes that really made Kate excited – the spanking of the woman’s bottom. How it seemed to give her pleasure. Then the parts were the woman took the men in her mouth. How she let them position her so two men could enter her at once. Kate’s excitement grew when finally each man had his cock in an orifice. Kate couldn’t really explain why the dirtier and kinkier it got the more she was aroused. She licked her lips when the camera closed in on the large throbbing dicks and wondered what it would be like to lick one. She was drifting away into fantasyland while her fingers worked on her special place. Then she looked back at the screen.

This was different. Something had changed – it wasn’t the same film. The picture was fuzzy, bad quality, the lighting was wrong. The action had also changed – and the actors. A woman was trying to push away two men, one was attempting to unfasten her blouse while the other thrust his hands up her skirt. They were standing, having forced her back against a large armchair. She struggled in vane as the men took hold of her arms and finally managed to expose her breasts. The camera showed another man – sat in the corner of the room, with penis in hand, watching. The woman’s skirt was then pulled to her waist and the men turned her so the sitting man could see better. She was dressed just as a normal housewife would be. Nothing fancy, nothing sexy – she didn’t look anything like a porn star. A man thrust his hand down her panties – the more the woman struggled the more the sitting man seemed to enjoy it.

Kate rewound the tape to see when the film had changed. The change had been abrupt; from a commercially and professionally produced film came the snowy picture of a badly lit amateur camcorder effort. Kate read the scrawled title – My Abused Wife – and let the tape run normally. The scene was set as the camera focused on three men sitting drinking and talking. There was no soundtrack to the film and Kate watched as one man got up and left the room. After a while he returned, with a woman who seemed nervous. She was introduced to the men who eyed her up and down. The man who Kate thought must be the husband put his hand on his wife’s breast and squeezed. The other men moved in on her.

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