Forever Young Ch. 02

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** ** ** **


** ** ** **

I stepped into my apartment slightly hesitantly. Admittedly I did have a date, although my date was a vampire, and although the thought of vampires scared me he had already saved my life.

And anyhow this date was the tall, dark and handsome vampire named Darren. I had woken up in his house, slightly scary but he’s nice.

“Well what do you really know about him?”

The cynical side in my head said. I quickly squashed it down. Crushing any doubt about him. I was going on a date. Full stop. Darren may be a vampire, but he was a vampire who had saved my life. And that made him right in my books. Almost.

“If it all goes wrong, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.” my head replied.

Now to deal with Elliott. I glanced quickly round the apartment noting the rubbish strewn on the floor. I sighed then moved towards his room.

“Heya how’s di…” I said and stepped into his bedroom.

“Oh shit.” I said when I was presented with Elliott’s tanned arse as he lay face down on the bed.

I quickly turned my back then coughed loudly hoping to wake him. He stirred slightly and I grimaced and rubbed my eyes. Trying vainly to delete the image now burned into the back of my retina of Elliott’s ass.

Now to disprove the theory almost every straight guy I know has. The theory being; that gay guys are immediately attracted to each and every guy they meet, I don’t think of Elliott as anything more than a friend. A friend who I have known since I was 8. The friend who I first came out to at 14. Only to be greeted with the response;

“Oh cool so am I.” from him.

I stepped out of his room, leaving him to wake up in his own time. I walked towards the kitchen looking at my wristwatch. Six past nine in the morning. Not bad. Well not good either. So I now had ten and a half hours to wait until Darren picked me up.

I walked to my room and stepped in, it was slightly messy but not overly so., or as I liked to call it “Lived in.”. My bedroom wasn’t anything too impressive, a single bed, a desk my wardrobe and a few drawers. I stepped towards my desk and opened my laptop. I logged on and quickly checked my emails. I spotted one from Helen Parker (the headmistress at my work) and I scanned the email. It was a boring one, it said that next term I would start teaching the younger years the new syllabus.

I left it and moved away from my laptop to my drawers, pulling out a fresh set of clothes and boxers. I snagged a towel from the linen cupboard as well as I made my way for a well needed, and well deserved bath.

I shut the door behind me and set the bath running, testing the mix of hot and cold water before moving to the kitchen. I put on the kettle and grabbed the teabags from the cupboard and the milk from the fridge, staring expectantly at the kettle and waited for the water to boil.

After what seemed like an age I poured the water and sipped my morning tea. I sauntered back towards the bathroom and checked the bath water. It was almost full. I stepped into the bathroom with my cup and turned off the taps.

I locked the door and stripped down to my boxers. I checked my reflection in the mirror and grimaced. Ugh, I looked like crap. My hair which I had gelled up the night before, now sagged down glumly. I laughed it off quietly then stripped off my boxers and sank into my bath.

I hummed in satisfaction, the warmth of the water seeping into my bones. Soothing away all aches and pains. I stretched in the bath, barely able to contain my 5ft10′. The bath had a shower head attached to it, and I massaged my favourite honey and hops shampoo into my scalp. I ran the water over my head and then laid back. I stayed there for at least twenty minutes. I got out however when the water began to grow cold.

I stepped out of the bath and patted a towel to my face, wiping away the streams of water running down my body. I ran the towel over my naked body stopping at my neck. I felt some sort of sense memory. A flicker of a memory flashed through my mind, strong arms wrap around my waist.

I shook my head, lightly tapping my temples, trying to recall the origin of the memory. I dimly remembered a conversation, something about a nightmare. I groaned in frustration. I hated not being able to remember things.

I focused and channelled my thoughts into remembering. A flicker of an image darted across my thoughts. I saw Darren but the memory was hazy like it was trying to avoid my perception. He was dressed only in his boxers. My heart pounded loudly in my chest, fuck sometimes I hated being an Incubus. My sex drive careered out of control as the memory unfolded.

His shape became more defined and I remembered the look of his muscles all over his body. He was muscled but not grotesquely so. He had the perfect models build, his skin lightly bronzed all over, and he had a layer of black hair on his chest,his legs were likewise matted with black hairs that thinned as they moved up his thigh towards his…

Fuck I was horny. My cock hardened and casino oyna I groaned lightly. My inner Incubus crying out for sex, anything to sate its hunger. I needed to feed and badly. I dressed quickly and moved out and stood outside of Elliott’s room. I reached inside with my mind and sensed the latent sexual energy residing in the room. It wasn’t much, in fact it was hardly any but it slaked the hunger to some extent.

I moved to the kitchen and pulled a chocolate bar from the freezer. My secret stash. I loved chocolate, it also came in handy as an Incubus. I had discovered early on that chocolate helped soothe my hunger. It helped satiate it and lessen its impact on me. I finished my chocolate and then just sat there thinking about Darren.

Although he scared me he seemed so gentle so caring. But he was a Vampire and my mother had warned me not to get too comfortable around them. It’s not a matter of if they lose control she said, it was a matter of when. My Mum was a Succubus and was the owner of a very successful porn company, needless to say she had enough experience as a Succubus to know how to choreograph sex.

It made me shudder to think of my Mum like that but it made her living. Needless to say she was rich, and now every month she deposited into my bank account. We had fallen out when I was around 17 once I came out. She “simply” wanted me to take a Succubus as my wife in an arranged marriage, that was when I came out to her. She didn’t like it at first, but around a year later she calmed down, that was after she threw me out kicking and screaming from the front door of her house at first.

That was when I had gone to Elliott and had stayed with him since. My Mum had thankfully placed a large deposit in my account a week or so before. Once she had calmed down she began making deposits into my account, it had started out with a few hundred pounds a week then it grew until she was depositing at least £2000 a month. And on my 21st birthday she deposited over £15,000 I’m guessing it was her way of a penance.

I hadn’t seen her since I left home but the truth was I missed her. When I had left she had only just taught me how to siphon energy out of a room to feed myself and none of the complex stuff.

Well, while I waited for Elliott to wake up I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and swept the floors. I could have hoovered but that would have woken Elliott, and I’m guessing after the night he had he needed the sleep. I shuddered and quickly shoved away the mental image forming. I sat down on our sofa and looked around our living room.

It wasn’t very big but it was home to me. I could easily afford something much more expensive but I liked it here. We were on the fifth floor of our block of flats and rented our two bedroom flat from a mostly absent landlord. I glanced around our front room. A fifty inch plasma screen was bracketed to the wall, a few ornaments dotted around the room and three sofa’s around the room. I stretched out on our leather sofa and closed my eyes, yawning slightly.

I must have drifted off into sleep because the next thing I heard was Elliott staggering out of his bedroom. He stepped into the front room, thankfully wearing boxers this time and walked into the kitchen. He walked out a few minutes later with a cup of coffee in his hands. He plopped down onto the sofa next to me a grinned weakly before taking a long gulp of his drink.

“You look like shit.” I said when he put his cup down.

“And you look sexually frustrated, I can’t say the same.” He quipped.

I huffed at him and he raised a hand in surrender.

“Sorry that crossed a line, I’m still half asleep.” He continued yawning widely.

“So what time did you get home?” I asked.

“I dunno around 8 ish, did you call me?” he asked groggily.

I nodded and he shrugged.

“I can’t remember” he said continuing.

“So are you seeing that guy again tonight?” I asked after he finished his drink.

“Umm maybe, I dunno. Anyhow where were you? You weren’t in when I got home.”

“Well…” I thought quickly trying to come up with something believable.

“Oh my god, who was he?” Elliott exploded, immediately invested in the conversation.

“Well when I left the club I got jumped in an alley, and a guy kind of saved me and took me home with him.” I said trying not to catch Elliott’s eye as I idly looked out of the window.

“Did you pass out?” he asked.

I nodded and Elliott leaned back in his seat before asking his next question.

“So are you seeing him again?”

“Umm we are kind of going out tonight.” I mumbled still avoiding his gaze.

“That’s really good for you man, you deserve someone.” He said honestly.


“Be safe.” he said mockingly, echoing my words from last night.

Elliott returned to his room and collapsed on his bed again. I busied myself with my lesson plans for next term. The hours slowly dragged past and at five o’clock I started to get ready. I showered again and started work on my hair. I gelled it up spiking it canlı casino above my head then had a shave. I moved to my wardrobe and tried to pick my outfit for the night.

I felt my anxiety begin to mount however and I ended up just sitting on my bed on the verge of hyperventilating. I was about to go on a date with a vampire who could easily kill me. I sighed and stood up about to move to my wardrobe again. My knees gave out and I face planted to the floor. My inner Incubus snarling in hunger.

I had used up my energy trying to fight off the vampire last night. And now I was hungry, I needed to feed, and soon. If I didn’t I would slowly begin to die. I reached out and sapped the remnants of sexual energy left behind by Elliott. It was virtually non-existent, barely a wisp left after his wild night, but gave me enough to keep on going, and steady by breathing.

I moved to the wardrobe again and pulled on a pair of sky blue chinos and a short sleeved blue t-shirt that hugged my chest. It was ten past seven and I had twenty minutes until Darren arrived and I lightly sipped a cup of coffee until I heard a light tap on the door to the flat. Elliott had stayed in his room out of courtesy and I went to get the door.

I opened it and was greeted with Darren in full glory. He wore dark blue jeans with a tight white t-shirt that exposed his perfect build with a leather jacket over the top. He smiled widely at me, flashing me with a perfect view of his gleaming white teeth, “The fangs are still there somewhere Daniel…” I heard a voice mumble in my head.

“Hey.” I said grinning back, almost forgetting that he was a vampire for a minute, almost.

“Hello.” he replied his eyes locking with mine, a light smile touching the edges of his lips.

“So where are we going?” I asked nervously fiddling with the bottom of my t-shirt.

“I shall leave that up to you if you wish, but I did have somewhere in mind.” He said with a curt nod of his head.

“Well I don’t really…” I trailed off as blood rushed to my head and my knees buckled sending me forwards into Darren. My hunger surged again and I whimpered slightly. He caught me and his arms wrapped under my arms pulling me up against him. His eyes scanned my face before he continued.

“You need to feed and very soon.” He said quietly still supporting my body against his.

I looked up at his face and felt my libido surge suddenly, why did he have to be so attractive. As much as I may have wanted to kiss him, I barely knew him. He gently pulled me through the front door of my flat and closed the door.

“Can you stand?” he asked me a few moments later.

I nodded and stood up, a wave of desire raced through me before it passed. I rolled my neck and then looked up at him. He looked concerned with his hazel eyes darting over my face. Underneath those wonderful eyes were purple bruises, like he could use a good nights sleep. I scanned him quickly my eyes darting up and down his body. His black hair was cut neatly yet still relatively long and swept elegantly over his forehead. His cheek bones perfectly positioned on his face, his lips as red as blood.

He extended a hand to me and I grasped it lightly. He led me forwards and towards the lift. We stepped inside and he pressed the ground button.

“So where are we going?” I asked letting go of his hand.

“I am taking you to feed.” he replied catching my eyes with his steady gaze.

“Um where?” I asked quietly.

“A club filled with people looking for sex, just what you need.” He said.

“I can only feed at a distance.” I told him just as the lift reached the ground floor.

He stopped for a moment before continuing out of the lift.

“So you haven’t had sex?” he asked.

I lowered my gaze and felt my cheeks flush, Darren stopped and placed a hand on my arm. I froze and turned back towards his.

“I am sorry, I just assumed…” Darren tried to say but I cut him off, my anger flowing out.

“Yes everyone fucking assumes with me, you, that vampire last night, everyone in my fucking life!”

I stormed forward towards the exit and ran out into the cold night air. It didn’t phase me, I ran faster than any human could follow away from Darren, burning through some of my energy reservoirs rather stupidly. Unfortunately Darren wasn’t human.

I ended up in an alley a few streets away and leaned against the wall half crying to myself. Everything always turned to crap for me. The small spark of hope that I had a date was quelled by the feeling of despair stemming from my self pity. I choked out my breaths for a few seconds before slowly calming down.

“I’m sorry.” I heard a voice say from behind me, causing me to jump slightly. Darren.

“I shouldn’t have assumed that just because you were an Incubus you weren’t…” he trailed off.

“A virgin.” I finished turning around to face him, fixing him with my best glare I reserved for my students.

“Yes, I apologise for my assumption, I did not mean to harm your feelings.” he said his hazel eyes sparkling in kaçak casino the dim light.

“Yeah my Mum was teaching me about my powers before she kicked me out.” I said quietly avoiding his eyes.

“If I may ask, why did she throw you out?” he said innocently.

“I wouldn’t marry the Succubus she chose for me. I’m gay.” I said lowering my eyes as my cheeks flushed.

“Ah I can see how that would cause problems, seeing as how almost all Incubi are bisexual.” he said quietly.

I leaned back against the wall as blood rushed to my head, the edges of my vision turned red and I whimpered slightly as pain surged through my head. Darren moved quickly to me and rested a hand on my shoulder.

“You need to feed, and now.” he said lifting my chin with his other hand.

His hand moved to mine and he entwined our fingers together. His hazel eyes clung to mine.

He leaned down and as his lips grew close to my ear and he whispered quietly

“Feed from me Daniel.” he whispered seductively, his breath tickling at the side of my neck.

I had fed through touch only once before and then I had almost killed the human in question. His cool body pressed against mine and I groaned slightly. I inhaled his scent and felt my hunger flare again. His scent was a mix of musk and spice, he was pure sex. I focused on my hunger and simply allowed my instincts to take over. Trying vainly to work out how to feed. My hunger peaked and I felt warmth flow from the coolness of his body up my arm.

The amount of energy that flowed into me was incredible, more than I could possibly gain through simple siphoning. He groaned surprisingly and pressed closer against me. My hunger was sated quickly, but I realised now that I was no where near…full as it were. It is difficult to describe the need for the energy, it is comparable to hunger but far far more persistent, it just gnaws away deep inside.

I broke the link between me and Darren and pressed against his chest. He was breathing heavily and was avoiding my gaze. I leaned back against the wall and felt the aches and pains in my body fade as the energy soothed my system. Darren still avoided my eyes so I stepped away from the wall and moved towards him.

“What happened?” I asked as he still kept his head lowered.

He slowly raised his head and his fangs peeked out from underneath his lips. I stepped back nervously and tried to distance myself from him. He looked up and slowly began to speak.

“I’m sorry, when you feed you cause pleasure. When vampires become aroused our fangs descend. I am sorry if this offends you, but it is a fact of my kind.”

His fangs slowly ascended back into his gums and he extended a hand towards me.

I tentatively took it and he led me slowly out of the alley. I was afraid, Vampires were bad news. I was an idiot to think I could try and make it work. Vampires were bad news. I felt the memories threatening to surge, a cold dread gripped my body.

I stopped dead and Darren stopped and cocked an eye brow. I stumbled back and pressed against the nearest wall slowly sliding down as I prepared for the deluge of memories about to assault me. Darren had knelt next to me and I saw his lips move as he said something but I didn’t hear him. Then the flood gates opened. I gasped and my hands clamped around my skull as I was forced to relive the memories:

The pungent smell of death hung in the air as I stumbled down the alley. I froze for a moment and listened sensing danger even before it struck. A fist collided with my face and I slammed into the wall of the alley tasting my own blood in my mouth. I fell to the floor and felt two pairs of hands tear at my top and flip me onto my back.

I stared up at the two vampires, one male one female. Their fangs were down and they glared down at me.

“Oh.” crooned the female “Someone stayed out past their bedtime?”

“Are you hungry love?” the male vampire asked his fangs protruding beneath his lips.

“Hmmm let’s share.” she said before looking down at me.

“Please let…let me go.” I stuttered weakly, my head still spinning from the blow.

“I…I don’t want to die. Pl…Please let me go.” I said weakly the taste of blood filling my mouth.

“Oh well you see pretty little Incubus, we’re hungry and you are unprotected.” said the male vampire.

“After you.” said the female vampire, and I felt a tear roll out of my eye.

The male vampire grinned before his fangs moved swiftly and buried themselves in the crease of my elbow. I screamed as agony spread from his fangs and liquid fire seared out my veins. The female vampires hand quickly moved over my mouth but I still screamed, muffled through her hand. The female vampire leaned down and bit into my other arm this time into my bicep.

I was crying, as they fed unforgettable agony burning my blood from the inside out. I felt my vision slowly blur, and the male vampire pulled away leaving me to the female.

“NO!!” I heard the scream from across the alley.

Both of the vampires looked up, the female pulling away from my arm. It was…my Mum! How did she know I was here? Whatever the reason I didn’t care. She looked at the two vampires and pure hatred roiled across her features.

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